From Magicians to Martyrs – Ramadan Reminder

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Santa Monica Welcome to live in.

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Hollywood. So Mary Mina Shakeology smell 109 more bland. I mean, what are one in analog? I mean, when people were talking the level study was that a robotic crap decoder, silica Mohammedan still a lot on he was still quite early he will be he was seldom at the Sleeman kathira. One of the most interesting groups of people in the world, to me are the magician's of Fidel. We don't know their names. But just like we spent some time with the brothers of us supporting us saddam and they're curious situation. I want us to look at this group of people and their curious situation now, with this jizz we move on from sort of Baja to an MBR and unhedged where we get to some you know,

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somewhat of the story of Mussolini's saddam as well but we saw what happened or we were listening to Ibrahim it his setup and the response to Ibrahim it his Salaam, when he took all of the idols out, and he left Kavita home, he just left the biggest one. And when they came back, and they didn't have an answer to what Ibrahim it has said, I'm sorry, it must have been the big one that took out all the rest of them. What did they say? How did the whole one screw out he had to come let's throw him into a fire and support our gods. Let's get rid of them. Let's Let's execute him. So the big idol took out the small idols but in reality, of course, it was a boy he mighty handsome, showing them

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that all of their idols are meaningless in the case of their own, and the magician's of Pharaoh. Shahi, Aston Villa just alluded to the the way that they really didn't know much about the message of Musashi Salaam to the point that we know that when they believe they just said, we believe in the Lord of Mozart, Islam, and how to whatever his whoever his God is, that's our God, too. We know that that's our God. But briefly, of course, we know that the scene was set for this group of magicians, and these were not just any Sahaja, these were not just any magicians, right? To be amongst this group of magicians that get to perform in the presence of the Pharaoh, in front of Moses in front of

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most eyes to once and for all discredit him, you have to be the top of your craft, right? So you think about the best magicians of the time. And each of them were vying for what what do you when you get to that point? Where you're the best magicians in town, right? What are you vying for more money, larger performances, and more access to power? Right? If you think about the mindset of those people as they went in there, they wanted more money. It's good to have more people in front of us to perform in front of and more access to power. So what did they want with their own, they want it to be closer to their own, get more money, bigger audiences. That's the meaning of their life.

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That's what they live their lives for. That's their purpose. Now, in that moment, we know that they throw their staffs forward, they turn into an optical illusion. Allah tells musante salaam to throw your staff and it becomes an actual living, breathing Python that eats all of them, does away with that all. So this is not the big idol crushing the small idols. This is a real snake, a real Python that they know is not an optical illusion, because they know their magic. They know their sorcery, that is not what we do. That's a miracle. There's a difference between our magic and that miracle that's more jeiza not our magic. And so they immediately believed as that big snake eats all of

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their illusions away, and then they immediately become believers. Now, this is a very curious situation. Because not only did they become believers in the moment, what did for their own tell them I'm going to do to you.

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He said, I'm going to cut off your arms. I'm going to cut off your legs. You know, tyrants, when they when they make an example out of someone you know what they do to their body parts, right? I'm going to really really make you look bad. I'm going to mutilate you. Take your body, crucify you in front of the public. I'm going to humiliate you wait to see the torture that I'm going to put you all through. At that moment. Subhan Allah, how much yaqeen certainty did they have? Right? What did they say?

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Go ahead. And they said in rabina lemon hollyburn we are already in our return to Allah subhanaw taala anyway, we're returning to our Lord anyway. Now by the way when when someone passes away we say in Nadella he were in that era he Raja rune to allow we belong and to Him we return Do we ever say monopoly boon? Me means pretty much the same thing. Do we ever say that?

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Are you sure?

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Think about Do you ever say that we are one polygon

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Somebody you broke your fast already you can't use the we haven't eaten excuse. Has anyone here ever traveled before? Yeah so what do you say when you travel

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Subhana Allah the Sahara and I had on my could another homoclinic we're in Isla rabina Lagoon Cali Boone

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you glorify Allah subhana wa tada and you say that we are returning to our lorge one Kali boon. One Kali boon the scholars say is a stronger version than Raji our own well as your own is how we settle ourselves when we say that you know what was in this world was not meant to be in this world they returned back to Allah subhana wa tada when Kali boon means that we are in this journey to Allah subhana wa tada and the final resting place that we're looking for anyway is with him. So when you go out on a journey, you know what, yeah, Allah, you provided us the means. And if we reach this destination in this life or not, the real destination we're seeking is the destination with you the

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destination of your pleasure. How do these people all of a sudden have all of this faith? Where did that come from? In a matter of moments, where they're saying, you know what, don't go ahead. Just a few moments ago you were asking him Hey, can we be your cronies? Can we be near you? Can we be close to you? Now you're saying mutilate us, crucify us. It doesn't matter. We're going back to Allah subhana wa Tada. Anyway. And that's the journey that we are seeking. The Curious Case that even bustle the Allah Tada, and Homer has this reflection, he said, Subhan, Allah Azza. Who Sahara? Well, I'm so sure.

