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AI: Summary © The Nicosia Mian Juba video discusses the negative impact of fear on people's lives and how it can lead to loss, suffering, and hunger. The importance of acceptance of physical and spiritual aspects of life is emphasized, as well as the need for change and individual success. The importance of showing one's true feelings and actions during a meal and not giving up on one's opinion and not giving up on others is emphasized. The importance of staying at home and not doing anything until the "has been a turning point" is emphasized, as well as the need for strong socializing and learning to be a Muslim.
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Hi, I'm Tina in Nicosia Mian Juba lamoni I was becoming a milliamp hour helping nyesha when FC leftish ba Lu SMA Robin Allah to Saku Baba it had a tener hublin amulet on karasuma inika intello hub ob Shockley solder us la Emery was with Emily Sania. hamdulillah hildenbrand aalameen. Actually, what made me think of this was last week, I was talking to a couple group of youth boys. And I see them every week and I said, How are you doing this week? This 11 year old looked at me and says, Alhamdulillah I am alive.

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I am alive.

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As Subhan Allah I said to myself, 11 year old normally when we were 11 year old, or the usual 11 year old, you know, when you ask them Al Hamdulillah, you know, I have this, I have that, or I want this, or I want that. We never thought of death. We never thought of even the fact that we're alive. You know, this is why this is for or for old people, right? So this actually made me and I was like, so someone talked to you? And he said, Yeah, actually his teacher talked him and his father talked to him, which are hamdulillah Hello, Brian. And that made me actually think that this is really getting deep inside us. Although we are 1000s of miles away. So how long it definitely shocked us.

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It was very painful. It was very sad. It was overwhelming. I don't think there is a word to say the way we felt. And although we are way too far, some of us even can't imagine what's new zealand but we like to see it I wasn't here was in another state. But still you can feel everybody was so emotional about it. So basically, after this first step, which is the immediate emotion, and the immediate emotion for the family of the victims, May Allah give them sober and patient is actually denial as we all know this, and the people around far away, we feel it is usually sad. Right? shocked. But unfortunately, within a week, or two weeks, three weeks, right? Live goes back to

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normal. And this is actually one of the main reasons I was young, I planned and I asked a lot pantalla to make it easy for me to talk about this for myself number one, before anyone anybody else, because these things are becoming more and more frequent. But this is not new.

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And this is not something we have not heard of. And this is something not in our not in not not in our Deen or in our religion or later on in our Koran. So the first thing I was I was thinking when I was looking and I said is this is your last something you told us is going to happen?

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meaning we're going to go through these difficult times repeatedly repeatedly. The answer is

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absolutely yes. And a loss of this width. And so even before that number one Allah says will in a blue one come in so autoboca in their in their cow, Allah said will enter blue one the condition in middle Houthi will do I will not swim in that and while you will unfussy what Amala or the Sri slobin this is what this is a statement. Allah is saying to me and to you. Basically the way I think of it, let me translate this the ayah and then let's look at it. I will Allah pantalla we shall meaning when Allah says we shall or we will that means in our last language it's happening. So for sure you will be tested and hear specifically in other places Allah said we will be tested but this

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is a specific that Allah specified things that is so close home as we say then about one Nakanishi and some meaning one person will be this one person will be the watch what are they Allah in a blue one Docomo test you when she in little bit renal Houthi fear fear that's number one fear this is fear. This is fear fear includes killing fear includes feeling unsafe fear include your thought with fear wishy email hokey Well, your your is what hunger what is hunger famine. Now you may be this is not very close to us here. But if you just cross cross the ocean, right or you don't go out of your home, got this listen to world in us. If any of you were following last week news, you would have

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seen what's happened in

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Mozambique, right? And in Zimbabwe, right? Huge south south Cyclone what what what's the result? You know what to do when they are hungry? Because everything is ruined. Like shaman alcove Sophia Here we are. Let alone people of New Zealand. People have

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Australia very close, we'll do a one accent mineral on Walley world amphis and your wealth, worldly things may this may go away, maybe less well armfuls and lives. So the to the beginning and the end of the solar This is what the IEA is what we saw that a lot has to does with fear and death and emphasis over surely slavery and give life tithing to those who are patient. So here we are, number one, when we hear this, we have to say to ourselves, this is the sooner of Allah subhanaw taala This is the plan of Allah subhanaw taala This is how Allah Subhana Allah said this life will be and if we all look at our lives, young or old, what we're going to find every day is not the same. True or

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false? One day you're feeling so good, right? And one day you're feeling down. Sometimes even without a reason simply you wake up you didn't have a good night's sleep, you're feeling down changes, then one day we are sick, flu or worse worse, and the next day we are healthy and then one day we're afraid the other day we are safe so this summer they call it this this

