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The importance of the concept of the heart in the Bible is discussed, as it is the most important thing in Islam. The Cofer of arrogance and the Cofer of outright Creators are discussed, as well as the importance of small shaming and small coffee in the Prophet system. The importance of being cautious with one's interpretation of Islam is emphasized, and caution is advised against giving up on one's statement.

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said on Wailea kumara Tula he wabarakatuhu Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala mela Nabi yerba Amma bad. So today inshallah we'll be doing a continuation of a previous series that I had started is going to be a mini series. And I was talking about the reality of sin. What does it mean to disobey? And what are the ramifications of disobedience? And how can we come closer to Allah subhanaw taala after disobedience, and this will be a shorter series, and I typically do. But after I give the first series, I was

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emailed by a number of people commenting about or asking about, what is the relationship between sinning and disbelieving in Allah or Cofer. And so I thought that before I move on, I should also the we're still doing the preliminaries. And my first lesson, I did the reality of iman, because since they diminish the faith they tore away or they tarnish the faith. Well, before we get to just that, which makes the faith weak, I think it will be also useful, not in a lot of detail, because that is a more advanced topic, but at least in a nutshell, to understand the factors that negate Iman, the factors that contradict Iman, and in other words, to rephrase what is the opposite of

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believing in Allah subhanahu wa, tada? And what are some of the main branches of that which opposes Islam or Iman? And this topic can be summarized as the reality of Cofer, what is gopher? And the question arises, why should we study? Cofer? What is the benefit of studying something that Allah has criticized? And the response is, we find it in one of the statements of the Sahaba, when he said, that I used to ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the evil matters, whereas most of the other people would ask about the good matters. And then he said, The reason I would ask about the evil matters is so that I could recognize and avoid so that I could not fall into those

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evil matters. And one of the poets of the past you versified, you should learn evil, not for the sake of evil, but to avoid it. Because the one who does not differentiate from good to evil, we'll fall into it. So we learn evil, not for the sake of evil, but to recognize it and then to know it another way. In other words, we can also for example, say why do we teach our children the dangers of smoking, or the dangers of any type of sin? Because we want them to know and to recognize that these are dangerous things. So in today's lecture, we'll be talking about the opposite of Eman, and that is, of course, Cofer. And Cofer has branches and Crawford has has categories. And so today

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inshallah will be a summary of what those are so that we understand what is the reality now realize that Cofer is the generic term given to the absence of iman. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions in the Quran hola the huddlecam for men commitment, woman come careful. He is the One Who has created you. Some of you have Iman, and some of you don't, and that is called Cofer. And so Eman and kufr are the opposites of one another. Either you have Iman, in which case you are a Muslim, you believe in Allah subhana wa Tada or you don't have Iman, in which case you are a Catholic. And you have Cofer now one of our problems comes in, there's actually many problems but one of our problems comes is that the

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term Catholic has taken on a derogatory, pejorative, in fact, it is like an insult when you use it as like a very charged up word that when you use it, it is it is somehow offensive. And in reality, the term is used as a factual statement in the Quran, there doesn't seem to be a pejorative slur. It is simply a factual statement that Allah says in the Quran, yeah, you will live in a Cafaro or you will have committed Cofer and you can translate it or you who don't have faith or you who are not Muslims yet. So, if I were to ask you, does the term non Muslim have any negative you will say no, I mean, if a person is a Muslim or person is not a Muslim, there is nothing negative there. So to the

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term COFRA in and of itself, it is simply a description. And the reason I say this is because what we have found is that some people, they they try to reinterpret the reality of Quranic Cofer because they are embarrassed at the application of the term on specific people. And there's no need to be embarrassed because the Quran is not using the term Cofer in a

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pejorative in a slur in a type of slander. The Quran is simply saying that all you who have rejected Allah, you don't believe in Allah you don't believe in the God of the Prime Minister Nitin is how can Jacobi the God of Abraham and Moses and Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, then you are a people of Cofer. So it's a factual statement in this regard. So what is the definition of gopher? The definition of gopher is the absence of iman. What does the linguistic meaning Cofer mean? In other words, there's something called the technical definition, the absence of ima. And then there's the word what did the word mean before Allah used it to signify the absence of iman, what is the

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linguistic connotation of gopher? Well, the word Cofer actually means to cover up and that's why the term Kufa Ra, in Islamic pre Islamic Arabic, the term Kufa was actually meant to signify that which is covered. And very interestingly, the term calf herd, believe it or not, it is used even once in the Quran, it is said a bit depending on how you interpret the verse, but definitely in pre Islamic poetry. It is used the term Kaffir to signify a farmer. Why is the farmer called the calf because the farmer he buries the seeds, he covers up the seeds. And so covering the seed is a type of cover linguistically, linguistically we're talking about and therefore the calf is the one who cover

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something up. Now, why is the one who rejects Allah, committing Cofer in the linguistic sense, our scholars respond, you can understand this as a number of things. Firstly, that a person who has rejected Allah subhanho wa Taala has covered the truth. That's one interpretation. Secondly, a person who doesn't believe in a higher power, a person who doesn't believe in religion or religiosity, and does not believe in the one true God, it is as if he or she has covered up his own innate fitrah, or the innate way that Allah created them. So their innate fitrah and of course, fifth row, we spoke about this a number of times, but just to briefly rehash our memory fitrah is

