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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah ala alihi wa sahbihi wa I'm aware that or but I do SLM or aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Allah Subhana Allah Maha and we come to Zack manoharan for joining us this evening inshallah tada while we wait for our brothers and sisters to come online and share the link with the family and loved ones in sha Allah, let me take this opportunity to inform you what this evening's program is about So first and foremost, it is the 27th night of Ramadan. So

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I Subhanallah it's such a high probability of this being

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a little crowded,

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and to be able to share the space, even virtually on such an auspicious night is great to be able to share this occasion around the bottom of Quran.

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The bottom of the Quran, like the complete recitation of the Quran, that's even greater. And then for that item to have been completed by our high five our students span Allah neroon Allah knows. And then on top of that, for us to sit here collectively and make dua to Allah subhana wa tada for all of those who gave sadaqa towards the learning of the Quran, and mentioned them by name, evening night either as our companions, our heroes of our budget campaign, baby night, and so that's the program this evening. And this is the amazing opportunity that lies before us in the form of

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these blessings of Allah Subhana Allah so with me in studio, we have a number of honorable guests. You know, it'd be formal gatherings these days. Everybody's honorable Listen, hon that but in the in the Islamic culture, we've got like Fabiola to say, you know, so it's a similar type of thing. So you've got our honored guests here in studio 100.

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How far have the Quran and the team have an Al Youth Foundation? We've got Mullah Mohammed ca we've got Molina Hamza Forbes and we've got haffi Abdullah

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Johnson after that the legends I'm assuming that because I mean it's a famous it's a famous link for handle ality welcome our guest in studio inshallah tada it's one of the Mohammed sonica when it comes to light I want to get and of course we have hafeez soon

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so I want to go on

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and next to me here we have Molinar Hamza Forbes was actually a fellow student of mines for HANA. We started our first year together we were in second year together, I won't I won't talk to them about how wonderful Hamza was at the time insha Allah

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he's Mashallah he's developed so much 100 Isla, Santa Monica

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Nam and Bibi light Allah we will commence with the opening of this program with the recitation of the of the Holy Quran with the sincere wish that through recitation of the Quran and through us listening to it.

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Allah come to her moon in order to be met attained the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala and that he may shower his blessings upon us on this amazing night. And that allowed it through the Baraka of the Quran being recited and being completed here that Allah azza wa jal grants us the full other of Laila. I mean your banana mean so over to have with Abdullah

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this mean?

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Oh Louis laggy mina shail banyuwangi team Bismillah Maria wahi

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last time we

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met Maddie was

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Del Sol de

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casa de la

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what dinkle

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what lavillenie

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dorso Santa

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Suba hi Anna

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mentioned it.

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Earlier call Barry all masaba

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With level as

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you said be hola Houma is where it will only wear when

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bismil man Rafi

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zelle now movie

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comma two

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like to call the

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then as an old man

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heavy beam

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send me here hi

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Mashallah, Mashallah Taco Bell Alemanno, amico

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mela, Allah Subhana Allah accept this recitation of the Quran.

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It is, it is an amazing, it is an amazing phenomenon that this particular surah

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this whole sort it's an entire chapter of the Quran, and it's dedicated to one night, Laila toccata. That's amazing. You mean, you get to a hedge, but you don't have Surah arafa for example, which is like one day, but later to call it has its own surah because the corner of this night, the extent of this night is just beyond our imaginations behind Allah. So we have me now we will now proceed over to our meeting at the Naval Youth Foundation, Marina Mohammed CO, who will impart some advice with us in Charlotte and share some information in his own special way and we pray with Allah to Allah allow his words to be of benefit to our hearts and minds and souls in our lives. And Allah to Allah

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keep him with this many, many more years. I mean, fatale one.

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I don't

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just mean that hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah is a low it was early you also have you send him

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thank you so much for that beautiful rendition of the Quran.

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And the beating of the verses also unique and divinely inspired.

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Allah subhana wa tada

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talks about the impact or potential impact that Quran can have upon us. Ultimately, Khurana has this potential to revolutionize our lives.