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this acts these are going to be standard This is life this is the first thing I'm going to tell myself that I am going to be tested in one of these four weather homes home whether me whether around me in my family immediate whether in my community, whether in my community at large so that's the first thing number two Allah also put these rules. These facts principle in the Quran amfa septum and that holy Jana. Did you ever think you will enter Django and Allah put it twice and once installed tillbaka and Watson's watch Ali Emraan Did you think you ever thought you will enter Jannah especially in sorting Bukhara is so much close to what we are going through. When I'm

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told jan jan Willem Maya tikka masala, Deena Madhavi public, do you think you will enter gender and you will not to be afflicted and tested the same way the people before you, I was talking to whom here is talking to the Sahaba he's talking Saraswati Sato center. Well in my article Nova will live in a Holloman public home, and you think you will enter Jannah and you are not going to be tested the same way the people before you got tested, must set tomori but salvadora this is what what we are muster to touch them or they were afflicted with what but sambava but certain Bharat basically can include everything, meaning fear, meaning loss, meaning meaning suffering, meaning hunger, but

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sad what Laura repeatedly. hetalia Pula Rasulullah Dena Amanullah to Laura surely sought was, and companions Makka masala, when is this going to end?

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This is exactly what we are saying these days. One This is going to end. When are we going to not wake up in the morning and hear this bad news and that bad news? Right? To the last week was the Muslims couple of months ago where Jews a couple of months ago are another Muslims in Canada. Now in New Zealand. Allah knows what, when is this going to end? This is what we are asking, if not publicly, at least we are thinking of it what we are having this discussion at home. And Allah says Allah Madonna's will always say when Allah will give us victory. Allah in the Muslim warrior Karim. Allah says the victory of Allah is close. So I need to put this as foundation for me to start living

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forward. Because a lot chose that I'm still alive, and I need to move forward. So that's the first thing I need to tell to myself, these things happening. This is the sooner of Allah. These are the rules of Allah. He allowed it. As I'm thinking this way I have to remember one thing, what is one of the names of Allah.

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One of the names of Allah we all know was a Rahim. Allah is All Merciful. I am not seeing it. Because I my thinking is very narrow. And I don't have knowledge. But Allah is a Rahim. He allowed this to happen for a hikma. He's hacking. So So here we go. Second thing as I am like I'm going to take you through our thinking as I am leaving now and then we need to move to actions. Next thing comes this aura, which I put the title of it, which is solar totally shut off the solace which is alumna Schaeffler Cassandra. Haven't we not expanded your chest. What I found out well, Donna oncosec and we have lived

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Did the burden that you were carrying under the rock that puts your bag became so heavy didn't we? And then the last one what offer and I look at the clock and we have elevated your status the way people remember you who's these questions to

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Torah Swati salatu salam and these questions Where is the answer

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there is no answer

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alumnus of luck Assad during three expand your chest What is the answer? The answer obviously is yes but where is it?

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These questions in the Koran this rhetoric in the Quran is usually the answer is obvious. So here you go this is how it started.

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But wait what is this really why it's called inshallah what is related to us these days then X to Y

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first one is for in the first one is for in

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fact with like immediately immediately with with ease with the difficulty comes is that together is not after following that together as some of the scholars tells you difficulty put the seeds with the difficulty the seeds of is already planted. Now think of it these days right this is March we all again inshallah soon start planting as the as the difficulty is coming this seeds of ease is there. As if one one time for you enemy human being going through difficulty. It's not going to be enough for me. Last Pantera repeated again, this time without far enough. For sure. Have no doubt worldly know this, as you know your name. No, this as you can see me and I can see my last three you

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saw with hardship comes in ease. Right? That's the standard. Where did this come? Where we're in Makkah, where Ross, Swati salatu salam was going through difficult times.

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And the main reason this was actually sent, because they only not gave him a hard time, put him down, did not believe in Him, mocked Him, they actually start saying, You know what? He's even poor.

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There's nothing I decided to sell. This is his family. Imagine this, right? So he actually when this came in, and last part, I started reminding him of his value and the blessings of Allah to him. But let's be real, let's be real. This is beautiful. All right. reality of the matter. When difficulty hits me, what's difficulty? I get sick, difficulty I get maybe tested with one of my children. Well I get tested with my job I get tested with my with my finance, where is the ease?

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Right? Some people go through difficulty for years. Right? spouse, husband and wife, children are right long sickness pain, child is the parents are tested with the child faith or with the child health May Allah protect us all. But this is reality. Right? Where is the ease? Or number one? What does ease mean? So I think the meaning of ease we need to start thinking of it differently. Because when I say ease, what do you think?

