Yasir Qadhi – What if I’m not Motivated for Ramadan

Yasir Qadhi
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Alhamdulillah we praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah as he is worthy of being praised, and we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of our souls and the consequences of our deeds. Indeed, whomever Allah guides, none can misguide. And whomever Allah chooses to misguide, none can guide him to the straight path. I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of worship other than Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, and I bear witness and I testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his final prophet and his most perfect worshiper as to what follows ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada reminds us in the Quran to be conscious of him when he says, Yeah, you Hello Hina I'm an otaku.

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Allah helper to quality, while Mouton, Illa unto Muslim moon. Dear Muslims. In the last few weeks, we have been hearing so much about the blessings of this month of Ramadan. We have heard holds about after lecture after sermon about making sure that this promo bond is going to be our best from Oban. We have reiterated those ayat and a hadith about the sacredness the sanctity of this month. And there are so many amongst us already gearing up to make sure that insha Allah Who to Allah, this Ramadan is going to be their best Ramadan. They're already figuring out how many times they're going to finish the entire Quran. They're putting it to their schedule, how they'll increase their Salah

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how they're going to pay 200 Every single night, and all of us we are caught up in that excitement and Alhamdulillah for that. But what if, what if some amongst us don't feel as excited as we think we should be? After all? Let's be honest. There are those amongst us, perhaps some of us in this very gathering who we see the excitement, and we sense it in other people. But when we look in ourselves, we are disappointed and we find that we're not as excited as the rest of the people around us. Perhaps even we feel a sense of sadness, a sense of grief, because for some reason, we think How come I'm not as excited how come I'm not as enthused there's something wrong with me. Do I

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have weak Eman? And as the month begins? And we see people mashallah Tabata kala soaring to new heights, some of us are just barely struggling to get by with the bare minimum. Some of us are struggling to come every night to pray to Allah, we're maybe even at home, it is difficult for us to pray through our way. Some of us find that we're not fully giving up the sins We were thought we would give up. We're not as successful as the rest of the people. And yes, even though Insha Allah, every Muslim raises the bar a little bit. Still, many of us when we compare to those others, we think that we are nowhere near their level, we're nowhere near as much as I should be. As much as my

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friends, my colleagues, my Masjid goers. So today's hold is about those of us who feel we're lagging behind those of us who find ourselves not as motivated as we think we should be. What do we do when we see the rest of the people racing forward? Dear Brothers and Sisters, it is true. And I will not mince my words, that it is not a very good sign that we're not as excited as we should be. I mean, there's no doubt that those who win the race are those who prepare for it, right? The winners of the race, the ones who come number one, two and three. They don't just happen to show up and they win. No, they train and they train hard. And they train for months and years. I mean, it is well known.

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You want to get to the top and you're gonna have to put in the effort for that. And that race includes the race of Ramadan. Allah tells us in the Quran was Saba Kona Saba Kuhn, the winners of the race those are the winners of the waste race would not occur more Cora Boone the closest to Allah subhanho wa taala. So there's no question and I'm not gonna mince my words, that those that are preparing from now, those that are already getting themselves in the mood, they're already putting their logistical framework in mind

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No doubt they are the elite and we ask Allah to bless them. That having been said, it is very important that we point out that just because groups amongst us don't share that level of enthusiasm, we have to be careful that shaitan does not come to us and cause us to lose the race all together. Here is where the fine line comes. Yes, indeed, it is nice to aim to be the winner. Yes, indeed, we should strive to be in the first batches that cross the finish line. That should be the golden desire. That's the ideal. But we thank Allah, that our religion caters to all different types of people. We thank Allah that Allah is the Lord not just of the Muhtar cane, but also of those who

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are not so lucky. We thank Allah that his Rama encompasses not just the Olia but everyone in Narottama, tea was much cooler, Shay, we thank Allah that is Rama encompasses the greatest sinner. Allah is not just the Lord of the righteous, Allah is the Lord of me. And you as well. Even if we're not amongst the righteous brothers and sisters, there is another goal as well. And that goal, it might not be as prize worthy, it might not be as coveted, but it is still a blessing goal. And that goal is to simply finish the crossing line. Even if you're not in the top batches, even if you're not in the 1% or the top three, to finish the end line to finish the race of Ramadan. In and of

