Wisam Sharieff – Last Verse Of Surah Baqarah – Ayah 286

Wisam Sharieff
AI: Summary © The speaker is promoting Surah Baq Kia's three by three workout and encourages viewers to reach their goals. They also mention a new video about a woman who has been on Facebook for a long time and is now finding success. The speaker emphasizes the importance of setting goals and not letting everything sit still. They end with a promise to make a promise for everyone to reach their goals and encourage viewers to make a commitment to their work.
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They're asking if I'm okay to tell. There's a lot longer sessions than this. This is where it just hurts. It's when I click and when I get up and get the whole body, so Facebookers much love to you guys. But let's do this. I've got my wife on text. I've got Facebook right next to you guys. I've got you guys who have been here for the whole journey. And I've got you guys ready to go. This is the final. This is the final video of Surah Baqarah so this is the three by three workout for the last ayat of surah baqarah. To me it is something that we have done something that was impossible and now all I'm asking for every single person whether you're watching the recording live, anyone

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and everywhere set a goal, reach that tiny goal and then just keep raising the bar. I'm sure bilking jumping on this Sheikh Mohammed Sharif's visionair micronic transformation anything that tells you to set a goal

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will tell you that once you get to your first goal, it's like wow, that was this is the beginning this is a process so let's turn up the juice everyone find something that's greater than yourself and then make that your next goal I'll see you as we grow if everyone's ready this is it. I'm gonna show you bonding regime. Who do we live in a che Bonner regime let's begin the final recording last piece of the puzzle three by three workout for the last IO

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if you're set let's wrap this one up. Lie you can follow on top of the page friends this is what we do. Lie you can live on log or nevsun Illa who's on top of the iron lie you can even log on f7 in law who's

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the hamaca sir but Why lie hammock?

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Well done Allah do.

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In scene

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by now Allah, Allah Allah in

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use one gamma gamma Dhawan Allah let the enamel bother Nina BANA Walla

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Walla Badalona Obi Wan

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whoa fear Lana wall Rihanna

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Dima hola Anna phones or

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one time for the road.

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La you can live long enough say nevsun Illa who's our

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guest but Wiley hammock does.

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Rob BANA LA to even

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Rob Benalla Mila in

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your swan gamma harmony who are learning Lavina rockband lala

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land dilana me. Love one. Whoa, Lana.

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dama Hola, Anna.

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sounds like a lot of them. Great job, everyone. You know what the next step is? It is the three by three workout post. Right to retain. I'm gonna gather myself. It's an amazing opportunity to be here. Even if you're doing this as a recording, I know that it feels about the same. It's been a journey. It's been sometimes you couldn't sometimes you could. And now we've completed the right to retain system is what's left over. And that can't be contained in a video. That's what you're doing. You're finding me on Facebook, you're finding me in a place. We're doing this together. And for everyone who's been along for the entire journey recorded to those of you who have come to us live

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to our Facebook errs. I think we're all meeting together right now guys. We have we have completed 49 pages. And that completes all of Surah Baqarah. I make a promise for you guys that you'll have the 30th Gers you'll have all of Surah Baqarah Surah Rahman Surah Mulk are things that you all have been asking for. We'll make sure to have that but no by November, this is going to be out to you guys. So know that the whole system will be out memorize the system is complete. And once you walk away if you're watching this video, then you are on your way

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continuing the journey with destination paradise. Let's see what kinds of things we do on a daily basis. I'll see you all as we continue our journey was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and thank you for this opportunity and this privilege. I make dua for brother Bilaal his family, his children to come. I mean, dua for all of you who came in join us on Facebook make dua for my wife make dua for my family. I make dua for my wife for my kids who are all getting to hear this a little bit later, but salaams upon them all, upon the completion of Surah Bacala was salam aleikum wa rahmatullah it definitely love my kids and my spouse tremendously for helping me get this far as tremendous sense

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of love for brother beloved for all the dedication to come out here and to do all the stuff that he did for so long. It sounds like I did a lot guys I didn't set up at all he tracked things upstairs, three flights down three flights in a studio that the ceiling was too low. He cut wood that he got splinters I don't know what he did to his arm last time dumping you did, but we're thankful and so that sense of love should be able to share out to all of us was sent out why don't you go what I meant a lot

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