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If I have no money is mean Allah is going to open the sky and then money is going to be Rain, rain of money. This is how I think coffee is right if I am sick today tomorrow I am healthy. Right? Allah said in the monastery you sir. Allah said with eat with difficulty comm he is right. My child is giving me a hard time tomorrow he will be the best child that's how I think no it is not. Because it is not this way. Because when they asked him in the first I I shared with you matter nos will law where is the victory of Allah? What did Allah says

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corrib He said it's soon did he give a time you give a timeframe. So there is two kinds of ease in here that we all have to once we learn it inshallah it will be easier. There is the physical ease I call it meaning sick becomes healthy, poor becomes rich. But there is the spiritual is I call it what do you think is a spiritual is and if Allah gives me that or give you that, it doesn't matter if the first one is there or not. The spiritual ease is when my heart when my chest is expanded. That's why he said, alumna, shreffler kasandra.

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Meaning you will become you accepted.

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accepted. That is not the first is actually this is to me, this is the most important is when you are accepted and this is what we need to train ourselves. When I accepted that it is coming from a law then this is absolutely higher. I'm not seeing any higher and there's nothing externally telling me this is good, but my belief and my opinion tells me this is higher. And I feel it. You also the lady who lost her husband and her son, I'm sure you have seen this because this was all over. This is a woman probably in her 40s early 40s I will say right, she lost her husband and her son.

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If you didn't see it go back and see I actually put the names of everybody everyone who lost who died in that massacre. I have their names I have their age right there. And one of them is this thing

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you see how she how she spoke?

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Did you see how she spoke this is not someone making it up. This is not somebody who is like okay, I'm going to be on TV. Let me be composed. This is not this is

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this is a no molosser usara when I was looking at how this idea came to me when Allah subhanho wa Taala expand your just expand your just too accepted to accepted which most of people find it very difficult. And I'm going to tell you how this comes in. Actually it's in the eye itself. It's in the Surah whereafter Allah says in the martyr in the molosser you saw in my last resort What did he tell us what he thought was fair either for all fun sub what you know Rob Baker for

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fadeout ferrata, what does that mean? When you have done all your work?

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And what did what work he had that he saw to Sir children has work to go for nine to five, right? Okay, I have to go back and then cook and clean the house. This looks overwhelming to almost all of us to him. This was this was trivial. He had the whole oma tour to worry about. He told him a lot this isn't in the Quran. This is more this is not what the Shabbat is not something maybe has this meaning or that meaning when you finish your work when you finish your duty. Do what fansub it's amazing the word fansub means what fansub literally it's a stand up and we form fit we form a stand up upright fansub usually it means in a metaphoric form or it usually it means what

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palms up Stand up yeah so when you're done do what lie on the couch and start checking your social media

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What is it usually fun sub most of the if you look at what I buy the prayer

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phone sub phone substance stand up and sada stand up and solder and to wait out a beaker for Rob And your Lord follow up you know what's happening

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to your Lord turned turn to your Lord what would love or robot desire

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so when you look at this it's this is a very simple surah This is like only eight if it's in I'm in the middle of it is this principle that don't you have a doubt don't even think twice in Namah allostery was wrong with hardship comes ease with it they are like no one you when you make a dough right when you make a dough What do you put usually minimum you have to have

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you have to have flour and you have to have water this is the minimum in nema allostery usara they're both together need to get together now for me and you and us to start seeing a looser or

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whether spiritually as is explained to you meaning my chest is expanded and I accept this with pain now don't don't don't think i'll use raw spiritual mean I'm not going to cry.

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Or I'm not going to feel sad. No because our Swati sought to sit up when he lost his son. He cried. I'm talking about me internally in peace. I don't say why me what's happened. To get to that point. The two requirements Allah asked him to

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fader for all the tough on sub what you know Rob, because Rob when you are

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Free, doesn't stand up and sorta stand up and some scholar says into, meaning basically, get connected with Allah and then turn to Him, the connection is not of need. Oh, because I need this your law, please give me know, the connection is a connection of love, love you know when you You all know this know, when you have so many things to do, and there is important thing you love to do, what do you say, let me finish all these, you know, and let me get to get, let's sit down and let me be focused, and I'll call you like when somebody calls you and you really want to give them their due right in time say you know what i have couple of things to do. Let me finish them and put them

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out of the way. And I'll call you that can give you a duel, right? That's what a lie stunning you take it out for Dr. fansub. When you are done. First thing we need to do these days, especially after a loss showed us a loss or the difficulty is we need a doctor from sub when you are free. When we are done, turn back to almost pantalla and I'll share with you at the end a couple of the things we need to do.

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There is a Some say it's a hadith some says it's a saying of Satan, our beloved knew my soul to give you this, this principle that needs to be implanted in my heart. He said if also if difficulty was something moving, something moves. And that's something moved, entered the hole

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in the wall. So anything but if it also was something that can move and enter the whole user is will follow it and will capture it and we'll get it out.

