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The Easter weekend is highlighted as the most likely night for success, with the presence of the Prophet's symbol and the seven night period being important for success. The importance of praying with large numbers of people, following the Prophet's instructions, following the seven night period, and following the practical benefits of working at night are emphasized. The presence of the Prophet is also noted as important for success, and the potential for breaks at the weekend is discussed.

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velocimeter English if you smell Rahim and come to the local Medina mean that are going to learn a lot I mean, what around people to didn't what's up at the local Sunday was about a good articolo silica Mohammed and some of Lavanya salamati. He will stop you said, feel what is tonight?

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What's tonight? Could someone really just say Saturday

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27th night in Ramallah? I mean, is there any significance to the 27th night of Ramadan, specifically,

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and this is what I want to address with the 90 Tada and I want us to actually see it from the lens of the community of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Now we see all of these narrations about the special nature of the last 10 nights. And then you start to find some narrations that suggest something very interesting. That was so lost, my son pushed harder as the end of Ramadan came closer. So for example, there's a very beautiful narration from an unknown amount of time, but she will be a level teller and he says that we prayed with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one year and it was the 23rd night. And we prayed with him until we finished about a third of the

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night in prayer. And then that same year, the prophets lie some stood up and he led us in prayer on the 25th night, and we prayed until we finished about half of the night in prayer. And then he said we prayed with the prophets of Allah Harney, who was sitting on the 27th night of Ramadan, and he said, We prayed with him until we thought we were going to miss Su. Okay, that's one narration. Another narration from Billa habashi rhodiola Tata animal the more other than of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that been out of the Allah tada Andrew said, seek out later to the other in the last week of Ramadan, in our model, the Allah Tada. And Huma also says in the last seven of Ramadan,

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so you have these narrations, right? And here's a very interesting narration, one that causes a lot, a lot of irga not to come to a conclusion about this 27th night of Ramadan. And here's the scene

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who was the first halifa to gather the people behind the one eemaan for total, we

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you guys are gonna have to answer me, we need energy inshallah. onra football will be a lot of time on here, very good. So the profit slice on we know that in his lifetime, he prayed a few nights with the Sahaba and tarawih and congregation. And then the Prophet sly son was afraid that it would be taken as a fuddled on the oma that it would become an obligation for them. So the prophets lie some instead encouraged them to do their total we had home, right just so that it would not be written as an obligation upon us. So that was the wisdom of the Prophet slicin. Um, however, the sooner is established in that regard. Now, when honorable hobro the a lot of time, assumed the hereafter. And

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it's only two and a half years after the Prophet slice on his death, because the feed off of a backhoe the last time it was very short, people were praying in the message again, but they were praying in groups. So you had some groups praying that with any mom that would read 20 ads per Raka and he would read them very, very, very fast. You had some groups praying with 25 you had some groups praying with 30 ayaats so praying behind different Imams, and on top of your Lord Thailand who gathered them behind one email, what was the name of that email?

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obey have an account, remember that obey have no capital, the law of the anvil, who is obey, obey all the laws of town and who is a man that the Prophet slice of them said that you should take the Quran from him he put him in the category of urban Masaru little the alongside on her side and though that would be her lever, he put him in that high category of people to take the Quran from Okay, that is obey have no capital, the law and obey is the person the Prophet slicin I'm told Allah commanded me to read or and to you to read through that bayonet to you

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and obey all the laws of town I know so Jada, sola somani WEDEMAN, Allah said my name, he said, Yes, Allah said your name. And he started to cry before he could for the prophets lie. Some could even recite for anthem, the fact that Allah told the Prophet slice Allah to recite a surah. to him by name is very special to obey with no capital, the law of how to handle so he is a companion, who reads the Quran the way that it should be read, who lives the Quran, who received the Quran from the Prophet slice on them. And so he's leading the Sahaba in JAMA in taraweeh. Within a decade of the death of the Prophet slice of him and the mother of the Prophet slice of them, okay, now obey have

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no capital, the Allahu taala. And what was the point of all of this? obey was the person who said I swear by Allah, that later to come

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is the 27th night.

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You see now why it's so significant.

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He's not just some companion, it's not just a Hadeeth. It's from an authority, particularly in Quran and authority in Ramadan, a person who has high ranking amongst the Sahaba Who says I swear by Allah that later to Qatar is the 27th night of Ramadan, I heard it from the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam that the 27th night is Laila to Qatar. If you're sitting in the message of the Prophet slice on them, and it's Ramadan, and obeyed all the time, and who stands up and he says that, isn't that going to land in your heart in a certain way? It will, right? It will Subhan Allah. So what happens then you then find these other narrations narration from where Alia will be allowed to