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itself, you have one Alhamdulillah you might not have won like the rest of the crowd. You might not be amongst the elite. But the Rama of Allah is so vast in this month that anybody who crosses the line is a winner. And anybody who wants to can cross the line. Anybody who wants to cross the line will be able to cross it. Dear Muslims, we cannot allow Shavon to come and play mental games upon us. Even as we see some people zooming ahead, some people going so fast, she thought might come to us and make us feel what's the point, you're never going to get to that level. Maybe you won't maybe even if you're not going to get to that level. As long as you finish the race and as long as you do

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what is required. Then you have won in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala dear Muslim, never lose hope in Allah Rama we might begin the month wanting to finish one Quran and we hear mashallah to Bala cola within a week, our friends, our colleagues tell us Oh, I'm on my third Quran right now, third time, and we haven't even finished three Jews. He's finished three Korans and we feel Subhan Allah, is there any hope? Is there any competition going on here? We might start going to the masjid every single day. And then something happens. A deadline comes in our work or we don't feel that good that day. We missed a day that day becomes two or three and then we're no longer coming to the

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masjid. And then we feel what's the point? It's too late. Dear Muslims, we need to understand that Ramadan is meant as a boost for every single Muslim. Ramadan is meant for the entire ummah. Because Allah subhanho wa Taala is our hammer right? I mean, Allah is Al Karim, Allah is Allah Rahim and therefore even if we don't get to that level of the very top it doesn't matter. Ramadan is meant to give every one of us the boost the raise the the Eman boost that every one of us requires. Allah subhanho wa Taala created this beautiful month and he blessed it with so many blessings because it is meant as an opportunity for the sinner as well as an opportunity for the righteous and that

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includes every single one of us. Dear Muslims Ramadan is a divine gift to every Muslim every person who says the Kalima it is a gift to you. It is a treat that Allah gave to you and to no OMA before us. It is only to us that Allah gave this blessing of Ramadan to and he gave it to every person who says the Kalama Ramadan is meant to be your pay, raise your yearly bonus. Ramadan is meant to be your increased meant regardless of your level, you're meant to rise higher and higher. So don't compare yourself to the elite if you're not amongst them, okay, maybe you cannot get there. Compare yourself to yourself. You're only competing against your own knifes. You're not competing against

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the rest of mankind. You see your brother and sister you see this month or Ramadan. Any effort is blessed. Any effort is bless it understand this point. If you simply raise the bar in this month, it might not be compared to other people. Your bar might be lower than your neighbors, your friends or colleagues. But the fact that you have raised the bar in your own life is enough of an indication that you want to be in the race and

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You want to try to win the race and as long as you maintain a higher level during this month, then inshallah you're guaranteed to finish this race. And let's be frank here, brothers and sisters. Let's be frank here. There are many amongst us who are struggling. There are many amongst us who simply understand and realize we cannot compete with the best of the best. We're very sinful and to compare us to the elite to compare us to the fall to the Olia, it's not going to happen. Okay, very well, that's fine. Don't compare yourself to them. Because Ramadan is a miracle for me and you. It's supposed to transform us at our level. It is a miracle if you simply finished this month doing what

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is required for you, dear Muslim, do not trivialize this blessed month. Do not trivialize the facet of this month. Do not trivialize the fact you have done something better. In fact, our non Muslim colleagues and friends fully understand the miracle do not trivialize this very deed. The fact that you raise the bar even a little bit, maybe maybe some of the sins that you wanted to give up, you find yourself doing them in rubble bond, the fact that you still minimize those sins, the fact that you've cut back, you're monitoring your tongue, you're monitoring your eyes, maybe not 100% Maybe you don't get to that level that your friends and colleagues do. But the fact that you've improved

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Alhamdulillah you're showing ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that you have something you know, what is it that thing that you have? Allah says in the Quran, memorize this verse listening to this verse, woman you are vim SHA, Allah He for Enam in Duck world guru, whoever shows respect to the signs of Allah. This is coming from the taqwa of the heart. Whoever shows respect to the signs of Allah, this means they're stuck in the heart. This is in the Quran showing respect to the signs of Allah. What does this mean? It means if you're in front of the camera, you're not gonna steal somebody's money. Even if you steal back home when you're in front of the Gabriella stuff we're like cannot do it here. At