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Did you get the point? Meaning meaning for sure. every difficulty comes with ease. I think this needs to be repeated and repeated. Because when we are inside the difficulty, it is hard to see this because I am looking for the external and the external doesn't come right away. doesn't come right away. So at number one, at least inside me, this principle is unshakable. And I know it is coming I know it is coming. So that's number one in Nirmala. So you throw in the molosser yourself. Number two we have to look at and before I get to that, I looked at the Quran and see some of the

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not tangible things that you don't see it clearly how Allah prove these, how many times I looked at how many times the word are also in the aura difficulty, hardship, and how many times the word you saw in the Quran is right. What do you think?

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Yeah, what is the call one more than the other? Same nurse? What do you think

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should be equal? Like? Probably also there's more also is more difficulties more?

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I thought the same so here we go. We have the same right or also is more?

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No, not with a loss pantile? Absolutely you sir is

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your soul and let me give you I also is about 14 times I looked it up actually. And I put the numbers also. Also is it 12 times only. Also, I need the word also and I actually have even the ID I attend the number because I double checked it also is only 12 you should

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absolutely move 41 times

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41 times

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it's almost triple actually more. Yeah, triple three times and a half. So 12 times, Allah use the word difficulty. Also exactly the word. One of them is there I shared with you versus usual 41 What does that tell me?

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It's actually emphasize the linguistic part the linguistic miracle of the iiar because Allah says in my last three allostery he puts a leaf alarm in the Arabic language. This is only in the Arabic language. When you put a leaf in lamb. The name that is included in a refund lamp is defined. More refer exactly for those of you who studied Arabic. For example, when you say oh, man who's that?

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That's only Allah, only Allah is Allah Rama.

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Definite now exactly, man is could be anyone. But when you say oh ruffman so Allah in this ayah he said in Ama allostery. So that means one

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Only one muscle. One difficulty comes one is

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no, he said use raw. You saw he did not put a leaf alarm. And it is not Kira not defined. That is unlimited.

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So that's why in a saying some says it's Saraswati asakawa Center, he said the never ever one hardship will win to ease.

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Did you get it? Let me explain. Allah said NBI. In my last rehearsal, he said for in my last you saw in my last bite in the two IRT said verbally with difficulty, and he put a leaf alarm you saw when he repeated again he said in a mile or three, so it's the same hardship, but the you saw was undefined. So this is two different is the same hardship. So never two is will never two E's will not have victory over one hardship. So always, always when I go through difficult time, literally this needs to come back to me. It is there. One of the things I turned to a line I say show it to

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show me it is there meaning not necessarily again, I see it. I feel it. This Yaki this certainty of this idea I wanted to know to be in my heart. So remember this innama allostery you sir.

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Where is the victory that Allah subhanho wa Taala part of the hardship is victory, right? And Allah subhanho wa Taala says also in the Quran because I looked up where do we go next? How do I look for or what should I do to become illegible? Let's use this word, current word for the muscle of Allah.

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Allah said this, yeah, you are levina Armen infousa roula yawns soul with a bit academic, this he said this is worth Muhammad, believers. We are all in terms of Allah, if you give victory to Allah, Allah will give you victory

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How is that?

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What do I do to give a law victory

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So number one, what we need you all to know that the victory of Allah Karim, is there. How long this is, or even the meaning in Allah's time is not my time and yours in a Yeoman and Gulp beaker Calfee sanity motto do the one day in your Lord cat in your Lord or not loss calculation equals to 1000 but it's just there. But it's not gonna come free.

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It's not going to come just because I am a believer.

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And there is no way in the Quran. If you look in the Quran, there is always a requirement for everything. And Allah says yeah, you're Latina Armani in Townsville, Allah Hyun Soo.

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So put this in your mind. Another iron the Quran, Allah give you victory in general, and the loss of this unsorted hedge inala you have here on the levina Armen in Allahu Bukola harmonica for Allah said assorted Hajj in Allah Verily Allah yo Jaffa defined

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alladhina amanu the believers, I want you to think of again what's happened 10 days ago New Zealand Allah

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Allah will defend these people. Now those who died Allah spawn tada absolutely they are martyrs without last pantile so what do I and you have to do to gain this? This certainty in Allahu

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Allah subhanho wa Taala absolutely defend the believers. Look around us. Where is it?

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We also Where is it? Right? anywhere in the world? What read more? The same. The same surah read next time. Right? In Allahu difluoride enamel nulato hiwula harmonica that Allah says within a Latina yo otter Luna Vietnam volume.

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It has been allowed for those believers. Who those believers who were wrongdoer who were who were not doing wrong, they will be wrong dude that people will be doing against them wrong with an enlightening ban on volleyball. These people who died in the mosque in New Zealand they were absolutely innocent human beings right innocent human beings in our place of worship worshiping the last Potala. What did they do? Nothing. These are innocent and Allah says these people

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You pull those innocent people not necessarily those in general. And then it comes in says, how your law

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no I'm gonna pass maybe three lines and come to this allatheena in McCann now who fill out what those believers when we give them power in earth. Now what is power?

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What is power? Don't think you become the president? What is power?

