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AI: Summary © The cycle of time and the purpose of Islam are essential for men to pursue their dreams. They need to learn to purify oneself, find a mentor, and find a good friend to guide them. The importance of finding a friend for personal growth and building a stronger foundation is emphasized. Consent to achieving better health and success in Islam is also emphasized. refining behavior and actions are essential for achieving success in Islam.
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Osaka further falls on Halima La Moneda de la Nasser al Karim Karim Allah Azza Baraka wa Taala what kind of heavy heavy Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are short on memoriam was the third to have accommodated in Vida Aquila Buddha to lalala were called Allah in for Northam mama bada bada Allah, my dear brothers and sisters, what do we know about the cycle of time? Probably not about the cycle of life, but the cycle of time when the year goes around. What's the point of that? What's the purpose of this one? So Allah has said Allahu alayhi wa sallam was on the member on Arafa when he was speaking to the people during Hajj, what did he say to them? Turn into zemana Sadara that the

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whole time the time cycle, the whole time cycle now reversed or not reverse it reset Sadara que to McCulloch Allah azza wa jal, it was reset to the time when ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala had created the heavens and the earth. Why so because they are back then they used to change between the months depends on convenience. So therefore when that time came for the Hajj, everything was set back again where it belongs. There is a purpose for this and Allah subhanaw dimensioned that sort of the Toba for us when he said that Allah Subhana Allah cleared this world and he made invited the time into 12 months

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in edit the shooter in the light natural Sharon peaky tabula he'll makalah customer. That time with Allah subhanho wa taala, the number of months that ALLAH SubhanA wa has divided the time to go around with 12 He says Men arbeiten haram, four of these months are sacred months as special virtue special blessing.

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And we are in one of those months.

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Allah Subhan Allah says Arvato and haram, that it Kadena will tell you this is a true faith through deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala follow the only movie Hidden and forsaken don't transgress against yourself don't don't make don't don't waste those precious there is a precious as good months. The Prophet says and explained that he goes three are continuous and back to back and that's the cardinal Hijjah under Muharram and one separate that is Roger brothers and sisters we are right now in a new Hijiri year 1445 vision what are you planning to do?

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What's your purpose right now? What are you gonna do in this year? Until the end of the year? Are you planning to go to Hajj for example, how are you going to do this Ramadan inshallah you've been given another chance, another calendar to start planning for hopefully to make more inshallah to the hierarchy in your iba Nutella, vanilla Tabata, Kota Allah, and if there's anything I would recommend for you and I, that we should focus on for this Hijiri in sha Allah Baraka with Allah is the purpose of this whole life to worship Allah subhana wa Donna by bettering yourself, How can I fix my own self in Surah tonight and sort of a sort of a shrimps, Allah Subhan This is what Shamcey will do ha

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will come up with that Allah, he had 13 or 13 times Allah says, or shall I swear by the sun, I swear by the by the moon by the day by the night 13 times. And then he said Subhana wa barakaatuh Muhammad Zakah RocketHub Amanda sa successful is the one who a men who purifies himself his inmost self work at Harbor Mandisa and the one who ruins it is the one who was most wicked and his corrupt and he's do

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so my purpose inshallah for this year, I would like to work on myself. How can I better myself from last year, and frankly, if you don't get better every single day, you're falling behind already. If not making a plan that every single day Every single Joomla I need to make and show some improvement in my personal life. And if you don't do that, then you're already falling behind. So what can I do? What can I do with come to bettering myself and fixing my own self? Am I able Kodama Rahim Allah Allahu Taala and matassa Mahajan, Casa de and he said, four things you need to work on, or you need to do in order for you to better yourself and improve yourself. I want to I want to relate these

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four things to use we can work on them this year, sha Allah Allah make this as your goal so that you can accomplish God Allah Hamza ka RocketHub. Amanda sir, you become successful because you beautify yourself and avoid from corrupting it. So what are these four things? Number one, he says God and ye Jalisa Bayonetta initiation Basu that you find a mentor. You find a sheath, you find someone that you learn from, you know, we live today in the culture of individuality. When it comes even to learning it became online. What does that mean? You're in control of your learning experience.

