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Mufti Menk
23 Feb 2018
Muir St Masjid

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu lillahi wa salatu salam ala rasulillah when it was

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on praise is indeed due to Allah subhanho wa Taala blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah subhana wa Jalla to bless him, his household, his companions, to bless every one of us to grant us goodness in the dunya and the alpha and to bless the offsprings who shall be coming right up to the end of time. May Allah subhanho wa Taala keep us and then steadfast on the deen my brothers and sisters, you and I know that today is a Friday, it is not like the other days of the week. We also know that the month of Ramadan is not similar to any other month in this hegi calendar, the Islamic calendar that we have, we also know that the days of

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Hajj, for example, or in Muharram, we have the beautiful days of Muharram. And we have the 10th of it, we do realize that the days are not equal, the months are not all equal in Islam, some are more blessings than others. And if a person is not softened on those days, then we should understand that there is a problem. For example, when certain things happen in our lives, they happen in order to soften us, but sometimes they make us even harder. They make us harder. And if that is the case, then there is something wrong. Now every one of us is searching for the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala sometimes Allah subhanho wa Taala decides to inflict us with hardship in order for us to

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soften up to get closer to Him so that we can attain His mercy.

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It's amazing how Allah subhanho wa Taala works. Therefore, don't look at the negatives. And think to yourself, that this is just the rock and the punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala when you know you are trying to please Allah, but we do know that you are not trying to please Allah subhanho wa Taala that even a mosquito that is flying close to you, you should be worried of

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Allah grant us goodness. So the idea is to try we are human beings, we faltered, we made mistakes, we do things we're not proud of every one of us we may have done things that perhaps we would not want to repeat.

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That is part and parcel of oneness plan. Allah sees Do you

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understand? What is my plan? Do you remember? Do you suffer now? Do you become closer to Allah? How many of us due to sickness we become so close to Allah because we realized nothing helps. Sometimes you have a beautiful human being. Sometimes you have a beautiful human beings, Pamela, who is so healthy, they go to the gym every day. They perhaps eat healthy, they do everything in the best possible way. But guess what happens? They suddenly have a heart attack. And then we're a person who was nice expected to go through that from a human perspective. And then they start asking, Why did this happen to me? I am so highly conscious. I eat so well. I am at the gym every other day. It has

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happened to you because Allah wants to show you who is in control. That's all. There's no other reason. Allah wants you to know who is in charge who is in control. He does not mean that Allah dislikes you. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is giving you an opportunity to gain closeness to him to understand Oh man, you are helping us. Like I said moments ago when a mosquito should want to you when you are distinct from Allah, but you're trying to become close to Allah Subhana Allah, may Allah subhanho wa Taala Have mercy on us. I want to spend the next few minutes Sharma speaking about an important topic.

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I knew I was coming to Cape Town, you and I know that we have an issue in Cape Town that is glaring us in the face. I don't want to talk about it. The reason is, I guess and I presume that almost every other week and everywhere you go people are speaking about the same thing. We need to speak about something else connected indeed connected II, but

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it is somehow different. Why is it that when I call out to Allah, I feel sometimes Allah has not responded. Do you think that sometimes

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whether it's the weakness of faith, that's what it is. Somehow it's easy for someone to say no

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But please give me a deeper explanation. Right? When you say I'm making Guatemala, people say, Well, I'll always use you. Yes. He definitely hears you. And Allah gives you what he knows is better for you. Yes, I believe that. But look, my conviction sometimes Subhana Allah, it differs from person to person. Right? So what do I need? My brothers and sisters, when you call out to the Almighty, you need one, one quality that many of us forget about.

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And that is our relationship with him. So Panama, a relationship with Allah, you need to have a relationship with that maker of yours. You know, I look at you and I see faces I recognize Mashallah beautiful. Some I may not recognize, but guess what, they're still beautiful. If I want something from you to kind of make it that we need anything from each other, but some kind of love. May it be really part and parcel of our goodness, that we assist each other.

