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AI: Summary © The representative from Muslim Central encourages viewers to donate and provide information on the Day of Judgment and the preference of names for children. They emphasize the importance of correcting people's pronunciation and proper pronunciation of names in English. The speaker advises choosing a name for a child, keeping a simple name, and not using a name that is too popular. They also discuss the importance of identifying a name for a child in a culture, giving tips on how to name children, and considering other factors like accents or birthdays.
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This audio is brought to you by Muslim Central. please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate this audio is brought to you by Muslim Central please consider donating to help cover our running costs and future projects by visiting www dot Muslim forward slash donate Assalamualaikum Masha Allah tabarrok Allah, may Allah bless your little one Mashallah you've got a son or a daughter, my brother, my sister, may Allah make this child of yours the coolness of your eyes, may Allah use this child to serve a good cause, a cause that is pleasing to Him. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect

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this child from every evil. May Allah grant this child the best of this world and the next May Allah subhanho wa Taala opened the doors of this child in a way that it is blessed tremendously. May Allah make this child a means of entry of its parents to genital Pharaoh DOS, may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect you and all your loved ones, and make this child a shining light in your lives. I mean,

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you have to choose a name. What type of a name should we choose? Well, you need to bear in mind that on the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to use the same name to refer to the child. So you have to have a name, that's good, you're going to be proud of that name in front of Allah. That's what I would look at first. Secondly, who are my role models? My heroes? Who are those who have shown the obedience of Allah? Who are those who I really feel this child needs to emulate? That's not a bad starting point. Does the name have to be Arabic? Well, I can tell you, most of the scholars say it's preferred to be Arabic, but it's not

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necessary. It's not compulsory, you could have an English name, you could have a Farsi Persian name, you could have an or do name, you could have a,

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you know,

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a name of another language Subhanallah, you could for as long as it has a beautiful meaning, but it is still preferred to have an Arabic name. Now one might say, why the preference? Well, I tell you, if you give your child a beautiful Arabic name, one of the companions of the Prophet or salatu salam or one of the prophets, or according to a lot of the scholars, even one of the angels, you know, some scholars say you shouldn't keep names of angels but it is permissible I adopt the opinion that says it's allowed. So jabril or Mika in I know people with these names so Pinilla for as long as it's not, you know, the angel of death, I think it's fine Allah grant us is, well open our doors,

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but if it's, you know, jabril Mika, etc. I think it's good.

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It's okay. So if you have one of those names Subhanallah with a good meaning, and say for example, you've kept your child's name.

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Just let me just say something for example. Paula, Paula. Now, we have a little bit of an issue when it comes to choosing these names because I live in an environment in that environment certain languages are spoken, I need to bear in mind will these people pronounce that particular name? That's a proper pointer. So I told you look at the heroes look at so and so the Arabic language perhaps, but make sure that the name is not a name, that will not be pronounced properly

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by those who are going to be calling the person you know palha is a beautiful name. You will have a lot of people who may be able who may be able to use that name and say it I would you would a lot of people would call palha is the proper pronunciation Hamza? Hamza is the proper pronunciation. Hamza? It starts with a hat. It has a meme say and it has a Tamar Buta at the end. So Hamza, in fact, aha at the end, right. So, Hamza, now, people are gonna say Hamza, Hamza? Right, I'm sure you've heard that people are gonna say, tell her, tell her, some might say Taylor, I've heard people say, Tana, in the UK, and then Subhana Allah, it's up to you to correct them all the time. So, I would advise

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you to choose a name that in your environment, those who are going to call the child would not mispronounce it in a way that the meaning is going to change. If I say tala, for example,

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who knows what it means. So panela but correct them and inshallah it won't be such a bad meaning even if they had to mispronounce but sometimes sometimes

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The meanings become terrible. And secondly, another thing you must bear in mind is, don't ever use a name. In a language, that's not the predominant language in your midst. And it sounds so bad. If it were to be within your language, their names like that.

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So sometimes, you know, people have swear words, in one language. And in the Arabic language is not a swear word, but you name your child that and that child is going to be demonized throughout his or her life because you didn't think. And that's why when you are choosing a name, say it a few times, say it many times, ask people to say to your family members to say the name, listen to it carefully, and make sure that you're okay with it. Make sure it doesn't sound like a bad word in another language. SubhanAllah even organizations I've come across organizations that have named themselves such names that if they were to be looked at in English, it would be a huge swear word, or over

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Billa. But May Allah protect us? They didn't think they thought, well, we're supposed to be having this Arabic name, but you're living in an English environment, the children at school are going to be sweating all day, calling your child Come on, you owe the child a good name Come on. So it's very difficult. And it's really something you need to consider. It's not just pick it up. And that's it. No, you need to consider especially when they are exotic names of today, think think very carefully.

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So keep a simple name, you know, in a way that people would not mispronounce it, number one, badly mispronounce and secondly is, it wouldn't have a wrong meaning in another language. If you knew those languages, especially predominant language, give you an example. The name Ariana

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or Aryan, for example, a beautiful name. It's Persian, it's Persian. But if you were to translate it into Arabic, it has a very bad meaning. So Aryan would mean a person whose nude, Ariana would mean the same. That's just an example. And there are so many other names. Now, yes, while it is a good name, you will have to keep correcting people, especially if you're living in the Middle East. That's what it is. If you're living in the Middle East, people are speaking they speak Arabic, they will get a shock. You know, the name nada is a beautiful name. But in some languages, some languages, it may have a bad meaning SubhanAllah. So if you're living in an environment where they

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don't speak that language where they have a bad, it has a bad meaning. It's fine, very good. But if it does, please don't penalize your child. And this is these are just simple examples. Okay. Now, my brothers and sisters,

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a name should have a good meaning. The prophets are seldom did he change names of people who converted or reverted to Islam? The answer is no. Besides very few, if they had terrible meanings, he didn't change anyone's name abubaker Omar Osman Ali, you know, all of these people are the alarm. And those were their names when they were enemies of Islam, or some of them we're not enemies of Islam, but before Islam. So Subhan Allah, the names did not change unless they had a bad meaning. So do you have to change your name? If you were to revert to Islam? The answer is no. If you have had a meaning, you know, good meaning, and so on. No, but the Allah recommended scholars recommended

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simply because it's an identity, I was telling you, your child is born, you've given your child a beautiful name I used for example, palha. And you passed away two weeks later, or a little while later, when the child was in its infancy, maybe adopted by someone maybe a certain path and so on. And the name is palha. That name is an identity, the child is going to look for the meaning is going to understand as soon as anyone hears the name Khalid, as soon as anyone hears the name, for example, a YouTube instead of job, as soon as anyone hears the name, for example, Mohammed, they would know this person is primarily a Muslim born to Muslims and so on, in 99.9% of cases or even

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more Subhana Allah so amazing, amazing. And this is why it's very important that identity number one, like I said, Allah is gonna call the person with that name. Okay. And thereafter, you would have a lot of other factors to consider a lot of other factors to consider. And, like I said, my brothers and sisters, you don't have to change your name unless it has a bad meaning. If at some point, you find out that your name has a bad meaning or you're embarrassed by what it may mean in another language, you have every right to change it later on in your life, no problem. There is permissibility to change your name later on in your life.

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If you are not satisfied with the name that your parents gave you remember that? So I thought I'd just give you a few quick tips. And I'm so sorry for anyone whose names happened to be some of those names. We said, I know. One of my neighbors is called palha. What a lovely guy. May Allah bless him.

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But at the same time, the examples I've given up just to ponder, it's something that just came to my mind, you know, nothing in particular. Mashallah, so my brothers and sisters, remember this, and inshallah, when you're naming your child, give them a good name. Something simple, easily pronounced, you know, if you're going to keep the child's name, so difficult to pronounce in such difficult Arabic, nobody's going to say that name. They're going to give the child a nickname that the child won't like, if you don't want a nickname, don't respond to it. If you don't want a nickname, don't respond to it. That's it, and correct the people every time they say it wrongly, and

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they will get it right. So if your name is something you would actually you know, something really, really difficult. You need to correct people. It has happened to me a few times. Anyway, these were just a few tips. Nothing hard and fast. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless every one of us and grant us children who will be the coolness of our eyes. I mean, those who don't have children, Mashallah at least you can contribute towards others naming their kids in Sharla. minds me, may Allah bless you guys with children, those who don't have children, that's something serious. I always make that job. But before I go, who's right? Is it to name the child?

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The answer is simple. The parents simple, no two ways. Father and Mother. That's it. They have the right not the uncle, not the not the grandfather, not the parents, not the community. Not everyone, not the tribe know, the right belongs to the father and mother. That's it between them, they must come up with a good name Subhana Allah. Now, if they want to give that right to someone willingly, willingly, then Alhamdulillah they may do that. So some, in some cultures, they say, Okay, I'll allow the ant to give the name or they say, Okay, can you name the child given name? You know, people ask me, can you name our child? And I say you won't like the names I choose, you know. And

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what I normally say is pick five names, and I might help you select one of the five from those which you like, because I like different names. You like different names? It's okay. Does it have to be a name of a companion? No, it doesn't. But it's good to name the child. One of the names of the companions, one might say, well, which are the best names while the prophets of Salaam answered that question for you,

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which are the best names, those that are most loved by Allah? Is what he says. I have Bula Illallah Abdullah Abdul Rahman, Subhana Allah, Abdullah, Abdul Rahman, the worship of Allah, the worship of the Most Merciful, those are the two best names,

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most loved by Allah. That's what it is. Now, the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam his name was Mohammed doesn't mean Allah doesn't love it. But Allah says, Muhammad himself named him one of his children. abdulai so that's amazing. That's amazing. My beloved brothers and sisters May Allah love us all. and grant us goodness I hope this helps you guide you a little bit as to how to name your kids or what to do and a little bit more about naming and names. Keep them good names. Insha Allah keep them names with very, very good meanings. Preferably like I said, the Arabic language, Beautiful Names, if not Alhamdulillah. Even if it is another language, it's okay. It's not prohibited for as long as

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it has a good meaning. And it's within the obedience of Allah. You know, you can't say you can't call someone devil okay? I know is a nickname some people might some people call their children devil actually just say you're a little devil. You know, I hope you don't mean it. And even if even jokingly don't do that, it's not healthy. Call them by their Beautiful Names. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a deep understanding apollonia Allah was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.