Mufti Menk – Lessons on Justice and Mercy

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The Islam culture in Africa is a mix of religion and culture, with the mother city being a focal point and the "has been" label used to indicate desire for love and respect. The importance of showing mercy and being generous with one's behavior is emphasized, as well as the need to be aware of one's behavior and avoid harming others. The segment also touches on the health of the brain and the importance of love in one's life, as well as the need for acceptance and peace in life.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim In the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala Most Gracious, Most Merciful Alhamdulillah have been al Ameen All praise is indeed due to Allah subhanho wa Taala The one who has made us and made everything in existence was Salatu was Salam O Allah Shafi nambia it will mostly Nabina Muhammad, Allah Allah He was happy he would have been woman to be Allenby exciting Elijah Medina, Baba, we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the one whom Allah chose above all of his creation in Rankin virtue, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to bless his household, his companions and every one of us maybe Almighty grant us forgiveness. And may the

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almighty bless every one of our offspring as well right up to pm and May Allah keep a steadfast I mean my brothers and sisters, the numbers in which we are present here in this beautiful house of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Must you do the full con in the beautiful city of Cape Town known as the mother city? I've always wondered why it's called the mother city but I want to tell you there is a surah of the Quran known as the mother of all sutras Subhana Allah, it is also known as the mother of the Quran, Subhan Allah, Quran, do you know it is Surah Fatiha, it is that surah which is the first chapter of the Quran, it has in it, the praise of Allah, the declaration of His mercy, and

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seeking guidance from Allah, that's it. It has in it the praise of Allah, the declaration of the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala and seeking Mercy of Allah, asking Allah to save us in a way that we should not be from those whom Allah is angry with or those who have gone astray. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide every one of us when I see large numbers of people I get so happy. But at the same time, there is a big concern. As much as we are a beautiful oma, we have a crisis of hatred in this oma, we have a crisis of people disliking one another. Within the oma, we see lots of faces in the masjid. Ask yourself is your heart filled with love, for those who are here is your heart

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filled with love for the 1000s of faces that you will see not only tonight, but every time you come to the houses of Allah, if that heart is filled with hatred, we need lots of help. If that heart is filled with love for the sake of Allah, even with our differences, we still share the Shahada. And we are still part of humanity. So Panama.

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So let's take a moment to get to know one another. Let's take a moment to greet one another. So Pamela, let's take a moment to smile at one another. Let's take a moment to make people feel comfortable in the house of Allah. It's not my house or yours, it does not belong to me or you. It belongs to Allah alone. Every space in this house of Allah is not an entitlement of a specific person. This is reserved for me, it's not correct to do that. The only spaces that we can reserve for those of knowledge and those who understand the Koran are those spaces immediately behind the amount because the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, says Lee and neither will allow me when

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those right behind me in prayer should be those who have knowledge and those who are wise or who have maturity who would understand how to manage the situation has something gone wrong. When the demand suddenly drops, what's going to happen, you need someone with knowledge behind you to know how to do it. Therefore, the spaces behind the amount It's not wrong, to have them reserved for those with knowledge. Those who know more of the Quran should be closer to the front in case there is a mistake, they can correct the Imam etc, etc, but anywhere else, and for anyone else. The answer is no. We are all equal in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, we don't know who is closer

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to Allah. We don't know who from amongst us, perhaps maybe the Beloved of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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this evening we completed Sudoku Missa. And we went on to circle monte de Missa is the sutra named after women and Merida, the sutra named after the lay tablecloth at the time of Jesus Christ may peace be on him the Last Supper as it were in some of the narrations that is what is being spoken about. And this this sutra is very beautiful, but I want to make mention

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Have something very interesting, if you look at Surah 290, that it has in it, a very powerful message for all of us, every one of us should love justice, what is right should be loved by you, and what is wrong should be detested, we are talking of when there are two people arguing and fighting over something. If you know who is right, you should stand for justice. And if you know who is wrong, you should try and prompt them towards accepting that which is right. We should stand up for justice even if it was against ourselves, or our parents or our family members.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala explained something so beautiful when he says this because today what happens people side with those who are related to them, they side sometimes with those who are powerful, they side sometimes with those in a little bit of authority, they sided sometimes with those who have lots of money, it happens, those who are elected, etc. I promise you in the eyes of Allah, it's just a test. Allah does things knowing that he's going to dangle this carrot that's not yours in front of you. Are you going to go for it? Or you are going to go for Allah to test from Allah? So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us in Surah to Makita

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verse number eight Yeah.