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the innate predisposition that Allah created mankind upon it is inside of us when we are born, we don't learn it, we don't acquire it. It's not something the Quran comes and teaches us. Every child is born inherently with it. I call it a spiritual DNA, and a part of that spiritual DNA. It is shouting out, every man every woman knows deep down inside, that there is purpose in life, that there is a reason that we are alive, that there is a higher power, and that that higher power should be worshipped. Every human being likes to be at some level connected to that higher power. Every human being wants to be righteous and religious, wants to fight for truth and justice. That is what

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the fistula is what a person turns away than they have covered the fitrah. So that is why I can't fit is somebody who is called the cafe because they have covered their fitrah up. Now, of course, the term. Cofer is the generic term for the absence of iman, and there are many categories undercover Cofer is not just one category. And there are many types of those who reject Allah subhanho wa taala. And of course, the highest level amongst those who reject the religion of Islam are those who follow other religions that were true in their timeframe. And this category is a special category, and they have some perks and privileges. And Allah subhanaw taala mentions them

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specifically by name. And he calls them so many times in the Quran to come closest to Islam because they are the closest to Islam. And Allah calls them to embrace Islam. And of course, these are the alikat. And the anti Kitab are of course, the believers in a prophet before the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam anyone who believes in a prophet that Allah sent before the coming of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they have a special status. Why? Because they believe in the same God as we do the God of Abraham. And they believe in the concept of prophecy. A lot of us Muslims don't realize that out of all the religions of the world and the majority of them don't

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believe in profits, right? So what are called the Taoist religions, and of course, these are the religions like, like Buddhism, like Taoism, like Hinduism, like Confucianism, these religions, they don't believe in the concept of Heaven and Hell, they don't believe in the concept of hereafter. They don't believe in the concept of resurrection. They don't believe in the concept of prophets. They don't believe in the concept of divine books. They are a completely different class of religions. As for the people who believe in Jesus Christ, and who follow Jesus Christ, the people who believe in Moses, and then there might be one or two other, you know, smaller headed kitab.

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There's a controversy there other than that, but definitely the followers of Jesus in our times and the followers of Moses and our times, those two religions, the Christians and the Jews. They are definitely advocates

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Tap. And they have a privilege amongst others, that Allah subhana wa Tada has also called Kaffir. But this group is, of course, the most privileged amongst them. Why? Because they believe in so much of what we believe. And yet of course, there are significant differences. And Allah addresses them in the Quran. And Allah says, what Allah who now what Ada who can wha hid your God and our God is the same God, unlike, for example, those who worship a totally different system, a totally different pantheon of gods, they don't believe in the God of Ibrahim and the God of is Mary and the God of his help. And so they are a different category. But they're still of course, in the broad category of

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golfer. And this doesn't mean again. So to be within this category is not a pejorative per se, it is a negative in the sense that, of course, believing is something that's positive, but the term golfer is not meant to be insulted in nature. That's the key point that I'm trying to get at. Now. Within the category of golfer, there are other subcategories as well. And these are important for us to understand of the subcategories of golfer is that of Shrek, and also of the subcategories of golfers that have an effect. And so let's discuss these two quickly and then come back to the reality of gopher. So a lot of people ask what is the difference between gopher and shirk? And the response is,

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at some level, at some level, Cofer and shake are interchangeable. And you can say COVID and shake or two circles that occupied the same space at some level. So if you wanted to, you could say that confidential at some level are synonymous. However, technically speaking, because there is a technical level as well, technically speaking, Schick is a type of golfer. And so every shake is Cofer. But not every golfer is shake. Okay? So again, there's a generic level in which you can say, a bit of a stretch. But you can say that, yes, every shuriken Every golfer the same thing, because she can go for are both rejections of worship of Allah. And that's true. But there's also a

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technical definition. And the technical definition of Shrek is more narrower than the technical definition of gopher. And so if you had, if you remember your Venn diagrams, since you were in high school, whatever, and so COVID is the large Venn diagram. And within it, you will have a sub circle and that sub circle will be shipped every ship is Cofer, not every Cofer is shipped. And so what is the technical definition of ship, the technical definition of ship is, so memorize this, to give the rights of ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala to other than Allah, this is what shidduch is to give the rights of Allah to other than Allah. And of course, this comes from the linguistic and the Quranic definition

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of schicke. As for the linguistic, so the term Shetty, ik in Arabic means partner, and the concept of being a partner. In any firm, you have partners, right. And even in Arabic To this day, they're called the Shoraka in anymore assessor. They're all partners in the law firm, their partners in this business firm, they're called the Shediac, or the Shoraka is the plural. And so a partner is somebody who shares some of the rights or all of the rights that the other partners do. Notice, for a partner to be a partner, they don't have to be equal. So a partner can own 10%, another partner can earn 90%, a partner can own 1%, another can own 50, another count on 40, and then so on and so

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forth. The one who owns 1% is still technically a partner in the entire firm. Why? Because he or she will have some of the privileges that only the other partners have. And that's why the technical definition of schicke is to give the rights of a law to other than Allah, whatever is a hack or a write of Allah, we cannot give it to other than Allah if we give it to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala then this is a category or a type of * and there are many examples and of course I said before I give the examples I said, both linguistic definition and the Quran tells us this and as for the Quran is very explicit. I'm jalila hisher raka Hala, Kolkata he Fantasia Valhalla. Who are they

