Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #26

Sulaiman Moola
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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your Ragini Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. What is Paul nalli my cat is Judo de Mufasa Jadoo.

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He believes garden Ameen Elgin ffs upon Umbria Rob Bay. If at that does he don't know whom was

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only mean dooney Welcome lagoon idoe Bay is la Valley mean bad de la Sadat Allahu la vim. Yesterday we concluded verse number 49. On the note what are your bilimora buka a Haida and surely your Lord does not oppress anyone haraam to Luma Allah nfcu Virgil to obey in a combo Harmon Farah tabula Moo, oh my servants, I have made oppression forbidden upon myself. They you people oppress anyone catchable Allah and I've seen her Rama I have ordained mercy upon myself. subaqua terashima at my mercy surpasses my anger and my rage Lula moon and atira to the moon fit law on the day of the Yama they will be no injustice ly harmful doleman while I have will have ma layer harmful volume and

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voila, you have will have my verse of the 16 years chapter 20 sauraha or Kaleem, there's no reduction in your reward, there is no oppression, exploitation or abuse in any form, shape or size. Hence you will find in the Quran wherever Allah subhana wa Taala speaks about punishment. Immediately after that Allah makes a disclaimer not that he needs to make one that I did not bring this Ross upon them. They provoke the Roth for Colin Devam Bay. For Colin Asana be them be the last page of the 20th juice of the Quran surah to Lanka Buddha, Allah subhanho wa Taala says so we seized every nation because of the advice for minuman Rasul Allah, he has Riba there were those upon whom

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we unleashed stormy winds, what may normally occur that will say how there were those who are grabbed by the awful cry of an angel woman woman herself knobby Hill are they were those who were swallowed by the earth into the belly of the earth or me No woman

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and there were those that were envelope the by the raging waters and they drowned in the depth of the ocean. Why am I gonna love hula De Lima one, one argon Allah Lima home Well, I can can oh and foster home yeah, Billy moon, and surely Allah did not oppress them, but they oppressed themselves while mama who you read my little very bad, and Allah does not even intend oppression or exploitation upon his bondsmen in any way. We move on verse number 50. And now Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about the ancient detail of the devil refusing to Prostrate to Adam alayhis salatu salam. So verse number 50, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What if

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he get his ju Li

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and remember the time with guru as you would know in basic Arabic is kinda mahangu and is implied in the context. Remember the time cool now when we said lil mala aka to the angels asked Judo said that is to bow and prostrate to Adam, what is called Nalin mela, a cat is Judo Li fossa, Jeju in a believes, so they bound and they prostrated the melodica obliged and complied with the exception of the devil in this verse, verse number 50 of chapter 18 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, can mean natural Genie that the devil was from amongst the Jannat Emmylou Cathy Rahim Allah has academically opened up this discussion at this juncture in great detail, discussing the origin of the devil, and

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how he was included how he was included into the group of the Mullah aikka. And given the task to prostrate before Adam alayhis Salatu was salam, Mullah Hassan Abu al Mohler has a synopsis of what is found there. And the Raji had the preferred opinion that he was from amongst the GNR, but due to his worship and excelling in worship, he was then privileged and included into the group of the Mullah EGA. And then he was given the same

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Command he was given the same command. Sometimes you have a student that outshines his peers that excels in every regard. He is almost promoted to a student teacher, though he himself in his capacity is a student, but he is put in as a relief teacher, in the absence of the class, teacher, etc, given his phenomenal display of performance of excellence, of expertise, of diligence of competence, etc, just given a context. So he was from amongst the genart and because of his excessive worship, he was then privileged to be included in the group of the Mullah Aika and the command that was given to the angels was also directed to him. Of course he is dominant ingredient

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was fire. His dominant ingredient was fire, like the humans dominant ingredient is sand and dust we've been created from it Holla Holla call in Santa min Sol Sol le min hammer immerse known sometimes Allah said sound in clay right Sol Sol is like if you knock it against a pot, an earthen bot, so it will give off that sound that echoing sound, while hammer refers to muddy substance and Miss noon refers to something that gives off a foul smell or an odor meaning it was left for a period of time. I don't want to go into the different expressions of the ingredients that make up the composition of men. Of course, we marveled at the greatness of Allah, that the ingredients of

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men were of, of that nature, and we're so inferior yet Allah subhanho wa Taala fashion the best of his creation from that ingredient.