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in Amman, oh you who believe now when you hear the term are you who believe something should happen to you because you are being oppressed? Are you a believer? If you consider yourself a believer tonight, we heard so many times Oh, you who believe Oh, you who believe? Are you who believe? Did it shake us? Did it wake us up? You are a believer? You should say yes. What is it you want from me? Oh Allah. That's what you should say subconsciously, within your system. Allah you are saying are you who believe I am today? What do you want from me? I'm ready to do it for you, are you? If that is the case, you're a true believer, but it

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does not move us. Perhaps we are not from those who truly believe we might be believers but not upon the level that is acceptable to Allah when he's addressing you. You know, your father tells you my son, and you say I'm not your son, or you're not interested in the speech. What happens? It shows disrespect, it shows that you are not interested. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us children who can fulfill the rights of our parents. And may Allah make us parents whom when we speak our children feel like fulfilling our rights because some of the parents need Pennell beating my brothers and sisters themselves. May Allah grant us the ability to be the best of parents and the best of

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children. So Allah says, Yeah, you had a Latina man Oh, come on.

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Oh, you will be stand up firm for the sake of Allah for justice. for justice, it must first be for the sake of Allah for justice. It is because of Allah, I know I might lose the relationship because I'm going to be just, I'm going to stand for what is right. That's what you stand for. And Allah says,

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one of the most powerful verses of the Quran,

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Allah says your disliking of certain people should not lead you to be unjust, just because you don't like him. There is a Muslim on one side who stole from a non Muslim. It does not mean that because this one is a Muslim, and that one's a non Muslim. So I should now side with the one who's a Muslim because he's a Muslim. Even if you dislike someone, whether you had a dispute with them or not, it could be an enemy who has fought you where they are right? They are right. You have to stand firm for justice Allah says, even if it is against yourself, your family members, your parents, whoever else it may be your relatives stand for justice. When we dislike someone, sometimes we side with the

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other party.

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Allah is reminding us Don't do that. Don't I'm watching. I know I placed them in your life. I placed this whole situation it's more like an examination question for you. You're going to go and fulfill the practicals. Now, may Allah make it easy for us to fulfill these practicals so that's why Allah says, Don't ever let your disliking of someone make you unjust because you don't get along with them. You don't like him? buffet buffet, no matter who it is, and Allah will have mercy on you. Brothers and sisters. Isn't this the month of them

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Mercy of Allah. So surely if you want the mercy of Allah, there is a way to earn it. lager homina homina homina. Allah does not have mercy upon those who don't have mercy on the people on human beings.

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Like Camilla who amoenus, Allah will not show mercy upon he who is not merciful upon a nurse who is a nurse, a nurse means humanity at large. And the nurse is not referring to the Muslims alone. You are supposed to show mercy towards even your enemies. It is through that mercy that they will be attracted towards the true teachings of this beautiful faith of Islam.

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It's amazing. Islam is a religion that teaches you that you need to reach out to the creatures of Allah because they were created by the woman who created you because he is the most powerful because you have been to go back to him. If he wanted, he would have not created those creatures, but he created them to test you and I how am I going to delete them? If I have mercy? So can Allah Allah will have mercy on me.

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So to narrations of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that I want to speak to you about regarding mercy because we are searching for the mercy of Allah, be merciful upon people, upon your family members, upon your community members upon the Muslims upon the non Muslims upon the animals upon every other creature of Allah, be merciful. Show mercy, and Allah will show mercy upon you because he says, If you don't, I won't. You don't. You're not merciful. I'm not going to be merciful. What a great faith. What a beautiful religion, the month of mercy, we all become generous. Don't be generous with your wealth alone. Be generous with your character with your behavior. Be

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generous with your words, beautiful words, cut out the bad words, we promised yesterday that we would cut out the bad words. So panela today, we make a promise that we will be generous with the good words, starting with your own wife, and your husband SubhanAllah. We normally say increase the I love us. Have you heard that? I love you said, You're gorgeous. You're my darling. What else I can go on and on. But mind you, it's Ramadan.

