Tom Facchine – Minute with a Muslim #086 – Don’t Make This Mistake

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the confusion between faith and lineage among Muslims during the time of Noah Alioss. The story is about a man named Ned who claims to be the controller of the operation Noah Alioss, but is struggling to fulfill his promises to change his appearance. The transcript suggests that the confusion is due to the way people live by their values and decisions, and that the story is about a man named Ned who claims to be the controller of the operation Noah Alioss.
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One of the main points of the story of Noah Ali Salaam is the relationship between faith and lineage. And this is a common confusion even today amongst Muslims, right? They feel a certain way, if they are descended from a certain tribe or a certain or even if they're a descendant of the Prophet Allah, he's about to say that they might be tempted to make the same mistake that Benny is trying to make, which is converting there is slam in the sense of their pact, their agreement with the lost pounds, all that trying to convert it into an identity, right. And the problematic thing about the identity is that it's not something that you have to work on. It's not something that you

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have to upkeep or maintain or, or make good on. Whereas a pact and agreement a contract is something you have to continually fulfill. Right so this is one of the main mistakes of Benny Israel. They tried to say, well, Allah favorite us because of who we are. We're allows chosen people instead of well, we have this agreement with Allah and we have to continue to fulfill it. Okay, so a lot of even Muslims make this mistake. They put too much emphasis on lineage. And so the story of Noah on a Sudan was really important to pushing back against this because you have obviously the whole the flood and the ark and all these sorts of things and then No, honey Sadam is on the ark, and the rain

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is coming. And you know, the Ark lifts up, the water is rushing, and then he sees his son. And he said, last chance, he's like, Come on, son, like, come on, come on board the ark, and North son doesn't believe he doesn't believe in his father's prophethood. Despite being the closest maybe one of the closest people to him, and Norse Hassan, he basically has this also parodic Matic sort of failing where he's relying too much on the material means he doesn't have as much trust as he should have, or as much belief in the unseen, he sees the rain. He says, oh, right, I know what this is, I'll just go up the mountain, every single other time there's been rain, you go to the mountain,

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you're safe, not knowing that Allah is proud to Adam is what makes the mountain safe or not. And so in this case, the mountain isn't safe, the rain is too much. And it's because it's from a law, it's not a normal rain, this is a punishment. And so no son is drowned. He's drowned in the flood, despite being the son of a prophet. And this obviously was very upsetting to know. And so that the conversation is so so interesting that he has, you know, the last part of the auto or how Allah tells it in the Quran, you know, a nor something less than feels betrayed, but he doesn't understand because he thought that he had a guarantee or an indication that the people from his family were

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going to be saved. And then he says, a lot, you know, my son just was drowned. And wasn't he from my family, I was found to have said something amazing says no, he was not far from your family. He was not from your family, right? So it blows up our definition or our conception of what it is to be from someone's family, right to be. It's not just about blood, it's about allegiance. It's about faith. And this is the way that companions were right Islam entered into every house and separated split houses. On the day of better you have brothers fighting brothers and fathers fighting sons and all these sorts of things, cousins against cousins before before Islam, the only thing that people

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knew was lineage. And so it was just like, automatically you were with your, um, with my family, I'm with my tribe, and with my clan, and that's who we're rolling with. But after a snap kamistan rearranged all that so no, now it's about what you choose the principles that you live by the values that you hold, right the decisions that you make, and so if it comes down to it, if you have to fight your brother, you have to fight your brother, he's not your brother anymore, in that sense, right? And there's rulings in the Sharia that indicate this right about who inherits from WHO and etc, etc. So, you know, faith is Fick is thicker than blood and the story of Noah holidays, Sadam

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demonstrates that

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