Mufti Menk – Comfort in Times of Crisis #15

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the importance of forgiveness and the need to show respect and value for others. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, as it is essential to achieve good health and success in life. The need for people to show respect and value for others is emphasized, as it is crucial to achieve good behavior. It is emphasized that forgiveness is essential for everyone to lay his trust on Allah and show his love for others.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved brothers and sisters Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah where Allah Allah He was happy he a Jemaine. If we were to look at the sins that man commits, there are many, some are major, some are minor, when minus sins are committed, the Prophet sallallaahu salam tells us that when you do a deed that is a good deed after the minus sin, automatically the minus sin is wiped out, even though they may not have been specific seeking of forgiveness for the minor sin. But when it comes to a major sin, then specific seeking of forgiveness is required. Unfortunately, we have the devil, he makes us commit the sin at the

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beginning, when when we've turned to Allah, He makes us doubt the mercy of Allah on the other hand, so we need to strike a balance and we need to realize, yes, we will tackle the devil from the beginning. And we will make sure that once we've come back to the right page, in our relationship with Allah, we won't allow him to make us falter by thinking that we have not been forgiven. So there is a crisis in the mind. There is a crisis in this situation. Sometimes Allah comforts us in suited Allah in mind by telling us who are the people who will earn paradise. In the previous episode, we spoke about the race towards paradise. In this episode, we want to actually highlight

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the comfort that Allah gives those who have a crisis within them, of whether or not Alice forgiven them. Because they've committed adultery. They fornicated they've committed major sin. they've committed immorality, they've wronged themselves. Allah says,

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If you seek the forgiveness of Allah and you've changed your ways and habits, then paradise was actually created for people like you Subhana Allah, did you hear that? Allah says, you may have committed adultery, you may have committed fornication, you may have so many other sins, intoxicants, drugs, gambling, whatever else the list is endless of these major sins. And you know what Allah says, it's not the end, if you sought forgiveness and changed your ways. Those are the two conditions you need. seek forgiveness and change your ways. Then we want you to know that paradise was actually created for people like you, La ilaha illAllah brings me to tears just to

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think of this, my brothers and sisters. Listen to this beautiful verse 135 of surah Allah Mr. Will letting you know enough I know for certain old Allah mo fusa home, the law half a Stouffer only don't obey Him. While many of you know the law, those who have engaged in immorality, talking of adultery, fornication, immorality, whatever, *, *, whatever else, it may have been. Allah subhanho wa Taala says those who have engaged in immorality, or they have wronged themselves by major sin in one way or another, if they remember Allah, and seek forgiveness of their sins or from their sins, and they know who is there to forgive the sins besides Allah, and they do not

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continue in their bad ways after knowing, and after having sought the forgiveness, their lives changed. So two things happen.

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After the sin, forgiveness was sought, and they didn't go back to those bad ways their lives changed completely. You are not going to be judged by your past, not in the eyes of your past is exactly that. It's your past. Forget about it, put it behind your back. You might even want to laugh about it sometimes, because oh my god, Allahu anhu at times used to laugh about how they worshipped pieces of food that were carved or made into an idol. And they laughed at that later on. But they had sought forgiveness and their lives were changed. So it was okay to laugh at it to say, we were so silly. Why don't we look how Allah has blessed us and guided us. So my brothers and sisters, don't

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let your past haunt you. Because you never achieve comfort. It's a bigger crisis, to let your past hold you then the sins that you had actually committed, which were also a crisis at the time. But now that you've changed, forget about the past. It's gone. It's history.

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The beauty of Islam you don't need to ever confess those sins to anyone, nobody. When you sought forgiveness from Allah, it was wiped out. Even the angels were made to forget it. So don't ever talk about it, attack them become another umbrella, the one who sought forgiveness from a sin is equivalent to he or she who never ever committed that sin. Look at the mercy of Allah then. So if someone says, Did you commit a sin I didn't, because I'm equivalent to the one who didn't ever commit the sin and it's wiped out, it's gone. I don't wish to talk to you about it. You are not my God, you are not Allah, you are not the Owner of the Day of Judgment. And for all purposes, you

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don't need to know

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some kind of law, you are perfectly fine by saying that. Absolutely. Allah says you know what?

