Mufti Menk – Do you know the Powerful words the Prophet ﷺ said on this Day! Arafah

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of strong relationships and avoiding double standards, as well as acknowledging racism and tribalism. They also discuss the negative impact of actions taken during " alpha" and the culture of treating women with treatment differently in a culture where they are not being treated like their peers. The upcoming " Easter holiday" and " Easter weekend" are highlighted as significant holidays, with the " Easter holiday" being the largest day of the year.
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Professor solem got up and gave a talk, it must be very important. It was an extremely important talk short, sweet to the point. What did he say? I want to know that virtual alpha holds

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up to this day in our fat. The whatever happens on the day of alpha, the Imam gets up, and he gives a talk reminding the Muslims about their duties unto Allah. So what did the prophet SAW Selim say? The first thing he spoke about was blood.

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Don't spill the blood of each other. Don't murder each other. Don't, don't commit murder, your blood is sacred, more sacred than the Kava. So halala your blood is sacred, more sacred than the Kava. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than this day. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than this place. Your blood is sacred, more sacred than maccha more sacred then Allah fat or sacred then the condition.

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Or the Hadith actually says coahoma to me, kumada fishery kumada de Bella de command similar to the prohibition similar to the sanctity of this place. So in the same way, life is also sacred, as sacred as the place to hang my hat on.

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Number one, don't commit murder. My brothers and sisters, that means solve your problems, work with each other, learn to respect each other, have a big heart learn to forgive each other. Imagine here is the newbie here is the Prophet, the most beloved, the one who is the leader, and he's telling us in his final pilgrimage to say, who are all my followers, you're all my own money, donkey.

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May Allah grant us a lesson. Don't fight each other. Don't, don't kill each other. Now, in the demand, what else? Well, I'm wonderful. Don't steal from each other. Don't deceive each other in business, don't shortchange each other. Watch out your wealth, don't usurp the wealth of another, don't SubhanAllah. So your your life and your wealth is all sacred. The wealth of each other is sacred, I can't steal someone else's things, I will pay a heavy heavy penalty. In fact, if I were to kill someone, it is as though I've killed entire humanity. And if I were to steal from someone, I have committed such a heavy crime that I don't even know if I'm going to be forgiven.

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These are the basic elements of existence. And he mentioned them on the day of alpha. That's what alpha is all about. ponder over how you look at others. solve your matters. Watch, watch how you treat people. Be careful. Your wealth, other people's wealth sacred, don't steal, don't pinch, don't deceive, don't cheat, don't show don't shortchange. So Pamela, then you're a Muslim, then you're a true believer.

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And he says thereafter he goes on and on. He speaks about Dima Kamala Kamala Khan, you know, don't even insult one another. Don't demean each other. Don't be little each other, accuse each other falsely, be careful. All this made mention of and he repeated it on the day of aid as well. He repeated it during the days of slaughter and sacrifice. He repeated the same word. This hope has been repeated more than once by the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam with various weddings. And in on the day of arafa. He said something amazing. You know what he says?

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He said, everything that was of the period of ignorance, I'm putting it under my feet, it no longer is valid. But does that mean all the ignorance the way they treated women, what they did all the cultural things that were so taboo and so silly. He says, under my feet thrown, racism was part of Jamelia thrown all of the strong, It is finished no more.

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Let's ask ourselves, racism, tribalism, nepotism. Wow, nepotism? Isn't that alive and healthy in some communities in many communities, or Seville? If we're believers, here is the messenger of the day of alpha saying Watch out. No racism, all the jahai kick it out. Don't maltreat women Hillier, kick it out. So don't think you're superior helia kick it out. Learn to respect people. Imagine they will revert Muslims. On that day, who were the reverse? Every single one of them will read this. Do you know that? Nowadays the strange thing is we won't even allow our daughters to marry, revert or our sons to marry a river that we claim we come from the family of the Prophet. Well, here is the

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same Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam telling you racism is out. tribalism is out. nepotism is out. All the isms are out. Totally completely kick them out. It's Jay Hillier. You serve

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In the world of another insulting, false accusation all out Subhan Allah, may Allah grant us, goodness, superstition. All of that is gone out. don't engage in magic. Don't do all that was part of January. So it's right for us to mention it here today.

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kicked up.

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Then he spent a moment to talk about women. What did he say?

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He said, he takala having this fear Allah, regarding your treatment of women can give you say this today, a lot of I remember speaking to assistant long ago and she told me when I read what the prophet sallallahu Sallam said about the day of IRA, I would have called it Women's Rights Day. SubhanAllah because he made it clear saying, Fear Allah regarding treating the treatment of women. Who are the women, your daughters, watch out, watch out, don't be unfair. Your sisters, to care for the prophets or cinema warns you about it. Who else? Primarily your spouse's, they've given up their families to come to you? How do you treat them? Subhana Allah, what do you how do you talk to them?

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How do you make them feel? It duckula having Nisa fear Allah regarding the women. And Allah subhanho wa Taala clearly tells us this in the SU are known as sort of Nyssa Allah tells us to fear Allah, and to fear the wounds that gave birth to the women in a nutshell.

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So he says, he goes on, he gives a little bit more detail. Do you know what he says?

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He says, You married the women using the name of Allah, Sophia, Allah, how you treat them. Oh, here he is speaking to the married men. Watch out. Those women, you use the name of Allah. You use the name of Allah to take them to marry them.

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treat them well. And that's why the course of celibacy is the best from amongst you are those who are best to their wives. This is the day where the women were empowered by this now. Subhan Allah, they felt so proud of what was being said, and I'm sure they will be to this day, extremely proud. This is the day of arafa the greatest day of the entire year. According to a lot of the scholars, the greatest day, I told you, the nights are different the date some kind of luck. Some say that they have not. They have

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you know, if you look at the freedom from Hellfire, it's the day of arafah.

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So, the prophets are seldom telling us, what shall we give the best from amongst you those best to their wives. And then he says, You must make sure you take care of them, provide for them, give them their clothing, give them their food, give them their shelter, and so on. Remember how you treat them. And this is why we say my brothers and sisters, whether it's your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your sister, your child, your spouse, your grandchild, your niece, whoever it may be, or a strange woman, here is the messenger so seldom, after the women were treated so unwell. And after they were actually

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bought and sold and traded as a commodity. He says all of that is prohibited on this day, all of it, you treat them well in the best from among you, those who are best to their lives. My brothers, I don't think you really expected this to come out of the day of alpha Did you but Subhanallah its effect, and it has come out one of the virtues of the day of alpha is that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us about the lecture, the amazing historic hookman of arafat. That was a part of the Hajj that was delivered in the farewell pilgrimage by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam

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