Ramadan 2023 Boost #09 – YOU HAVE MORE THAN YOU THINK

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A woman talks about her desire to take action for her brothers and sisters who are fulfilling their faith in the month ofhair. She encourages them to take stock of their deeds and ensure that they are fulfilling their deeds. She also mentions that some people have difficulty opening their fast and that they may not have food or drink to open it.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters a week of Ramadan is over. Every year before we know it, Ramadan comes to an end and we have not yet achieved what we wanted to for this beautiful month of Ramadan for that reason. I want to say tonight my brothers and sisters, if there is something you planned to do for Ramadan, and you have not yet done it, please let's start doing it now. The amount of Quran you're reading the amount of Ibadah acts of worship that you are fulfilling the amount of tarawih you are fulfilling perhaps the other acts of worship something that you always wanted to do the resolutions that you have made for Ramadan, make sure you are fulfilling

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them, take stock of your deeds and ensure that this next part of Ramadan is going to be even better than these few days that have passed many of the masjid around the world try to complete the Quran in Ramadan. So by now they finished approximately a third of the Quran. Imagine a third of that recitation is already done. So there is a little bit remaining. My brothers and sisters Alhamdulillah Allah has blessed us in such a way that at least we have food for Iftar Did you know there are people out there who do not have food for Iftar they have to open their fast at times with a little bit of water perhaps not even that in some circumstances. I remember someone asking one of

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the scholars can we break our fast just by our intentions? If we're licking our lips with the intention that this is the opening of the fast because we have absolutely no food no drink to open the fast with just imagine that question the fact that they ask the question already shows that you and I need to do more to reach out to those who don't have so this Ramadan make it a Ramadan with a difference. Give out as much as you can in terms of charity. And like I always say the charity of your choice may Allah Almighty make it easy for Assam one you trust, some place that you know the food will get to the recipient and inshallah in that particular way we will be able to maximize the

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reward of this wonderful month of Ramadan. May Allah subhanahu wa taala help us so that we don't waste our nights and our days and may Allah make us maximize the benefit from this beautiful month is our como la que es Salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.