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him? Did they take partners besides Allah Shoraka? They say, did they make Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to be there are others besides Allah that have the rights of Allah did any create the way that Allah created such that they're confused who the real creator is? And Allah says in the Quran, fella tells you how to do the law he and then one to Tyler Moon do not take along with Allah and NID or a partner, even though you know that Allah created you notice shidduch does not necessarily mean you reject Allah sherek means you might believe in Allah, but you will also

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Believe in other than Allah subhanho wa Taala and of course the classic example of Shrek is the Jah Hailey Arabs and also the previous religions of all the pantheons of the Romans and the Greeks and the Byzantines, you know, you have this whole pantheon of gods, and they believed, just like the Jehoiada was believed they did believe that there is one alternate God, they believe that there's the God of God, right? So the Romans, they call that God to Jupiter, the Greeks they call the called Zeus. So Jupiter and Zeus were the big gods, but then they believed in many, many semi gods, demigods, Daughters of gods, sons of gods, they believed in lots of other mini gods, and each one of

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them is an independent God, but the one powerful God, the ultimate God, the God of gods, there is one up there, the Quran show exactly the same. And the Quran describes this, that they believed in Allah as the ultimate god, but then they believe that there are other gods besides Allah. And that's why when a Prophet sallallahu wasallam came to them, and he said to them, there is only one God and that is Allah subhana wa taala. Allah subhanaw taala says in the Quran, that in the home can either kala home La Ilaha illa Allah who use the Quran, when it is said to them, there is no deity that is worthy of worship other than Allah, they will become arrogant. And Allah says to them that speaking

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on their tongue, agile earlier to Allah and Wahida in the huddle, Asha and Raja has he made all of our gods into one God, this is something crazy, something amazing, I'm not gonna listen to this. So the reason why they rejected Islam is not because they didn't believe in Allah, they did believe in Allah, it's because they believed in Allah and other than Allah subhanho wa Taala as well. So this is sugar and the classic example of sugar as I said, to believe in a mighty God, but then you also worship other than Allah subhanho wa Taala so the right of being worshipped is only Allah has the right of creation is only Allah has the right of being all powerful, all knowledgeable, all

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merciful, all hearing all seeing this is only Allah subhana wa Tada anytime a person comes along and says, Oh, I worship Allah but I'll also worship this other entity, then this is schicke anytime a person comes in says yes, Allah is all forgiving, but that entity is also just like Allah is all forgiving that entities also all forgiving Allah is all knowledgeable but yes also this person is independently all knowledgeable and knows everything the hidden in the open the void and the bottom. If somebody believes this, then they've taken an attribute of Allah, which is animal labia shahada and allow me to you and Eileen and Latif and hubby and they have given it to other than Allah

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subhanho wa Taala and that is why shirk is therefore a type of gopher and that is to give the rights of Allah to other than Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the technical definition of Shirak and as I said, every shirk is Cofer, because when you worship other than Allah, you have rejected Iman, because Iman means you believe in Allah and only Allah when you worship other than Allah then you have rejected Iman and you have committed shirk. So Schick is therefore a type of gopher. Another type of gopher is NIFA. Duck. And if that is something that, generally speaking, I would venture to say it is more rare major in the south, especially in the lands that we live in.

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Compared to early Islam NIFA is a phenomenon that did not exist in Makkah, it only existed in Medina, and the FARC is the most the most crass or the most vulgar type of Cofer. Why, because the FARC is to pretend to be a Muslim, when in reality, you're not a Muslim. And this is generally done a times when Islam is powerful politically, when there is much to be gained by pretending to be Muslim. Generally speaking, when the Muslim civilization is weak, generally speaking, when Muslims are being persecuted, then there is no reason for somebody to pretend to be Muslim. And in reality, at times of persecution, real Eman is shown because that is as demonstrated, because that is what

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really comes to the forefront. However, at times of glory, think of early Medina think of when the Prophet sallallahu I said he was in charge of Medina, and to be a Muslim is politically advantageous? Well, we saw what happened in the Battle of

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the Battle of Ohio. It was the main point in time when the FARC first appeared amongst the OMA. And what happened, of course, was that a group of people pretended to be Muslim when they are not Muslim. So in a fact, as we said, is the outer manifestation of Islam and inside one does not have Islam. And this is something that as we said, it only occurs at times of political strength. This is called NIFA. So we now have

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have the three things of gopher and of shirk, and of NIFA. Okay.

