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for synonyms Marina

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de la casa de

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La Hoya,

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Allah, Allahu Allah.

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Majeed Allahumma barik Mohammed Mohammed

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Ibrahim Ibrahim Majeed

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he was setting them minimum yadda

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he was

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expected listeners I must say says in sort of the back of the Holy Quran. Yeah, you

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got a body

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of believers fasting has been ordained for you. Come on put abandoned Levine and publikum as it was ordained for those who came before you.

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Hope that you may attain.

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Now in this verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala has actually told us of one of the purposes, one of the greatest objectives of fasting, which is to develop

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unless he's fasting has been prescribed for you. And I'm looking to cocoon in the hope that you may attain taqwa. Now, what is that word that in itself is a topic. But briefly, that word is often described or translated as simply the fear of a law, which is correct, it's a bit it's only part of what that word means. But what is a unique Arabic word, which unfortunately, cannot be readily translated into a comprehensive English represented representative word.

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That word includes the fear of Allah, but also much more. And

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part of the meaning of Kabbalah is to save oneself and to protect oneself and to avoid and this means avoiding everything that squeezes on everything that's anger, law, everything which is forbidden, in the law of Allah means to protect oneself from anything which might be harmful to them spirituality and runs, Islamic way of life, that may be harmful to one's hereafter,

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to protect oneself, from avoid anything which may be detrimental to one's faith. This is included included in Aqua, as well as much more. So it's not just simply the fear of Allah means a lot, and all of the all of these thoughts on the spirit

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and this atmosphere environment is supposed to be created. By the fast this is what la sees that I'm looking to put in the hope that you may attain the Aqua force. Now, in order for the fast to act as an installer of taqwa for the fans to be successful in inculcating taqwa in a person.

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For the French to achieve its purpose of developing taqwa in a person, the fast itself should be a reflection of

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him, How can a fast How can the act of fasting and how can CRM song refer to? How can fasting serve its purpose and how can it ever develop the power and create the power in a person when the act of worship itself in the past itself is void of taqwa?

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So, for this we need to ensure as the Prophet sallallaahu was described in the Hadees

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The first should be protected itself from all evils and from vice and from sin, and from all acts of disobedience, and for all reprehensible and undesirable acts in order to ensure and preserve its purity, so that the first may fulfill its objectives of pleasing Allah and developing and instilling taqwa in a person and acting as a shield that will continue to protect a person from sins and disobedience in this world, as well as protecting the person from the heat of the fire of hell in the hereafter.

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So, last panel with the arrow describes one of the goals and the objectives of fasting to meet the Aqua. But in order to achieve that, and in order to help develop that the Aqua fast itself must be a reflection of it cannot be delivered deprived of an void of taqwa itself.

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Also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has described the first to be a shield in the Hadeeth. In the Prophet Solomon is described the first to be a shield. And as I explained in another talk about the commentary of the habito see them

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on the record about number cladding,

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in which a sort of loss of the law he also says, fasting is a shield as I explained in the commentary of that Hadeeth The first thing first and acts as a shield in many ways, but the amount of data has related another Ethan's also from

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one in which he's in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, a serum

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said, fasting is a shield, as long as the fasting person does not violate the shield. So someone else Oh prophet of Allah, how can the fasting person whip and damage the shield? So we've got some of the love, I think most of them said, by line and through backbiting.

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So, first thing is designed to create the quiet in a person that can only achieve its purpose, if it's itself is a reflection of fasting in the words of a sort of loss and acts as a shield. But it can only

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say its purpose as a shield, and it can only continue to protect as long as it's not violated and damaged itself. And we want to ensure the sense to the purity and the taqwa of the fast and more to ensure the protective nature

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of the shield, so that you can continue to serve this purpose and protect we have to abstain from mattress, food and drink from an act which is displeasing to Allah from any talk which is displeasing to Allah. And this leads me to the main points and focus of what I wish to say in the next few moments. Which is that unfortunately, we up times lapse into this person standing. And folks believe that fasting is all about just abstaining from food and drink, and that's undesired and nothing else.

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Rather, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has clearly mentioned in the Hadith

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from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that allows messenger some of them said Liesel see on appeal Sure.

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you saw in

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the first thing is not from food and drink, whatever first thing is from

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hand, Emeril talk and sinful talk.

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Therefore, if someone abuses you, whilst you're fasting,

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seeks to be ignorant with you, or ex ignorantly towards you. Then say in reply, I am fasting a lot. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam has categorically in clear word stated that fasting is not just about food and drink. Fasting is not just about abstaining from food and drink. Rather, fasting is also

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abstention from food and drink. Fasting is the act of abstaining from us immoral talk from sinful talk from that talk which is displeasing to alarm from any act which is displeasing to Allah.