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And we have the capacity for that spiritual revolution

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such that the mountains don't have the same capacity at the Quran being revealed on upon the mountains in the mountains would crumble, it would be in the descender. But the heart is such is that it's the perfect

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reciprocal form this divine blessings.

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So that like ties into the night of power in which the Quran was revealed.

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And so behind Allah is so much lessons about the night of power,

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when doesn't know, the only way to start?

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But perhaps maybe we are here. And we are really in the spirit of the Quran. So maybe that's a good point to start off with now.

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What is the night all about? So I think perhaps if we say tonight is the night of power, and then

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people may respond and say, but it's not on a specific night, right? It has the potential to be on the 21st, the 23rd or the 25th 27th.

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if you are to approach from that particular perspective, and then the narration of the song comes through senator Center, this is the hot roll that search for the night of power. So inshallah in searching for the night of power, and endeavoring to gain the benefits contained within the night of power, that in and of itself is a noble pursuit and allows one to level the borders for that.

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we the night of power, where they see it's fairly significant, the night of power is very significant compared to other nights. There are many great nights in Islam.

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Many of them are recurring in terms of its benefit, and many of them are not

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legible color is one such night that the benefit is recurring recurs every year.

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When we look at

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The first night of power

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according to certain scholars, it was on the eve of the 17th of Ramadan. The prophet SAW the law it was it was his habit that he would go to the cave of Hira

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and you'd spend

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extended amount of times they sometimes for a day to three Now sometimes beyond that, and the wording of the narration goes Canada Hannah Sophia Hari Hara used to worship Allah subhana wa tada in the time that he spent in this particular cave, on one such night, which is the 17th, the eve of the 17th of Ramadan. The prophets also known was in the cave of Hira and in the

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best time of our 24 hour day cycle, which is the moments before daybreak, right? The angel Jubilee is an M came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam now, and the first five verses of the Quran was revealed,

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which is a crappy smell, because the first five verses in the prophets also them after they break the promises and lift the Hari Hara, a cave of Hey, Ronnie came back home.

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That particular night, the blessing of that night, if we look at that night in particular, if you look at that, in particular, it was it was shared by if you wanted to want us thinking, as I'm speaking, then you could say Allah Subhana Allah who reveals the Quran

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through the agency of jabril Ali salam, and upon the heart of the Prophet Muhammad Salah.

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And I think that idea is encapsulated. And in another verse, Allah says, ya know, willetton, zero beta alanine. So who who I mean other kobika cunanan de la talks about those three links. So if we take ourselves back in time, and the first, when the first part of the Quran was revealed, we'd find that there were three parties present, so to say, Allah is ever present as bisutti, His Majesty and magnificence, the Archangel Gabriel and the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So they were those present. And

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there was no other bodies able to access the virtue contained within that particular night on the revelation of okra,

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but Allah subhanaw taala wanted the followers of Hamas, Los Angeles, who she in the virtue of that night,

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and as a result, every year annually, Allah subhanho wa Taala stages a repeat of what happened on that particular night. Yes. And our scholars infer that from the last one, he says that necessarily melodica to install to color like beautiful introduce an incident an entire chapter is dedicated, just to the night of power. So in this chapter, Allah subhanaw taala talks about the nezumi mala, aka to the angels come down. And a friend and colleague

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was sharing with me that another name for the night of power is also Laila to the week means to be like, straightened, narrowed,

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but I've seen to facilitate the understanding, space is at a premium. So why is this night referred to a night of status and narrowness and to be cramped? It's because

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every conceivable space is filled with angels and therefore, in the entire existence is straightened because they are the everything is filled with angels, every possible space is full. So these angels cannot and as a Luma Echo, but in a lot of controversies, what rule and the rule is another name for the Archangel gibreel. So our scholars say that the reason why Allah wants to specifically mentioned that is because every year on the first night when the Quran was revealed the angel jabril came down. And likewise, in every consecutive year, Allah subhanaw taala since then all of the angels and Allah saunter lessons down the angel jabril Allison so the all of the benefits that were contained

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in that first night is containing every consecutive night including the fact that GB RAM came down yes and I was

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like well I'm I'm actually just thinking now about the conditions in the oma so one of the comments of the other viewers talking about how can we talk about the great night no brothers are being killed in Israel

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you know, ask yourself what the Nagisa some would have done is done and I understand we, we the sentiment is coming from you know, basically that we as a as an oma we're not in a good space in it to put it mildly Subhan Allah I mean, can can, can we perhaps get an understanding of the of the efficacy of our idea on a night such as this

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For the aroma of Mohammed Salah Sanam and our deepest needs, like, how, how should one understand the power of, of your eyes on such an act?

