What You MUST Know about President Erdogan

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Turkey now is not just turkey for itself Turkey is a country for the Muslim ummah. Now, you know what Turkey is such a beautiful combination of ancient Ottoman architecture, and beautiful masjid. And this incredible modernity. And I had no idea about any of this before I moved here three years ago, SubhanAllah. But one thing's for certain there is a man at the center of modern Turkey. And we as Muslims need to know what he's about. And that person is tired, rigid, Urdu and don't believe everything you've heard about him. Have a look at this. URL handling. You're being all me. A raw man, you'd want me, Bernie, me D, E, gunner and Buddha kind of story. I believe that it is

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Islamically obligatory to support the aka party and order one more Whoa, what Turkey is a Muslim success story. It's largely shaped by the drive of registered tyeb are the one who some even see as the reformer or the Kalish of a new Turkey. In his teens do an uncounted Islam and politics he joined the youth wing of the National Salvation Party, led by Nigel Martin Oba can, which was banned in 1971. What was their crime it was to challenge the secular laws enshrined in the Turkish constitution. Islam profoundly influence ERD one's early life that was evident when he would not play football at an Istanbul city soccer team. Why? Because the city banned Muslims having beards at

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that time, when his mentor herb akan refounded his party now named the welfare party, he became known for his great speaking skills, his emotive way with words that could really enthuse and inspire large crowds of people. And he spoke out against what injustice and what was he speaking for?

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the people here, continue to vote for ERD. One in their millions. What interests me is the way that the government here deals so differently with its citizens in relation to money than where I come from, which is the UK. The idea of major wage increases in the civil service during a time of austerity, or for elderly pensioners to get much more money from the state is really a far flung dream for British people right now. And it's hard not to sound like an advert, but there is so much going on here. Istanbul canal project, the project considered one of the largest in the world. The cost of this project is 25 billion. The canal is 21 meters long and 275 meters deep. The canal is

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expected to serve 160 Tankers per day. New metro line and Turkey areas of Istanbul will be connected with the Metro by 2023. New lines will also be added in the cities of bursa and gassy into Turkish government aims to adopt the iron system throughout Turkey due to lower operating costs. The earthquake was an unquantifiable disaster for Turkey and its people. What struck me was Edwin and his team refused to quantify it in just economic terms. The rush was genuinely to help people impacted

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things were as under control as they could be. It's the biggest operation I've ever seen and entire cities are being built in that region. You can do an LLM as a testimony

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says sad isn't it? And when there is a lot of talk about do I

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Just being this power monger who only does things to empower remember this despite huge nationalist pressure from increasingly racialized political landscape, Edwin has refused to turn his back on the 4 million Syrian refugees that sought safety here. That's not a vote winner to me that as much as anything else shows that tired one has that rare thing in modern politics a conviction politician

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is Jake

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Allah will decide what the outcome is. But we have a duty to make sure that we know who our leaders are and that well that we don't believe the lies that are told about each other. If you liked these videos, don't forget to subscribe and to share and like always read your comments below. Salam Alikum rahmatullahi wa better care to see you on the other side of the selection alone Aloha.

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