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As we said, every single ship is a type of gopher, every single NIFA duck is a type of gopher, not every comfort issue and not every golfer is Nefab. So, Cofer is the larger category. Let me give you the classic example. It believes, it believes is the manifestation of Cofer, but it believes did not in the technical sense, commit the FARC nor did he in the technical sense commit schicke Iblees did not worship other than Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, one could argue that in the generic sense, a bliss committed *can that is true, and that he preferred himself over Allah subhanho wa Taala and the commands of Allah and that is true. And in a generic sense, every shirt can go for are really

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you can use the same term, but in this specific sense, and that is why the Quran does not describe shirk to a bliss the Quran describes a scribes referred to Emily's, Allah says regarding a bliss Abba was stuck Bara what can Amina caffeine, a bliss was arrogant and he refused and he was from of those who committed Kufa. So we talk now, in today's lecture about the reality of Cofer, and we said COVID is the absence of Eman. You are either a muslim or you are not and if you are not a Muslim, then you are a Catholic. And within Cofer, there are many types of Cofer. There are categories of golfer, and we said one of the categories of golfer are those who believe in other prophets, but not

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our Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and other categories of of Cofer are those who worship other than Allah subhanaw taala, even as they believe in Allah as their Lord and other categories of Kufa are also there of them as those who pretend to be Muslim when they're not Muslim. If you read the first pages of Surah, Al Baqarah, Allah subhanaw taala describes all of these phenomenon in the first two pages of SUTA Bacara. The first four verses of SUTA dakara are about the believers, Allah describes the people of iman. Then the next two verses are about the kuffaar in the Lyrica photo, so on are they him under the emblem to Andromeda Umino Allah azza wa jal says those

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who committed Cofer, it doesn't matter whether you want you don't want they're not going to believe their hearts are sealed. Then for the next 13 verses, Allah describes the munaf Hacohen those who pretend to be Muslim when they are not Muslim. Okay, so this is the first two pages of Surah Baqarah. Allah clarifies Eman, and then Cofer and then NIF Ark. And then right after this, Allah commands people to not commit shield. So really all of these are there in the first two pages of sort of the the Bacara. Now, let's get back to the reality of Cofer and then explain a little bit more what what types of cover there can be conceptually and then inshallah we will call it a day for

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our lecture today. So the reality of cover, if you remember from my previous lecture, I said that Eman exists in the heart and upon the tongue and in the actions. And I talked in some detail about the reality of iman, well, if Eman and kufr are mirror opposites, then everything that exists in Iman, it's opposite must be in Cofer as well. Okay. And therefore, we can go over that entire list of Iman and look at the mirror opposites and see what they are in Cofer. So I said in our previous lecture, that Eman consists of many things of them is the belief of the heart, which is called older local, something the heart must know something the heart must have a conceptual knowledge of. And it

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is possible that a person does not have that goal or that belief, and therefore would be a type of caffeine. And this could be for a number of reasons of them is number one ignorance. In other words, a person does not know Islam, never heard of Islam. Never heard of Muslims never heard of the Quran. For the bulk of European history. Most Europeans, especially in early and pre modern Europe, they most of them had really not even heard of the religion of Islam, they're living in a very different bubble. Think back to the 809 Hundreds, you know, think back in when Europe is in the dark ages, even in pre modern times, even in the days of Renaissance, they might have heard of some

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civilization, but they are ignorant of the reality and so even ignorance is of two types. You have actual all our ignorance, people have never heard of Islam, or you have ignorance because of an a distorted image or incorrect information. And both of these are types of ignorance. And especially, I mean, for those of us who remember America pre 911 I would say many people in America many people were totally in

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Wondering about even the concept of there being a religion called Islam. I think post 911 A lot of people have incorrect information. But I don't think anybody has never heard of the religion of Islam after that. But the point is that both of these ignorance and a lack of correct information, because they don't even know so then how can their heart actually even have that knowledge? Now, this is a really key point, the fact that their heart does not have the knowledge still means that they're classified as Kaffir in this world, and they have the full key and legal rulings of that other Kaffir. For example, can Muslim lady marry somebody who has never heard of Islam? No. Why?

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Because the rulings of Cofer will apply the view the funeral arrangements, the wills that we'll see, as you are all aware Islamic law, there are some variations between inheritance and marriage and divorce and burial and other things between Muslim and between non Muslim. And the question is, for those people who say, Oh, those that have never heard of Islam, we don't call them them them this term coffin. And the response is, well, I mean, what else do would you call them, they technically, in this dunya, the right now the term is going to be covered. However, the issue that people are confused about is the following. And that's a theological issue. And people get confused between the

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legal and the theological. The theological issue is as follows. Does every single Kaffir necessarily go to Johanna? That is a whole different question altogether, then what do we call them in this world? And how do we deal with them in this world? As for the issue of Gen and jahannam? That is a separate topic altogether, I have actually given a much longer lecture, you will find it online. But of course, the problem comes that, you know, some of you're only watching this one lecture, and then you will not watch any other lecture. And so you're confused about this issue. So just to answer you in one quick, you know, paragraph, this issue, as you would expect, has a lot of opinions on it. And

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the simplest and the inshallah the most correct and strongest one is the following. And that is, we do not pronounce judgments on individuals in this world, we leave their affairs to Allah subhanho wa taala. We speak in generalities, we do not speak in specifics. We speak conceptually, we do not speak individually. This is one of the principles of our theology, we do not assign heaven or hell to any individual simply based upon their birth name or their outer actions. Only Allah knows the inner state of affairs. And that is why not every Muslim who calls himself Muslim in this world and who says proudly, I'm a Muslim will enter Jannah and not every car for whom we call the cafe and we

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recognize as a golfer in this world will enter Jahannam that is something else in the hereafter. We speak in generics, we speak in broad terms, we speak in concepts and we say conceptually, the righteous Muslim shall enter agenda and the sinful Muslim might be punished and might go to jahannam. But eventually enter agenda because they had some Eema. We don't speak specifically Ahmed and Mustafa and Fatima and zeyneb, and so on, so we don't speak like that. Similarly, we say generally speaking, the kafir, who knows Islam and has rejected Islam, knowing what Islam is, generally speaking, that gaffer will not enter gender because they've chosen to not accept Allah and

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His messenger. And as for the calf, who has never heard of Islam, as for the carpet, who had an incorrect understanding of Islam, and they had no access to the correct understanding that category of Kufa, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada will test them on the Day of Judgment, they will have a further test and Allah will see and Allah will choose and decide, and we trust in Allah's infinite mercy and in Allah's infinite justice. And in Allah's infinite wisdom, it is not our job to go stamping people you're going to gender, you're going to join them that reality doesn't change the fact that in this world, we have a system of laws, and those laws differ from Muslim to non Muslim, and therefore we

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do have somewhat of a legal obligation to consider some people to be Muslim and some people to be not Muslim. That legal obligation has nothing whatsoever quarter of a correlation with the hereafter is issue of who is going to help and who is going to heaven. A lot of Muslims don't understand this distinction. And because of that, they feel very awkward, very concerned about oh, this person is really good. And I don't want to you know, consider this person to be a confident this will like look, your verdict on him is a legal one, not a theological one. Allah subhana wa Taala will deal with the theology back to our issue here.

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We're talking about categories of Kufa and it is possible that somebody has never heard of Islam or has an incorrect understanding of Islam and that is a

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type of Khufu, it is also possible that somebody has gotten a very partial understanding of Islam. And that partial understanding is not enough for them to have firm faith. And they weren't able to enter Islam. Because they had doubts. They had reasons or they had issues that weren't clarified to them. So this is called a type of Cofer of doubt. Not sure. And I have met actually people like this in my own life where they've studied Islam just a little bit, they've heard a lecture or two, they have a Muslim friend or so. And they're like, you know, I can see why you guys believe in everything, because a lot of sense to me, except this one thing I just don't understand. And you can

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try a few minutes to explain, but they're like still in their minds. I don't understand. And you know, I don't know whether Islam is true or not well,

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not knowing Islam as true or not as a type of Kufa and so a person is going to be considered to be a non Muslim in this world. And again, Allah will decide their fate and the hereafter. Another type is the category of people that is really the Quran is very harsh towards them. And justifiably, the Quran is very strict in its verdict. And this is the people that Allah calls them they're like cattle in home, illogical and Balham above they are worse than cattle. Who are they? This is the category of mankind, who live just for the moment they live, just to satisfy their animal instincts. They live for the pleasures of this world, and they never ever, ever stopped to consider who created

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me. What's the purpose of life? What am I doing here? What's going to happen after death? These questions whenever they come, they're simply going to immerse themselves in their bubble of sensual pleasures, and they will numb their own higher senses, and they will act like animals, even though there are not animals, hence, they're considered to be worse than animals. And this is a type of gopher that the Quran is very harsh at and the Quran generally says those types of people, there is no hope on them. Because, look, you know, it's one thing, it's one thing to strive to find answers to these questions and then fail. If you don't find a Muslim, you never read the Quran, that person,

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we can fully understand that on the Day of Judgment, you know, they might even go to Jenna and Allah might forgive them because they didn't know any better. You cannot contrast this person with somebody who just wanted to live because of his or her own desires. They just want to do what they want to do, and satisfy their sensual pleasures and lustful desires and live day to day and night die. And not even think about these questions. This is a type of gopher that is called the cover of turning away or the cover of a rod. And the Quran mentions this and

00:32:44--> 00:33:34

rejects this as well as being one of the worst types of cover. So this is the cover of the heart not knowing Okay, there is another type of cover from the heart as well. And that is the heart not submitting. And this level of Cofer is the worst category of all the levels of gopher period. There is no Cofer worse than this Gopher, and that is the Cofer of the heart knowing but not submitting. In other words, one can rephrase and say that the heart knows but refuses to submit the heart has the factual knowledge, yet refuses to love and to humble and to feel pain and to feel the submission not to pain to feel the submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala that is the ultimate level of gopher

00:33:34--> 00:34:26

and of course, this level of golfer It is characterized by in the Quran the the the the story of a bliss is the most blatant manifestation of this call for a bliss knows the truth a bliss refuses to submit to the truth a bliss knows Allah created a bliss knows there's Heaven and Hell a bliss knows there's prophets and books a bliss knows there's cada everything a bliss knows, at some level a bliss believes, but what does it please not do? A bliss refuses to submit. And that is the worst type of golfer because of arrogance. And you know, sometimes maybe in our lives, some issue has happened to with somebody with our friend or cousin or relative, our spouse. We know we're wrong,

00:34:26--> 00:34:59

but just because of our egos, just because our egos refused to admit that we're wrong. And that's bad in this world to do it, about religion and about Allah that is the worst of the worst. And that's what he believes it. And this is the Cofer of arrogance and the Cofer of outright rejection for our own as well the pharaoh in the term of Musa he too had this type of Cofer, where, where he knew that Musa was a prophet of Allah, He knew that Musa was coming with divine signs, and he chose to reject those signs outright. So

