The Value of Istighfar

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The speakers discuss the importance of maintaining a life of a step liability and finding relief from anxiety. They mention successes in various areas, including a return from surgery, a return from the church, and a church. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding risk and finding a way out of stress and anxiety, as well as rewarding oneself through activities such as dams argues or coworker's performance. They also touch on the idea of finding one's own success and how it can be rewarded.

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In a lot of Milan, I mean, sort of La cinnabar kind of homage and Millennial cyber Selim to Sleeman kathira. Some a MOBA.

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What is the reward for

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maintaining a life of so far? Like if you truly genuinely, regularly maintain a life of a stepfather? What does that mean? On your tongue you always start from last. Oh ALLAH forgive me Allah forgive me Rob willfully Robert fairly regularly. What do you get out of this? Let's see what the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says he first Hadith number 1873 And the other Salahaddin remember never Rahim Allah Allah Khan wanted now Burson Radi Allahu Anhu makalah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam millesimal is still far. Jah Allah hula hoomin could live in Maharajah when we call the Hanneman Faraja was Oklahoman Hi Julia

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in this hadith of an ibis Radi Allahu unreported the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam say, If anyone constantly seeks still far seeks pardon and forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal, ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will appoint for him a way out of every distress and a relief from every anxiety and will provide sustenance for him from where he expects not.

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What kind of bargain is the surgeon auditing of his bargain?

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What do you think of this bargain?

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Just saying a stock for last for last for Allah. Allah homophily Allah homophily Allah homophily you're a rabid fan they were hungry just saying that regularly. On your day and your night regularly. Look at the bargains panel. This is what you're offering. What are you getting in return? He said three things mentioned called men call the different Maharajah every constraint in this life Allah will give you an exit woman call the Hammond Faraja everything that concerns you Allah will give you a give you any spacious results and end to it hamdulillah God was so common highlighters and rest will come to you from sources you have no account for

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I Gala, every time that a door that closes, you will find it all open.

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If you get laid off, that's a promotion.

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On the on the way in shot to come in the NAZA if something happened, the economy's not doing well, ALLAH SubhanA wa will find ways for you to find more risk.

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All of a sudden you're expecting a new child. No worry. Allah subhanho wa Taala has written the provision for this challenge is coming. Right? So Allah will provide Panama. But our chances are to increase our chances with finding an exit out of every difficulty. Having relief from anxiety, and have a risk to come from all over the place requires from us to do what is your ma live the life of a stepfather? Remember this living alive as the Father. What does that mean Lesley minister for Al melasma she was like attachment which means it does not leave you. So you're always in every aspect of your life every time that you remember your sequence so far. And as a matter of fact, sometimes

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it happens subconsciously because it becomes so natural to you that you keep repeating that

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and it's Pamela some people maybe have seen some of these videos. They are

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coming out of surgery

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so they're not even there yet completely. And all what the repeating is they're done. Why because was murdered.

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Someone was written Quran panel because that's what I've been doing. Other times. We need in a moment like this for ourselves to remember what is the farce even forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala so for those who are looking to find a way out of every difficulty, or relief out of everyday anxiety, and find risk when Allah Subhana Allah comes from anywhere without even expecting that you're now duty is to do is too far and do it frequently and constantly. So always remember to set a stop for Allah. Allah homophily from the believer harmony there's many different ways of doing this the foreign member Nova Rahim Allah is going to show us some of these examples in the next few

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Hadith when the night of ricotta May Allah subhana wa Tada maker some of those who are always always considering this tougher and we ask ALLAH SubhanA water to give us exit out of every distress that we go through. We ask Allah to give us a relief out of every anxiety and concern that we go through. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to provide us from sources that we don't account for. We ask Allah subhana wa Taala to continue to bless us with his ramen has mercy or Bananaman. We ask Allah azza wa jal to forgive us our sins our shortcomings accept from us the best of our DD or Bananaman, Allah Allah any questions you

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Very good point. I mean does that require her sure which means when he says that they have to sit down and just say stop for Allah stuff like they have to consciously consciously thinking about what you do. Well the quality also matters. The Quality Matters, but still engaging your design with Dickie return with Decker is still good when our bus or Harada have an ibis says Alfa Harada which means good is habit habitual. So if you Hamdulillah you will get your tongue used to declare even without even paying attention, it's still doing the curl hamdulillah and that's good. So in itself, it's good. But being conscious of it, divert is much more rewarding Wallah now

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so another good point mashallah this reward that we get for saying Mr. Farr word Where do you get the reward in this dunya right.