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So hello.

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Um, I think, as you experienced, that

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isn't the ratio of the promise, awesome, I said was, let's see is a person who doesn't carry the worry

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of the follows on

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from amongst us.

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So at the very least, you should have empathy

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in terms of what

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is befitting our brothers, particularly our brothers and sisters in Palestine, particularly in the Saudi month, and we should do whatever we possibly can in order to

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it may appear. And absolutely, we need to take practical steps

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to support our brothers and sisters in Palestine. There's no question about that.

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And we should do whatever is in our capacity to do.

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A verse of the Quran comes into mind for taco Lama to be conscious of Allah to the extent that you can possibly be. So in other words, what Eve is with in our capacity to do to actively support the Palestinian cause, we should be doing more. That being said,

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we should at the same time not consider to, as you alluded to, as a simplistic solution to a complex problem.

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or other It is really the core and the primary focus, because what does it do I mean, some of us call us a

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bad and to tie to our into fasting.

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And this evening, a thought came across a lot.

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And that is that we currently in the month of Ramadan, at the end of the month of Ramadan really know.

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When Allah talks about fasting, before Allah talks about fasting Allah mentions, if we want to do this, for some first simplifying purposes, to simplify, Allah talks about the world.

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And the last one says, as part of the world, you need to have a bequest.

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The Allah talks about fasting, and the after our last one talks about a

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monetary related issue. And the focus really is to not engage in bribery.

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So before talking about fasting, Allah, Allah talks about a will, that your will needs to be as per the instruction of Allah. After fasting, Allah talks about bribery, don't engage in bribery.

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In order for you to formulate your well.

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According to the wishes of Allah, you need to have a look consciousness, what we refer to as taqwa.

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In order to steer clear from bribery. You need Allah consciousness, what we refer to as taqwa.

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In the middle of it, Allah talks about fasting, and the purpose of fasting is

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to develop a sense of Allah consciousness. So in other words, if you want to, if you want to sit you're welcome to LA Vela, you want to stay clear of bribery, you need a quality, the quality of our consciousness, and you know to gain our consciousness you fast.

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Then when alma mater talks about the laws of fasting, hello sponsor,

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sandwiches in between all of the laws of fasting, Allah, Allah says, why they're so lucky by the undefined your career. Would you Buddha to die the guy when,

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when my slave is, what is the lotto button involuntarily.

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So when, when you when, in between the laws of fasting, which is there really to create this Allah consciousness, Allah makes mention of da, almost as if to say that if you want, if you for your world to be according to Allah's law, for you to stay clear of bribery, you need Allah consciousness, to develop our consciousness, you need to fast, but let me tell you, fasting is not an exercise of staying away from food, drinking water, but the idea behind fasting is to gain closeness to Allah. And the idea of gaining closeness to Allah is

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the FOSS colisee A dwell model a bad The door is the essence of all

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wish above all servitude, that it's almost as if you know that the optimum

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expression and manifestation of our servitude will always want to is contained when we raise our hands. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala what our needs are. So in this month of Ramadan, the concept of fasting is really about taqwa. And the concept of fasting is fostering closeness to Allah subhanaw taala. And they follow talks about in the midst of discussing the rules and regulations dealing with with fasting.