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If I needed something from you, I need to have a relationship with you. Salaam Alaikum, I greet you every week, every week, two years later, I say you know what, I need this. You'd say? Not to mention, don't even worry, don't even ask. I'll do it for you. Right now. Five minutes. So Pamela, why? Because I had a good relationship from the days I did not need anything. So kind of love. Suddenly, if I see a man, and I've not had any relationship with him, or someone no relationship, and I need something from him or from meaning from that particular person, a man in this case, just an example. And I say Uncle, I needed 10,000 grants from you. Now, when you're talking about men, I

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mean, we saw the biggest outside data companies look, they must be struggling Mellotron, the keys, I'm not encouraging begging, but at the same time, I'm saying we need to learn that lesson. And we need to make the alphabet because a lot of them are desperate. If it was not the case, they probably wouldn't be there. But we see them how many would actually give them. Today I want to teach you something we all have to give. Whether you like it or not, you see a beggar. It is compulsory for you to give if you don't use a simple, you are sinful. You must be thinking how how I've had to become a beta, it's a new sort of a thing. If it's fun to give them obviously I'm gonna quit my job

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and become a rich person. No, I didn't say cash. I didn't say money. I didn't say you have to give give them what? From the complexion that Allah has given you.

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Your whole woman Phil

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Murphy sama, have mercy upon those on Earth, the one in the heavens, who will have mercy upon you. So when you pass by the beggars, they were placed there and installed there. And Allah tested you it's a test for them to some might be called human. Who knows. Don't let that cross your mind. The minimum you could do is say Oh Allah help them and walk away. So Allah did you give him You gave them some time, something way beyond what money could have given them? So Panama? So when I say a person begging, you have to give give them what minimum your feelings you don't let it become negative. That's why it's horrible. baja Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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as for the beggar, the one who is begging, don't rebuke them, don't disrespect them Don't abuse them. So Panama. How many of us have ever thought of it that no one better? It's my duty to give give was some kind of love movies, a spray of good thoughts.

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To help us feel good about one another, even if we're not the type of business that we are speaking about. Again, another way we are makers. Yeah, you

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Allah, ma, ma.

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Me the OB bu You are indeed, beggars unto Allah, you are in absolute need of Allah. Allah is independent, amazing dependent. He doesn't need you at all, nor does he need to give you what he has given you.

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So go back to the question. Sometimes I call out to Allah, and I feel some kind of love. It hasn't happened the way I wanted.

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Let me explain. Like I said, you need your relationship with Allah.

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You need the mercy of Allah, you have the mercy of Allah, you will have what you want and what you wish. Because, you know, it is the mercy of Allah that has given me and I know that I'm facing the mercy of Allah. So the big question, how am I going to achieve the mercy of Allah, our number one, always seek the forgiveness of Allah. It's something we

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lack the prophets of Allah seldom used to seek the forgiveness of Allah 70 to 100 times a day when logging, we've said it so much, but many of us, myself included, sometimes we haven't sought the forgiveness of Allah subhanho wa Taala anywhere near the extent to reach the one who did not need it. Some of it he was seldom Saudis.

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Bahama, perfect What did he mean? Did we need to seek the forgiveness of Allah? No. But he did. So I showed you one of the reasons is to earn the mercy of Allah. ask Allah suckiness. And it's different from a human being. If someone told me every few minutes, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, forgive me, I'm sorry, forgive me, I will get irritated with them at a certain point. But with Allah, it's the total opposite the more you ask, the more he becomes pleased with you. And the greater the chance of the mercy of a man descending upon you when that happens, is answered. Because you know.

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So my brothers and sisters, point number one, don't forget it. seek the forgiveness of Allah every day.

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Now, we wouldn't be hypocrites if we sought the forgiveness of Allah on one hand, and the other hand, we kept drilling that hole to kind of love we kept going through where we were not supposed to go, we get doing that which was earning the Wrath of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So Allah says, when you're seeking forgiveness, you abandoned sin. You promised Allah you becoming a better person, so can Allah and if she makes you fall, once again, come back immediately to Allah, immediately, don't become despondent. People say, I sought the forgiveness of Allah but I fell again and I sought it again and I fell again, don't count how many times that happened. Don't keep on seeking the

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forgiveness of Allah. It's a sign of the mercy of Allah upon you. The urge within a person to seek the forgiveness of Allah is already is already a sign that the person believes. Now do you realize why you're willing to earn the mercy of Allah.

