I am Angry

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When you want to really vingt when you get so upset, and you just come down Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad wa ala nabina Muhammad Anwar Baraka Salim, a stone zero loss, total loss, total loss law, what did I just do? I come down the sooner is to drink a bit of water or Oh Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim. If you are standing, sit down, you're sitting perhaps lie down a bit Subhan Allah. So Allah says, My Paradise is prepared for those who can suppress their anger, control your temper, you have paradise. Why? Because I will control my temper when it comes to you. That's what it is.

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You wanted to you could, you almost exploded. But you come down, you control yourself. You forgave, on the day when Allah will be so angry with those who have disbelieved.

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He will forgive you, he will look at you with the eyes of mercy. Because you used to look at the others with the eye of mercy. Because when you could

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vent your frustrations and your anger, you didn't you actually held back

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Subhan Allah, so genma is prepared for whom, for those who get angry, but suppress it

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as soon as they can.

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Those who suppress their anger, they don't allow it to get to a point where it affects another person and getting angry, to become angry is human nature. But as soon as it starts building in me, I start suppressing it. I think of Allah, I might read the Quran, I might make Voodoo, I might start a bit of Salah whatever calms you down, the sooner says like I said, oh do Billahi min ash shaytani r Rajim Have a sip of water Subhan Allah