00:35:00--> 00:35:40

This is the cover of sticker bar or the cover of Jehovah of outright denial, and it is the worst type of cover and only the worst of mankind to do this type of cover. It is typically found in people of arrogance and people of fame and power. They're worried of losing their fame and power if they accept Islam, and so they prefer what they have over submission to Allah subhanahu wata Allah. Another type of gopher is the Cofer of hypocrisy. We mentioned this as well, where the heart does not believe but the tongue says to believe and this is, as we said, the whole the Cofer of NIFA. Now this is in the heart, from the tongue from the body as well. Things can happen that are

00:35:40--> 00:36:14

manifestations of gopher, to knowingly prostrate to an idle without any pressure. So you willingly prostrate to an idle, wanting to worship at idle. This is not going to come from the heart of a Now it's one thing if a gun is placed to your head and somebody wants to torture you to death. We know this happen, in this case of Amara vinyasa, the famous companion, and he was forced to say words of gopher and the Quran came down saying, if you are forced, Allah will forgive you, but to willingly embrace go for and to willingly do things of Cofer, this is definitely a a problem. So

00:36:15--> 00:37:00

all of this is just meant to make us understand that sins, in and of themselves. Sins are not Cofer. And that's the key point over here sins are not good. disobeying Allah is not good, but they are not Cofer, because Schofer is a whole different category. And that is why Iblees and Adam, their story is so profound, we can go back to the story over and over again, from so many different perspectives. And Iblees and Adam, both disobeyed Allah subhanho wa taala. Both of them did things they should not have done. And yet, the one of them is our father and a prophet. And Allah forgave him and Allah chose him and he shall enter agenda, and the other one is the worst of the worst.

00:37:00--> 00:37:43

What's the difference between the two? When they both disobeyed what Allah said to Adam do not eat him from the tree and Adam ate? And Allah said to Iblees, bow down and he believes did not bow down the both of them. They did not obey a commandment, but the two are not the same at all, no comparison. Why? Because our father Adam committed a sin and the release committed Cofer, our father Adam committed a sin. Why is it a sin? Because he knew that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada created him, and he knew he was supposed to worship Allah, and he wants to worship Allah and he wanted to and he wants to, and he continued worshiping Allah subhanho wa taala. But he slipped into a mistake. And

00:37:43--> 00:38:29

when he slipped into a mistake, he acknowledged the mistake. His mistake did not cause him to reject submission. His mistake was his own. I committed a sin. I made a mistake. I was greedy. I was lustful, I wanted the pleasure I He blamed himself. I've been out of alumna and fusina, Oh Allah, I did something wrong. And I followed my desires. That's a sin. That is the definition of a sin. As for a bliss, what to do bliss to a bliss said, I don't want to BAFTA. I'm not going to bow down. I am better than Adam. And it's your fault. Oh ALLAH that although this is happening all around BB ma away attorney, he blamed Allah. And he felt no inclination to humble himself in front of Allah

00:38:29--> 00:39:11

subhanho wa taala. He felt no desire to submit himself, he felt an arrogance. I'm not going to do that. And that arrogance is a type of goofer when the person feels I'm not going to worship Allah, that is different than saying, Oh, I have not done justice in worshiping Allah, the two is as different as the night and the day. Adam understood he hasn't done justice, but he wants to, and that is the essence of committing a sin while having Iman and the beliefs did not want to worship Allah said I'm not going to do it about a stack about what kind of middle caffeine so this is really the key point while we're doing this. And one final point for today's show log data and then we'll

00:39:11--> 00:39:57

call it we'll call it electric. So we said that there's a gopher and the fog and shirk, we talked about these concepts. Now to not only you know, take it too much deep because this is going to get very advanced, but we should all know that. Cofer, Nefab, and Shirke. All of these three, as we said, at some level, one can interchange them but technically speaking kufr is the broad category. And underneath it is schicke and undried. Cofer as well as also nisarg As I said, every Nefab is Schofer every ship is Cofer, not every golfer is no Falconer. Every golfer is Shipka hope you understand the simple Venn diagram one large circle will be covered and within it there is the

00:39:57--> 00:40:00

circle of should separate and distinct the circle

00:40:00--> 00:40:48

Have Nipah Okay, now, this is in a technical sense. Now not to confuse you. But there is another thing we should all be aware of. Gopher shear can defer all three of these things. They have both. So all three of them they have two categories, all three of them. There's major golfer and minor golfer, there's major shifts and minor shifts. There's major NFL and minor NFL. Okay, very straightforward. Pay attention. And it should be very clear to major of all of these three things major Cofer major shifts and major and the fact is that which Listen to me carefully and I'm going to come back to this has the potential has the potential to exclude you from Iman, you are very

00:40:48--> 00:41:42

likely or maybe you are not a Muslim, if you are committing anything of major Cofer or major NFL or major shift. Okay, so major Cofer major NFL major shook, it nullifies the Kalama or has the potential to nullify, it is possible that a Muslim might commit even major Cofer but be forgiven for it or overlooked for other reasons. But theoretically, conceptually, not in the case of an individual major shipwreck cannot really exist, or I shouldn't say cannot exist at the heart because it can't exist in the heart, but conceptually, it contradicts the Ketubah let me put it this way. Conceptually, major should negates the Kadima major, go for negates the kalam major an effect

