Important! A Dua to Read During this Pandemic!

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My beloved brothers and sisters, let's cry to Allah for forgiveness so that Allah be pleased with us so that he can cure us from this disease from whatever has happened. And at the same time, the restrictions can be lifted, when it comes to the houses of Allah to begin with, and then with everything else, as I close, I want to teach you as soon as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that should be read during these times, and it would be correct also to read Punahou naskila in your Salah, because this is a time when Punahou nasbla is actually needed. It is a calamity that has befallen the oma, remember that Allahumma inni obika meenal barassi will Janani will do their me

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woman's say in a scam. We're asking protection of Allah from all forms of disease from leprosy, from calamity, from disaster, from plagues, from pandemics and that is what we're asking. It's as soon Do I have the profits or sell them? May Allah accept the Dow from us