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Hala tunnel insalata in Santa Fe Sangeeta cwieme we've given man the best of appearance while our partner Khurana bunny done. We've given man the best of appearance and we've dignified the human race. So the Jenna the devil was also told to prostate cancer I mean, originally he was from amongst the Jannat fair, fair Santa Maria rabbit that ingredient, that element in him that claim of dominance in him, dominated him again overpowered him for first SATA and Embrey rugby and he disobeyed Allah about we're stuck about he refused he declined, declined what can aminal Kathie Lee and he became from amongst the disbelievers and he was not excused he is not excused there because

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he was created from fire and the nature of fire is kinda more loud or superior. No, no, there are certain temperaments in in man we have been given. Or we've been tasked to suppress this to subdue this here, somebody is provoking you in English, they say he who angers you conquers you, he will angers you conquers you. Of course, a person once asked someone for advice. So he said don't become angry. He said, No, I don't become angry people anger me, people anger me. So that's a reality him I'm sure. Many say this is attributed to him money stove, a buffalo meal. for him. A woman is totally a fella who was a pawn. If you provoke, and you don't have a rage and you don't experience

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an emotion, then you're not a human. You're not a human, you're a lifeless object, because it's human when somebody provokes you an insight you, but you also have the authority and the ability to control it, to suppress it to subdue it to take to take control over it. Either you you allow it to rain, you know, supreme over you or you take control over it. So the devil can I mean agenda. He because of his worship was privileged to be included in the group. He was given the same command. But unfortunately for soccer and rugby, he disobeyed his Lord. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala is addressing mankind in its entirety. Verse number 53, Donna who was a realtor only, I mean, dooney

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wuma. Komodo bsla Valley mean by de la up is aestivum a question of fact that Luna Who will you Oh, the offspring of Adam, are the descendants of Adam out the children of Adam. Some places Allah subhanaw taala referred to us as the offspring of new Holly his Salaam, because he is known as the second ancestor, right when the floods came and everyone was destroyed, and those who boarded the ark, and from there, the progeny again then prospered. So whoever inhabits the earth today, of course, the descendants of Adam alayhis salaam, primarily, but they are also the descendants of new alayhi salatu was Salam because those who

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The only surviving people after the floods ends in the 15 Jews in the first page in chapter 17 surah Bani Israel, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, lonely Adam and homina I know and you will know in basic Arabic grammar that the Ria is monada and the heart of NIDA has been omitted and it is Maha Sophia yazar re Chairman Habana. Oh the children Oh, the offspring of those whom we boarded onto the ark with new Holly. He said I'm in the hook and I've done shakoora your ancestor Noah no Holly Salam was a grateful servant. Where is your gratitude? So Allah is asking us as the children and the offspring of Adam alayhis salaam affected Luna Who will you choose to make the devil and his offspring? Were

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the literal or figurative his cronies his allies? Would you make them your friends attentively? Luna who was a realtor who earlier he was arrogant he refused to prostrate to your father or the mother his Salaam. He denied and disobey the law? how evil Have you? How strange Have you that you as the child of Adam alayhis salam is embracing the very full enemy and adversity of your father. I've read the credo no matter who only I mean dooney making him your guardian and not making Allah your helper Bay sadly Valley me in a bad Allah. Evil indeed, is the substitute of the oppressors.

