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The speaker discusses the importance of correcting behavior and friendships when speaking to loved ones. They stress that bad behavior cannot be allowed to happen to anyone, and that it is the duty of the individual to correct them. The speaker also warns that it is difficult to determine if a person is a good friend based on their behavior and conduct.

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Salam Alaikum, Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, my brothers, my sisters, when you have a friend, what type of a friend? Do you have? You say these are my friends? Would you allow your friends to have bad habits? Be it at the workplace or at home or with their friends or family, with their parents or children or spouse or whoever it may be? Or with colleagues and not say anything? Would you allow them to have bad habits? And not say anything? Or is it your duty to remind them that listen, the way you speak to your spouse is unacceptable. Personally, I think we shouldn't allow someone to qualify as being a friend of yours. If you don't have that relationship with them, where you can

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tell them and correct them. That's not a friend. If you cannot correct them, they cannot be a true friend, if they feel bad, or if you don't have the courage to speak to them. And to tell them this is wrong. And this is right. This is what I feel you need to correct especially when it comes to two things, your character and conduct and your relationship with Allah. You cannot have a person who doesn't bother about their relationship with Allah at all. Or they have no truthfulness, they have no good habits, their foul mouth, and then they're your friend, your honor, Fullmer will be highly a person is known by the type of friends he or she keeps, and therefore keep good friends. And when

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you have a circle of friends, Let them guide you. Let them tell you where you're going wrong. And you should tell them where they're going wrong. If they have a bad habit, if they have an addiction, if they have something that they're doing that is unacceptable. Remember, it's your duty. The reason I say this, the Quran says I feel

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we are warmer, even more homely, but we now do one a little more pain.

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Bosom Buddies and best friends would be enemies on the Day of Judgment except those who had a good relationship with Allah or the correct relationship with Allah or who had an sense of piety or God consciousness. So there it goes, Are you from one of those if you are Alhamdulillah if your circle is a good circle, you're a good person, if your circle is not good, is not made up of good people. How can you call yourself a good person? So please remind your friends, they need to be of a certain level in order to qualify as being your friend. May Allah guide us all, as salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.