Getting Married the Easy Way

Khalid Yasin


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How do we resolve the issues of young people?

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How many young people in this room here of the age of marriage, please let me see Santa hands.

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You probably don't even need to raise your hand all y'all.

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Who's Who's Who's of the age of marriage? I don't say you want to get married, you got you. You engaged to be married. I mean, if you have the age of marriage now, for a young man, the age of marriage came at a time when you and your father No.

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I know, when my son

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got to the age of marriage, I know exactly the first time I knew that he came to the age of marriage, it was early in the morning.

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And of course, we know when our daughters get to the age where we have to prepare them for marriage to the Prophet saw Sam, he said that.

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we can talk about, don't do this. And don't do that lower your gaze and God's modesty and we can put blankets down the middle of the room and all kinds of things, you know, but where's the solution?

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Where's the solution?

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Somebody has to tell these hundreds of 1000s of young Muslims, male and female, who want to get married right now. How they can get married. But there's nobody with the solutions. And so as a result of that, we got sisters upstairs, who are 3035 virgins.

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Family holding them back from marriage.

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Got brothers 2530 35 years old, walking around and looking at all these naked women and talking about Inshallah, you know, we find the right one, I'm gonna get married.

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No, it's very simple. It's not it's not economics, economics. Because my son got his own room, in my house. He don't have to go out and get his own road to net.

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He don't have to find his own house or whatever. No, he gets married and bring his wife home to live with me

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until they become stable. Or

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his wife, his prospective wife, she has her own room, in her house and her family's house, she marries, they get married, my son goes live with them, or she come live with us. They don't need to have no jobs. They don't need to have no money. And if they're going to school together, that's beautiful. At least they can get married. They can sleep together, be together enjoy themselves, like their mom and dad does. And then they go to school together and come back together. And that a solution? Yes, that means that almost everybody get married right now.

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But we got to move the couch out of the way. You got to move that cultural thinking out of the way. The mothers and fathers got to think for their children, what they think for themselves. How can a mother and a father every night be together and join themselves and their sons and their daughters in the room by themselves? looking at pornography and stuff like that? Subhan Allah.

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I don't say I don't do that. You probably don't do that. But there's a good deal of Muslim men and women that are doing that because they're frustrated.

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We have to find a solution for them.