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When you don't feel like seeking the forgiveness of Allah, it's a sign that there is something wrong with your core belief. Eman is lacking. That's why the Prophet sallallaahu salam says, either subotica Salah takamasa. II

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mean, if your good deed makes you happy with yourself, and if your bad deed makes you regret, it's a sign that you're a true believer. Wow. So Pamela, have you thought of it? I think every single one of us were seated in the house of Allah, if we were to do something wrong, even if it's a habitual sin, May Allah help us eradicate those sins, I promise you, we will regret. No true believer can actually just sit and be excited about the sin without thinking in the heart that you know what, this is something I need to quit. So Pamela, good news to you. It's a sign of a man if it was not for the man, person would not think that way. So number one, we seek the forgiveness of Allah number

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two, learn to be merciful towards the creatures of Allah, because Allah says law, common law, common law, meanness, Allah does not have mercy upon those who don't have mercy upon other people, not Muslim. It doesn't say only the Muslims and must be merciful towards Muslims alone. Yes, you must be merciful towards Muslims. But it goes beyond that, to the non Muslims, to those who differ from you or with you to those perhaps who are not even part of your species. I'm talking here of animals, I'm talking on birds, the ecosystem has mercy upon the creatures of Allah. That's why the previous Hadith that I quoted your hammelmann in other complimentary summer is unique, because of us. Hana

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what Allah tells us have mercy upon what is on Earth.

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Subhan Allah, have mercy upon those on earth, and Allah will have mercy the one in the heavens will have mercy on you.

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You see how unique The wedding is have mercy upon those on Earth. Those includes everything. Do you not agree, everyone?

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We've read up a hardy where merciful

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behavior towards or compassionate behavior towards an animal has been the person forgiveness and gentlemen, etc, etc. You want the mercy of Allah. change your ways and habits cut out pride. Allah does not like pride.

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Become a humble person, and you have the mercy of Allah. When you're at the mercy of Allah, you call out to Allah, you will be convinced Ally's head. And you know what I'm saying? Whatever Allah does for me now is through His mercy. If he kept it away from me, you

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He's mercy. He gave it to me. It's his mercy. So Pamela, why I've got a good relationship with Allah. I developed it by having a good relationship with the creatures of Allah, something special to Allah needs to be special to you.

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Why would Allah make the creation if it was not special to him some kind of money.

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So be

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of your relationship with one another. Like I said, cut out the elegance cut out the bribe, some of us cannot even greet each other. So kind of love. Some of us don't even smile, even in our own homes. Some of us, when we get into the house, we have a relationship with our children such that if they made a mistake or two, that's it, throw them out.

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But those are your children. And we wait to meet people off just because of a mistake they made, everyone would be flicked off, because we all make mistakes. And this is why I plead with those who are married to help your spouse when they earn rather than just first call, first out of coal, but in a marriage. That's the advice people are giving today.

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That's why we find important divorce that managed if 50 people got married in the month 16 year got divorced. That's what's happening now. May Allah subhanho wa Taala said goddess, I really plead with you if you want the mercy of Allah, be patient, be a patient person with all others and Allah will be patient with you.

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Here's something common. So Pamela, we're not prepared to forgive and we want the forgiveness of Allah. If you want the forgiveness of Allah, find it in your heart to forgive those who sometimes it's quite difficult to forgive, especially when they are family members, because in that way you have

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shunned the devil and alone will reward you for that. Indeed, Allah does not need to forgive you. But he will because he sees the quality within you. That is beautiful. What is it, find it in your heart to forgive, even though it's very, very difficult. I really didn't want to do this, but our love for you and

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so if you want the mercy of Allah, you need to understand that Allah subhana wa tallas mercy should be called upon by good deeds to good deeds, increase your good deeds and mercy will descend decrease the bad animals mercy will descend you see it you will feel it. When when you call out to Allah, Allah Krishna okay movie to marry a movie and nafion available.