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Exactly what is power what we all look at, in our daily in our, these days, we look at power as what everybody say this. It's it's money, right? Money and status. Money is one bring the other and both brings you power, money and status. I Lavina in mcconnelsville or is it us? You and me? A lot of the Muslims Yes or no? Right? We have wealth 100 do we have status? Alhamdulillah we're educated we have jobs. Some of us have have positions. What do they do?

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That No, no, really? I'm just going to take you through the iron. Because we are the whole idea of this talk is where do I go next? After I feel sad after I'm depressed after I cry after I make dua, which all is should natural. But where do I get what do I do now? And Allah says alladhina inma can now feel

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when we give them power. When we give them status, what do they do your law of karma sanata

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performed Salah What are tozeur carta and they paid their Zakah that's not it? That's not it because a lot of people says well I do that.

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Well I'm a Ruby maruf went to Hawaii mukha

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enjoying good and reject evil or prohibit evil

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so take it one by one why these four

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I was looking and thinking why these four there's so many other things. A common Salah is what Salah specially these days, and please forgive me and please correct me if I'm wrong. One of the hardest things for us. Shannon levy de la, right. We're busy wherever it's hard, we struggle. It's a big struggle against myself five times a day stand up in front of a law break from my routine. Even if I have nothing to do, it's hard. One second is pay money. The more money we have, the more we are attached to the less money I have them start thinking about the future so it's not time to pay. Now the last one Mr. Obama if you want to hold on anymore, now you're gonna come and tell me how can I

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enjoin good and and prevent evil? I have no power. I have nothing. What can I do? I don't even I can't even go on the on the news and say a word. Right? Because who is going to talk to me? What is the answer?

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What is the most widely sought was saddam said this is how you connect all the deen together marami Khun cara, who had is that saying we're also ever see something rejected, something not pleasing to Allah pantalla What should I do? Three things, right? But you know, the definite thing is change it.

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I can change it. I've nothing big meaning physically, I can do this. I have no power. And actually it is not required. Okay. Probably Chinese.

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Say something says, especially these days, especially here, Free Press, we can speak Say something. Well, I can't at least redacted with your heart. Don't say everyone is doing it. It's no, everybody. Everybody doesn't you know, everybody doesn't pray. Every who who who wear hijab these days. You know who stays away from the prohibitions of Allah. So here you go back again, from here, after what Allah is showing us. And I accept that this is what Allah Subhana Allah, that is about that's his decree. That's what he wants from me. I need to remember that I need now to change. I need to turn to Allah either for all the phones, when you are free, turn to Allah and turn to him with long stand

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up. And then I'm going to start and say what can I do? Each one of us is different. But in general, the first thing we have all is my personal relationship with Allah.

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What is my personal relationship with a lot where it is my job, my real supplication, my Salah, my Zika all these, I need to go back to them and do it one by one.

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One by one, take it, analyze it and do it two weeks ago I may have before what happened in New Zealand I may have missed some solid

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after what Allah showed me and I know no molosser yourself or use raw to come It is my it is not in a collective individual obligation now it's an individual obligation because Allah said Laura facade of wilbury or

00:35:29--> 00:36:01

miss chef became so obvious on land and in c span the last week or so what happened in the sea? Did you see the cruise I was lucky off man What is this week? What is this week? wow well photography but you will miss chef became so apparent and obvious on that land on land or end. And in see why Allah said be Marcus arbitrariness Of course because of what they are doing.

00:36:03--> 00:36:57

Because of what they are doing. So the first thing we all need to, to in a matter of three years right this principle Allah is is is with hardship. Next, and this doesn't change and I know it is coming. The next I need to turn to Allah and Tyler to bring this is the physical is to bring this physical ease my relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala needs to be changed. Federal in a law as a loss of an idiot or on to Allah or on to Allah should rule your law in need a communion of your mobiie turn to Allah turn to Allah not because I need him. Turn to Allah because Allah Masha Allah casado isn't that you and me? Didn't Allah expand my chest and yours to become a Muslim and to love

00:36:57--> 00:37:43

it, and to practice it, even if I am not the best Muslim, but it is alum right into Allah gave me what I wanted all of us. Is it now time that I turn to Allah fully federal in a law and this is this will bring the ease. This is what I'm trying to all combine this together. The ease is there, but I want to see it. I wanted to come out and it is there. But I need to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala. One supplication, one supplication from one of us, Allah knows who is that person sincere. And I say this all the time. I remember this years ago, I remember we were in Makkah, in the last 10 days of a mobile,

00:37:44--> 00:38:06

it was so much a drought, they did not see rain. And I remember in the dwell, and the Imam said your Allah, if there is one righteous person, between us, you're talking about millions, millions, buy that righteous person between us, send us rain.

00:38:08--> 00:38:10

After all, we had trained

00:38:11--> 00:38:18

I was there this is not a story. Someone told me. I was there. And we all turned and says Who is that person?