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Allah, he catches

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those people, their recompense will be the following. So which people, the people who did so much evil, but when they remember them out, they sought the forgiveness of Allah, and they change their ways to things happened in their lives after the sin, they sought the forgiveness of Allah and they change their ways. Those are the people for them is multilateral, robbing him through forgiveness from Allah, which are not to digitally mean tactical, and how harmony in Africa and paradise beneath which they will be rivers flowing, they shall dwell there in forever and ever, when a jewel Amylin and what a beautiful recompense for those who did good. You did good after you did that Allah says,

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We're not going to talk about your bad it's all about the good law, in the law, Mercy of Allah.

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So my brothers and sisters, this is what Allah speaks about. When he talks about the forgiveness, those who have committed sin, He actually specifically mentions the major sins in this verse of sort of Allah. Then, if you look at the verse number 144 145 146, of surah, Allah imraan, their true quality qualities that I want to talk about for a moment that bring about a lot of comfort as well.

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Sugar and sub sugar means thankfulness, gratitude and sober means patience, forbearance, some handler restraint as well. Allah says that a believer is between a believer is between gratitude and patience, in his qualities. So when good comes in your direction, they will be days of goodness, Your duty is to their patience, sorry, goodness, Your duty is to thank Allah. So when goodness comes in your direction, don't become arrogant. Thank Allah, how do you think Allah by obeying His commands, by fulfilling the instructions and staying away from prohibitions? That's the true show of gratitude to Allah. And Allah says, When hardship comes when the tests come one after the other,

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don't become despondent, we will test you. We test you with a lot we've spoken about this in past episodes. But Allah says Your duty is sub, which means patience, forbearance, and we will give you paradise. paradise lies between sovereign Sure, remember that between the two, thankfulness, gratitude in one hand and patience, on the

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good comes, your thing, bad comes according to you, because you are patient, it becomes good after it may have appeared to be bad. So my brothers and sisters, that is amazing. I want to end this episode with mentioned of Allah telling the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, that had it not been for your qualities that we blessed you with people would never have listened to what you have to say. They would have dispersed from around you, but because we blessed you with certain qualities, they listened to you. They took me they changed their lives, it helped them and you were successful by the help of Allah and chosen as a messenger, the best of creation, the most noble of all prophets

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of Allah subhanho, wa Taala, etc, etc. All of that included, Allah says, and this is beautifully worded By Allah, verse number 159 of Surah Al Imam, Furby Moroccan, Mina Lai Heaney, della whom it is because of the mercy of Allah, that you will lenient towards them, who's then those who spoke to those around you, the believers, the disbelievers, whoever else, you will minions towards them, and that was because of the mercy of Allah.

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Now, when you want to correct people, invite them to Islam, invite them to goodness, if you are not lenient, if you are harsh, you will lose them. Remember that? Allah says one of the signs of the mercy of Allah is the development of leniency. Allah gives you the leniency. So for the morality minella lint alone

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Because of the mercy of Allah, you were lenient towards them. If it was not the mercy of Allah, you would not be lenient. If you're not lenient, you would find yourself at a loss. May Allah Subhana Allah, Allah grant us a deep understanding. This is amazing. One of the signs of the mercy of Allah, is that your lead.

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So those who call out to others, those who call others towards Allah, think about it. Think about this. Allah says, while our top one volley will be done for boomin How will it if you are harsh, hard hearted, they would have dispersed from around you know, listening to you know, taking heed, you wouldn't have been able to get across to them. This was the way Allah chose for you. You want to help people you want to reach out to them, you want to let them listen to what you have to say, be lenient, show them that you care. You care for people, there is no point in standing on a pulpit for you and I and to start shoving things down people's throats when we've never shown them, we care for

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them. What have you done for them? Do you speak to them with respect? Do you respect them? Do you treat them? Well? When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to speak to one of the West whose name was Abu Jahan, he spoke to him respectfully even though Abu Jahan was disrespectful. When the prophet SAW Selim spoke to an ethnic signature, he and the others who may have been held up and a few others, he always spoke with a lot of respect. So remember, Allah says to the prophet SAW Selim, for unharmed, forgive them, was done for the love them and seek forgiveness for them. What shall we do hopefully, and the believers from among them,

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seek their opinions in certain matters of importance, see what they have to say, seek their opinions. And once you lay your trust on Allah, once you've made a decision, lay your trust on Allah. And don't worry, Allah loves those who lay their trust and lay your trust and it is important for us to take heed my brothers and sisters, forgive people and seek forgiveness for them. Those are two different things. One is I forgive you and two is I asked Allah to forgive you as well. May Allah forgive all of us. akula Kali hada for Salatu was salam o Baraka ala nabina.

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