Early life of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ

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My brothers, my sisters, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bear in mind, best of creation, most noble of all prophets. His father passed away before he was born Subhana Allah, Allah chose for him to be born in a city and at a time when there was no advancement in terms of electricity, running water, the internet, mobile phones, motor vehicles, air aircraft, space jets, whatever else they might have been, but Allah favored him above everyone. He was born, when he was born, his father had already preceded, or the death of his father had preceded his birth. So he was born an orphan. This is a consolation for all orphans. It is not because Allah is upset with you that you're an orphan.

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It is not because Allah does not love you. And that's why he took your father away. No, he perhaps he loves you more. Perhaps he loves you more. And that's why he took your father away. So panela made you an orphan. And as Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam grew a little bit older. Do you know he faced a hardship in budhia to Benny sad when he was sent to Halima this idea, when he was sent to Halima the wetness. And what happened is, at a certain time, gibreel alayhis salam came to him. And there was the incident of the washing of the heart at that particular juncture when he was very young of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and Subhanallah he faced a difficulty or hardship where he had to come back to his mother. And when he came back to his mother, a little while later, his mother passed away. He was only six years old, according to some of the narrations. So he stayed with his mother for about a year. According to the narrations, if he had come back at the age of five, most of the time he did not spend with his mother. And when he did, the mother then passed away when he was six years old, still very young. So no father, no mother, that is the most loved unto Allah. That difficulty and hardship did not mean that Allah didn't love him. Same applies to any one of us. If you faced hardship, difficulty,

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something happened to you remember something it does not mean Allah does not love you, perhaps he loves you more than others, take it in your stride and get closer to him. thank Allah for whatever you do have the hardships and challenges were faced by everyone. So panela more so those who are loved by Allah MA in Allah either a hub Bab de nipt, Allah, when Allah loves a slave, he tests him more and more and more, you will gain closeness to Allah and you realize the best thing you ever have is your relationship with your maker that will never let you down, the more the hardship, we will not entertain shape and we will never let him make us lose hope. You might have lost your job.

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You might have lost so many things. You might have lost family members, like I said your parents