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And then very, very interestingly,

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when one things about the things about the month of Ramadan,

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or other when you think about the NATO power lead to Qatar, there's one word that stands out very clearly for me, and Allah, Allah knows best. Not for me, but the surah basically is like one word that stands out. And that word is basically Salaam Salaam. So if I'm thinking in relation to the plight of our Palestinian brothers and sisters, the word Salaam What do we wish for? We wish for Sudan for them in other words, peace. When we say a certain modicum what what does that mean? When I agreed you? Agreed you It means that I'm ensuring you, you know, your your your, your, your physical being in your wealth. And then Your Honor, I mean, shouldn't all of those, so this is a night off

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Sadam? Very literally no, Salaam Alaikum. So we should be at if Allah is granted asylum, in whatever we may find ourselves in

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this night of power, which is branded by the term salam, we pray that the last one to the grandest to our whisking, breathing in Palestine everywhere else.

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And then in terms of the, you know, the Tafseer of the word salam, our scholars say that these two they stood up series for that.

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The one is that the word Salam basically means the higher which basically means a greeting. And that again, greeting is an insurance that we give to one another.

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Or the angels give it to you if you follow that particular explanation. Alternatively, the word Salam also means higher goodness. So on this night, angels come down with goodness, what is that goodness, one of the goodness and now on such a blessing that the angels are coming down with Salaam Salaam is explained by the term? Goodness, what goodness do they bring? I was gonna say these three things. So the one is that exactly so that whatever you do is multiplied in terms of recordings. The second one would be that Allah subhanaw taala is prepared to forgive all of your sons. The third one now is in relation to what we should busy ourselves with on this night. And that is the last one to

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delete except you supplication. And more. So in relation to our brethren in our brothers and sisters in Palestine, we must have that empathy and from our hearts, you know, our hearts should should count, you know, they say that

00:22:53 --> 00:22:56

may Allah grant us this, they say that, to us aren't asked for

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the potency of the DA depends on how they do I solicited. So whatever it is, I can ask you, please pray for me. And then you say, Okay, I'll pray for you. But what about if I conduct myself in such a manner, that it induces you to make dua for me, it elicits a desire for you know, sometimes we speak to our, our mothers and our grandmothers, and we say make do for me, what do they say to us? It's a healthy diet, for your mcmicken I will always because of the way you conduct yourself with your mom, or maybe your grandmother something, they say, I'll never forget my dad, you haven't asked him for the ice, you've taken the dice on him.

00:23:33 --> 00:23:50

What is happening to our brothers and sisters in Palestine, that needle asked us for do us the condition should elicit a dua from us. So from the bottom of our heart, we should empathize and really make dua and like we said at the beginning, we need to be very proactive in employment even as you possibly can.

00:23:51 --> 00:24:04

That the immediate the immediate mechanism available to us is the mechanism of doing particularly on this particular on this on this nine which is an act of power and we've seen how the angels been this

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is quite profound Mashallah, let Allah increase you and preserve you and protect you always.

00:24:12 --> 00:24:27

inshallah, we will proceed to my liking, perhaps giving introduction to the item and kind of give our viewers an understanding of when it started what it's all about and how we're going to be completing that inshallah. Allah.

00:24:29 --> 00:24:40

Allah is the month of the Koran now and in to be honest with you, it all started with mana Rashad gave the beautiful suggestion. It is the month of Quran Let us

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00:24:44 --> 00:24:59

tend to Allah is one plugin in terms of reading a the entire Quran in the humble law students at Apogee did they had dedicated a specific autumn for this particular purpose and to recite the

00:25:00 --> 00:25:18

bottom, and at the end of the hotel that we will completed like online so that we can share the benefit with everybody. And that was a practice of the companies of the assessment. I remember reading in the DBN

00:25:21 --> 00:25:35

have him No, we're I'm Allah. And he quotes an incident of Annecy. mullikin that you would have a person that this person would go around in Medina and see wherever the completion of the Quran is being

00:25:36 --> 00:26:05

made in those recordings being completed. And then they would summon and this even Mike so he just wanted to be present in order to witness a completion of the Quran and to be present at the door and it was made at the completion of the Quran. According to certain narrations 4000 angels say amen to the door that is made, not on the completion of the coroner. So at night, like on a night like this, we there's no space except that you find an angel funding that particular space.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:30

We thought it opportune to optimize and maximize of having our students read the hotel and complete in the Houghton with the idea that Alice wanted to make all of them have files. I mean, they're able to read the Quran, understand the Quran, and practice upon the Quran. And they did become, you know, luminaries and shining examples. And that's one thing that comes to mind.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:41

Know, but I'll I'll pre release for, for our students, that Allah subhanaw taala make them torchbearers of the Quran.

