Ramadan Reminders – Day 2

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The speakers discuss the goal of Islam, which is to eliminate fear and become a Motoki. They also talk about the concept of Russia and the use of "hasha" in language translation, emphasizing the importance of being a believers who loves Allah and doesn't want to be intimidated by teachers. The "hasha" concept is a combination of question and straight love, and the belief in Islam is not fear or disrespect. The success of the ACA law in bringing about change is also discussed, with the "what has mean" concept referring to the actions of the creator and how it can affect one's behavior.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala shadowfell MBA were mursaleen Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, de Sleeman kathira and Kathy Rafa mavado My dear brothers and sisters, I spoke to you yesterday and we said

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that we need to get our goal and focus right. So that we spend his Ramadan in a way which is beneficial for us and it is pleasing for Allah Serrano.

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So what should be his goal and what should be the focus? The goal and focus should be what Allah subhanaw taala told us is the maksud is the reason why he sent and gave us some other

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laws around telesales. We live in a shutdown regime. Yeah, you know, quotevalet Kumasi amo kamakoti ballerina in Cabo de como la la comida, the whole Allah subhanho data set which means all you who believe fasting has been prescribed for you as it had been prescribed for people before you, so that you may become cold.

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This is the goal.

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The goal and the focus is to become a Motoki.

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Now who is a motor key? A motor key is a person who has taqwa. What is taqwa? Now you are you as you heard me saying this many times, but it's worth repeating.

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If you read any translation in English translation, taqwa is always translated as fear of Allah into hola haka Ducati. Fear Allah as it is right to be feared. This is how the translation goes. My submission is that that translation is incorrect. Because Dhaka is not fear of Allah.

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Fear is a negative emotion.

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Fear produces hatred.

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You will never love anything you fear, right? People fear snakes. Those who love snakes or who likes snakes or who have no fear of snakes who can handle snakes are people who have no fear of snakes.

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I'm one of them.

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people ask your child who goes to school?

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If there is a teacher in the school who is intimidating.

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The child may fear the teacher.

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But as the child you love the teacher will say no.

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Do you obey the teacher? Yes. Why? Because the teacher will punish me.

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But do you love the teacher? No. Do you look forward to going to the teacher's class? No.

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If that teacher's class is canceled, I use Are you happy? Are you sad? Oh we are delighted.

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Right? So

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things which people fear they hate.

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But what does Allah say about the believers? About Us inshallah? Allah subhanho wa Taala said well Lavina amanu eyeshadow Bella Lila the believers are those who not only love Allah subhanho wa Taala gelato but they love Allah more than they love anyone or anything else.

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So how do you put these two concepts together?

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There is the concept of Russia to lie

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kusha the three words which are using the Koran actually one is Russia. One is Hoff. And one is taqwa.

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Shaytan said Iblees India have Allah

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I fear Allah.

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But that also is a is a lie because if he really feared Allah that He would not have disobeyed Allah Subhana Allah.

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Anyway, that's a different issue. The point I'm making here is kusha to Allah lohnes Allah the Quran Allah Allah, Allah Allah righto hace mucho sub Diem in Casa de la.

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It is Quran had been sent on a mountain it would have never would have humbled itself

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because of the Akasha of Allah.

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Allah, Allah how many body Allah

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Allah said Verily from my slaves

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the ones who fear who who have the most kashia are the ones who are Allah.

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Meaning they are the people who know Allah they are the people who are the true scholars. Doesn't mean the by what am I here is not meant the graduate of some university or something No.

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In Islam is not the degree the paper you have from somebody that paper has no meaning. What has meaning is the state of your heart. What has meaning is your Amal, what has meaning is your tongue what you speak, how you treat people how you behave.

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Not one of the Sahaba was a graduate from any dark room. There were no dark rooms in those days.

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Every SAVVIS rank is is higher than all the all of the whole world until the Day of Judgment put together.

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And that is because of the Sahaba Salah. They were so happy because of the sorbet of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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So what is duck one?

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Duck is a combination of all and glory and majesty, which is the meaning of question.

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It's a combination of question to Allah, and humble ly and the love of life. well as in Armando eyeshadow Bella,

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and the believers are those who love Allah more than anyone and anything else.

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So when you put these two together, when you put hersha to Allah, and the hope of Allah together, you get this beautiful concept of taqwa.

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Why is that important? Because every promise of Allah Subhana Allah in the Quran

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is for the motto

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not simply for the Muslim moon.

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Then you can get tabula rasa tea with the Lin with the cane.

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This is the book in which there is no doubt and indeed there is hedaya there is guidance for the moutoku duck Why is the precondition

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without the what is no guidance on October 2013.

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The success in the ACA is for the Buddha Kuhn

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in the law Allah Xena

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who, in Allahu Allah Zina taco when levina Hamas

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Verily Allah is with the people of taqwa.

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And the people who do Hassan

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even a step higher than that.

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Now, why is this understanding important?

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to understand this, it's not fear of Allah. It is fear of disobeying or displeasing the one we love the most.

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There is fear, but it's not fear of Allah. It's fear of displeasing Allah.

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Why not? Because I fear him and I want to run away because there's no one there's nowhere to run away from Allah subhanaw taala. But because I fear I fear to disobey the one I love the most.

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Whatever happens, he must not be displeased with me.

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That is where the issue of taqwa comes.

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Allow us not be displeased with me.

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So what happens with this, the more we love Allah, the more we fear to displease him. The higher the taqwa.

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So the love of Allah

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is the foundation

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of taqwa.

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Because I love Allah, I will ensure that I never do anything with displays my rub no matter what else happens.

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In some cases, I might have to say or do something which displeases the people around me, which displeases the people of this world.

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Because we live in a society which is intrinsically based on disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah. So if you stand for the truth, if you stand for integrity, if you stand for kindness, if you stand for courage and confidence and bravery, more than likely you are going to offend people all over the place. But if you have talked while you will say I don't care, I want to please only one that one is a must be handled.

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This is the meaning of

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what must be our focus, developing the Aqua

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Lagoon, that the Hoon

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Allah said, I've sent you this Ramadan so that you may become Buddha.

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So let us focus on this and say, How do I become a McDuffie? How do I develop the love of Allah? And how do I develop the all and majesty and grandeur of Allah subhanho wa Taala in my heart, so that my heart is illuminated with the nor of Allah subhanaw taala and my life becomes an example and a reflection of the taqwa of Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah Bukhari. Bye

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He was a member of the gamma