How can you fight your nafs desires

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How can you find a nurse? That low knifes?

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handler sister look for that good enough RJ Decra you know Allah subhanaw taala he gave us many ways just to do battle our knifes

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most of the exercises that Allah gave us the spiritual exercise that he gave to us has to do with battling our knifes.

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You know,

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remember Allah subhanaw taala much and often.

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That's one.

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Most of the massages that you go to in the front wall, or in the lobby, there's a poster that has the other car that you should recite. Before and after the prayers. My suggestion is memorize those and use them all the time.

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Wake up for the fajr prayer

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no where your food and your know where your money comes from. Lower your gaze and God your modesty. Since Salawat upon the prophets, Allah SNAM often

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be just in your behavior.

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Call upon Allah subhanaw taala in the middle of the night.

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read Quran as much as you can, and that much of it that you have memorized, read it regularly.

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These are the things I think give sadaqa as much as you can say now that bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime are starved for Allah Hara Beeman Cooley, then Ben What are taboo, like say those kinds of things on a regular basis and say Estelle federal law, Estelle federal law say those kinds of things regularly and do good actions, and you will inshallah subordinate your knifes and Allah knows best