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least it shows some Taqwa it means in Ramadan. If you would lie, cheat steal when it comes to Ramadan, you sense you know what, I shouldn't do this, this Ramadan. In Ramadan, you eat lunch and you drink your coffee and tea. You stop doing that because it's from Oban. You are showing Allah that you have Taqwa you're showing respect to the month. Therefore, any effort in this month is blessitt. Anything you do is an indication that you want to be in the race and that you want to at least win the race. You might not win the race with other people. Okay, fine. And I'll be honest here, no doubt, we would like to be amongst the first I mean, who doesn't want to be the first who

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wins the race. But the point is, if you're not going to win the first at least don't lose the race. At least don't give up. This is the Mercy of Allah that the finishing line is within distance of every single Muslim and if you cross that finish line, then you are a winner in the eyes of Allah that is what is important woman you are limb shot it Allah He for Inhambane talk well Kulu and Ramadan is of the greatest Cha if it is of the greatest of the signs of Allah subhana wa Tada. So whatever we do in the sacred month, then Alhamdulillah we are demonstrating that we have something of Taqwa in our hearts, brothers and sisters, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada once for us to be forgiven

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during this month during this month, he has stacked all of the odds in our favor this month has been facilitated not just for the ollie up not just for the homophobe, not just for them with tahune No, Allah has made this month easy for the sinners like me and you. That's why everything has been stacked in our favor. Has he not locked the gates of jahannam? Has he not flung open the gates of Jana? Has he not shaved chained up the Shelton? Has he not magnified every single good deed? Has he not created in the entire OMA the spirit of Ramadan? Why? Why? Why have all of these things been given? Is it because those who are already in Jannah will go higher in Jannah? No, it is because

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those who might not yet be in Jannah are given a chance to get to Janna. What does the Hadith pudsey say, What did our Prophet sallallahu either he was said I'm say about this month, every single night, Allah announces to the angels, a new list of people every night, Allah announces a new batch. How many millions on that batch only Allah knows. Every night, Allah says to the angels, a long list of people and Allah says these are the people. What is the announcement that now get for those Illa Allah, they're the top 1% They're the only and Mata cone. These are the people that have been saved from Jahannam that you have Johanna and people are saved every single night. The sinners. That's the

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purpose of the month. The people who are not that righteous, the people who are struggling in

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This month, Allah wants to find a way Allah wants to ease the opportunity for you to be forgiven. The announcement is for the sinners, those who are destined for jahannam. But in this month something happened, something clicked, they raised the bar. And so Allah subhana wa Tada accepted whatever meager deeds that they have done and cause them to enter Jannah and be saved from Jahannam Muslims, or you who sees how enthused everybody else is, but you don't feel that level of enthusiasm. Know that you're not competing with those people know that you don't have to beat them in the race to be righteous. No brothers and sisters, the only person you're on competition with is

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yourself. That's the only person you have to beat. It's your own knifes you have to overcome. It's your own lifestyle. And if tomorrow which is the first fast of Ramadan, if tomorrow when the race begins, you find yourself maybe not jogging as fast as everybody else but you're walking faster. You're doing more than what you did today than unhemmed Did Labradors and sisters thank Allah thank Allah because you're showing Allah You know, it's a race you're showing Allah, I want to do what I can. I can't jog 24 miles and win the Olympics. Maybe I know that but I want to get there. And By Allah's grace, by Allah's mercy, by Allah's Rama if you just put your effort you will eventually get

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to the finish line. Remember brothers and sisters, it is not our deeds that causes us to enter agenda. It is Allah's Rama that causes us to enter Jannah and Allah's Rama is not commensurate to our deeds. It is commensurate to our Nia. It's what we want inside of us in normal armado bindi yet none of us shall enter Jannah because of our good deeds, it's not a transaction, our deeds are not that powerful that we can enter Jannah it's not our deeds that gain Allah's forgiveness. It's our mentality. It's our rule. It's our wanting to come to Allah, it's our humility, it's our loss. So to know that you're in the race and to feel a sense of overwhelming to feel guilty, you're not in the