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For a very, very long time, our dean was taught to us through Allah ma Saudi hain, as the people who would come and teach you from beginning to the end. They teach you how to read Quran and how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala how to become a good righteous person and everything. Today we go online. We listen to these videos and watch these videos. Listen to this podcast, which is all good. There is no doubt it's all good. But that doesn't give you that sober. That companionship but what you purify yourself

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the most

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either of Imam Malik Rahim Allah Allahu taala. Will she used to send him to his teacher? She used to send him to his teacher she goes Listen to me. Listen to me, my son to Allah many other behaved Kubla to the Allah min Elmi you make sure that you learn from his conduct from his love his manners observe before you learn his knowledge. So my dear brothers and sister this year I would like to find to look for someone as a mentor for men from whom you can learn and have that sense of companionship with the Masha Allah Baraka with Allah. The second day he says God and yet Luba Sadiq, Khan, Sadiq, Khan, basura, muda Yuna you find appear, you find someone with whom you team up, and

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you bond with them on the path to Allah subhanho wa Taala find a friend. Find a good friend, someone who says proceed which means someone with good insight, someone who can add value to your life not the opposite. Someone who can really benefit you in this dunya and akhira find someone like this and how do they been Ambassador they love to Anwar Salah has Salah Sam says called enema naskila Many people are just like 100 camels. People like 100 cameras. Out of all this 100 cameras. They're all good probably for meats. But he says Carla Tucker tells you the few Hahaha You could barely find one suitable for a ride. Why is that important for them? Because that's the desert. Your ride has to be

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strong and reliable enough to take you through that journey. Otherwise you'll do similarly he says this life is a journey. It's like this desert. I need someone who I can go with on that journey who will be reliable and take me to safety to Allah subhanho wa Taala they don't have to be 1000 people 200 people, one reliable friend who can bring it closer to Allah subhanahu Wattana it's extremely important. Why is that because that friend will tell you what you need to hear now what you want to hear.

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I'm gonna talk about the Allah Allah and Allah he says Rahim Allah hombre and Ilana are Cubana. May Allah have mercy on someone who gifts us he gave us the gift of our own robe, which means our own our own shortcomings. Like highlight for me my shortcoming not hide it and just makes me feel good all the time.

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We live in a life that is all about feeling good. So even our friends they lie to us. Why? Because they don't want to lose your friendship. But you need someone who's reliable who will tell you in your face, you're wrong.

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You shouldn't be doing that. That's not befitting of you. Do this Don't do that. I need a friend like this where can you find that fan make sure to be in the right place. So you can find the mashallah with the baraka with Allah number three. He said if you'd like to better to better yourself and yes, the freedom fighter only be enough saving Alsina to

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learn from your foes and your enemies. You know when someone comes and start talking about you. Backbiting you may be gossiping about you or come and speak to your hate. You know their hate at you in your face. Be objective you know what? Yes they hate you. But is it true?

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Is that really who I am?

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Subhanallah maybe that's true. Like one time I'll hustle bustle Rahim Allah Allah Allah He heard somebody talk about him you are hypocrites you are a show off your this your that he goes you are the one who are normally the best.

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You are the one who knows me the best. Like thank you for telling me in my face. Right? Because sometimes we get deceived by so much praise as a man and being told that you're good you're this You're that and we lose the real you know who self who I am. So sometimes you're gonna have to learn from your enemies. Sometimes your enemies are gift to him Allah subhanho wa Taala to put you in your place.

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So instead of your agonizing and try to say how am I going to retaliate? How am I going to get at them how are we going to take that back? It's a gift being given to maybe this person is telling the truth about who you are. So put you in the right place inshallah Baraka Wattana number four, he says Muhammad Allah Allah, God and your holiness, intermingle with the people that isolate yourself live in your own bubble thinking the world is all mashallah perfect and amazing. No, it's not. Because intermingle with people live with people and see what you don't like and avoided. Because whenever I'm among the people, you will see and hear things you don't like. And you realize, you know what,

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that's a bad trait. That's not good to do. That's not something you know, I would like to do, but what is my standard and if you need to know what is right and what is wrong, you go back to the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He was the best models that are worth Allah was around money if Allah dislike something, I'm going to dislike this if I see it among the people. And if Allah subhana likes something, I will like it among the people if I see it there and I will be promoting it as well too. So four thing he says that you need to do in order for you to better yourself, and I would like to commit and again tip number one to find a mentor. This year,

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someone I can shout out to learn from number two, a friend who would help me to be working together on that journey and shout louder botica with Darla number

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Three things that you learn about yourself you so how do you do that from the enemies who just speak about you? And number four making sure to intermingle among the people who observe the thing that you don't like and stay away from the Michel lo Tara, where do I start? So Imam Al Imam Kodama, Rahim, Allah he says, Look, start from these three things. We start with three things. Number one, follow the slow huncle

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What about your heart?