00:26:42 --> 00:26:43

And we were thinking, you know,

00:26:45 --> 00:27:22

this surah, two quarter, one of the great lessons will be what is the layer two code all about? Allah replicated all the time. So when we look at the links that we were talking about a moment ago, what do we have? Allah is the first link. And the second link is the Archangel gibreel. And thirdly, what we have is on the heart of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, Alayhi, WA early he was, he was, so now these links are links which are aggrandized. There's no question about the greatness this blindness, or these links, Allah, the archangel, and the messenger sallallahu Sallam said,

00:27:23 --> 00:27:34

that he Vila is grand, the angel his grand, the messenger upon which is being revealed his grand Suhana. But now what has happened is that needs to be complemented by

00:27:36 --> 00:27:53

the time frame in which is revealed in almost wanting to seek to aggrandize the time as well. So the thought that came to mind was that if the timeframe in which the Quran was revealed, was aggrandized. What do you think about that or that contains the Quran?

00:27:55 --> 00:28:27

So we know in our profiles, one is that we as we as students of the Quran, must realize that Quran even if there's a small portion of Quran, what is the process I'm saying, Don't make your homes graveyards? living it out. Do you live in your homes spiritually by reciting Quran foretold Baccarat should be recited for example. So you know that hot that contains the Quran, it is a hot if the timeframe in which Quran was revealed was a grand dice to that point with the heavens and the earth are filled with angels. What do you think about that particular hot so although

00:28:29 --> 00:28:37

at the core of everything, how do I really is that how are students in Sharla within this particular

00:28:38 --> 00:29:00

Academy follows on to the users assets it means that they're able to memorize the Quran. inshallah gain some understanding of the Quran practice that is the ultimate objective that the Quran can become the guiding light within the lives meaningless. So we did the Houghton was in that particular spirit and Alhamdulillah out think and open play that the

00:29:01 --> 00:29:03

mana douchey

00:29:04 --> 00:29:09

have a fishy or the particularly hood as it was your idea barnacle of equal. I mean, just a cool off I don't

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know, that was a excellent introduction, just a qualifier and inshallah we're going to invite the students to to commence with the completion of the Hotham shortly. But before we do, so we spoke about people who, whose hearts contain the Quran and hamilo very privileged to have some of the teachers of those of those kids with s inshallah. And I just wanted to ask, How are the kids doing in terms of this budget campaign? Are they excited about it? Are they are the spirits alive? Are they are they are they happy that this is happening for them? And how are they you know, how are they the responses to this Quran, recitations hotton that you're about to complete Bismillah

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Alhamdulillah the this, the kids were very happy. Now. We took some time out

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in our busy schedule, here.

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But one that has to let me read the hatom and Alhamdulillah. Some of them edited to finish at home now. And they were, like thought the huddle needs to be completed the same day. So,

00:30:15 --> 00:30:24

yes, it was all hamdulillah that the children know, they look forward to complete overtime. So I'm glad we better before

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we go, she can machine that half of the luck. And then of course you have one and a half as a Forbes LS as the federal campaign going on with students and how is the reaction to participating in this Fatima?

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40

saramonic more deliberate?

00:30:41 --> 00:30:49

I think she had I think he gave exactly what's happening hamdulillah students are very excited.

00:30:50 --> 00:30:57

The vibe that I like, amongst the students is that the competing vibe So currently we have

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the process in the lead with that. I'm not sure how many but the in the lead and part of the motivation was more or less the idea of giving a prize to the winners hamdulillah Sally working hard to the prize. And yes, very lots of energy around and 100 will be excited for that Intel rational article if

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they have inshallah, I'm going to invite the learners onto the stream with us in Santa Ana just before you

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sometimes go deema comment, right? No, that's like

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that's normal for some people and more normal for us. Like you know, it means go down like so what happened was you know, we did the right but now we were supposed to read the whole huddle except for the last part right? But maybe it wasn't the excitement the month of the quarter everything we read the whole