00:38:20--> 00:38:23

One person. He didn't say I is the Imam.

00:38:25--> 00:38:36

Now, because a lot of good, righteous people are hidden, nobody knows them. The only Allah by one person, one person, let it to be. You are me.

00:38:37--> 00:39:13

You're a be me. But it doesn't come free. You know what I'm saying? I mean, I wish I know. I wish I know that person. I wish that I can ask him. Ask him. What did you do that you're doing? And that dog was not for himself or herself? I don't know if it's a shield or he. This is for the oma some dosering right? Then I remembered a hadith of Rasul Allah santosa to put on like, like you have a picture and you're a puzzle and you're putting it all together. Who Allah respond to their da

00:39:15--> 00:39:21

What did he say? What did Allah Swati sakasa taught you and me, right? It could be someone who's poor,

00:39:23--> 00:39:39

who's unclean, probably dirty. Ash, Johan Alba, Ashraf mean untidy are full of dust. Right? That either AXA and Allah abara when he turned to Allah says you are giving me this a login.

00:39:41--> 00:39:58

The requirement for this is in other Hadees the opposite when Allah Swati Assad or Sam says his food his home. His dress is from his drink, is he wrong? And now use the job Buddha. How did you out will be answered

00:40:00--> 00:40:50

How the drought will be answered. This is what I need. I think we all as a nation as an oma as a community, it is the time for individual change, individual change, it doesn't matter what people around me are doing. It could be me that person items and I sincere in that middle of the night or just before fudger before morning and I tell us as your Allah also hugging oma your Allah give victory to this. I could be that person that Allah responded to her or his and send them rain. It could be me. I need to turn to almost panic. And basically it's a forest and the first is Asana. Asana, Asana, at least for us, hamdulillah for those of us who perform Salah regularly, when I see

00:40:50--> 00:40:52

people don't perform Salah

00:40:53--> 00:41:04

Omar will model if you want to how animoca if I can I remind them if I cannot at least inside me. I don't say everybody, this generation all of them don't pray.

00:41:06--> 00:41:27

At least inside of me. I say Yo Allah guide them like you guided me. If you see my point. We cannot This is not a time of despair. This spirit will not change your Saraswati sought to send never the spirit of loss. pantalla said in a hadith Pudsey, and I endure has no one near AB dB. I I am as my servant think of me.

00:41:28--> 00:42:21

I am as my servant think of this could be the most wicked person and Allah subhanho wa Taala guide him or her guide him or her Don't say no way you don't know them at all. So this but turn all back to Allah subhanaw taala number one, individually, individually This is all about individually, me with a loss pantalla look at the basics. Number one is where is my solder. Number two, where is my circuit if I am required, Ramadan is coming less than five weeks. Actually it's about six weeks. Let it to be V fasting. The fasting that Allah subhana wa tada will we'll look at muses Alma de la la quinta, I am one of them. Let me at least make the resolve. Those people who passed away newseum,

00:42:21--> 00:42:29

Allah gave them genetically for dos hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. But if you ask them now they will tell you I wish it happened after Ramallah.

00:42:31--> 00:42:50

So let it be because we still as I when I started with you, what did I tell you? I told you this 11 year old boy for those of you who joined us late, this 11 year old boy last week, I was asking them I have a class every week and I was asking how are you? You know, I know everybody and he said Alhamdulillah I'm alive.

00:42:51--> 00:43:45

11 year old Alhamdulillah and I said to myself, I looked at them and says yes Alhamdulillah I am alive. He taught me I was supposed to teach him he taught me 100 Lymelife so Alina, ima cannot fulfill all the akarma serata we're at Osaka. This is what we need perform Salah make dua to Allah supplicate to Allah tantum says please make it easy for me. Make this this this body that find it so hard for him or her to pray on time, make it easy, and he will make this haraam that I see or I hear or I engage in what I am involved in make it difficult for me or even better. Take it out of me out. I always say this is the this is one of the best things is like so hard to go against your nerves

00:43:45--> 00:44:11

for something you like. The easiest way is when you don't like it. You know when they put I always bring food you know a few if you bring two things food in front of you, one you really love and the other one you care less about. Right? Which one is easier to say no. Of course is the one you don't care about. Right? This is how you want things that is difficult that I wanted it but it is not pleasing to Allah. Allah take it out of me make it easy.

00:44:12--> 00:44:59

So but cannot fulfill on the law joining them Mr. McKinney, make me of those who you look at me and says near my lab. This is my servant. This is how I wanted to be. If the man imagine individually, all of us, all of us are this person made the New Zealand massacre, we lost pantalla again and again and again. Give them genetic for dose and he will they are martyrs with the roswaal you saw towards them as I was saying, talking with one of my friends and we said you know what? Death is the only certainty in life. Right? If you told me anything is sorted, I said maybe Allah knows in sha Allah, right? The only certainty is that so I was talking to her. I said listen, that is she actually was

00:44:59--> 00:44:59

saying the same

00:45:00--> 00:45:03

Death is certain, don't you one day like they did.

