Children’s Series – Why do we start Ramadan on different days?

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Salam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato Masha Allah Ramadan Mubarak to all the children out there, Masha Allah Baraka, I am so excited to be allowed to see this month of Ramadan, we actually got to the first fast remember there was a time when we were saying last month and the month before that Ramadan is going to come very soon it's going to come very soon. Guess what, it's here already were started the first fast in most parts of the world Subhan Allah. Now, why do people have different days of fasting, you mustn't worry too much about that. Because if they did not see the moon, they won't fast. And if they saw the moon, then they will fast. And sometimes, if they're following

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another country, they may fast with that country. And sometimes if they're not following any country, and they're doing it themselves, then they will do it that way. So it's not a big problem, it does not mean that I don't like you, or I don't love you, if I don't fast on the same day as you or if I don't have eat on the same day as you. that's point number one, because many children have asked me, Why do Muslims sometimes not fast on the same day? Well, I love them too. But you know, it's okay, it's fine if you didn't see the moon, that's you SubhanAllah. Now, my beloved children, I'm so excited to have embarked on this journey of giving you a short lesson and a little bit of

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something to take back to think about every day insha Allah. So the first thing I said was about the moon and why people have differences. I've given you a simple explanation. Now, what is the month of Ramadan,

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the month of Ramadan is a gift from Allah, it's a month where in which Muslims become more conscious of many things. Firstly, they don't eat and drink during the daylight hours from what is known as dawn to dusk. Dawn is the beginning time of the first prayer known as fudger. So you know, there are five prayers in the day fudger, which is just before sunrise, Lord, which is just after the zeniff. early afternoon, also is late afternoon, when we have Maghrib, which is immediately after sunset. And we have arratia which is a little bit after that, like perhaps one and a half to two hours after sunset in most cases. So it's the late night prayer. So the fasting starts right at the beginning

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Subhanallah the fasting starts at the beginning before fudger. When the advan of fudger goes, you stop eating Subhan Allah, you stop drinking Subhan Allah for the sake of Allah. And it's good to get up very early before that, and have a small meal, a little meal that's full of that which is rich in many nutrients and perhaps what is called low GI, that means you know, you have grains and things that digest slowly through the day a banana is good. I usually have a few dates of banana, a little bit of milk, maybe oats sometimes, and a cup of tea with some water. And I don't have so much because when I if I eat a lot in that early meal known as Soho, some people call it salary. So

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either way, if I eat a lot, I feel hungry very quickly because my stomach starts working with all the enzymes and everything's trying to digest what's happening. So I feel hungry very early, so I just have a light meal at that time. And then Subhanallah you do your Salah to Federer and you might want to go to bed depending on where you are for a little while you might have school to go to and you must be a better person in Ramadan. So we stay away from food and drink and from bad language from dawn to dusk. dusk is when the sun sets as soon as the sun disappears, you can eat either acapella les lumen who now we're at the bar and Harlem in hoonah *en after signing the prophets

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Allah seldom says when the nightfall You know, when the day disappears and the night comes up, then the the fast is ended or the one who is fasting can actually break that fast. So this was just a quick lesson that I thought I'd give you today. You now know why people fast on different days. Sometimes it doesn't mean we don't love each other. It does not mean we don't respect each other. It's okay to have a difference of opinion sometimes for as long as

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The prophets Allah Allah Allah Sanam has taught them both, or has taught it in a way that you can interpret it in more than one way. That's fine. So and hamdulillah My dear children, I will join you again tomorrow with a beautiful message a little bit more about the month of Ramadan. In the meantime, try your best to fast

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I think I want to talk about those details and I want to say everything today but let's leave it for tomorrow. We try our best to fast we try our best at this stage to watch our mouths and be careful of what we say and inshallah we meet again tomorrow. Until then, I love you guys as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh