Get this done before you die, not after!

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When someone dies, we are quick to say I want to build a machine on the name of this person. Why don't we build a machine for our own name while we are alive? That is a guaranteed act of worship. You did it you're alive your name you did the masjid you did the borehole, you did the sadaqa jariya that is the true sadaqa jariya when someone else does it for you after you die, did you ever know there is a possibility that Allah will accept it on your behalf. And there is a chance that it may not be accepted. It wasn't done by you. It was done by someone else. We hope that Allah will accept it on your behalf. But if you did it yourself, that's mine. So let's learn to change the trend to

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say the Quran should not be read for me after I died. I must read it while I'm alive. The good deeds and the wells and the trees and the balls and the goodness should not happen by people after my death. I should do it while I'm alive. I must pack it away. We sit and we watched wealthy people pass away you can see the difference here is a man he didn't do anything feasable illa

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because he just gathered his money and counted it. A lot of the people who don't believe are like that, and sometimes even believers who believe in Allah, they forget because they needed a reminder. And then you have another man wealthy man passes away. You can tell this man in his life he built 30 masjids he drilled so many balls he did so much of this he did some Mashallah good news to him. He packed away so much for genital Fidel's Allah accepted from them and from all of us, may Allah motivate us and grant us the wealth in order that we can spend it visibility.