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top 1% Fine, but don't let that guilt immobilize you. Don't let that guilt cause you to stop being in the race, show Allah what you have, and ask Allah to forgive what you don't have. And if you're at that level, and if your Ramadan is better than today, and if you continue to maintain that, that Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. You have done much. No brothers and sisters know that this month of Ramadan, it is meant for the sinners to be cleansed of their sins. It is meant for those that are struggling to be forgiven. That's the goal of the month. So do not lose hope in Allah's mercy and realize none lose hope and Allah's mercy except those who don't know who is Allah. Anybody who knows

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Allah. Anybody who understands Allah's right man, Allah is Rahim Allah is our hammer Rahimi will never lose hope in Allah Rama. So Ramadan is the month of Rama. Ramadan is the month of Mo Farah. Ramadan is the month to be saved from jahannam. If we feel before this month that we're struggling in all of these, well then to feel this is in sha Allah to other sign of Eman to feel that we're struggling to feel that we are far sign of Eben. But don't give up because giving up is not a sign of Eman. In this month. My request to all of you is to raise that bar up my request is to be consistent in doing something that you did not do. My request is that you don't lose hope by

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comparing yourself with the best of the best rather you compare yourself with yourself. You compare yourself today with yourself yesterday and make sure you put in some effort and ask Allah to bless you for the rest and realize that is how we're going to attain the mercy of this month through our actions know through our intentions yes through our Nia through our class through our humility May Allah subhana wa Tada bless us all in this month. May Allah bless us within through the Quran and may make us of those who is worse that they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan as scholars forgiveness us will ask him for his food and the ramen.

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Halawa Hill ahead of Samad a lady Lamia lead while I'm you lead while I'm your Kula Hoku phone ahead we're about to do.

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Dear Muslims, the purpose of today's football is to remind us, all of us that Ramadan is not just for the ultra pious, of course it's for them as well. And of course if you are mashallah of the motel Dean, we hope Ramadan is a springboard that makes you even highest of the hype. Good for you. How about the rest of us realize this month is for every single person who says the Kalima? It's for those who are falling short for the rest of the year is for those who are struggling to pray five times a day is for those who are involved in major sins. It's for those

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Those who are far from Allah, Rama and they feel themselves cut off. This is the opportunity for me and you. This is the month that Allah created for us. Therefore brothers and sisters because of this, Allah has made the whole month to facilitate our good deeds. He shut the doors of Jahannam he's opened the doors of Jenna, angels come down every single night that community gets involved in the spirit of fasting and of doing good deeds. Every single night people are freed from Jahannam why? Because Allah wants to forgive. Allah wants to bless we just have to be there to receive and ask and how low is the bar? How low is the bar? What did our Prophet sallallahu Sallam say? Mon sama

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Rama Ivana Eman and YT saben or Farah who Matata demean them. All you need to do fast the month of Ramadan, obviously while you're praying and doing a regular good deeds fast the month of Ramadan, believing in Allah subhanho wa taala. One thing the reward from Allah fast for this entire month, 29 or 30 days fast the entire month, don't give up on your fast and make sure you're praying, you're five SATA watts, that's the bare minimum. If you're able to do this, you've raised the bar enough that you will pass the finish line. I agree. I'll be honest, you might not be in the top 1% You might not be in the top 10%. But you will still pass the finish line and what is the reward of the

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one who passes the finish line, all of your previous sins will be forgiven. What more do you want? What more can you ask? All you need to do is fast this month with a man and this up. And of course fasting the month means you're doing the other account you're praying your prayers and you're trying to live better than other months. If you do this, you pass the finish line. But not just this another opportunity man karma Ramadan, Eman and YT saben whoever prays the night of Ramadan and we thank Allah Our Prophet, some said a yam and he didn't say tahajjud. And we mentioned the difference between pm and tahajjud. Kr means to pray at any time. And tahajjud means to pray after waking up

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and you pray that in the middle of the night or the end of the night. So km can be done after Salatin Asia, that's why we prayer tarawih. And it's still called Kiambu ln if you pray before going to sleep, that's Tianmu ln so if you pray every single night for 30 Nights, that is another means of having all your sins forgiven. And notice he didn't say you must pray in the masjid. Yes, we like to pray in the masjid that are we it's very good. But if you're not able to come here, you're not able to drive down and spend an hour hour and a half over here. Pray at home EVERY SINGLE DAY pm will lay pray whatever you can, if you're struggling to pray your father prayers, even just pray to or for a

