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Abdullah Oduro
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the negative consequences of actions taken by individuals in the criminal activity of the United States, including punished actions and accusations of wrongdoing. It emphasizes the importance of patient forgiveness and the use of forgiveness in court systems, including accusations of wrongdoing and actions of mistake. The speakers also touch on the importance of patient forgiveness and the need for patient behavior in criminal justice systems. A reward for forgiveness is mentioned, and digital money can be rewarded with digital money.
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Just before we go off to stoner didn't show up in the first record was from the chapter of shooter and last one dollars mentioned in the characteristics of those that are praiseworthy, and he mentioned certain attributes and I want to concentrate on one particular attribute were last supine with Allah says after all the blemish on on a gene

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when Edina either a saw Belmondo he whom young stasiun he's talking about those individuals that if they were oppressed, what do they do and how do they act but he gives two particular scenarios and dare I say choices, and one is more preferable than the other but the one that is preferred, is much harder to to attain.

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Allah subhanaw taala says will lead to either a Saba human bulky whom you don't succeed on and those that if they were affected by some type of transgression. Then they young *, NT SAR, they seek help against that transgression.

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For dessert, for dessert, Oh say, For dessert, we'll say it's in Seattle mythical. And the last one kind of gives the general guy the general rule. So the reward for any type of evil is rewarded with that evil that was done to you. From an IFA will also the halfa, a Jew who Allah Allah,

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and the one that was to pardon and to rectify the situation where we can sell, then their reward is with the loss of power without the end who lay your head below the mean. Allah does not like the transgressors. What am own tousled about that loony he felt when he can now add a Mr. B and the one that seeks into SAR or help against that transgressor. Formula II can now I need humans to be in so those individuals there is no punishment the Sybil here is a Seville of punishment. There is no punishment upon them. In the midst libido and the DNA of the moon and NASA we have a wonderful r&d Bill Hayden Hawk, verily, the severe the punishment is for the ones that transgress on the earth

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delighted Hawk without any right or last month on

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Lulu eikelboom I love when any one emos, sobre la Hoffer are in there and he can immunize me no more. And this is the showerhead. When the last one thought it talks about the one that is the transgression that they will be punished and the transgressed they can seek, they can seek their their right from the transgressor Allah subhanaw taala ends off with that which is much more,

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more dare we say, preferably in an honorable position, depending on the situation. But General given this general ruling, that if someone was to pardon them, Allah subhanaw taala says, well, Mo sobre la hora in Nevada, lemon asmall Omar, and the one that was to have patience, and to forgive, very, that is from the actions of determination. And he says that Eisenmenger more it is not something that is easy determination in the eyes, and that it takes a level of strength. You know, the five beloved prophets, they're called the ruler as, because of what they endured. So someone enduring oppression from someone, it is allowed for them to seek their rights and to respond with that of

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equal. But if someone was to pardon and forgive, that it can mean as more the last one to us is the one that was to pardon to the patient and to forgive them, that is from the actual determination. Why is this important for us, there are some levels of transgression that has been done to us individually, and it is important for you, you have the total right to receive your right to get your right, if especially if it was taken from you unjustly and buggin, that it was taken from unjustly. But if one was to pay is to be patient, and to forgive, this has been as many of us have shared videos, and I, I mean, many of us, I'm definitely myself, if someone was to take my son or

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daughter's life unjustly, I would really possibly lose my freedom from that I'm going to be totally honest, if someone was to take my children's life unjustly. And I was to see it, there's going to be a major problem. But then we see Muslims in the court system, they go and hug the killer of their child. That humanizing more. Yeah.

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That's patience and forgiveness. I mean,

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Heinola I mean, I don't know if any of you have seen that. In court Chosen Few that Allah has chosen to walk up to the killer of their child, and to hug them and forgive them and then give them doubt in front of the whole world. I mean,

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that's what Ramadan is supposed to do to us? No, that's what it's supposed to do to us and for us, but it takes the individual to dig deep. And to Subhanallah ask Allah subhanaw taala ask Allah subhanaw taala for a soft, kind heart for His sake, and not for the sake of anyone or anything else. It's me Allah subhanaw taala make us of those that if we were oppressed, we have the soft and big heart to forgive. And to pardon for Verily Allah subhana wa ala Foredom Rahim.

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He is the one that is all Forgiving, the Most Merciful and May He make us of those that when we seek our right we can seek it. But then in particular situations to forgive and to be patient that can be from the action determination because he had a question

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know it's between Muslims and non Muslims as well because of the body I am

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your bones

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but again, it can be particularly situations if it's not just you and it's a whole community like for instance was going on with our you know, our brothers and sisters around the world and Phyllis Tina, Kellyanne, you know, it's a different situation. But if it's someone personally, that owes you money or something like this or something like that, to pardon them, forgive them, Elisa, beautiful, you can ask them because you receive the award with the lawsuit pining without it. And that's what's important for us to remember. When we forgive and pardon, you're rewarded with digital while Allah Allah says, For a Jew who Allah Allah right, we may not get that reward in this life by them saying

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I'm sorry Are we compensating you, but the reward is with the last month Allah and that's much better and greater because Allah will reward you in ways that you cannot imagine in this life for you or for someone that you love or answering your DUA or providing you with more like many different ways what we've been provided for, you never know that was probably someone you forgiven 12 years ago and allows responding to it now because of the intensity of the sincerity and forgiving that person. So Allah subhanaw taala his his ramen His mercy is given when he was how he was but he gives us the promise that if we were to take that route a little while Allah that the rewards with

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the last part of the last month Allah make us of those that are patient and have four bands with his creation for really all of us have our mistakes and our sins and we ask them to forgive us and make us pardoning of those that has wronged us inshallah to Allah allometry in the near the lumen of a cafe and honestly as you know it's often a man abroad in Australia also the quantity mustard Nephin fee for the senior have been I mean, almost one and a half one and most of that fee and if you Philistine going to be that alone was one of the fee for the steam. If you saw a little bit I mean, well to implement dynamic out of bed I mean, what made him be madder than me to indicate not as

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easily Yaqui I'm 18 along with a bit academic why Nina photography studio Philistine if we go to feel Rohingya, you're a bit I mean, from a shadow Illuminati behind your eyes use Yahoo you and Mateen Yeah, they're generally with a Chromia Mahima young with a computer or so Allah was going to be in the water Eddie, what's happening?

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