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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of praying for loved ones and not losing the chance of their loved ones being lost. They also encourage people to pray for their loved ones and keep praying for them. The speaker emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and uniting with them.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved children, if you lose something, yes, you become sad. And we always want it back. And sometimes we want better than what we had. Now, it's easy. If you were to lose something material, something worth, you know monetary value, it's worth a few dollars or a few cents, it's easy to lose that. Easier to lose that. But when it comes to losing a person, it becomes very difficult. Some of you may have lost some of your parents, maybe one or both of your parents. May Allah make it easy for you. Some may have lost your siblings meaning your brothers or sisters or some of you might have lost uncles and aunts and people you were close to.

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Now you might have lost your grandpa your granny May Allah give them gentle little Fidel's. Pray for them, because that's the best thing that you can do. So, yes, it's normal to cry sometimes, but you need to have hope, hope that what? That Allah will forgive them And grant them paradise and that we are going to be united with them. So the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. At times he visited the graveyard where people are buried, and he used to tell them a Salam aleikum Allah dare minella me Nina well, Muslim Mina, you know, peace be upon you those who are dwelling here from among the believers and the submitters were in insha, Allah in insha, Allah who become Lola harpoon, and we in

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sha Allah insha Allah means by the will of Allah will be joining you soon Subhan Allah we will be joining you soon as Allah hi Lana welcome Allah here, I ask Allah to grant alfia to you and end to us. So what is an alpha? alpha is a very good condition may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant you the best condition, that of success, that of goodness, that of purity, that of chastity that of, you know, everything good. So here alive fear is Allah save you from all harm from calamity, from torture from torment from punishment, may Allah save you It's a beautiful to us, Allah, Lana, Hola, como afia May Allah safeguard us from all evil and harm? Okay. So if that's the prayer, and we're

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telling them, we're going to soon be joining you, what you need to know is when you when someone passes away from your family, it's not the end of them, maybe you might not see them for the few years that you continue to be on Earth. But one day, when we go back, in the same way, they went back, we will meet by the will of Allah, we will definitely be united if Allah wills. So what should we do? In the meantime, I feel sad for a while and every time I miss them, I might cry a little bit, sometimes it happens, don't cry too much. Because you have to have hope that you're going to be meeting them. So that's a good thing. But if you happen to shed a tear or two, it's normal, you're

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just a human being. And you have feelings and you love them. So that's okay. But what you should also be doing mainly is seek the forgiveness for them. Your father, your mother, your perhaps your your brother or sister, whoever else it may be the Muslim mean we seek forgiveness for each other, always, always. And we always say Oh ALLAH forgive them, have mercy on them, grant them paradise, that prayer that dua is the most powerful gift you can give the dead person What is it? Oh Allah, forgive them, have mercy on them. grant them Jenna grant in paradise. That is an amazing gift. Mashallah diabolical. Now, you need to realize that when we miss someone, Allah wants us to do

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something now. Like I said, the best thing you could ever do is just to pray for them and keep praying repeated. If I were to ask you something repeatedly, and I tell you, please give me this, please give me this. Please give me this. You might be irritated with me. Why are you asking me so many times you're going to say, but Allah works the other way around. When you ask him more, he loves it even more. He says or look at my worship, but he wants it. He wants it so desperately Mashallah and he believes in me He knows I am the one who's going to give this to him. So you ask Allah when you ask Allah repeated so much, say Allah grant him forgiveness or law forgive my father,

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Oh Allah grant in Paradise, Oh Allah have mercy on him. Allah make it easy for him. Allah unite us with him. These are beautiful to us. So inshallah I thought I'd make a very short video to say, when you lose a loved one, the best gift you can give them is to pray for them. And then you need to have hope that you're going to be united with them. And that's from the Hadith of the Prophet. Salallahu alaihe salam, and then you need to know that Allah is most merciful most kind and you

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To know that when we die, we actually go to a beautiful place. If you try to be a good person, there is no way you're going to go to a bad place, you're going to go to a beautiful place. SubhanAllah Imagine you're going to meet the one who made you who made you Subhanallah the one who's created entire creation and we know He is merciful, he is kind, he is forgiving, he is compassionate, he is loving and so on. We're going to meet with Allah one day, and inshallah, when that happens, we're going to be the happiest of people. So for now, all the difficulties we have on Earth, it's okay just take them in your stride. You know, live the days and work hard, do your best while you're on

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Earth. Be the best possible person and seek the forgiveness of Allah, not just for yourself, but for those around you as well as those who've passed on from your family. May Allah forgive other Muslim in our Muslim as well meaning and well, not me not to submit is the believers May Allah grant every one of us general field those akula Kohli have I was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. But I get

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