Quran Corrects Bible on History

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When the Bible talks about the supreme ruler of Egypt in conjunction with both Abraham and Joseph refers to him as Pharaoh. Whereas actually, when the Quran talks about the supreme ruler of Egypt, at the time of Joseph, it refers to him as King. Now this is a difference. Now the truth of the matter is, there's no way that they could have been a pharaoh at the time of Joseph. Why, because he was located at the second Intermediate Period, likewise, with Abraham, and in fact, in Genesis chapter 15, verse number 13. Abraham says, in 400 years, the Israelites will be enslaved. Now if you add that there's no way that you could be located in the new kingdom. Therefore, the Bible gets this

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wrong and the Quran corrects the Bible. Now, what kind of resource could the Quran or the author of the Quran if it was Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam have used because the Rosetta Stone was only discovered in 1799. So from whence did he get this information?