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So much so, but even in a calm state, when is not permitted to say something wrong and immoral. Not only but even especially once fasting, but not just in a calm state. I've had similar learners who says even under provocation, you should avoid saying something which is wrong and you should avoid

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responding in an angry, rash, hasty sinful belligerent manner yourself, even if you are provoked by an ignorant person who behaves interrupts me towards you, even goes as far as verbally abusing you. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in the study, you should avoid responding in any other manner. Rather, you should say to him, you should say, I'm fasting, or you say to him, and remind yourself that you are fasting, and this is under provocation.

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Why, because if you was fasting, having abstain from food and hunger, you, you then allow yourself to be provoked, and you say something, Bill, in response, you say something evil in response, then you may have violated your fast and your fast despite your potential and food and hunger will be rendered meaningless, useless, null and void. Because fasting isn't just about refraining from food and water and drink. Rather, fasting is about abstaining, even from lewd, immoral and sinful talk. So this is just one of these ladies.

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And in the very beginning of the introduction, when I read the HIPAA, I

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relate to the Hadeeth of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam.

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in which

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he says

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Masada whoever does not leave aside and does not shun

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sinful and sinful behavior, sinful acting sinful behavior, Felisa Allahu Allah has no need or no interest

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in that person shunning his food and drink, very simple. That's all lots of love. It was one of them says, if someone remains hungry and thirsty with the intention of fasting, and the person shuns and leaves aside, leaves aside and abandons food and drink, but still waterbending food and drink and the person does not shun evil talk, sinful talk, and sinful behavior, then that remaining hungry and thirsty, and that fasting is meaningless, even to allow the least.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has no need no interest in that person remaining hungry and thirsty things strong words. And this brings me back to the points which I was mentioning earlier. But unfortunately, many of us lapse into this misunderstanding and fall into this confusion. And, sadly, this delusion, and this deception of ourselves that remaining hungry and thirsty is sufficient sufficient for fasting and when will most certainly achieve that reward and retain that reward for the hereafter. But this isn't true. Fasting common to popular belief and common to popular practice is not just about avoiding food and drink and other desires. Fasting is not just the faster the

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stomach for the first of the tongue, rather, and the throat that one avoids placing food in one stomach on the one avoids swallowing food and drink with one's throat. And when he's at one avoids tasting food, and drinking and consuming drink with one's lips and mouth, rather, so therefore, the fast would only be of the throat of the mouth of the stomach. Now, fasting is the first of every organ of the body, every limb fasts. When a person makes intention of fasting, every limb of the body becomes part of that fast, and every limb of the body every organ of the body, every piece of flesh in the entire body should become a first in and observance limb organ, ensuring that this limb

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does not engage in any act of disobedience to the last panel with honor and ensure and ensuring that every human organ spends its time and engages in pious activity which is pleasing to Allah. So the stomach remains hungry and avoids food. The throat remains thirsty and dry and avoids drink, the lips may be patch attune may be dry, and the mouth may be longing for food and drink, but they all remain hungry, thirsty and dry. in obedience to Allah. It's not just the fast of these parts of the body, the owners will also fast the ears will also fast, the nose also fast. The tank also fast, the hands and the feet also fast, the move fast, and the heart also fast. The eyes was fasting, even

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though it's hard to gaze at something which is displeasing to Allah which Allah has forbidden anyway, in art of Ramadan, and whilst fasting or even not fasting, it becomes even more serious during the fast especially during the fast hours do not wonder and they do not cast sinful lips for glances at symbol

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Or someone that was forbidden

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to engage in gazing and ogling something sinful, but arms remain downcast and the eyes are humble and obedient to Allah. But he is do not let them lend themselves to listening to anything or to paying attention to anything which is displeasing to Allah

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does not touch anything which is sinful. The feet do not work towards anything which is sinful. No part of the body touches anything, or longs for anything which is sinful. The mind is also obedient and observant of the facts, to the degree that among shuns or thoughts, and

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ideas of anything which may be harm or displeasing to Allah, and even more than the mind. The heart is also observant of the fast of abstaining. refraining from sinful feelings, from sinful, reprehensible, undesirable emotions that Allah has declared to be forbidden. Even just dislike the hearts water observes the fast, ensuring that the entire body engages in the fast I'm the CEO, and this kind of fast is pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala as a prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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he from seeing the love, I'm Lisa CR,

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The fasting is not just the fast of the food and hunger, fasting is abstention from all sinful, and you talk and as a prophet sallallahu wasallam has, in fact mentioned very beautifully in

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some of his

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essays, or beside him and Lisa,