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Worry about your heart. mean don't worry about what you said what you did, or what people say about what you said and what you did. Worry about your heart. Because if your heart is good, everything is gonna go good. As the professor says in the Hadith, Allah nephrologist the medulla. And this body there is a piece of flesh, it was good, everything goes good. And if it was bad, everything goes bad with it. Allah will he'll call it is the heart. So work on your heart this year. I would like to practice that a better the worship of the heart, to have conscious of Allah subhanho wa Taala to feed Allah, Allah for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala remove ill feelings from my heart envy,

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hostility, all these take it out. Take it out and fill it with goodness insha Allah Baraka number to call it a slot has to look you amend your behavior, your actions, what does that mean? You look at what you see what you hate what you do, refine that, refine it,

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because everything registers and you make sure when you meet Allah subhanho wa Taala a record of these are all good. But how would you do that? Once again, you need to refine your behavior, your Afla your manners, you will need as Allah says in the Quran, why Maha Maha Mudra be one enough sandal Hawa for indigeneity and moment those are truly fuel their position before Allah subhana wa Taala and restrain themselves, restrain themselves from the shower the desires everything, because those are the people who end up in agenda. Now lawmakers some other people have generally out of Bananaman the third thing he says God is law harness this law harness which means help a man then

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the people around you

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love you become good. And part of your goodness as what sharing that higher.

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You look around you for your friends and your people and your family. This is like lose this you're not supposed to be doing this.

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You know the nurse has that kinds of sense of vengeance you're like oh was to fight and and win and be superior for everybody and you don't want to be defeated.

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But who cares? Who cares is in this dunya of your of your victory and triumph is going to be in the ACA with Allah subhanho wa Taala I'll give people don't don't have to, it's fine. If it's gonna grant me triumphal Allah subhanho wa Taala I'll give it to them. So it's very important that we share the heart with the people in sha Allah Allah. So remember, you need to work on your heart first and foremost. Number two, work on your managers love your etiquette, your behavior, and your actions. And number three, share the height with the people that will guarantee you inshallah to Allah, a good self consciousness and as long as you're not so shallow tell me Allah make us among

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those who will do a slot for the nasolabial Alameen of cola COLA that was taught for Allah howdy Modi. Welcome what is that a Muslim universal Pharaoh in the whole world All right.

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Well, hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa Salam o Bara cannabinol Muhammad and while earlier psycho seldom at the Sleeman Kathira to my my bad my dear brothers and sisters, we are in the shadow of Haram al Muharram is the first month of the lurid calendar and that was by actually the selection of Amira mommy and I'm gonna be a top row the Allah Tonawanda however, this month has virtue as prophets of Allah Salah mentioned that these are for months are haram and good deeds are encouraged in these months. And Mahara in particular the prophets are mentioned in the Hadith call, when he was asked about what is the best fast after Ramadan Rasulullah kala shahada, Allah al haram, no Mahara.

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Now some of the Allamah they say Muharram is the four months all of them, which be the sacred months, and some of them are the center under the actual shahada, Mahara muchisimas this month, however, the prophets awesome. Never fasted the entire month other than Ramadan. So if you would like to fast, then I encourage you. I know you might say it's hot this year, and it'd be difficult to really fast during the hot season. But guess what, the more hardship we endure in the process, the more people will get a shout out about a quarter mela make it easy on all of your Bananaman. And if you're unable to do that fast for the whole month, or most of the month, then at least don't

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forget to fast. The 10th of the oven Mahara Ashura, the turnover Muhammad the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam first arrived in Medina, he saw the Jewish community fasting that day. So he said, What is that for? Karlova Dhaka Yamuna Allahu Musa min for round. That is a day when ALLAH SubhanA wa de rescued Musa from the ground. So we are fasting this as gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala will give victory to our Prophet Musa alayhis salam. So the Prophet says says then i Anna, I will be Muslim income. I have more right in Musa noodle. Then he ordered

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among the Muslim community in Medina who goes next year, you fast the dental of Mahara

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and then he said then upon the Allahu Kaabil if Allah gave me the ability to fast next year, I will fast the ninth and the 10th. So if you can do the night and the day will be great and this is going to be inshallah that are not next Friday but Allah Tala next Friday is going to be the chance to confess Thursday and Friday in sha Allah to Baraka what are what are you gonna get for fast in that day? The Prophet saw Sam said about the verge of Ashura con, you can feel the Senate you can circulate the cobbler will expect the saints committed in the past year. May Allah Subhana Allah forgive us our Sandra Bland Amin. So make effort starting with your Islam and knifes fixing yourself

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by starting in sha Allah that commitment to hire for this year.

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Make commitment for doing better this year. So that by the next year to sha Allah data, you look back and Sal Hamdulillah I mean, I think I did better job.

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And may Allah Subhan Allah make us a mother has always improved in their Emmanuel Galantamine and the practice of the dunya or Bananaman Allah Who Melinda man Fana. One final Bhima alumna didn't I can't tell anyone Hakeem Allah who had an unfortunate Aqua was Akira antihero. mazurka Antonio Mola, about Allah and Allah Allah Kato saloon Allah Nibi Yeah, you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa Salam o Taslima Allahumma salli wa sallim wa barik ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa savage man, what are the Allahu manakala firewall? Should you not be back in my Almaraz man only one sir The Sahaba Germaine woman tambien bia cernium with Dean welcome salah.