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That is a powerful pseudonym to have for rain, you will find not just the clouds that come about and tease you, but you will find proper rainfall because you know, that the minutiae of Alaska you come in every one of us changes his or her life in a positive way, I promise you the mercy of Allah will descend upon us. And this is why there are certain things that block the mercy of Allah, one of them is sin, to the second is pride and arrogance, which is also sinful. where we come from, we think we're better. You know, I'll give you an example. There are certain things like oxygen, every one of us needs. Well.

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No matter what race, no matter what nationality, no matter how much knowledge, no matter what denomination a person is, from what religion we need, oxygen, it's common. If it was contaminated, it would heat every one of us.

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so we should realize that when we want the mercy of Allah, we shouldn't begin to care for others. This is why if you look at the Hadith, the prophet SAW someone says, that he man, a sign of a believer, the man is upset several categories, right one religion says 70 something categories right.

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The last category that is mentioned is Mr. Patil as I

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listen to how beautiful disease the Prophet says.

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To remove a harmful object from the path of the people is a sign that your belief on

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the part of the people so people are walking Who are they my friends will walk by enemies will walk the ritual walk the walk, Muslims or Christians will walk, everybody else will walk, whoever will walk, and guess what I did. I cared enough for them to remove the harm that was on the path because it might damage the vehicle of the Jewish man behind me and I actually took it away. Wow, did you hear what happened?

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I actually removed it. Because I didn't have a guarantee as to who is coming or going, I did it for Allah. I did it because my maker says, when you care for others, it's a sign that you believe in the maker of whom you are caring for,

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to see the common factor.

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And this is where we're going wrong. Many of us, I need to look into myself as well at times, many of us are selfish.

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And it's easy for you and I just have been selfish. Think about it, just like many of us are racist. It's easier for us to say no, we're not think about it. Think very carefully. I'm going to give you one question. You see, many of us come from tribes and places and clans and so on. Don't all our clans speak we are better than those. That is the problem. That is a major problem doesn't mean that you think mining village is better than another, the new thing that I am better than the other Wallah. Here we have a huge disease with your email and your connection with Allah and the mercy of Allah will not come to you as quickly as it should. Because you need to rectify your heart, the

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condition of the heart is still wrong. So the minute I think, you know what, yes, Mashallah, I come from this place, but my shoulder, the others, they are also very good people, etc, etc. Now we're in business, what type of business with Allah, Allah, Allah,

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Allah, no matter who you are, you could be local form, outside refugee, non refugee, wealthy, this clan, that group this one money, the moment you think my type of people are better than the other. It is the disease that Islam came to fight. Unfortunately, nearly all of us are guilty of this. And I'm not going to make exceptions here. Because if I do, we won't work on it. But the reason why I'm not making an exception is even I need to work on this, constantly up to the point of death, because shapefile keeps on coming to you. It shows clearly, some times in your life, your child wants to get married to someone, perhaps totally different from you from another part of the globe. And suddenly

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the first thought in your head, how can I allow this? That is Jackie Lee and that thought itself will already keep the mercy of a lot of weight because you're failing your test? Come on, what are you supposed to look at? Go back to the hygiene, check it out and follow it. This is the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah tan. So my brothers and sisters, this is why I say when we talk of pride, handguns, racism, etc. Many times we all think I'm not a racist, you know, sit there, think about it.

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When you think about your behavior, think about your attitude. Think about your thoughts, you will come right. And don't ever think when something is being spoken about, that this is not referring to me. You know, people tell me, someone tell me what to say. And I'm sure it happens with a lot of the months. No, I don't know what to say. They just caught up and thought to themselves and Pamela will talk about this. I wanted to talk today about how to live in the mercy of Allah how to get you to responded and so on and how to become a better person because we're all in the house of Allah, what do we want, we want a bit of encouragement.

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So I will never come up here and start dooming someone and start attacking someone else. Because that's not what people would like to hear. That's not what the guests of Allah need to hear from the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala I'd rather come in and show you where is the mercy of Allah, because I need it as much as you do. This is why I say my brothers, my sisters, Allah knows my needs.