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cat to come along with your fall prayers. If you mashallah are praying your father regularly tried to pray a trick as even if it's just two three lines in every Raka and you can hold the Quran it's anopheles Salah you can hold the Quran in the Salah and read Salah mkm in this manner, pray regularly the entire month. And that's another guarantee you will cross the finish line and yet a third opportunity one night if you pray it and you fasted properly, and you do your good deeds, all of your sins were forgiven. And that is later two other three opportunities have been given to you to cross the finish line three different races you can compete in, and each one is so reasonable

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Kayama Lane can easily be done in 1015 minutes is better than nothing. Of course if you pray more, it's better but 1015 minutes of pm every single night, it shows you're doing something and as I said in the eyes of Allah something is infinitely better than nothing in the eyes of Allah put in whatever effort you can and you're doing something for Allah sake, if you're able to pray an hour and a half in the masjid hamdulillah good for you. If you're not able to do that, pray at home, whatever you can, if you're able to wake up before Fajr before you suffer by 20 minutes, pray something extra in that time, every single night then 100 Allah you have accomplished this goal and

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you've won the race. And then when the last 10 nights come, make sure you stay awake a little bit extra, make sure you do on those nights what you do not do for the rest of the year. Make sure the five odd nights in particular you put in little bit more effort, whatever you able to do. And if you do so, you've shown a law you want to be in the race, you've shown a law woman you Alvim sha Allah you are showing respect to the signs of Allah subhana wa Taala also do your brothers and sisters some practical advice. One of the biggest issues we see is that people burn out in the first week or 10 days of Ramadan. They do more than they're able to do and then they're not able to continue so

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that the last 10 They lose out realize there is a sprint at the end of the race and all of us need to be sprinting at the end realize this put it in your mind that my most energetic time has to be the last 10 Nights put it in your mind. That's when I'm going to do my best. So if you feel that you can only do so much then calculate it out so that that much that you do will be in the last 10 Do not

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Write more than you can chew as the saying goes, you don't want to go down in the last 10 You want to rise up in the last 10 So my humble advice to all of you there are five areas we should concentrate on five areas very simple you memorize them Don't worry, number one sila look at your Salah right now today and yesterday and from tomorrow increase Simple as that increase all of these five number one Salah whatever is your constant level of Salah you need to increase the bar even if it's just by a little but it has to be increased if you're already praying mashallah the photo and the sooner that pray the Torah we handle pm if you are of the people who are praying to God look at

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your quality as well and it's not just about quantity, it's about quality. If you're not praying five times a day well then Allah He if you were to master the practice and the ritual of praying or five photos in this month of Ramadan Wallah, you have accomplished much more than anything else concentrate on this one goal of perfecting your five day this Allah in this month. So number one, Salah number two is Quran. This is the month of the Quran. Perhaps some of us do not touch the whole Quran except during this month. So be it aim to try to finish one full Quran. But dear brothers and sisters, in all honesty, if you cannot finish an entire Quran, then finish whatever you can, don't

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just give up don't compete with the whole fall, they can do an entire Jews in 15 minutes, I understand most of us cannot do that. Don't look to their portfolio and say I can't do that. Okay, do what you can. Even if you recite 10 minutes a day, it's better than nothing. Even if you recite five jewels in the month is better than nothing. I'm just asking you to raise the bar, whatever you did yesterday, tomorrow has to be more that's what I'm asking you. So number two is oran whatever you're doing, put it into your schedule every day. I'm going to read one page, two pages, five pages, whatever you can do so that you're raising the bar number three vicar and da liquor and to

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increase your liquor and to ah and that's the easiest ritual you don't need to have to do. You don't need to face the table. You can just be waiting in your car at a traffic light. You can be in between meetings, you can be in between phone calls, just whatever they could you can do Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah y la ilaha illallah wa ala Ogg, but before you break the fast, do some special to realize that is the most blessed time of DUA and Allah accept the dua of the one who is fasting when he's breaking his fast so increase your DUA and they can number three, number four charity and a symptomatic said the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was the most generous of all people. And