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animate that later to others the 27th night, some other Sahaba that also said the same the 27th, the 27th, the 27th and someone took they have no capital the Allahu Tada. I know, to the side, it's also an another narration. And he said, Oh away, he said your brother had been Masaru but all the time who was asked about Laila to cuddle, and he said whoever wants to catch later to let him observe every night and prayer, not the last time period. You want to call them you need to observe every single night looking for Nathan father. So the point was, work, push yourself. So obaidul the alonside on responding said Rahim Allah Rahim. Allah may Allah have mercy on him either under your

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tequila, your tequila nasil. He did not want may Allah have mercy on him. My brother even Massoud did not want people to get lazy and complacent. But he reaffirmed I heard the prophets lie. Some told me it was the 27th night. How do we come to terms with this another narration By the way, an old man who came to the profit slice on him he told the profit slice on the other side. It's hard for me to do all these last 10 nights. The profit slice I'm told him seek out the odd nights though.

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He said the oddest little law. I can't even do all of the odd nights for Carla who it is the lotto Stella Laker Serbia, then make sure that you catch the 27th night. It's an authentic narration as well. What do we take from all of this? Well, first and foremost

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obaidul the low tide and who is being truthful? No one doubts the authority of obaidul the Allahu taala. I know, however,

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the question is, is it the 27th night every single year? Or was it just that time that the Prophet sly son was telling him that? Another possibility is the prophets lie, someone was saying that the 27th of the last two nights is the most likely of the odd nights on a recurring basis to be like that. That's also a possibility, right? It is the most likely of the last 10 nights to be late to the clutter. That's also a possibility there. Because we already mentioned the Hadeeth of Oh, sorry, for the whole the whole time that they prayed with the Prophet slice them and data to the puzzle that year was the 23rd night.

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Is there any practical benefit to this? Or did I just waste 10 minutes of your time,

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or eight minutes of your time? Here's what I will say about this, which is very important. The practical benefit of this is that obaidul the Allahu anhu did not only show up to leave Korea on the 27th night, even though he thought it was 27 at night for sure. He would leave the hobbit every single night. He didn't leave his air decaf. There is absolutely no indication of the Sahaba taking breaks at this time. However, one of the practical benefits and some of the rhythm I mentioned about the narration of that old man, if you have the situation of that old man. So let's say for example, you work a job that gives you night shifts, and your job is only going to give you one or two nights

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off from the last 10 nights. Then on the basis of that headache. Maybe you say all right, well, if I can only take one night off of the last two nights and I can only observe the full RT calf the full cam, I'll take the 27th night because there's some particular likelihood or probability according to some of the companions that this one is the most likely night however for everybody else. So Pamela, every single one of the last two nights was precious. You also don't know if you're odd is even or you're even as odd. The moon sighting you don't know. So you push yourself and you push yourself and you push yourself. With all that being said dear brothers and sisters, it's the 27th night

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push yourself. Push yourself. If you were in that Masjid and obeyed all the Allahu anhu stood up and said I swear by Allah Rasul Allah say Salaam pointing to the grave told me it was the 27th night. And I don't want you to get lazy and complacent but I told you as the 27th of may imagine if shifty acid stood up, wearing a vest,

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his vest in all of its glory, and said it's the 27th night. It's gonna land in a certain way, right? Seriously, your brothers and sisters hamdulillah for what we have what a blessing

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The last panel that we have push yourself tonight don't waste any of these precious moments because if you were sitting in that message with a Sahaba and you just heard that, oh my god, this is a night it's not the night for sure. But it's a night and of course the practical benefit even if it was 90% that 27th night is the is later to put that every single year are you really going to miss out on teittleman elfi Shahab for the last 10 nights even if it's 10% and the last benefit I'll say in this regard, by the way,

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the last two nights of Ramadan, this might be a this is most likely going to be a 30 night Ramadan, the 30th night seek it until its last moment every indication is at the Sahaba only picked up their worship as the last night's went along. One of the things that you see happen, and it's natural sometimes is that after 27th night everything kind of dips. It's like we get into aid mode right after the 27th night No, no, no.

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We have a few more precious nights. We still have the 29th night out there. And the 30th night could be later than that. Because the odd could be the even in the even could be the odd let's push ourselves and Charlotte's on and let's remember our brothers and sisters and uncles on our doo

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doo do not leave your brothers and sisters out I know how many people are watching the videos and following the news. Our hearts need to be connected right concern needs to be there but that concern translate into your app May Allah subhana wa tada liberate them May Allah subhanaw taala get grant them victory over their oppressors May Allah subhanho wa Taala free that sacred message in the first clip of the Muslims May Allah subhanaw taala free it from occupation and free it from oppression. Allah I mean don't forget them and don't forget the other Muslims who are not only having to think about in the last 10 nights you know whether or not they can adjust their sleep schedules, they're

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having to worry about grenades falling on them and military boots on their necks and people mistreating them while they tried to pray. So don't forget them to your brothers and sisters and you're doing it tonight. Just like myself I don't send out like when I'm selling tickets.