00:45:06--> 00:45:39

Friday in Juma in the masjid. As one of them also reminded me they are into who they are in Voodoo. I was like yes through summer reading the Koran, and they were killed. And the person who is skilled is a Shaheed is a martyr, martyr and a hero for sure. No different opinion about that. Some says in Jr. The way you handle his body may be different, but in an era everybody agree they are Shaheed and I asked myself a question. What did they do in their life? That Allah gave him this death?

00:45:40--> 00:45:52

Always think of this that is that is is coming. What did they do? What did they do? What did they have the last one hour time that he gave him this death?

00:45:53--> 00:46:38

You know what I'm saying? like somebody's dying hedge. This is this is very special. So here we are, all of us. All of us. Once we pass this, first, I call it the first week, or the first line of shock, disbelief. How can this happen? You're a law. And then the jaw and the tears. I'm sure you all cried, and I attended a vigil in California. I can't tell you everybody was crying. Everybody. I mean, there was there was some of the politician they stood up on their poll. They couldn't speak. Yeah, everybody because this is overwhelming. This is against humanity is not about Muslims, only this is about a human being in general. But we passed this Now. Now. Life is usual.

00:46:39--> 00:47:09

Right? Almost we forget something else is going to happen. That's where we don't want that. Because we want in the my last resort, worldly with hardship comes ease your ally, show me your love show me I have to work for this. It is that you know when we say it's the turning point, turning point, it's a turning point. Let's make it a turning point. Even when with the way we interact with each other. It cannot be the same as the Prime Minister of New Zealand. What did she say?

00:47:11--> 00:47:18

It's not never going to be the same. It's never going to be the same. Anybody of you live in September 11. Here

00:47:19--> 00:47:31

in the United States changed. You all know this, right? If you lived here, you know what I'm talking about. It's it's never the same is in the monastery?

00:47:33--> 00:47:34

After 18 years now.

00:47:37--> 00:48:19

Is it in namale? Austria, so it's 18 years now? Yes, absolutely. Have you ever thought when September 11 happened? Right? And I remember I was in the hospital lecture. Right? att if somebody came to me, with all the shock and the fear and all what we went, someone says, Don't worry. 18 years from now, you will have two Muslims in Congress. What you have told what you would you would have said, Are you out of your mind, we cannot even walk outside. We're so scared to move. In Amala three, you saw a good number of Muslims took their religion seriously after that.

00:48:20--> 00:49:16

Right? And way more people became Muslim, but I'm talking about Muslims, because the change, they took it very seriously. Open up. We never did knew what the open house in mosques was. We never knew what this mean. We had no option. So my point is what's happened here. What's happened here is a message from Allah. Everything from Allah is a message. The message is hard. The message was very painful. I mean, the youngest person who died in this massacre is three years old. Another one is four years old. 16 there was a lot in the 20s 20s 24 and 26. into the 30s there was only two people in the 70s only 71 and 77 and 266 and 168. So the majority were young. At one point it made me happy

00:49:16--> 00:49:19

for one point, this Masjid was full of youth.

00:49:20--> 00:49:59

And and Friday is not a holiday in New Zealand. It is not so young people coming to the masjid. It's not It's not like we live in a Muslim country. But here we are. Alhamdulillah so look at the positives. Look in NEMA loss reuse. But to me me out of my compassion with what happened. Other than your out to the people I need to show it was pantalla I am a different person from today. It's a turning point. I want my heart to be sure. I want my heart to be open. My chest is open and light. It is going to be different. My relationship with all

00:50:00--> 00:50:21

Lot will be different. And this is in the Quran in terms of Allaha Yasaka where you submit an epidemic of usual victory of to Allah. And I'm not talking about only again, not only salah and Zika and enjoying good and prevent evil, stay away from home. And the first term I'm going to talk about is what you think.

00:50:22--> 00:50:29

First haraam first, evil first Poor him broke prohibited thing, what do you think I'm going to talk about?

00:50:30--> 00:50:36

We woman special. Exactly. backbiting stop talking about people

00:50:38--> 00:51:20

stop talking negative about people. Unless these exceptions the very few exceptions and I'm not going to mention because then you will learn the exceptions very well and forget the rest of it. But in general, in general, hold the tongue hold the the tongue she is this and his death and they said and this is not the time now. The time has changed. It's turning point. I'm going to use my breath, my energy fader for all fansub when you are free when you're done, stand up and do something for most pantile Let it be my words my breath for Allah or or don't say anything. So that's number one. What is the second haraam common?

00:51:21--> 00:51:25

What are we watching? What are we watching?