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Allah knows my needs, and I really don't need

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to call out to Allah for him to know my need. He knew it before I call out to Him, but He wants me to call out.

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He's needed an act of worship. So that brings me to another point you want the mercy of Allah do something unique, something unique. You know, when we commit a sin, we commit sins secretly, privately. We don't want people to know what we've done. Especially when it's a big deal, big sin. I don't want people why don't we do good deeds, a few of them that are also a secret we can do at a

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time tried out supplement, no one knows you do this. I recall a story

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where this certain uncle used to give

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something every week to poor families without people knowing.

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One example it's only one that there are so many others, even if it's a smile or whatever else it is, Allah knows you help someone you did something good and the day he passed away. That is the only time that

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People started thinking, you know what? How come the stock and when they started hunting Some time later, the news got back to the family that you know what this uncle used to actually give this family, that family that family and no one knew.

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Now he's gone. So kinda love. Imagine the day that the sins of the same person come up. They were done in secret, and no one knew besides Allah and then suddenly on the record, there are so many good deeds that no one knew besides the law, that's my secret between you and I, isn't that going to be a means of bidding for the mercy of Allah?

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Isn't that great to be a means of bringing forth the mercy of Allah don't want to brag and boast about what good you've done. Although sometimes up there is an encouragement. For others, you may do it, it's not wrong. But sometimes you need to do something no one knows. And keep in constant constant will lie not only will you feel the mercy of Allah in this world, but even in the hereafter. Because Allah is more merciful than you and I, and Allah, he was better than you align. If you're a wealthy multi billionaire. And one day you were stuck somewhere and someone shopped and they didn't know who you were, and they helped you and they did everything for you, and they pay

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your vehicle to do it. You may not mean and you let what would you do? You know, you're a multi billionaire, you're gonna want to reward this guy, even if you didn't know who you were. If you're the smiles, you know why we weren't smiling. We waiting for that day.

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And you know what, suddenly you get a certain amount of money and suddenly you ask this net, how exactly how excited would you be? I want to ask you how much went from the wealthy person? For them, it was a negligible amount, right? You know what Allah tells us through the blessing glimpse of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, that if all all mankind from the beginning of humanity, right up to the end, were to ask Allah, everything they wanted, and allow us to give them absolutely everything that they asked for, it would not be

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in the kingdom of Allah, subtracting more than what the head of a needle subtracts when it's put into the ocean.

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we think it will be and we don't need the relationship with Allah. So my brothers and sisters, let's promise that we're going to develop a relationship with Allah, we start off with this. We develop our attitude, we eradicate bad habits. Like I said, prior pride is something Allah says in

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one of the verses we

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like those who are deceitful alguns doesn't like them. If a man doesn't like you imagine someone comes up to you say I don't like you. You You're gonna meet the man is mad.

00:28:11--> 00:28:37

But when the law says I don't like someone, he mentions characteristics, the reasoning behind it is He wants you to make sure that you're not from among those extra reason. So develop this. And then I want to end it off by saying my brothers, my sisters, a Salah, Ursula, Ursula Salah, remember, the key to success is your 5 million plays.

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You may not see the lights, when you're young. As you grow old, it will keep you away from it will keep you away from so much it will develop your unique will allow you grow the mercy of our descendants. It is a relationship with Allah just you know, and Allah knows. So I really asked you to look into how you fulfill your Salah and to improve on that. And I remind myself about the same we should ask Allah subhanho wa Taala and we definitely need to make sure that we do better when it comes to Salah in this way inshallah we will be at the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala this is only a tip of that huge iceberg. But at least we've started it I asked him not to have mercy on us. And I

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asked Allah subhana wa Taala to help us on a Friday like this in his house, to soften our hearts so that we can become better people so that we can preserve the mercy of Allah. And Allah is such even if we don't deserve the mercy he still gives us at times. But he mentioned if you're trying to know the mercy of Allah, He will never let you down. Aku Cody Hannah Montana