Tahir Wyatt – The Four Categories of Non-Muslims

Tahir Wyatt
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses four types of Islam: the heartbeat, the Me, and the Me and non-Mahdi. They explain that the non-Mahdi is a group of people who live in a Muslim region and are not enlisted in the police or law enforcement. The speaker also discusses the four types of Kufa and their potential consequences.
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Sharif, in English in English in English

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the private idea so that was an M says we'll move to an EU cartel I had been commanded to fight who,

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who is the privacy son have been commanded to fight the people,

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that people, this girl is

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all across the board, whether the scholars of Hades fit in otherwise

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have said that though

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this hadith is general, in terms of its wording,

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it refers to something specific.

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It does not mean that the Muslims have been commanded to fight every single human being that does not testify to lay law and establish the prayer and establish and pay this account. There is no scholar

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who has proceeded this time, who has never said that? None whatsoever.

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However, they have different as to who exactly is the privacy son I'm referring to in this hobby, when he says and ness that people have been commanded to fight the people.

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And so if we look at it, then we see that non Muslims are broken down into four categories, who knows those categories, because we should understand this point.

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say one category

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of the non Muslims,

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Allah keytab, type, Allen keytab, but they can fall into these categories as well.

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Okay, so we have first, first we have a heartbeat,

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the heartbeat,

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or the warrior, if you will, is the one who was actively engaged in fighting the Muslims.

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All right, this person is known as alkaff. al-harbi, Danny, a disbeliever, who was at war with the Muslims. The second type

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is a the me,

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the me, and then me, is a non Muslim, who lives under the rule of the Muslims. And he lives in the Muslim lands. And he pays attacks known as the jizya.

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Which is used for his protection, because the me obviously is not enlisted in the Muslim armies, but he's protected. And for the services that are provided to the citizens of the Muslim lands, 90 today, for example, whether that is a police and firefighters and all of these types of things, postal service, and so all of the services that are provided to them is also get that, but they have to pay this tax. Okay. So they live amongst the Muslims.

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They live amongst the Muslims in Muslim Spain,

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where the Muslims is actively going out killing them until they took Shahada. Absolutely not nobody from the Muslims understood even at the time of the prophet Isaiah select with Sudan, honey, they were not Muslims, they lived amongst the Muslims. And nobody was actively engaged in fighting them and killing them and these types of things. no one understood that Hadith like that.

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And this is why those people who call for a reinterpretation of Islam, not mostly these are modern, it's the people who are not Muslim in the first place. And they call for a reinterpretation of the sacred texts, they don't even realize the door that they're opening, because how then do we make something or determine its validity?

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So someone comes and they reinterpret the text to me this, and then we have an another group of extremists who reinterpret the text to me that who determines whether it's valid or not, the only way that we know that is valid is to look at these texts and see how the companions of the messages of the light of the sun have interpreted them. And we take that interpretation.

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So here, we have the me.

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Then we have what is known as Elmo, I had the one who has a covenant, or a pact with the Muslims. The more I had, does not live with the Muslims. He doesn't live in the Muslim lands, he lives in his own land.

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But they are a group of people who live in a land that they control. But there is a pact between them and the Muslims. And the prophets. I tell them how to pack for example, with the pagans of kurush that was made it the Treaty of davia and the

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Prophet alayhi salatu was Salam segmen catella more than Lem euro la he had telegin whoever kills a more I had someone whom we have a pact with. These are people who do not say lilan Allah they did not say Muhammad Rasulullah they did not establish like they did not pay the cat the way some say whoever kills one of them then he will not smell the fragrance of gender.

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Well in theory haha Hugh Jackman masirah try enamel even though you can smell it sent from a distance of 40 years to Panama.

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So this is without a doubt from the cabana if from the major sins in Islam that a person will kill a

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fight the fourth type of non believer and the last type is Statman.

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I need the one who has requested safe passage to the land of the Muslims. So for example today, people get visas when you go and you get a visa from the embassy then this person is Muslim and he enters the land of the Muslims with me and he is safe and secure and no one is to subject him to any harm so long as he does not Danny break his contract with the Muslims.

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So we have four types who can bring them back

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Go ahead.

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Yeah, oh my

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al-harbi now huh? then meet

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that mean anyway.

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And um, well I had type the last three. The last three types of Kufa

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do not enter into this Hadith, according to which schakel Islam even Tamia Rahim Allahu taala said, in his much more of a tower and volume 19 page 20 shoulderstand Rahim Allah said, the Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam omit to a new katella next to the end of the Hadith.

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Murata who sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kitaen mohair de bien alladhina Urbino lo fi Italia him. Lem urut Patel and more Idina Latina Ahmad a low V will fatty de him.

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He says that this Hadeeth with the province it sounds have been commanded to fight the people to the end of the Hadith. It refers to fighting those who are waging war with the Muslims whom Allah subhana wa tada has permitted before it does not refer to those with whom we have a covenant from Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us to fulfill our pact and our covenant with them.

This clip covers the pertinent question, should we fight the non Muslims? The speaker covers the four categories of non-Muslims and the ruling of each of them respectively. The clip is taken from the explanation of Hadith 08 entitled, “I have been commanded to fight the people…”

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