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the last question is not really a question, and I really hesitate to go down this, but I am literally bombarded with multiple emails every single week, I am not exaggerating when I state my inbox asked why Q inbox is full of hundreds of such emails. So I have to I believe I'm kind of like, forced into a corner here to to answer this issue. So that Insha Allah, those emails, minimize, it's something personal. I get multiple emails every single week, from around the world, people asking for my forgiveness, because they say that they have said something about me, based upon something that they saw or something that they heard that I'm this and that. And then they realized

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afterwards, when they listen to my lecture, or when they hear my explanation, they realize that they were not told the truth. And so they said something wrong, and they're worried it's slander, or LIBOR, or Jemima, and they're worried about the Judgement Day and this and that. So they're emailing me sometimes because I don't respond to individual emails, the same person might email half a dozen a dozen times saying, Please forgive me, please forgive me. And some of you might say, why don't you just answer? Because if you saw my inbox, I don't have the time I apologize a long time. But so I'm therefore giving this generic answer insha Allah to Allah to everybody, because I am inundated with

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such emails. So I stated that

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I understand that many people

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in their desire to defend Islam in their desire to protect the purity of this faith, that if they think somebody is corrupting that faith, that they might say things in order to defend the religion, and therefore whoever is sincere to defend the religion of Allah subhanho wa taala. That person has already been forgiven from me, even if they are mistaken, there is no need to email me there is no need to ask my forgiveness. Anybody who sincerely says something wrong about me sincerely thinking that are with a Valera with what I see colors refuse that I am spreading deviation or heresy. They hear something online or what have something of this nature. And they warn their relatives or their

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cousin, they say, don't listen to so and so because he's such and such. And then when they actually listen, they realize, oh, actually, I was mistaken in this, you know, for all of those people unconditionally, completely clean slate from me, there is nothing and there has never been anything in my heart ever for anybody who has been, you know, sincere in this regard. I have forgiven them and Allah has already forgiven them because they are sincere. In amado bindi yet, there's only one small category that perhaps I look forward on the day of judgment, and that is those that intentionally create drama knowing that they're misquoting me or they are not qualified. And this is

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another problem that if you don't have knowledge, and you hear that, oh, somebody prays like this, somebody prays like this, and you've never heard this before, you're like, ooh, Biller, this guy spreading deviation. My whole village prays like this, and he's saying you can pray like this for example. I mean, then he is doing he is coming into a level and an arena and he's fighting a fight he is not qualified to fight and when you do that, well then you are creating fitna and drama so those two categories the one who is totally insincere and he knows that he is lying, or the one that is creating this type of drama and he's not qualified to create this drama Subhanallah for those

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two, I asked that a lot forgives them in the era but after I get my husband that as well I don't want them to be punished or with a bit I will be left for something like this, you know from a lot but I am greedy for Hassan atta and so those people who are not sincere, I do expect that insha Allah any something will come on the Day of Judgment. But my advice my dear brothers and sisters and I've said this all the time is that don't involve yourself in this reputation culture. You my dear brother and sister you do not know which opinion is blameworthy and which opinion is within the realm of Islam and acceptable you do not know. And sadly, sometimes those who are just trained a

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little bit are also not aware, go to the senior Ruhama that are known for their open mindedness and mindedness and tolerance go to minima that are global Alhamdulillah I'm a student of knowledge there are major scholars in America major scholars across the globe who understand you know that okay,

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This is an opinion, I don't agree with it, but it is within the realm of acceptability. So look at a person by his peers, look at the people that he associates with, look at those who endorse this person. And in the end of the day, my dear brother and sister, my sincere advice to follow those whom you trust, that's it. If you are in doubt about a teacher, I share an alum, leave that person. And that includes me, by the way, leave that person and go to the one who gives you strength and the man whose answers comfort you whom you think is bringing you closer to Allah and His messenger. That is what Allah azza wa jal is going to judge you on. If you are not qualified to sift through between

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who's right and wrong, well then go with who your heart believes is the one that is taking you to the best path, and then be quiet about the others because you are not qualified your brother and sister, you don't have to follow them. But you are not qualified to say anything about them. And you don't want on the day of judgment to have to face the potential. The potential What if somebody says hey, that guy sport said a lie about me? You know, Allah, what if, as for me in sha Allah, anybody who's sincere will lie he has Allah as my witness, I have never held a grudge against anybody who's sincere, and I have forgiven them from day one anyway. So from my case, don't worry, you don't have

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to email me. Not at all. But how about others who might still want that or whatnot, why go down this route, my genuine advice, please listen to this that. Follow your teacher, your chef, your alum, whom you think is the most knowledgeable and bring you closer to Allah and His messenger, follow that person, and then be quiet about the rest and leave refutations to those earlier ma who are qualified. Not everybody who refused is an alum who's qualified, frankly, will lie, I say to honestly, the majority of those who busy themselves in the refutation culture, they are not qualified neither in nor in Adam. And this is the reality. And I don't like saying this, the real

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Adam, the real scholar, even if they must refute it is done like salt to the food once in a while it needs to be done. And then you move on, do not associate with people whose primary output is negating the products and the virtues and the fatawa of other people. That's not how you build demand by destroying other people's demand. So bottom line, please, no need to email me, everybody, even those who don't ask and they continue to say things about me because at the end of the day, we live in very dangerous and very difficult times. And I understand there's a pain, I understand there's a pain and a perception that the religion is under attack. And a lot of people think

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everybody's betraying the religion except me and my group and I understand that mentality, even though I said that mentality is not healthy still I understand it. And this person this this, you know, any innocent person in naive, the innocent, he genuinely thinks that he's defending the religion of Allah, and defending the pristine teachings of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam by speaking against people that he thinks is corrupting the faith, okay? in them and Mr. Lubin, yet, that person is forgiven from Allah azza wa jal, and also between me and him Micrococcus Well, I give up to that person, but still I say, Why get involved, worship Allah learn knowledge, do what you

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can, and the rest of the scholars into art leave their affair to those who are qualified to do that. So I hope that insha Allah Tada I hope that this will minimize the number of emails that come in this regard. And if you are a student of knowledge and if you are interested, then listen to the person directly and see because again, fact of the matter almost all of these emails has the same thing. I heard something about you from this video. I misunderstood I believed it until I came across what you yourself said Subhanallah in this it kind of shows you as well but in any case, busier time with that which is beneficial and do not busy your time with Kayla were called and he

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said and she said referring and whatnot follow those whom you trust and come closer to Allah and His Messenger The goal is not the reputation of chef so and so the goal is the pleasure of Allah and that will be done by you sincerely following that which you think will bring you to the pleasure of Allah through the scholars in the road Mr. whom you trust me Allah subhana wa Tada Cleanse my heart and yours have any zeal and has been helped? May Allah subhana wa Tada purify us internally and grant us the best Adam if externally May Allah subhana wa Tada right for us Cabul in the heavens and on this earth, may Allah subhanho wa Taala guide all of us to the truth and guide others to the

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truth through us. With us in sha Allah will come to the end of today's q&a, which is Akuma la Heron was Santa Monica Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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