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So here comes a person saying chef, thank you so much. I really increased those words. And at the same time his wife was complaining she's my husband is not even bothered about the comments he makes to me. So I say Brother, you say you increase these words but on the other hand, your wife is complaining.

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only to realize he was saying it to the wrong person.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us my brothers and sisters. dial the right number.

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The right number Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanho wa Taala really forgive us. mela opened our doors. So the second narration I wanted to make mention of now is the Prophet sallallahu Sallam says, you know how men feel about the Hmong community sama.

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Have mercy upon those on Earth. Those on Earth. Allah didn't say Who? This one and that one Have mercy on those with money. He didn't say that. Have mercy on those who are powerful. No, have mercy on those who come from the rich suburbs? No, have mercy on those on earth, and the one in the heavens shall have mercy upon you. Wow.

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Are we not moved by this change your life, my brothers and sisters, change your life, have mercy in your heart, love the people around you speak to them with kindness, they will feel like part of a family no matter what problems you have, they will see light because you have so many people who are with you.

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We feel so alone and so lonely when it comes to our problems. But we are an oma with 2 billion members. 2 billion, perhaps more

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from those who love one another who can get along with one another. And this is why yesterday we address the issue of suicide and mosquito cuts we address the issue of suicide and how Allah says it's prohibited. I saw a message on Twitter saying that, you know, you cannot say that it's only because we are involved in sin that we are suicidal, and I agree. Sometimes people might have a mental issue. Sometimes people might have other issues, but I was only speaking about one aspect of it. There are another 1000 that we did not address. May Allah grant cure to all those who are suffering depression say I mean, may Allah grant cure to those who are struggling with their mental

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health. I mean, may we be from among those who can reach out to them and make them feel part of us because in that way, we would love to solve half the problem.

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So let's not belittle this issue of mental health. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and our offspring. So many problems across the globe, we are bound to go through some form of negativity that can have an impact on our minds and hearts. It's only by the will of Allah that we can be cured, get closer to Allah, it will come down Allah,

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those who believe they find comfort of the heart through the remembrance of Allah. And the greatest form of remembrance of Allah is the recitation of the Quran thereafter, there are so many other ways, but that is the highest. And Allah says Indeed,

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it is only through the remembrance of Allah that the heart would achieve the contentment and the commerce. So canon law or praise is due to Allah, Glory be to Allah subhanho wa Taala many camo hos. So we spoke about the prohibition of suicide, but I want to make mention of verses that Allah speaks about, in America, the prohibition

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of suicide on one hand, the prohibition of harming others on the other hand, so I'm not allowed to kill myself, but I'm also not allowed to kill others.

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SubhanAllah Look at this, look at how powerful it is.

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I'm not about to kill myself, but more importantly, the lives of others. Listen to what Allah subhanho wa Taala says, woman

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said to me,

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whoever saves a single life is equivalent to He who has saved humanity completely, the whole of humanity.

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So we got to save lives. And the best just prior to that Allah says, whoever killed someone murders causes havoc by taking life away, if they are as bad as the one who has killed an entire humanity. Because life my brothers and sisters is sacred.

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Not just the life of a Muslim, but all life that is given by Allah. This is why the issue of halaal comes in when we want to eat and consume those animals that were allowed to consume. because firstly, that life that was given by Allah who give gave us the right to take it away. Nobody, but Allah, with His permission with his name in the way he wanted it the proper method, then that meat will be considered allowed for consumption.

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This is why those who go out sporting and shooting we will tell them from an Islamic perspective, you're not allowed to shoot animals to enjoy the sports unless you're going to benefit from it somehow, whether it's through its hide, whether it's through for example, the the meat,

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may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us an understanding. Life is sacred. It's become cheap across the globe.

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People are taking it away, not realizing that the giver of the knife is the same Lord, You are worshipping, Who gave you the right to go against him if he wanted, he would have taken that life away anyone who is more powerful who has the control of the life who gave it you're making gave it? Why did you take it away for what? How you disagreed with someone you didn't get along with them. It's part of your test. And it brings me straight to another verse. Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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We spoke about hunting. You see there is a law. In Islam when you are wearing the ham, the two white pieces of cloth,

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male or female, the female have a different dress code more lenient, but when you are in that condition of a ham as a pilgrim, you're not allowed to hunt animals. It's just a law.

