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AI: Summary © The transcript describes the qualities and characteristics of Islam, including its independence, lack of need for worship, and the use of "wer" to refer to individuals. The speakers also discuss the worship of Islam and its significance in various aspects of life, including the importance of being independent and not needing to be harmmed.
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[REVIEWED] Assalamu'alaikum, from among the names of Allah subhanhu wa Taala is al-Ghaniyy, which means the All-Independent, the Self-Sufficient, the One who is not in need of any one or anything. And this comes from a verse of the Quran that Allah subhanhu wa Ta'ala makes mention of Surah al-Fatir: <> [Q,35:15]: Oh people, you are the ones who are in desperate need of Allah.

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<<..wallaahu Huwal Ghaniyyul Hameed>> [Q,35:15]: and Allah is indeed al-Ghaniyy, al-Hameed, He is deserving of All-Praise. He is the Owner of All-Praise, and al-Ghaniyy, meaning He is totally independent, self sufficient, he is not in need of you in any way. He's not in need of your worship, he's not in need of your wealth, he's not in need of anything. In fact, no matter what you do, you will never be able to harm him or benefit him at all. He is totally and completely independent. So when you do a deed, you're actually doing it for yourself in the obedience of the Self-Sufficient,

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but Allah appreciates it and He loves you in return, and He will reward you in return. That does not mean He needed it at all. And this is why if you turn away from Allah, He says, I will replace you with someone else. I didn't need you in the first place. Allah is al-Ghaniyy, Allah is the Independent. Now, Ghaniyyun without the al (ال) actually would mean, could mean wealthy or rich. And that is when it's referring to human kind--ghaniyy, --hadza rajulu ghaniyyun--, this man is rich, or he is wealthy. And then you say, --ana ghaniyyun an hadza--, I am independent from this. So you're allowed to use that word referring to human beings as well. But the minute you add (ال) to it, al-Ghaniyy. Man huwal-Ghaniyy?

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Well when you say Allahu wal-Ghaniyy, who is the al-Ghaniyy? You know, the Totally-Independent, that is Allah. So Abdul Ghaniyy, the worshipper of The-Independent, you know, the Self-Sufficient. That's a name, you give someone that name Abdul Ghaniyy, it's fine. But if you call someone Ghaniyy, and you're referring to it being that person being rich, that's also okay. For as long as you haven't said, al-Ghaniyy. It's fine. If you say al-Ghaniyy, you cannot use that to refer to a human being because the only one who is al-Ghaniyy is Allah, Allahu huwal-Ghaniyy. Allah is the One who is totally Self-Sufficient, completely independent. He doesn't need his creation at all. But he created it. You

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might say how we may not know exact details now with this brain that we've been given, which is very limited. We cannot see many things, including sometimes viruses that hate us. But Allah says, We will show you we know just hang on a few years, you come back to us imagine the creation of the earth alone. The Earth has been in existence for millions of years.

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And we who think we're so sophisticated, only live for approximately 60 to 70 years. how insignificant are we, in comparison, even to the tree in our backyards. And we think we're wealthy and we're independent. No, my brother, you and I are totally dependent upon Allah. And Allah is absolutely so Self-Sufficient, and independent from all of us. Allahu huwal-Ghaniyy.

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And he says it in so many places in the Quran. So be humble. Turn to Allah. Understand that if every one gathers, and asks Allah for something, and if he were to give them everything that they all asked from the beginning of creation to the end of creation, the Hadith says, it will not displace from my kingdom,

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except that which is displaced by a pin when dropped into the ocean, which means nothing. Subhan-Allah, that is Allah, Allah is the Greatest. we humble ourselves. I sit and I watch people of all sorts all over the world praying, the five daily prayers, some who might be of a very low social standing or financial standing, and they turn to Allah and I tell myself, sometimes the more we get, the greater we are diverted away from Allah. That's the deception of the devil. Please, my friend

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Brothers and sisters, turn to Allah. He is totally independent. We are in desperate need of Him and His Mercy. We are totally dependent on Him even for the breath that we are breathing evidence of it is what's happening across the globe right now. Where we see people as wealthy as fit as powerful as as great as they may think they are, but they're grappling to breathe a single breath. It is total total reliance on Allah. Total and absolute dependence on Allah. And Allah says, I am absolutely independent no matter what you do, you cannot harm Me. --Innakum lantadbughu dhorri fathar ghuni--, you will never reach the capacity to harm Me that you might harm Me. Never! And you can never reach the

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capacity to benefit Allah so you can benefit Him. Impossible. You only benefit yourselves or you harm yourselves. Allahu huwal-Ghaniyy. Allah is indeed Self-Sufficient. Totally, Absolutely.

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