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in the month of Ramadan, his generosity exceeded all bounds charity, plan out your charity, try to give some sadaqa if not daily, at least weekly and especially in the last 10 days. If you have $1,000 You want to give spread it out over the month so that you're giving a little bit every few days if you have $5,000 Spread that out. Don't just give on any one night no and spread out the causes as well diversify the causes. Give some to your Masjid give some to focus on Misaki give some to orphans give some to other causes. So during this month, do some hunting research which charities I should give to and give whatever little you can so increase your charity in this month. And last

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point for this football of course much can be said last point for this cookbook. Look at your luck your manners and concentrate. How can I improve my manners? are prophets of Allah? Is that an action explicitly linked Ramadan with improving our manners? He said when one of you comes when somebody comes and gets angry at you then respond Allahumma inni saw him control your anger control your o'clock so Ramadan, look at the weaknesses. Where am I weak in my manners? What is my weak point in terms of my temper in terms of my tongue in terms of other things and try to work you're not going to become perfect your brothers and sisters Allah didn't create us to be perfect. We're not angels.

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The goal is not perfection, but the goal is you try the goal is you put in the effort and whatever effort you put in this month, Allah subhanho wa Taala we'll see that effort once again five areas number one the Salah, the most important thing number two, oran increase it every single day, whatever it is, number three, do and vicar. Number four charity. And number five, your own personal o'clock see what you can do brothers and sisters, this is the month of Ramadan. This is the month of Ramadan. This is the month of Mo Farah, the only person who will not be forgiven is the one who didn't want to be forgiven. And that's why our prophets Allah Allahu Allah, he was sending was

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climbing on the member the day before Ramadan, he was climbing on the member. And he said I mean, I mean, I mean three times he said, Then he said, Do you want to know why I said I mean, he explained Gibreel came to me and said to me something and that said said say I mean you're Rasul Allah, one of the three things God said, All Mohamed wasallam any one of your OMA who is alive when Ramadan comes and does not manage to have all of his sins be forgiven that person may he perish say Amin and the prophecies that are mean think about it.

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Why would do I be given against the one who does not be forgiven and Ramadan? Why? Because anybody who desires Mo Farah shall be forgiven. Anybody who wants to be forgiven shall be forgiven. So the only one who is not going to be forgiven is the one who didn't put the slightest amount of effort, the one who did nothing in this month, and in sha Allah Who to Allah, nobody amongst us will do nothing in this month. Dear Brothers and Sisters, do something, whatever it is, do whatever you can, whatever little you can do, and thank Allah that you're doing something. Ask Allah for more, try to do even more. But do not be discouraged. Do not be disheartened if you cannot compete with the best

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of the best in Allah's Rama. You don't have to compete with the best of the best. You only have to compete with yourself and if you win yourself in this race, then you will inshallah to either be a winner Aloma and NIDA and for amino Allah that it has to meet them and Illa Fatah wa ala Hammond Illa forester, wala Dean and Illa Kobita while mid on Illa, feta when I see it on Illa sarta Allah ma fildena What if one in the leaders of a Hoon Eben Eman what a few Kuru Lila Lila Deena Amano Robina in Nakuru for Rahim Allah Who Marisa Islam oh and Muslimeen Allah Houma is an Islam I will Muslimeen Allah whom is an Islam I will Muslimeen Allah Houma, Aradhana Arada Islam or misdemeanor

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be Su and Federico BFC watch altijd Mira who fitted Vidya Jaco Yuya Aziz about the law in the law Tada, Mr. Lacombe I'm doing better behavior NFC within the Malacca photoessay with Ella 30. Can you help me lunamon jindee who were insane for all Azim employed in Idema in Allah Houma localu Sol Luna Allah Nebby yeah you heard in Amman also Lou la he was seldom with us Nima Allah masala was seldom have adequate and adequate was silica Muhammad Ali he was a big marine about Allah in Allah to Allah yeah motivate idli what exactly was the portable warrior inherited fascia it will Moon kariobangi era look when I look into the Quran or the Quran Allah Allah Allah amo guru come watch guru has come

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what are the cruelty to Allah Akbar? Welcome is Sala.

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Op, Mr. Hayden da Seanie

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me what to feel

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at what

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feels cool Ruby mimma Janita

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don't do either.

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