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Is there any group of people like these people, they woke up, they in the morning, they were the magician's of the Pharaoh. In the evening, they are martyrs for Allah. Who are these people? And, you know, moments spent a lot they flipped, they went from the worst of people to the best of people. What is found do to them, could own takes them. And indeed, he cuts them up into pieces, and he crucifies them along the Nile.

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So if you're looking at the Nile River, for their own, indeed, made an example out of them, right, he crucified them and their bodies were all across the Nile so that the other people could see and that their fear of Pharaoh the fear of their own could continue to overcome their hearts. There are so many reflections that I'd like to share in short, lots of data, but I'll just share a few. One of them by the way, is that sort of Baja, or I'm going to be the hobbit or the Allahu taala on who became Muslim through sort of Baja. The morning that almost all the Allahu anhu went out. He was the reason why the Muslims were hiding.

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Right? The morning he went out he was the worst of people. The reason why the Muslims one of the main reasons why the Muslims were hiding away from the public because almost all the Allahu anhu was a big tyrant who not only was willing to kill Muslims, but was willing to kill the Prophet Mohammed sliceable himself

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by the evening and remember what they said about Amaro the law on what they said, the donkey of hubbub will become Muslim before Allah.

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But Allah changed his heart. And he became the reason why the Muslims were able to come out and proclaim their Islam proudly. So the Muslims were hiding in a home but because of almost all the law, I'm reading sort of Baja, they came out and they proudly declared their Islam without any issues without any fear whatsoever. These people were the were the opponents of the Prophet of Allah, standing for a tyrants. And now they were the reason why a tyrant was being discredited and instead standing for the profit of a lot and ultimately to be martyred for a loss of 100 times. So the way Allah use them as a means in that moment. But beyond that there's something else that

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they're at and that reflect on By the way,

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why is it that the Sahaba for their own, their hearts were so soft, that they immediately were willing to receive revelation to absorb revelation, and they no longer had any fear? You know why? They realized that their entire purpose in life was a fraud.

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It wasn't just the snakes that turned out to be a fraud. Imagine you've worked your entire life in Boston in falsehood, your entire life, you are trying to rise for money and you realize it doesn't mean anything. bigger audience and you realize the audience doesn't mean anything, and closeness to power and you realize that that power is false to Allah shattered their own pursuits. It wasn't just that the snake consumed their illusions, it's that the illusion of life became clear to them as well. This whole pursuit of ours was nothing, who cares? Everything became insignificant to them at that moment when they realized they were living a lie. And that's why you see sometimes this full

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day all the time who says he says that keep keep the company the close company of the centers, because they

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Have the most tender hearts, someone that lived their lives away from Allah and then Allah changes their heart. Their hearts are so tender. He said, keep the company of those people because Allah shattered, like they already got there. They already got everything that you could want from this dunya You know what? in it that I've been out among people and we're going back to Allah anyway. That's really the only place that we care about at this point. Also Subhan Allah, we were talking about your eyes with miracles,

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their bodies being crucified, and hanging out there was just as much of an illusion as those snakes that they were once casting. Why? Because what happens to the Shahid what happens to the martyr, as soon as they are struck, they see their place in Jenna. Their souls were already enjoying what Allah subhana wa tada was giving to them. These people went from trying to get closeness to the foot our own, to now having their souls in the bodies of birds, going to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the presence of a human attaining the highest, the highest reward that you could possibly attain.

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And in that, by the way, is not just the illusion of that there's so many illusions here, right? What is real, what is how versus what is bought, and what is truth and what is false. The illusions of their bodies crucified, the illusions of the snakes, the illusions of their pursuits, the illusions of power, all of these illusions gone out the window, and the only thing they're not focused on is Allah subhanho wa Taala. But in that also, by the way, to your brothers and sisters is hope, hope, right? That these people, we don't know their names. We don't honor them, you know, but we don't memorialize them. As far as the dunya is concerned, they left this world crucified.

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But hope spamela the repentance of these people in that moment, you never know. You never know and by the way, there was someone like that in the time of the Prophet slice. I'm gonna end with this interesting man. And about I don't know the alongside and he used to say Should I tell you about a person who entered jamna as a martyr, he was a Shaheed and he never even prayed a single Salah. Do you imagine that he never prayed a prayer. He never fasted the day of Ramadan, but he was a Shaheed and it was a man by the name of Satan came to the Prophet slice of them right before the battle and said, y'all this little I'm ready now he was holding back because Islam all this time. His faith

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came to him right before the battle he fought in the Battle and he died. He was a Shaheed and he never prayed to Salah scatola

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you don't know where you're going to change and that's why we're in that you know, I've been out on one collarbone and the most famous of the prophets lie Selim yarmulke libelle kulu Oh Turner of hearts just like our lives are tribulation, oh, Turner of hearts, bits colombiana de Nick, make my heart firm on your path. So that our last moments are like the last moments of those magicians of their own who became martyrs for Allah, not like their first moment so that we are not the people who wake up as believers and leave the world go to sleep as disbelievers but we are people whose hearts are firm upon faith may Allah subhana wa tada make us amongst those people who witness the

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truth of what Allah subhanaw taala has promised us and whose hearts remain attached to that truth and are never misled by the illusions of this world. Allah I mean, just a little high dose and I'm like more hands on