00:41:42--> 00:42:25

negates the collimate that is conceptually at the actual existent level at the actual lived reality, it is possible. And we'll talk about this very briefly for the Muslim to commit major Cofer and then be forgiven for it or major or major Sure, but that is at the individual level. We'll talk about this. Well, I'll give you one simple example. Bowing down to an idol. Its major ship, and it is major golfer because this major shift every major shift because golfer bowing down to an idol, right? There's an idol in front of you. And you see a Muslim bowing down in front of this idol to bow down in front of an idol conceptually, that is Schick now. What if the guy was forced by a gun

00:42:25--> 00:43:02

and some evil person saying, either you worship this god or our false god will kill you? And he does it. So he will be forgiven? As I said, conceptually, bowing down in front of Allah as an act of worship as as literally worshiping a god besides Allah, that tissue, but it might happen in the individual Muslim, and he or she is forgiven because of other circumstances. What if, for example, a person does it without realizing that it was even an idol. Literally, it's like a person just is praying, he doesn't even know that this is a God that is worshipped by another entity and other religion and he's just using it. You know, maybe as a prayer mark, you know, I'm just gonna pray

00:43:02--> 00:43:37

here between me and this thing. We're just going to pray over here. He doesn't even realize it, or what if he's overcome with emotion? And he doesn't understand or what if he's totally ignorant doesn't even understand the repercussions. He literally doesn't even know that this is a type of gopher, and he's so ignorant. A very common thing in our times when a lot of our children or maybe a new Muslim doesn't understand the repercussions of what he's saying and says something that because we know better, we've been raised in the faith we know that is a major problem to say and he goes, Well how could God say that? Who are you to say how can Allah say that if it's in the Quran, he

00:43:37--> 00:44:33

doesn't understand what he's saying. So again, there are a lot of factors that come into this reality. So major of them is that which theoretically negates the the the Kadima there's also that which is called minor Cofer and minor Shirak and minor Nefab. Okay, now, these are now listen to this carefully, minor Cofer and minor Shirke and minor neufeldt, or sins, all of them that can occur from believers from Muslims. But these sins are of a different category than other sins. These are sins that are more evil, and they have been called minor Cofer or minor shear or minor Nefab to indicate that these sins are not like your regular sins. So a Muslim can be guilty of minor Cofer

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

and still be a Muslim. But the sins that he is doing is leading to comfort and so it's called minor Cofer. A Muslim can be guilty of minor shake, but it's a very dangerous and slippery slope and if he or she doesn't check, and continues, that minor shift can lead to major shift. A Muslim can commit minor in Iraq. And there are many examples that I will do Inshallah, in future lectures, but for today, and then we'll conclude with

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Insha Allah, some examples,

00:45:03--> 00:45:52

minor Cofer, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that cursing a Muslim is a sin and fighting a Muslim is Cofer. So cursing is to use vulgarities to say something vulgar, nasty to invoke Allah's Latina or to say bad things about the person or his ancestors or his mother or to curse of the person and all of us know what cursing is our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said seabob will Muslim if was to call doing this is Fisk Wakita, woohoo and fighting. So if two Muslims are unsheathing swords wanting to kill one another for no valid reason, invalid reason could be one of them is attacking and then you're defending. If there's no reason other than worldly stuff for dunya

00:45:52--> 00:46:36

or two Muslim armies fighting one another for the sake of politics and power out the villa with Ebola. This is something that is so disgusting, that our Prophet system said what they tell you who suffer and fighting a Muslim killing a Muslim, you know, for not self defense. This is Cofer. Yet Allah says in the Quran is sort of that gerat were important if her tiny menial menial quota tell you if two groups of believers are fighting one another than other Muslims have to get in and bring reconciliation. Notice. The Prophet system is calling it Cofer. And the Quran says if two believers are fighting, why, because it is a coffer. That doesn't make you a cafe it is a minor coffee. So a

00:46:36--> 00:47:19

Muslim who is in an army fighting another Muslim and an army or even two Muslims fighting for wealth or for power fighting for non legitimate reasons. This and each one is wanting to kill the other. This is so disgusting and so evil, that it is called minor Cofer. It's not befitting How can you do this? How can you unsheathed the sword and want to harm or hurt another Muslim in this manner. So this is called minor Gopher, it doesn't make you a Kaffir. But hey, you're on the verge here. And that's not a regular sin anymore. This is minor coffee, an example of minor schicke. And of course, the most classic example of minor should an example of minor shidduch is the concept of showing off

00:47:19--> 00:48:08

one's good deeds. So when you stand up to pray, or when you read the Quran, or when you give charity and in your heart, you do so so that that person can see you and be impressed at what you are doing. Okay, so you're not technically worshiping that person. Your Salah is for Allah you're not doing says that to him, but you have diverted a portion of your intention to get the praise of the other person. And this is the essence of minor Sheikh and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah subhanaw taala says, As an Assura cat, yeah, and they should I am the least partner in need of any partners, a need of any shift. Whoever does a deed, wanting to please me and other than

00:48:08--> 00:48:50

me, I shall leave him to his partner and let him his partner reward him directly. So this is called a minor shift. Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said, the thing that I'm most scared for my own is minor shake or the hidden *can one version, he said, they said, What is the hidden ShakeOut? Rasulullah? What is the minutiae? Catahoula? He said, A man stands up to pray. And then he beautifies his prayer when he sees other people looking at him. This is a minor shift now. Has the person worshipped an idol? No, that will be major shift. What has he done, he has corrupted his intention. That's minor shift. Still Muslim still within Islam, but minor shift and minor in Iraq.

