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Believe it or not for him, and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah for Allah Allah He or Sophie as mine. All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa Taala May the peace and blessing of Allah be upon His servant and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows My dear respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam as Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh hamdulillah Allah subhanahu wata ad is blessing continues upon us. The fact that he has granted us life to witness another day. And we ask Allah azza wa jal to continue to extend our life until we witnessed the blessed month of Ramadan, the month of mercy a month of

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forgiveness, the huge month in which Allah azza wa jal frees a lot of His slaves from the hellfire. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam very quickly, I wanted to share with you a point about Ramadan as Ramadan is fast approaching. So we only have about two weeks left in order for us to prepare, and most importantly, prepare our hearts. A lot of people now are busy preparing their fridges and they are busy preparing Subhan Allah who will find people preparing for an event Robin hasn't started and they're already preparing for an aid. Well The Hollywood Reporter iLab Allah We ask Allah azza wa jal to save us from heedlessness, the believer should not be preparing for meals and what he is

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going to cook and his who he is going to invite and so on. Rather, the greatest preparation is the preparation of the heart. This is why on the 15th Night of Shaban Allah subhanho wa Taala forgives the sleeves he gives them completely from all their sins. Why? So that he gets their hearts ready for the month of Ramadan. So there needs to be a focus on the heart and how to cleanse it and how to purify it and how to get it ready for this blessed month of Ramadan. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Allah subhanahu wa and I mentioned in salt at the very outset, the the wisdom and the purpose for why he created mankind. We all know Allah azza wa jal said one male Haluk to denote an inside

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allele I will do Allah azza wa jal states a fact he said that he did not create mankind and gem kind except that they worship him, right? So you all follow along with me now. The purpose of life is to worship Allah azza wa jal. Now I ask you a follow up question. What is the purpose of worship? Allah created us to worship him? Then there's a deeper question, what is the point of worship anyway? Why do we worship Allah azza wa jal, Allah azza wa jal in Surah Al Baqarah. He says, And the answer is this. He says, Yeah, a Yohannes or Buddha or bekomme Olivia Hala kakum One Levine mm publikum la Allah commanded the Quran, Allah azza wa jal calls out to all of mankind. And he says, Oh, mankind,

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worship your Lord, the One who created you and the one who he created those before you your forefathers and ancestors and generations that came before. Why is Allah commanding us to worship him? He said lon Lakhan the whole Hoon so that you may attain a Taqwa. Even this is the purpose of worship. The purpose of worship is so that we may attain a Taqwa foster a Taqwa nurture a taco, with Taqwa where does it reside? At Taqwa resides in the heart. piety is in the heart, as a Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam once when he was with the Companions, he points to his heart and he says, Allah in Taqwa Hoonah. He says, This is where piety is, this is where piety is, and he points

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three times. So now we understand that the purpose of life is to worship Allah. And the purpose of the worship is to engage our Taqwa to build this taqwa and to foster it and to nurture it, because it is a Taqwa that is that will earn you Allah's pleasure. It is a Taqwa that will admit you into the paradise. Now look how beautiful this is and how relevant it is. Allah azza wa jal during the day and during the night and during the day he gives us worships, that foster our Taqwa that nurture and grow our Taqwa. And one of these major events is Allah MA and fasting itself. This is why unsought, the book of Allah azza wa jal, he says, yeah, a Johann Levina Manu quotevalet como cm come

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at good Dr. Levine. I mean, publikum na nycomed The own Allah azza wa jal, he says, are you who believe fasting has been prescribed upon you? It's been legislated upon you obligatory to finance, just as it was legislated upon those before you get any nations of the past they used to also fast as well. Why? Why Europe? Why do we have to fast? Why do we have to starve for a couple of hours for 10 1211 hours depending on where you are? Why do I have to refrain from sexual relations and I'm not allowed to drink any water. Why? Lala Come on. Allah azza wa jal. He knows that fasting is going to

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nurture this Taqwa. It's going to grow this Taqwa. And so if your taqwa is growing, that means you are fulfilling the purpose of worship. You're on the way to the paradise. You're on the way to earning Allah subhanho wa taala. This pleasure Allahu Akbar. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam. What is a Taqwa so we can understand better. What is a taco? A taco is very simple. Taqwa piety is that you do what Allah commands, you increase in that which Allah azza wa jal loves of the deeds of actions and words is Taqwa. And you do the good deeds, out of love for Allah has solution and hoping in Allah assertion, His mercy and His reward, and you do the good deeds out of be of Allah's mercy