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One might wonder why

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Allah wants you to focus on your home or your house. If you're going to start running behind an animal what will happen? So Hannah law you might miss out on the house. Look at the hunters. They're like the gophers. When they go they go, everything else can wait including their wife and the life.

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So Pamela, they're called Gulf widows.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala grant, this is the solution of that was the women started playing golf. So Pamela, so my brothers and sisters, we're not allowed to hunt in that condition. But Allah says in the Quran, when you are in that condition, we are going to let the hunting Beautiful, beautiful animals come

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in close proximity to your hands just to watch what you do. Did you get it?

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Yeah, I

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mean, not swayed.

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of you who believe we will test you in the condition of a ham with hunting animals that you're not allowed to hunt, coming so close to you and close to your spear, very accessible, so easy to nail. Allah says the

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in order for Allah to see who amongst you truly fears him in the unseen.

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So this means, you know, this is so powerful, it goes to everything in our lives. How

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can sometimes be so easily facilitated right in front of us accessible? Don't think, let me go for it. No one's watching. It's alone says I made it happen to see Are you a true believer? Are you going to quit for my sake, Allah, Allah,

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when something prohibited is right in front of you, whether it's a deal, whether it is a business deal, that's Haram, or something else, perhaps a relationship, perhaps adultery, fornication, perhaps whatever else, a little drug

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calling a little but drugs or not a little.

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Allah is watching. All he wants from you is to say, you know what, Oh Allah, it's accessible. I'm not going to do because of you. It's prohibited. It's wrong abomination. I'm not going to do it. I fear you. And I love you, I feel your punishment, and I love you to Panama. So therefore I'm not going to do this.

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Allah says, if you were to stay away for my sake, you have succeeded, you will see the fruit of your abstinence in your life. But Allah says, family or

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whoever, transgressors after knowing, that are not just placed it in front of you for a reason. And they, they remain in that Allah says they may have, they will have a painful punishment.

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Who wants a painful punishment? Allah is saying a painful punishment. I want to give you good news. The good news is the doors of repentance are open right up to the end. So we tend to date

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nobody, nobody's going to come to you and give you a five minutes grace before you pass away. Five minutes left guys, you can retake. If that was the case, we would do what we went and just before death. Forgive me I'm going back to you Subhana Allah,

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all those crocodile tears, Allah forgive us. It won't work. We seek a loss forgiveness now we change our lives, we taste the beauty in that life. And I tell you the most beautiful life is that filled with love. Look at the companion who was pointed out by the prophet peace be upon him as being a person of Paradise and the companions found out that he removed hatred in his heart.

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He didn't have hatred or ill feeling against anyone. That's why he earned paradise. So we all learn this. Make an effort to love, make an effort to reach out, make an effort to eradicate hatred. It's something that comes even to the pious, those who need Salah they start thinking I want the deen I am five pillars. This guy, three pillars, brother, even if you are on templates, I can do something if you have hatred in your heart, you don't even know where you're standing.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala make it easy for us.

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So the number of messages is also mentioned in sola camisa verse number 164. Allah tells us how many messengers he sent to us. You know, he makes mention of all the names Moses, Aaron, Jesus Sulaiman, Jonah all of them. I'm just saying the English May peace be upon them all. Moosa and Harun Ibrahim, a lot of names I made mention of 18 names there and in total 25 names in the Quran of different prophets of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But Allah says,

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la lay

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there are some messengers whom

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we have narrated their stories to you and they are messengers who

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We haven't even mentioned to you

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that goes to show that the true number is only known by Allah.

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But there was a verse that made me weep tonight.

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It made me cry.

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Yeah, oh my

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On the day a mobile gathered the messengers, and he will ask them, How was the response? How did they respond to you?

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And you know what they will say?

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We don't know you are the Knower of the unseen. Imagine, I want myself to be from amongst those who have made peace be upon him, can be proud to say he was a follower of mine. So Pamela, are we two followers of Rasulullah? Are we really true the Day of Judgment would he say you are a follower of mine? You tried to follow?

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Would that happen? My brothers and sisters?

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We need to do more. We all need to do more.

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Imagine I was going to ask him how was the response? And there will be a large number of people of the oma of Mohammed peace be upon him, his people will be there. How proud would he be of the billions the trillions, quadrillions?

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Will you and I be from among those?

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Did we really respond in a proper way?