00:51:26--> 00:51:29

TV movie Netflix, you name it, it's there.

00:51:31--> 00:51:35

Right? Everybody's normal. Everyone.

00:51:36--> 00:52:17

We know it shouldn't we shouldn't This is the time for either for our phones or this is the time when you are done. There is a requirement I have to work. I have to bring money I have to feed my children. I have to not be needy. That's all needed. Allah didn't say leave everything one sub look at the beauty. Look at the balance of this D Allah didn't say leave everything you know what? We are being killed. Muslims have stopped working and don't do anything stay at home and make dua and Sala no thank you now ferrata. When you are done, finished your responsibilities and your requirements, stand up for law. Stand up for a law in time to look at what is the most beloved actions to Allah.

00:52:18--> 00:53:04

Most Beloved actions, what does Allah loves us to walk to sell out on time? What else a lot loves. Look at it, everything along love. I'm gonna put it my priorities, I'll do my best. And to do it, that's what we need these days. Go back to a law, federal your law turned back to almost a hotel, and intimate allostery. So there's so many stories, but one of the one that comes to me, I mean, you can read the Sierra and it's full of in the manosphere. So but if you think of an I'm going to end up here, Soho they be the Treaty of how they be. Right? And if you quickly read the history quickly, what was it? It was rasanya salatu salam in Medina. So Audrey, Allah is inviting him to go to

00:53:04--> 00:53:36

Makkah. So he woke up and he said, we are going for ombre. We're not fighting we're not doing anything. We're going for ombre. And he Sahaba Of course when to them. Simple, right? And then the news came to orange and they prevented you're not going right they are about to fight and then the courage came in and says you know what, we don't want fighting. Let's make a treaty agreement. What is the agreement that's what enamels through so if you look at the agreement, and read it, it's all ostra

00:53:37--> 00:53:57

it is all Asa you're not going for ombre imagine this. You're in home. And this is a roswaal s autosen you're not going for omro this year. Anybody from us become a Muslim you send them back to us. And anybody from you returned from Islam and come to us we're not sending you back.

00:54:00--> 00:54:41

Right? So you know Omar looked at it and says you're a swore Allah, why do we are accepting this and when they were writing it, right? And then Rasul Allah saw it was Ramos telling one of the Sahaba write it. So he said Muhammad Rasul Allah, they turned and says, if we know your Rasul Allah we will not being having a treaty remove it. This is an insult. This is an insult right? Anybody of us? I am assume but he said remove it. So imagine say Norman looked at him at the answers. Why is this? why we're doing this? Aren't we on the right path? Aren't we the right thing we are doing the right thing? What's happened

00:54:42--> 00:54:53

after how many years in Napa Tanaka Tom moving we for sure. verbally we gave you the victory and he gave him all my

00:54:54--> 00:54:59

all my cannot Alma Natoma go and come back. He did the Amara next year.

00:55:00--> 00:55:16

But then within a couple of years he went and he conquered MCE his dream, his dream his his his most the most beloved place on earth to him in molosser you saw, but Who were they?

00:55:18--> 00:55:25

That's my point who worthy and when Allah subhanaw taala sends an order, how do they act to the order?

00:55:26--> 00:55:50

And when the Rasul Allah is sought or Salaam say something, how do they act? submit and al-watan. So it's time for us to these. A lot of da Don't forget them into our May Allah, definitely the family, there must pantalla give them strength, give a sense to the mothers who lost their children. There's some woman lost a child and her husband, Pamela, a mother lost a child, a child and a husband and a one.

00:55:52--> 00:56:16

There was a husband lost his newlywed wife, 24 year old son in law, every country almost every country you think of it's there, Japan Allah Subhana Allah, but then I remembered again, whenever one when 77 zero of the whole father of the Koran were killed in Mokhtar.

00:56:17--> 00:57:09

77 zero, this is 5077 zero off the rest of Sahaba and they will all follow the Quran. At that time there was no Quran yet. So this is some novelist pantalla this is this is happening. Last punked out and make us not see one more. You're on the anemia law protects everyone, not only the Muslims, humanity, human beings I made all with time this da Allahumma anta Salaam Inca Sana hyena set up your while you are the peace You are the source of peace and peace comes from you make us living peace. But I say this again to myself and everyone to be in to be qualified. That Allah give me this job. I need to give victory to Allah and victory to Allah number one this belief doesn't shake.

00:57:09--> 00:57:42

Victory is coming What alum there's a hadith of roswaal A Satoshi was teaching say Nomad and he says what alum and the loss and null use and use Rama altcar oh nine follow Jamal karbo victory and ease is with our chip. So this is this is there but I need to turn to Allah subhanho Tada and you're watching me by me by you by one of us. Your Java will save all this online this all nation, your biani Desert Milan heroes panic alarm, all the handy shader

00:57:43--> 00:57:47

stuff we'll call it tooborac. So like I said, I'm an artist