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and His punishment and anger and displeasure. And at the same time a Taqwa has another side to it, and that is to do less of the crimes to do less of the bad deeds. So the one who avoid sins and avoid transgression and rebellion and avoid a haram, out of love for Allah. And he avoids the Haram seeking Allah subhanho wa Taala is reward and he avoids the Haram out of fee of Allah's punishment and displeasure and anger. The one who does that. Then this is exactly what a Taqwa is. These are the these are the two sides of a Taqwa. And so Ramadan helps us with this. Ramadan helps us in the sense that as we fast during the day, as we are fasting,

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we are doing what Allah azza wa jal commanded, we are doing what Allah commanded. And that is abstaining from the matters that Allah azza wa jal has told us to abstain from. And this in and of itself, nurtures the choir, because as you've asked, a person is conscious of Allah azza wa jal, obviously, you're engaged in a worship. Fasting is a worship, you're engaged in this worship you're aware of Allah has sufficient during the days of Ramadan, you're reading the Quran, you're doing a ticket, and you will find support of Allah you will find is an incredible connection with the Quran and Victrola houses version when you're fasting, as opposed to when you're not fasting. The one

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who's fasting

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connects differently with an advocate as opposed to the one who is not fasting. Meaning you can do this for your own yourself. When you are not when you are not fasting and reading the Quran, don't you feel it's different to when you're fasting and reading the Quran. That's because the heart at that moment is developing Taqwa when you're fasting. And now it connects with the Quran. Because the book disco and Allah social described it as who then leave water clean.

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It is who then it is guidance of the believers. It is who then little motorcade guidance for the motorcade of a pious and if fasting if the purpose of fasting is to increase your taqwa

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then that means as you're fasting, your tacos increasing and the Quran was made a guidance for the Mukta team. For those who are pious, put them together, have something incredible. You realize a different relationship with people and when you're fasting, not only Ramadan, but any other day of the year when you've asked. So my brothers and sisters in Islam, the first and foremost priority right now, when we are at the doors of Ramadan, to two weeks out almost two weeks just less than two weeks. This heart, we need to make sure that we come to Ramadan, it is pure, it's clean, and it is ready to engage in the worship of Allah azza wa jal and it is ready to receive the Mercy of Allah

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has solution and it is ready to engage with the word of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Quran which was revealed in the month of Ramadan. This is the month this is the month in which you're going to develop your relationship with Allah your relationship with the Quran and with worships and good deeds. So get that ready when you're going to get ready to be friendly stilvoll This is how we're going to prepare our hearts for number one. This is how we're going to prepare and purifying this heart full of love. First and foremost Adobo well is still fall Don't think of anything else. A Doughboy is still fall continuous stover and is still fall, a stone from Allah to boil a Stouffville

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Allah Tobu la Stofer Allah Allah Allah, Allah de la ilaha illa one how you will pay you to La Allah He my brothers and sisters in Islam and is still far seeking Allah's forgiveness. This is like water poured on hot coal. It cools down. It allows it to cool down and settle. And this is what is still for those with the heart. The heart that is messed up the heart that is overcome by

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desire and temptation and doubts. And since you need to watch this, you need to turn this heart down, clean it with and it's still hot and it's still for washes. It washes the filthiest of hearts. Even if that heart was committed to a chic, one is still far that is honest and sincere is enough to bring it back to Crystal Creek, as in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, so as an abuse of Allahu alayhi wa sallam says that if a servant was to commit a sin, he was in a state of heedlessness, and then he seeks Allah's forgiveness. So Kayla can boo me meaning his heart is polished and it's purified and cleansed. Now, you are ready, and TerraNova and the other thing that

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we need is we need a loss solutions help. No one can enter Ramadan and no one is able to fast without Allah azza wa jal is help impossible. You will not be able to do anything without Allah azza wa jal is help. This is why in Solothurn Fatiha we say, Yeah, can I put You alone we worship and then we said what year can Stein and You alone we seek to help? You see why were these two mentioned right next to each other to teach you that ei can? What is your purpose in life? What Yeah, can Stein is the means that purpose? How are you going to fulfill the worship of Allah? You're going to fulfill the worship of Allah by IE I can stay in seeking Allah azza wa jal does help. So now, at the