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Brothers and Sisters it's time to cut out all that which displeases Allah cut it out. It's not difficult.

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Tonight, I promise you,

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your life will change.

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There is that one thing that every one of us needs to quit. We know we need to cut it. But sometimes you say no problem. I'm just you know, waiting for a little while. What are you waiting for? We want a positive response.

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us? Allah loves us so much that we are seated in his beautiful house. This is a sign of acceptance. When you come to the house of Allah, you're listening to the karamea Mashallah, we have the reciters, who recited this evening, beautiful melodious recitation, correct recital Subhanallah, we heard them.

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And I was thinking to myself, Oh, Allah, those who are standing here, they love you, because a lot of them don't even understand these words.

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The fortunate few understand them, but we enjoy the melodious word of Allah, we know it's the word of the Almighty, we are spending 30 minutes explaining just a few of these words.

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And every one of us wants to be moved and motivated to be better people. We don't want to be doomed. So we are not doomed. How do I know we're not doomed? Because we're still breathing? How can I be doomed while I'm breathing? There is hope.

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There is hope for the one in the clubs and the pubs but you need to turn there is hope for the non Muslims out there. But we need to tell there is hope for all who knows how the ending will be. Allah knows. But Allah subhanho wa Taala is ever so merciful. This is why we need to worry about ourselves. Another verse. Another verse we heard tonight, yeah.

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O you who believe worry about yourselves, be concerned with your own deeds. Those who are straight, they won't affect you. If you yourself are upright. A lot of us are worried about other people's deeds. someone does something, it's on Twitter, and then we retweet it and then it's on Facebook, and then it's on whatever other book there is.

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Now Allah subhanho wa Taala. Forgive us

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quickly, all the sins of the people on Instagram.

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You know, we had a live stream yesterday for material goods.

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So from among those who are watching

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people who are benefiting, they want to listen to the Quran. Some of them will be sitting in opening the following. We had a live stream tonight.

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But I saw some of the comments who had a lot of people were saying Why is he standing like this? Why is the other one look at how shapefile comes to you and makes you worry about the whole world. You didn't even read your Salah my sister or my brother and you're worried about how they standing at least they standing. So Panama at least they're standing. don't discourage people encourage them. And you know what, sometimes when we're pointing at others, we tend to forget that all the other fingers are pointing back at us worry about yourself or an says you be concerned about yourself in more than one place. I read more

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Tonight, but again Allah says, Yeah, you have a Latina man Oh, you who believe that includes all of us.

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Nevada, what?

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Oh, you who believe, be conscious of your maker. And each one of you should be worried and concerned about what you have prepared to hand in tomorrow, on the day of judgment, what am I going to give in my book? What have I written in that book, we will be surprised by the contents of a book that we have authored ourselves on the Day of Judgment. So author it well.

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Your book, you are eating it right now. Right good things in it, because when you read it,

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you're gonna be embarrassed. So Angela, normally, when you're offering a book, you give it to this one, and that one to edit and this and that, and the final edit, and then it comes back to you check it again and again and again, before it goes to the printers and you make a second edition because you know, that there might be a blunder in the first one, and so on. So but the most important book, we're not even worried. It's filled with swear words and vulgarity and hurting people and everything else, and deceiving and making people feel belittled. And that's the book we've engaged in whatever we will not supposed to engage in starting from association of partnership or the law, continuing to

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not follow in the footsteps of the Prophet, peace be upon him, etc, etc. and so many other things. We can change that the beauty with this book, you can delete, you can erase,

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you can erase it, and you don't have to worry about anyone having saved that because once you seek forgiveness from Allah, by admitting yourself,

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repenting to Allah subhanho wa Taala regretting it and promising not to do it again. You don't need to confess to anyone you confess that to your maker alone. Allah says I will delete it. There is never a case where the seeking of forgiveness is rejected when you are genuinely seeking forgiveness from Allah. So my brothers and sisters, these are amazing reminders from the sutras that we read this evening, may Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us. May we be from among those who earn his mercy in this particular month. Don't let Ramadan go by without having changed your entire life. It starts tonight. May Allah bless you all gurukula sallallahu wasallam about a Canon Amina

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Mohammed, so kind of like behind the Asian panic alarm will be hamitic

Post Taraweeh talk at Masjidul Furqaan at Islamia Complex in Cape Town. Day 5 of Ramadhaan 1439

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