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doesn't mention anything about the reward for the akhira let's wait and see that inshallah Donna because the main the meaning of this hadith, the professor says that if this is what you get in this dunya Can you imagine what you're going to get in the afternoon?

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Like the ACA wasn't mentioned, like you see the generosity for this bargain and the dunya and things that what I'm offering is nothing in comparison, what Allah is offering Subhanallah and return. So if Allah has given you this in this dunya Can you imagine what he is preparing for you in Dhaka? May Allah make us among those who will go there to see the reward or a banana?

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so the question is about the iron sword nor the story of novelist RAM when he told his people call a contest or contest of Europe come in now Canada Farah Yoshida semiotic mudra William did cumbia one and why Bernie and Elijah Allah come Jana towards Allah Quran Hara no hurry Sir, I'm telling this we will look, seek forgiveness from Allah azza wa jal in your series, Samar Mudra, he will bring the rain in abundance over you, when did come be a man who have been in and he will provide for you children and wealth and many things. So the the meaning of the correlation over here is the same reward that ALLAH SubhanA says here for doing this too far. He is saying here in this hadith, Salah

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salah, Allah will provide you from sources that you don't even expect.

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So the same thing he says Allah was unreasonable in abundance, he will give you children he will give you wealth, he will give you many, many things. So it's still the same thing. So I usually actually I remember, a long time ago give a hotter I'm having a hook by believe about sources of risk, some of the sources of risk. And we always think of what working so hard to get the money. So you can have that paycheck at the end of the month. But we don't realize that Taqwa is a source of risk so far is a source of risk. Many other things Subhanallah from our time about that can provide us risk. So if you maintain it that far, frequently and regularly, I ask Allah subhana wa Taala to

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bless you with this. What is your what your anatomy? Milan?

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Yes. Is it more beneficial to Israel for for a certain sin or generalist? So is it more rewarding to do so far for a specific sin that you've done or those the foreign general both?

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It doesn't stop from doing both? However, we need to seek we need to understand that when we seek is still far from ALLAH SubhanA wa they're seeking forgiveness. You don't have to be a sinner to seek forgiveness. Why you're seeking forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala because he's afar. It's one of his beautiful attributes, right and names. So I am worshiping Allah in a way that is befitting his beautiful name as afar Allah for Allah. Right? So it's a bother for me, adding to that even an example for us is the Prophet said Allah Insha Allah, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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When he was forgiven his sins, he was still spending more time doing a bada. And he was asked Allah why would you do this to yourself? Allah has forgiven you all your sins. But if Allah couldn't have done shakoora Shouldn't I prove that I'm a grateful servant? So when we do so far, not because we've committed sins probably, but because we want to be grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada for giving us all these blessings.

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You know, despite of what we know about ourselves that we don't deserve them Allah still bestows this blessing upon us at hunting for that we will seek his forgiveness Allah

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so you're confused about whichever is more beneficial to you

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so the question about look mashallah you mentioned something beautiful away but not too long ago I heard there is something more you know beneficial to make this dua and make this they can make this that makes us live here. So what do I do? Do all of them

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but, but in ultimate

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one day for example, dedicate this day for us too far. The next day you do you dedicate that for praise the following day for the also answer or alternative Salawat in one single day after fajr I didn't get that first so far. After Russia I made a lot of jobs because that's probably for the clear after after I made praise for example, and so on, alternate your day and your night so that you're always at hamdulillah diversify your acts of worship and it gives you energy to continue to do more than

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people have different capacities, right? Not everybody can do what you think you can do, but at their own level, let them inshallah do the Aveda some people that are good at seeking still far. They're not good at making that.

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But other people they're the IS is on their tongue hamdulillah so it's it comes so easy for them. So different people Aloha Spinalonga 100 assuredness Everglades Saramonic Rahmatullah vodka