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doors of Ramadan, you don't just say, Oh Allah, allow us to witness Ramadan. There are some people that say Allah, Allah, the living out on Lavon and he stops. Oh Allah allow us to reach Ramadan. But it's not an achievement to reach them Allah. Allah Catherwood reach from Allah, Allah, Allah if you could reach Ramadan, the believer would reach them about and what did the kaffir benefit if you reach them about even this dua is missing? When you say oh Allah allow us to reach Ramadan, add to it say no Allah give me the ability and the strength and the energy that I worship you during the month of Ramadan in a manner that is pleasing to you. What are in Allah CLBP will clear what bar

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this is what they're asked to do, I always add to seeking Allah azza wa jal is help upon the worship.

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And in that way, is is accepted Allahu Akbar, you're going to see a different you during Ramadan, you will see Allah azza wa jal is help. You will see Allah sociants aid and support la social he says in the Quran way as it can go, what an LFO what a con, you will increase your strength give you strength upon strength, so that you will find yourself being able to fast the day and not only barely faster, you know there are people out there he struggles but he barely gets through the day. And such a person is only focused on fasting and he cannot read and cannot do they cannot do anything because his mind is just focused on the fasting he's too hungry. But the strength that

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Allah social gives the believer that seeks his health, a spiritual strength that Allah azza wa jal gives the believer you will find that the fasting you'll be able to manage your hunger and then you'll be able to engage in an Quran during the fasting hours. What a thicket during the fasting hours will serve a God during the fasting hours, will select a sunnah and the obligatory prayer during the fasting hours. And this is the kind of attitude the believer is supposed to be upon during Ramadan. Not only Danny, I'm Alana, I'm fasting we started from after Fisher. And then as we get to abort, while also creeps in costs that sit on tired and interest, I need to sleep, there's no

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problems. You can take a rest you can take a break, but not for the 30 days in where you're just going to sleep throughout the day. When a hola corte Illa the majority, the majority of people take the day, as the only thing I need to do is fast. That's the obligation of course you need to fast twist the sweetness of Ramadan. If this fasting is not combined with Quran will they get past the point of fasting so that your body is now suppressed. Your body has stopped from eating and drinking now you need to feed the soul. Now the soul has a chance to rise. Now the soul has a chance to be nurtured and that is going to happen with the with the chroma huzzah version. How are you going to

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do how are you going to have the strength if you do not seek Allah azza wa jal has helped in and this is why I'm saying seek Allah's help from now. Say oh Allah azza wa jal granting the strength in the ability that during the days of fasting, I add to that plan with a good solid sunnah with

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the charity, all the kinds of good deeds, fit them during the day. And then when the night comes

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If you're able to find strength in doing worships during the day, or SHA, Allah you'll find double that strength Bismillah after Sonata notic and then he's a taraweeh in the long nights of the prayer, and then die as well we need we need Allahu Akbar How much do we need off? Yanni? This thicker series that I'm sharing with you my brothers and sisters in Islam and online and I learned something that we are all in need of and I know this, but I learned it in a different light. I learned it in a different perspective. Well law here I believe no one can live without a diet, people that suffer and people that are in their problems and their trials and calamities. Wala,

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perhaps perhaps, is because they have not been consistent upon a diet or ticket. The be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he walks by a people and they were sick look delayed. And then he says I'm again to help with that. Yes, Allah Allah Aafia didn't these people used to ask Allah azza wa jal for being and protection and goodness. So that's the ID my brothers and sisters in Islam. The idea is that we want to engage the days of Ramadan with goodness. And you're not going to fill the days with goodness and Quran and vicar and solid and dua unless you seek Allah's help. So always and from now. You say Allah whom I need Allah electric or shook request a biotic Allah give me the ability and the

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strength and the support and the help that I remain consistent upon your vicar and upon your worship. And, of course, don't forget the first matter that is still for seeking Allah azza wa jal is forgiveness. My Brothers and Sisters in Islam, this is a short message I share with you in preparation for Ramadan. Ramadan is coming fast, prepare the heart to get the other preparations. The most important preparation is the preparation of the heart. Ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant us forgiveness. We asked him some time