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Lisa come up on

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, there are many fasting people who gain nothing from their fast except hunger. And there are many people who observe the vigil at night, but they gain nothing from their standing before law and observing and keeping the vigil at night except fatigue and sleeplessness. So, these people who fast all day long and with great with great apparent sacrifice, they spend the entire day refraining from food and drink, but still, they gain nothing from their fast except hunger, no reward, no pleasure of Allah, no spirituality, no kupwara no achievement, or spiritual completion, accomplishment, nothing except hunger. And all these people were spending the

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entire night in vigil, but still missing from their remaining awake and from their standing before law, and from the vigil and from the worship. And from the garden and frustrating and standing. They gain nothing but fatigue and sleeplessness, rather slept, and these people would have rather gotten drunk, drunk, drunk during the day rather than fasting. Well, these people, obviously there are those who may fast but they don't observe the laws and the etiquettes of fasting, and again, nothing, because throughout the day, rather than fasting, they violate the shield of their fast and they violate the spirits of their fast by failing to abstain and refrain from all other sins and not

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just the food and drink that have been forbidden to them.

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So we need to ensure that our fast is comprehensive, it's universal, it permeates the whole body the fast permeates the whole body, especially the tongue, the tongue also has to observe the fast ensuring that it does not lie, it does not backbite it does not slender, it does not say anything offensive, every organ of the body should remain engaged in the remembrance of Allah and the above the worship of Allah especially the tongue, one should keep one's tongue engaged in the remembrance of Allah, Allah.

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If a person for whatever reason cannot do that, in the smart person cannot do that. And the least one can do is observe silent especially during the fast because one single,

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one single use one single immoral one single sinful utterance will violate the fast and render it no varied and meaningless in the sight of Allah. All we will gain from our long hours of fasting is hunger and thirst, nobody will know nothing, no spirituality, and especially with regard to backbiting, slander, innocent of the tongue line, I mentioned

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in which it's recorded from a sort of loss in the law, it was something that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said fasting is a shield as long as the person does not damage it or Whippets. So someone else how does a professing person with organic to shield the prophets of Allah Islam suddenly COVID will have either by lying and by backbiting Allahu Akbar, and with regards to backbiting there's a very famous story from the time of the Sahaba the love of God and this is no fable. This is no legend. And this is no fancy story plucked from dubious pages of dubious book rather, this is a Hadeeth recorded

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You know,

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in his Muslim and the Hadith is as follows the Prophet similar

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to the loved one and when the rates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once approached during the month of Ramadan by some people who said, Oh prophet of Allah, there are two women who have the opposite Sorry, I've had a similar level, I think was someone was approached by some people. And the people said, Oh prophet of Allah, there are two women who are fasting, but because of the intense heat, and that intense thirst and hunger, they are on the verge of death, and not just on the verge of collapsing, not to die, but on the verge of death. So profitable law, you grant them permission to break their fast reports on the lights and turned away from families, people.

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These people, again, made a representation and pleaded with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam about profitable law. These two women are fasting, and they're on the verge of death, because of the intense heat and the first. So prophets, Allah Islam turned away. A few times they pleaded with the prophets of the lightest, and finally he said to them, bring those two women summon these two women and bring them before me. The two women were brought before to sort of last on the lines under

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the law, it's an order two buckets, the bucket and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to the two women, one of the two women vomit, she said, no sort of law, how can I find it? I'm fasting. People were also surprised that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was telling these two women to vomit when the pupil had come to him, seeking his special permission for them to be able to break their fast because they had been fasting during the day. And because of the intense heat and intense thirst, but on the verge of death. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, fast, so

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people are surprised but because this was a commando Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, one of the women began vomiting. She vomited pus, she vomited blood, and she vomited pieces of flesh into the buckets until the buckets was half full. Then the province of the ladysmith set to the second woman, you vomit, she vomited purse, blood and flesh pieces of meat into the bucket. When the buckets was full covered cellulitis and turn around to the people that were shocked that these two fasting women are seeking permission to be able to break their fast yet they had vomited blood and flesh even though they have been fasting I've been hungry and thirsty. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them,

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these two women did begin the fast. But after having begun the fast, they both sat down in the morning, they both COVID sacks in front of each other, and they began backbiting and thus consuming the flesh of people.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam demonstrated this practically and like I said earlier, the story is quite shocking. But it's not just a fable of a legend in the story is actually a Hadeeth recorded in the Muslim Imam.

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And it just shows that how

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carelessness and failure to control one's tone can lead to the violation and the meaningless nature and void nature of the fast. I pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala grants us all the coffee too fast in a manner that is pleasing to Allah. And Allah gives us the trophy to be able to engage our entire body, in the worship and in the act of fasting. So that we are fasting with our eyes, ears, time, mouth, stomach, throat, heart, hands, feet, mind, every organ of the body, or some level of symptom, either empty or

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a drain