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So it is hard for them and then in that way you have Maqsood with them, right that is when you make the turkey meaning evil, wicked. volley mean the evildoers be Sally's Barney mean a bad Allah and Allah subhanho wa Taala referred to this friendship and this companionship and this bond with the devil as a substitute. It's an evil Allah didn't say it's an evil friendship. Allah said it's an evil substitute. Why? Because you suppose to make a liar friend and then you make in the devil your friend. A parent would call out to a child and say, You know what, on the right side of your house, there's a great neighbor There's a wonderful neighbor is a good boy. What did Dorothea Lange who say

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that your best friend is the one who says to you to I'll come Natsume let us fast and obey Allah tabula and the moon before we die. Time is running out let us observe our fathers let us do virtue. We're in a shadow rasa Jaime calm. And your worst friend is one who says style nalu let us come and indulge and party and marry make and celebrate popular animals before we die. So you want to indulge in amusement entertainment and celebration all the time before death. In other words, instead of making a haze now while you are alive to do good, your evil friend is calling you towards vice Ensign and he is the worst companion May Allah protect us from such friends and protect us from

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being such friends to others. So Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that this is the replacement you replace in the friendship you're supposed to have what Allah

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you replace in the bond you're supposed to have what Allah and then you stoop so low and you befriend the devil? Now my brother, my sister, my listener, my viewer, we all might say no, who wants to dare make the devil his friend. Well, when we look at our lives and what we do, then I'm afraid. We have unfortunately as a result of our actions invited the devil into our homes. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam says that when you enter

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your house and you sit down to eat when you recite the doors, then the devil leaves and he says to his army there's no place here there is no place for you. Yep, Lambie telecom well I shall no place to sleep, no food to eat. And when you read the door and you go in the bathroom and the washroom then the devil does not come Allahumma inni will be coming and hobos evil haba is and it comes in the narration that if you do not read the DA then the devil comes and obviously you know what interferes with your interferes with you even in the washroom. We have been taught of reciting the DA that even when a person is intimate with his spouse before having relationship in his bedroom

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prior to relationship. There is a Duan taught to us that the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah homogenic Geneva now we're generally be shapen Mr. Geneva shavon Mr. zatanna keep the devil away from us and keep the devil away from that which you provide us

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Within this union, meaning in this union if it gives rise to an issue, or gives rise to a child and an offspring, let not the devil have any influence on that child.

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The hadith of a Muslim that the devil gathers his cronies. And then each one reports to him. And then the one who comes and says that I have separated a husband and wife, the devil embraces him and says, today you have achieved a great thing you have achieved the great thing. So disobeying Allah and following the ways of the shareport embracing and really study it my brother and study it my sister, you will find how systematically there is this devilish indoctrination in us to oppose the pristine teachings of Islam. So whatever a male has been told to do, the devil will come with the opposite the messenger sallallahu Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam Anil causa, he said, Do not cut

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your hair and even do not cut your hair in different lens. Now you take today unfortunately, how common a condition it has become. And you know, the scholars have written that these are part of those sins which don't even give you pleasure. No son gives you a pleasure to qualify, but some sense supposedly give you a fake pleasure. A person might falsely argue while listening to a particular song or while playing you know what gambling are while committing Zina, or while perusing immoral material. It gives me some entertainment and an excitement. And we know in reality it's fake. It's untrue. It's superficial in reality, it is just an addiction. That is destroying both his

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physical side any spiritual side, but when it comes to cutting your hair, and even way Is there any suppose that happiness or joy in it, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then said ofuro loja were full sharib that trim your mustache and lengthen your beard. Now again, we've been shown and thought and told to do the direct opposite. As a male. I have been told that my upper garment must not be below my ankle mass for elemental garbain for thinner mass phenomenal campaign for phenol. Don't let your upper garment go below your ankle. When you look at my sister. My sister has been told that she must cover herself completely. Now there the fashion will tell you something else. I've had that as a

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Luna who were the reata who oh they are verse number 50 ally is asking a question. The devil refused to Prostrate to Adam. He was from amongst the general privilege to be associated with the Mullah ICA given the same command he refused. Now the children of Adam Will you still choose to make him your friend Sally Ballymena better law than evil indeed is the substitute that you compromise in an abandoned in your relation with your Creator, only to befriend the devil. Well maniac Cornish shavon hula hoop Corinne and fossa Kareena and whoever be friendship on He's the worst friend right? Corinne literally means to be paired up so he's with you all the time in nama yondu his Babu Li aku

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no min as higher be surreal.