00:31:56 --> 00:31:58

like you know, like the whole finish like

00:31:59 --> 00:32:04

so I'm just afraid now that you need to ask the students look, we have to finish the day once

00:32:06 --> 00:32:20

we finish you like maybe the things you did eight or something. So what happened is that the students they completed the hotter right, I think these like certain you know, everybody has the favorite potion, some the student

00:32:23 --> 00:32:31

when the student starts he decides, okay, I'm going to finish on these is on the surah anything. So since we will complete the hatom like you know,

00:32:33 --> 00:32:43

so the students chose portions of the Quran that you know, they love to read and so forth. So inshallah we'll read that and then we will, we will complete the

00:32:44 --> 00:32:48

mobility complete and inshallah when we could do that inshallah

00:32:50 --> 00:32:55

so inshallah icbf via acid I'm not sure how to pronounce it

00:32:58 --> 00:33:06

Okay, and then we have what can you imagine amantadine NZ i'd henslowe I said I want to go global to go to

00:33:07 --> 00:33:10

one camera on camera is

00:33:11 --> 00:33:12

he coming?

00:33:14 --> 00:33:15

How are the brothers doing?

00:33:21 --> 00:33:27

Okay, shall I would like to go first is a specific type of TV that has been selected. See ad

00:33:33 --> 00:33:34


00:33:38 --> 00:33:41

la Humana shaytani r rajim.

00:33:42 --> 00:33:43

Bismillah Al

00:33:47 --> 00:33:51

Hamdulillah in la de la casa. De one

00:33:52 --> 00:33:54

lumati one more.

00:33:55 --> 00:33:59

Melody NACA Ruby, Ruby me or de Lune?

00:34:00 --> 00:34:01

Who I love

00:34:03 --> 00:34:04

the news

00:34:06 --> 00:34:07

agenda. What are

00:34:08 --> 00:34:10

some annoying

00:34:12 --> 00:34:14

dum dum dum moon

00:34:15 --> 00:34:16

wahoo Allahu

00:34:19 --> 00:34:23

Allah Masha rakumargin Morocco Maya Allah ma taxi boon.

00:34:25 --> 00:34:34

WOMAD that D min min Tara beam in laka new on her meridian falcoda

00:34:39 --> 00:34:41

Festo fi T.

00:34:44 --> 00:34:46

V SM Zun.

00:34:47 --> 00:34:48

lm euro comm

00:34:52 --> 00:34:52


00:34:54 --> 00:34:56

up demand I'm no McCulloch

00:35:17 --> 00:35:17

Why don't

00:35:18 --> 00:35:19

they get the data?

00:35:21 --> 00:35:23

fellow masu VAD

00:35:29 --> 00:35:36

movie. What call Allah? Allah Allah HumanIK wallow

00:35:37 --> 00:35:38

mana Calico dl

00:35:42 --> 00:35:43


00:35:45 --> 00:35:47

Mashallah, Mashallah

00:35:50 --> 00:35:51

easy for Michelle

00:35:53 --> 00:35:59

and Shelly Oscar yes sir to go next inshallah Donna says to unmute yourself. Yes, sir.

00:36:04 --> 00:36:05

Yes sir. Can you hear me?

00:36:07 --> 00:36:14

Don't think he's disconnected. David, shall we go to work you Mr. Dean? If you can unmute yourself first and for me

00:36:18 --> 00:36:19

it's been

00:36:26 --> 00:36:32

a shield on your orgy. Miss Smith, your man. He

00:36:33 --> 00:36:37

in Altadena aka furusawa gnarly him.

00:36:39 --> 00:36:42

I'm London. Mino.

00:36:43 --> 00:36:46

katama Walla. Walla.

00:36:47 --> 00:37:01

Walla, bustling, Michelle. Hello, my God. I mean, my goal, man. You will believe me, your mouth. Mindy.

