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The host discusses the meaning of "yeah" in relation to death and encourages viewers to support the show by helping to make a donation. They explain that "yeah" refers to a situation where someone has reached an indifferent point and needs to die. The host also emphasizes the importance of thinking in the right way and not just solving problems for someone else.

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This is like life for people. This is life for many buy this buy that everybody's looking for that. One thing that magic pill is going to make them happy Black Friday hits this really happy time, right? People are just like literally like just about to kill each other literally tried to bury themselves right with their possessions, but you can't you literally you cannot take it with you when you go. So someone shared this with me. And it's really incredible the way it's put together. It really depicts this life for kind of what it is a rat race. So let's get into this video. And I want to kind of, hopefully we can take some good from it. But the most powerful thing is at the end

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the ending so just wait until the end. See we can turn these music down.

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So life begins the day begins.

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And everybody's got these little rats with suits on but this is obviously depicting human beings.

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Now I want you to imagine this. I mean, this is like life for. For people. This is life for many.

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It's like,

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day in and day out.

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It's like your life is in a box, the box at home, the box at the office,

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the box in the car, in this particular case, the box and the subway every day, how many of you just take into so every day.

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Then we have all the things around us just keeping us busy. In the city life

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fancy ads.

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Life just busy, busy busy. By this by that everybody's looking for that. One thing that magic pill is gonna make them happy.

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I mean, people just live for shopping. It's just all about shopping, right? Just, if I buy this, I'll be happy. If I get that I'll be happy then Black Friday hits this really happy time, right? People are just like literally like just about to kill each other for that material thing that at the end. You leave it all behind, don't you? But we don't think about that.

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So but and it passes like everything else is in a past tense. been there done that black friday had those any right back at it life, just you know, because in those moments, you think about things like Oh, man, was that really what was all about? But then you're back in your car, whatever card is fancy, not so fancy. And you're flying, but then you hit traffic. Oh my god, Panama.

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And then you get that ticket and we all gotten a ticket one day, or you got your car stolen or your in this case your rims.

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And then you're just like, okay, happiness is gone. So you're on cloud nine for a minute. And you've went through everything and then now another phase in life. Now you start hitting the bottles how you think drink drinking, how many people are just alcoholics and this think like okay, nightlife Friday Saturday, and I just got to get my Hennessy my down period whatever the case and the nightlife kicks in nightclub and you just live in for that experience. The nightlife experience how the nightclubs and cafes also that's that's something that passes to now the prescription drugs Oh man.

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How many people now get their first dose of that imaginary happiness with the pharmaceutical drugs and now or cocaine or whatever else is out there? And now they're just like oh heaven on earth. Hmm How long does that actually last though? Let's see

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how long does it actually last?

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Not very long. And then the nightmare really begins

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Well, this is nothing like the mind and the dean in Islam but let's not go there quite yet. Hold on now. What goes up comes down now you crash and you're right back at it. Now you reformed your life you maybe went to Tony Robbins you know maybe you went to one of these other you know, gurus is now it's like you're back in the rat race now. It's like, again, new way to make money. And that's all it's about now is like money, okay? I stopped drinking. I stopped like, you know, going to the nightclubs now. It's just Money, money, money, but it's just another

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trap. Is it? What's the purpose of life? Why am I here? What am I living for ultimately, because we're all gonna die. We're gonna leave this life behind and all those material things, all those gadgets, iPhones, all of those computers, all the rims. You can't take it with you when you go. Some people literally try to bury themselves right with their possessions, but you can't you literally you cannot take it with you when you go. So there's nothing wrong with having some of the nice things. I mean, we know a scenario

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situation where the Prophet Mohammed last final messenger said to mankind, he said, Look, you know, a person would Adam's weight of arrogance. He will not enter Paradise and they said, well, all messenger of Allah, we'd like good clothes and to dress nice is that? Would you tell him? I said, No, no, no, is to reject the truth when it comes to you. So there's nothing wrong with having or owning things. But don't let those things own you. That's the issue. When you let the material things own you and own your heart. And that's a problem Mohammed last found a messenger send to mankind, he came as a mercy to mankind to expose this dunya this worldly life for what it is, is a

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terror, temporary abode. He said, Be like a traveler, one who takes rest under a tree. But then what happens is a traveler, you got to get up and go, you got to keep going, you got to keep moving.

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The end result is not this dunya it's not this life, we all get caught up, we need reminded me myself, first and foremost. And then just passing some of that along to you guys. So I said that, at the end,

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there's something that's the most powerful, I'm gonna share that with you, but reflect over this. Really? Are we just living in a box. It's just like a maze. It's like from one box, in your home to the next box in your car to the next box, and you're some way to the next boss in your office. And then it's just like life. Think about it. Think about this video, the next time you're searching because that's what we all want. We want happiness. But then you get your like in the video, your car stolen, or you get a rim stolen, get a ticket, you hit traffic, oh, how many of us hate traffic and then the happiness all of a sudden disappears for Black Friday is over, just like this life will

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be over. So it behooves you to look further instead of just superficial and ask yourself, why am I here? What's the ultimate goal? What's the meaning of life? What's the purpose of my life, because we're all going to end up being Warren Buffet soon, we're all going to die. I'm sorry to bring you the what could be good news for many. But the bad news for those who have felt so deeply in love with this dunya this worldly life that they forgot to invest into the next life. So there'll be double losers, they'll lose this life, and then they'll lose the app hitter the next life. So there is a purpose in this life and the one to tell us our purpose is the one who created life. beseech

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him earnestly within yourself. Oh, the one who created me guide me guide me guide me. And then look into this Deen look into Islam really look into Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation. Look at all the proof and evidence that it provides contemplate death. Contemplate that moment when the soul will leave the body when you be put in the ground. And this should motivate many of us to take the dean serious those who have kind of been just drifting off and the rat race of life has just taken over. And the intelligent person is the one who thinks of death often thinks about the moment that he will depart from this world. And then the one who's never been exposed to Islam

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continue to tune into the D show. Can you watch some of our shows, connect with a Muslim visit Hamas call us one 800 662 Islam and

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let me just end with this. This is the most powerful part of video is a perfect depiction of perfect example of what this dunya is. So go ahead and subscribe if you haven't already support via our Patreon page and we'll see you next time here in a de show. Enjoy this Peace be with you as salaam alaikum