Dhul Hijjah, Best 10 Days #02 – Two Years of Sins Wiped Out

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Salam, alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, my brothers, my sisters, I'm going to continue from where I left off. We were saying the days are not all the same in terms of virtue in the eyes of Allah. Nor are the nights, the months are not the same. So if you were to be asked, which is the most sacred of all months, the answer is Ramadan. If you were to be asked, which is the most blessing of all the nights, the answer is the night of other the night of power or decree. If you were to be asked, which is the best day of the year, it as Muslims, what do we believe? Well, the day the best day is the day of alpha without a doubt. If you were to be asked, which nights are the best in terms

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of a set of 10 nights, you would say the last 10 nights of Ramadan? If you were to be asked, which days are the best 10 days in the year, you would have to say the first 10 days of the ledger. Now where do we get this from? We get it from the hadith of opening a browser of your loved one, where he speaks about the what the professor seldom said. He says mermin A Yamin there are no days where in which good deeds are more loved by Allah except, or then the first 10 days of the hedger mermin a year I'm in Armando Saleh oficina. I have been in Allah he mean Harvey lash, there are no days. Besides these 10 we're in Allah loves good deeds more. So this would mean do as many good deeds as

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you can during the day, which days, these 10 days of the hedger. Now, this is something amazing because the prophets are our solemn has taught us about these 10 days. In fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions their virtue in a certain way in the arm.

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If you look at the oaths that are taken by Allah Almighty, He doesn't take an oath, except by that which is extremely important and he wants to highlight something about it.

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And only Allah is allowed to take an oath with those things. As for us, we're not allowed to take an oath except by Allah. When karna hai live in Fallujah. Elif Billa, whoever is going to take an oath should only take an oath by Allah, it is prohibited to take an oath by your mother, your son, your father, whoever else it may be Haram, you should not do that. You know, some people take an oath on their father or their son or child etc. That's not allowed. The processor says that leaf will be about equal. Don't take an oath on your father's. If you're going to take an oath, take it on a lot with the name of Allah, no one else's name. As for Allah, he can take an oath on what he wishes

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because He is the Creator. So he has taken an oath. on so many things are with so many things. One of them he says in sort of confederal, one federal, he swears by daybreak, he swears by the Federal,

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the oath, he takes an oath. And he says, while I early Nash, he swears by the 10 days, 10 days of what go back to the what the Sahaba have said what the Morpher serien. And translators and experts of

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revelation have said they've all said they are the 10 days of the ledger, or last taking an oath. by them. He hasn't even taken an oath by Milan, but he's taken an oath here by the 10 days of the ledger. So this goes to show that there are no days

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we're in which Allah loves good deeds, more than these 10 days of the hedger don't confuse Ramadan I told you earlier and I'm Avan the Knights are powerful. The ledger, the days are extremely powerful. Okay? Allah loves them. Why Allah loves them is a topic on its own. And at times, we know at times we don't know. But Allah wants you to engage in worship. It's a season, it is depicting the life of Ibrahim Alayhi Salaam who was the most loved unto Allah. So remember that Allah wants you to do things that he did in order to understand the lesson from it and to gain piety and closeness to Allah as a result. And this is why the best of the days is the day of arafah. And it is assuming

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that too fast on that day, the day of arafa for those who are not in hajj, and on that day, if you were too fast, you will get a reward, or you will get a reward of the sins the minuses of the current year as well as the next year. wiped out minuses wiped out on

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The current year and the coming year so that's two years of sins wiped out by doing one by fasting on the day of arafa. For a person who's not in hajj, if you're in hajj, it's not a sooner, you shouldn't fast on the day of alpha, but if you're not in hajj, you should try that. The ninth of the ledger, wherever you are, a ninth of the ledger is the day of alpha. May Allah grant us the ability to fast on the day And may Allah subhanho wa Taala accept it from us. Let's make an intention from now. And let's understand, we definitely need to do what would please Allah during these days, may Allah bless you all, Apollo, Callie Heather was Allah wa salam ala nabina Muhammad