00:48:51--> 00:48:53

Our Prophet sallallahu sallam said in the famous Hadith,

00:48:54--> 00:49:33

that there are four characteristics that I'm gonna have your cause. And whoever has all four of them, he is a munafo Even though our scholars interpret he's not a real munafo, but he's one step away, and whoever has one of them has a characteristic of NIFA. Whenever he speaks, he lies. Whenever he promises he breaks his promise whenever he's trusted, he betrays the trust and whenever he argues he uses vulgar language. These are all characteristics not befitting the believer. The believer when he speaks tells the truth to believe when he promises he opposed when he's trusted with something he fulfills the trust when he argues he doesn't resort to name calling and using four

00:49:33--> 00:50:00

letter words and vulgarities is not the characteristic of the believer. So, these are things that are characteristics of the Munna. Therefore, to conclude, in shallow data, we will do the part two and that will come back to part three inshallah. Next week to conclude in today's lecture, what we did was we talked about the opposite of iman, and we said the opposite of Imam is Cofer, and that is a broad concept. And and what Cofer really is the definition of Cofer is the absence of a man that's real

00:50:00--> 00:50:17

So how you define gopher when you don't have your mind you have gopher and Cofidis have many categories. And schicke is a category of gopher when you give the rights of Allah to other than Allah Nefab is a category of gopher when you pretend to be Muslim, but you are not Muslim. And all three of these gophers shirk and Nefab.

00:50:18--> 00:51:01

They have major and minor. And the major of them is what I explained for most of this lecture. Then I said, there's something called minor. And the minor of these I shall return to in a future lecture, because that is a category of sins that is very bad sins, Muslims can be guilty of minor ship and minor go for a minor differ. And these are the things we need to be especially worried about. The final point that I'll mention actually up to a final point. And that is the dangers of us Muslims. considering other Muslims to be outside the fold of Islam, this is one of the biggest sins that we have to be very, very, very careful about our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and

00:51:01--> 00:51:03

the Hadith isn't Sahih Muslim,

00:51:04--> 00:51:54

whoever says to his brother in Islam, you're a Kaffir, that term will go to one of the two of them. So if the other person was a Kaffir, it's gonna go to him. And if it wasn't, it will come back and stick on the one who uttered it. This hadith is in Sahih Muslim, which is authentic. And what this means is, we need to be super, super, super careful and it is very, very sad to point out that so many, and I have to be blunt here pseudo scholars, because they are not real scholars. If they do this, they're not real scholars, pseudo scholars, they might have studied a few years in a madrasa. But they have no actual knowledge of the tenets of Islam, much less they embody the spirit of Islam.

00:51:54--> 00:52:37

They consider anybody who disagrees with them or their interpretation to be Kaffir. Everybody becomes a cafe, even for the smallest disagreement, and that is sheer lunacy, it is ludicrousness to believe that only your interpretation of Islam is right, you have the right to challenge other people's interpretations. You have the right to defend your own, you have the right to criticize. But to claim anybody who disagrees is automatically a coffin really betrays a level of ignorance that the Sharia is free of real scholars don't go around declaring everybody else to be a Kaffir. Rather, it is something that is rarely rarely rarely done, and to err on the side of caution is the

00:52:37--> 00:53:18

sign of a movement and a wise person. Anyone who considers himself or herself to be a Muslim, should be considered a Muslim by the rest of the Muslim ummah, unless very exceptional circumstances and let's not talk about these exceptions at a generic level. Let's worry about the broader issues and yes, there are people that are qualified and yes, there are theologians who have specialized that okay this particular group or this whatnot, but generally speaking for the average Muslim, let them be aware of simply anybody who says the Kalama La Ilaha illa Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, anybody who believes that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala is our Lord, anybody who wants to worship Allah subhana wa Tada

00:53:18--> 00:53:56

who believes in the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as being the final prophet, anybody who has this done in sha Allah Tada, generally speaking, generally they're within the fold of Islam, and then more advanced than this, really not every Muslim needs to be aware of the details of this issue. Be concerned more about yourself at this level and insha Allah when you study more and you take more and more classes, then you can study more about when certain red lines are crossed, and we should be careful about those red lines. But generally speaking, anybody who says the Kadima and believes in Allah as our Lord and the general tenants of the teachings of Islam, and that is the

00:53:56--> 00:54:33

Quran is the book of Allah that we face the gala we pray five times a day, you know, we believe in the Sharia, we believe in the Prophet system as being the final prophet. These are the five the simple, you know, overall tenants of Islam, anybody who says this and wants to draw closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala even if they have other understandings of how to do that they're generally within the framework of Islam, even if they have different understandings and beyond this as Inshallah, time for another, more detailed lecture. Inshallah, we'll pause here we're going to come back to part three later on, we're going to come back to this issue of the reality of disobeying and sins

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and how we can make up for that until next time, we shall exact MLOK Iran Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh in

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