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Verily, the devil and his army only invited so that you can accompany him in * I got he knows he's got to end up in *. And now he wants to take more people with him in *. We move on verse number 51. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, ma I should have told him Halper sama yt. Well, while our

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aim was Mr. Khan Toma Takeda modeling Leonardo da Wow. I did not require him to be present Mashhad to him halka sama What? In other words, okay, let me first give you a translation man alfia again to negate a shadow usually to his heart from Bobby if our ma thorough to whom the devil was not summoned, his opinion was not sought. his advice was not requested. He was not consulted. How have you given him this elevated powers? Like for example, in a classroom environment, a child decides to just exit the classroom, and then the teacher asks him and reprimands him, but how did you walk out this classroom protocol and these formalities? Well, I just asked the person sitting next to me, you

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know, what, can I use the washroom and can I go home early and he said, Fine. Hello. How can you ask him? He's a fellow colleague and a companion. He is a regular student. He doesn't have his he's not the head student is not a prefect. He hasn't been given any authority. He hasn't been assigned any responsibilities. How can you ask him he is just a regular person like you. He hasn't been given any position. So

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How have you worship the devil obeyed the devil, when the reality of the matter is by a shadow him Hello passamaquoddy Well, I did not summon him or ask his opinion in the creation of the skies of the earth, while unfussy him, and nor did I ask one's opinion in the creation of another. I didn't consult with the devil. No, no, you know what, he's an Advisor to the President. He's an advisor to the cabinet. You know what, he's part of the ministers. He's part of the idea that Allah doesn't need any advice. Allah doesn't seek any advice. Allah is independent, lamea Kula who Khufu and had LASIK. Admittedly, he shaved.

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He's unique in every regard. So my eyes had to him hulka somehow it well all, I did not require him to be present or seek his advice in the creation of the skies and the earth? Well, I can foresee him, nor did I request him in the creation of themselves. In other words, I didn't summon one, when I was creating the other one, and ask him, What do you feel in this regard? Why am I going to move move in Leonardo da, wow, Subhan Allah,

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I don't need to help. I don't need an assistant. Right? This is what Allah is saying. And

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the last person to ever make an assistant is a deviant person is a deviant person.

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For example, again, I'm giving an analogy. A child came home, and probably he didn't find some food in the house or whatever.

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And then he goes to a particular neighbor, and he's just tells the Auntie, you know, what, can I have lunch here. And subsequently, his mother discovers about it, and she goes into a full of rage. And she says to him, but if you did not find food, you could have phoned me, you could have sent me a message. Or you could see in the fridge, or you could probably see something in the microwave or in the oven. And okay, in the end, if you didn't find and you didn't for Why did you go to that neighbor? You know, for a fact that unfortunately, we don't share the best of relationships. And you know, that she will probably throw that back at me. So really, that when you finally decided that

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you wanted to ask was it that person was that the only person? Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying that I don't need any help. I am free from the need of any help or assistance. Will I ever take care from a deviant devil? What am I gonna do? And I am not one more to save to make, ultimately, Lina the deviant devil are Buddha, a helper and an assistant.

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So where did you then get the notion to make the devil your source of direction? How is it that you abandon your relation with your Creator, in terms of our feeling, I came across an amazing thing under the chapter of Radha Bonilla puts this thought in my mind now that a person went into a shop and he had left his office outside, and he left his servant there to just attend to the horse as well. And when he came out, he seen that the servant had actually severed the leg of the horse. So one leg was cut off, which is brutal and crude and inflicting injury to the animal. And of course, provoking the owner and the master because of the defect that he brought about, about on the animal.

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So when the master came out, he says, like, what is this now? Like, this is preposterous. This is outrageous. This is crazy. Why would you do this? So he asked the servant and why did you do this? He said, I did this to provoke you. Now that's like, really bad, you know, crude, brutal, to the point abrupt. I did this to provoke you. Wow. What did this man say, and the Bible had been beautiful. In 40 abolade. Summer candy has made mention of this incident.

