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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of giving people the option to enjoy eating healthy foods, especially during the time of war. They explain that many people are struggling and may want to kill themselves, but they should not let anyone kill them. The speaker also mentions that some people may want to kill themselves and encourage them to reach out to the organizers.
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Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh My beloved children, he does around the corner Mashallah, I'm going to start decorating the house a little bit at least to get the vibe of the read and the feel of it within my house. I'm going to start preparing by buying a few things. Maybe mum might be making something dad might be buying something or who knows that might be making a few things this time may Allah subhanho wa Taala make it a beautiful lead. Now, there is something important that I need to tell you and that is right now while we're preparing for aid and a happy day and Mashallah many of us will be having a beautiful clothes and lovely food to eat and we're

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going to enjoy ourselves. We might have granny and grandpa over or we might be going somewhere, even if we have restrictions because of the Coronavirus. We still might be rejoicing in one way or another but they are our children, our brothers and sisters across the globe, who are not as fortunate as we are, they are struggling. They're having issues and problems. There are people in war zones where perhaps the adults are fighting and the children are losing out. There are people who are in places where there is no food and drink there is poverty, meaning they're poor, there is a shortage, there are droughts, there is disease, there is so much that's happening. So not everyone

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is able to enjoy, like we are planning to enjoy. So Allah Almighty teaches us something very amazing. He says when you fasted in the month of Ramadan, and now you're preparing for EAD, you must make sure with the food that you're going to be having for EAD reach out to at least another person who doesn't have what you have with something known as solder katoon fitter solder pattern fitter or socket on filter is a charity, something that you have to take out in the form of a grain preferably grain meaning some food that you eat, you want others to eat, I mean, I'm going to be having a nice meal on the day of eat, I want the poor and those who don't have as much as I have to also enjoy

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that particular day, Allah wants that. So Allah tells me, you must give out that sadaqa before the Salah, or the prayer of aid. So a lot of the times we can give out a pound or two $1 or two, depending on what it is to a charity, or a charitable organization, someone who is going to buy that food on time and give it to the poor so that they can also enjoy the eat. That's the whole idea of sadaqa unfetter. And you have to give it, you must tell your parents please can you give it, they're adults, they should be giving it with us, it's good to give because you get used to it, especially when you have a lot but it becomes compulsory, the day that you become an adult. So let's get used

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to it from now, have you understood why we give so the petrol filter or the cattle filter? Let me say it again, so that the poor can also have something nice to eat on the day of read. And this is why a lot of the scholars say that you must give the type of food that people generally eat in the area that you live or in the area where you're going to be giving the money. We're so lucky, because we have organizations and charities like Abdullah aid, like so many others who are there who give on our behalf, we just have to give them the money and tell them this is for Southern cattle fitter or the cattle fettle. Give them in advance. And at the time on the day, they will make sure that they

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distribute all of that early in the morning, or sometimes in the evening of the eve of eat just at night. So this is important for us to always think what did I give even if it's $1 or two a pound or two? Let everybody be happy on the day of eat, not just us, and then make a dua for our children of Palestine. Right now they're struggling. There are things happening there that are crazy. We should not be fighting and killing. But when people are fighting us and killing us, what do we do? We continue to pray for them. May Allah safeguard them. May Allah safeguard masjidul oxide, may Allah safeguard the sanctity May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard the people and they too deserve a

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beautiful ending to the month of Ramadan. I pray that all those hostilities can come to an end meaning the fighting and our people may Allah subhanho wa Taala protect them all and give our children a beautiful beautiful eat so that they too can enjoy with good clothes at least and with a good smell some perfume, you know smiling faces, as well as nice food and drink. The same applies to our brothers and sisters.

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is in Syria, in some parts of Africa, in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and in so many other places. Mashallah, Pakistan is a lovely place. You know, the people there are amazing. Some of you might see the smile on my face, but so panela we have amazing people across the globe. And even though there is no war that's happening there, but sometimes there are some crazy people who do some silly things, they want to kill others and think that that's how they're going to get the pleasure of Allah. Don't ever let anyone make you think that you have to hurt someone to gain the pleasure of Allah because Allah made them just like he made us if I differ or disagree It doesn't mean I need to

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hurt my brother, my sister. That's what it is. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, I thought I'd make this video in preparation in the run up for it and explain to you that it's not just us who deserve the day of aid, but even those in war zones in various in other places where they are struggling, pray for them at least reach out to them. $1 one pound, congrats, that will do your job. Allah bless you all, as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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