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The master took a deep breath, of course, I'm paraphrasing here. And then he said, I'm not going to succumb to that provocation. And I'm not going to become angry. I'm going to anger The one who provoked you to make me angry. And that's the devil. I'm going to make him angry. He provoked you to make me angry. I'm not going to become angry, but I'm going to make him angry. You know what? I have liberated you for the pleasure of Allah. And I'm going to slaughter this horse and distribute all the meat to the poor. Allahu Akbar, Allah Akbar. This is shunning the devil. And this is making Allah your friend. This is making Allah your friend.

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And succumbing to the whisper of the devil is making the devil your friend. We're going to move

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on to Leonardo da and I am not one to make the devil my help but I don't need a helper and then the devil.

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Furthermore, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 52, why oh my god

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lonardo Shoraka Levine as I'm Tom for their own fellow Mr. g Bula. home when you're buying a home no because and remember the time where Yama on that day your kulu and Allah will say Nadu Shoraka a call out to my suppose that

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partners and allies who you said you said those who ascribe partners with Allah that Allah has a partner Allah is an associate well he has a villa Villa Villa Villa Villa so okay call them out call my partners called my associates you said that you were worshipping them and I had a proven I had authenticated and either way oma And on that day Jaco Allah will say no do call out Shoraka he, my suppose that partners and allies and Latinas I'm doing whom you called out to further I will home so the RBD will call out to the Mr. bodeen the worshipers will call out to the objects of worship. Right.

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Now, do we owe my Apolo Nadeau Shoraka led in his arm to further our home? fellow Mr. g. Bula, whom they will get no reply they will get no reply. Follow me yesterday Bula whom they will get no reply why john bainer, whom mobistar and Allah says and we will create between the worshiper and those who they worshiped a barrier mobic means a verb which means how a pit of * a barrier a blockage between the two not to say that prior to the blockage that there would be some opportunity of conversing or communication, but it just adds to your misery that you're trying to reach out to someone they ignoring you they can't be bothered you worshipping them and you're getting no

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response. In fact the Quran categorically say is in the seven Jews say dinar Isa Allah is Salatu was Salam will be us. And tally Nancy Zuni will own Mia Illa Haney min dawn Illa our Isa the son of Mary, did you tell people worship Me and my mum besides a lot? and double talin acid Duffy Looney well, Amir Isla Haman Daniela Carla Suba Hanukkah Maya cannoli akula mala is le be how Allah you know I cannot utter this and I did not utter this

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so well my appunto Nadu now imagine you invest your hopes in someone he'll help me he'll help me come the day it gives you a goal shoulder he's not even looking at you he's ignoring you. And while he is ignoring you suddenly comes a barrier between the two and blocks the two Can you imagine the disappointment of this of this worship up? I know of many cases in marriages right? Where a particular spouse invested in the other spouse that you know what through your tough times I supported you through your difficult days I was with you on the hope that things will turn out for the better and you will rescue me and now when things work out for the better you drop me you drop

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me right like like like an ember like a flame you just you just walk away now the diligent the compliant the obedient the caring spouse is like if I only knew this is what was going to come my way I would have changed directions long time ago. But alas now it's too late. I invested I toil I labored I exhausted and only to find this Yup. So now you're screaming they don't reply. And then comes this mo because this pit of * that separates the two if the bar

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to be rude mean alladhina terbaru what?

00:28:55 --> 00:29:01

what occurred to be a model as Bob Oh man, I wish you could understand this. If the bar

00:29:02 --> 00:29:53

to be rude, meaner. levena terbaru. When the leaders will disassociate from the followers, what I will adopt, and they all will see the fire of *. What Tyler levy Lavina terbaru lo annalena Cara lo and Elena Cara. Now to express the rage and anger. The followers will say to the leaders, I wish we can go back in the world and I'll abandon you like how you abandon me but unless it's too late, nobody's going back. Nobody is going back. What are they in a home mode because what are adding Moji remove now for one no and no home morality rule? How big do one must refer? And that brings us to verse number 53. Allah says that criminals will see the fire for urban new Eva atanu they will know

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

with conviction. We are heading towards that fire while Amir de Massa and they

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is no diversion aversion or escape from that fire of *. JOHN Nam is a reality and Paradise is a reality. It is a duty of a believer daily to implore Allah for entering into paradise and refuge and protection from *. I mean your alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi adjumani al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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