00:37:02 --> 00:37:06

You hold your own Oh Allah Deena manomaya

00:37:11 --> 00:37:13

fear Palooza in

00:37:15 --> 00:37:17

Rome although

00:37:18 --> 00:37:20

early Monday America and we are

00:37:22 --> 00:37:26

pleased to say to follow up with your call who in

00:37:27 --> 00:37:29

your home

00:37:30 --> 00:37:34

now mama Macedo whenever I like lay your shoulder

00:37:36 --> 00:37:38

or either please let me know.

00:37:40 --> 00:37:41

So Paulo,

00:37:43 --> 00:37:44

Manisha shoo

00:37:47 --> 00:37:47


00:37:52 --> 00:37:55

by either local or de mano por su

00:37:57 --> 00:38:05

either Hondo de la shell cleaning or who in in Mr. Zhu

00:38:06 --> 00:38:22

Hello yesterday it will be him Miyamoto houfy topia name Yana Hoon hula color Dena shadow Paula Allah couplehood ephemera we had to know to whom mama daddy said of a low low the

00:38:24 --> 00:38:37

couple of i mean i mean come the saddle you back with us you can if you can unmute yourself in for the comment then you can commence inshallah I'm not sure if I if your pictures frozen with you just keeping it really really still.

00:38:39 --> 00:39:28

There it looks like it's frozen. Does that go on students like that a bless you always and made this by the campaign of the near Youth Foundation be of benefit to you and to our offspring all of our offspring and to many generations to come I mean Iran just a quick one the the binary campaign is basically the the the fundraising endeavor of an air Youth Foundation, very homely type of fundraising endeavor. We encourage all of our students to get as many of the Uncles aunts neighbors, loved ones family members to make a monthly pledge towards the institution of learning have like 50 to 100 grants and 100 many of dancer I believe the count is approximately 75 pledges for the month

00:39:28 --> 00:39:34

of Ramadan so far hamdulillah it's not quite a 300 but you'll get the you'll get the shower

00:39:35 --> 00:39:59

Because tonight you have the opportunity to be one of them inshallah I can right now while we are on this particular podcast if anyone so wishes, you could go to the new Foundation website that's www.ny dot z day. In fact, I've got it ready over there. And you can just go to the debit order, fill out the debit order inshallah, and you'll be part

00:40:00 --> 00:40:10

Have the list of names of our binary Heroes for whom we will be praying to Allah subhanaw taala for ethical while at the at the bottom that has is completed

00:40:11 --> 00:40:42

hamdulillah and even Mila we would love you to be part of it a small contribution of 50 or 100 grands, you won't even notice that it's going off. But the students that you see and others like them, the Institute, which is benefiting them in society on a daily basis will benefit of that. And for you to be to make such an investment on a laylatul cutter. It's like making that investment for over 1000 months. It means of your life so Subhanallah even though David do this for a year, your Southern call for outweighs that.

00:40:44 --> 00:40:52

Dive in Shall I see we now have brother Yes, sir. back with us. Are you back with us? Yes, I see movement so I gotta hit LA.

00:40:58 --> 00:40:59

Palo Alto.

00:41:02 --> 00:41:05

firewalls will humanize shaytani r rajim.

00:41:08 --> 00:41:12

Bismillah roffman, Rafi

00:41:13 --> 00:41:25

little fish. Were dwama fill out. We're in to Buju Murphy and Fuji come out to for your civil come build

00:41:27 --> 00:41:28

for your funeral in my

00:41:29 --> 00:41:31

way you are zebu, my.

00:41:34 --> 00:41:37

Well, lo Arla. Shane Cody

00:41:38 --> 00:41:39

rasuluh B.

00:41:41 --> 00:41:47

De La La me, Robbie. Well moved me No. cologne am Anna villa.

00:41:48 --> 00:42:06

Katie, good to be here. Rosalie lannoo Federico beinahe Miro soli calls me on our door now Whoa, Veronica, Robin, ye like and ma si. Le you can live Allahu nevsun in with our

00:42:08 --> 00:42:16

guest abattoir la makdessi evette are up to Sydney in Siena.

00:42:18 --> 00:42:30

Robin de Mille Alena is wrong. Hamilton who Island the nemen kwabena robina wallet to hum Minh

00:42:31 --> 00:42:46

Patel Anna B. Who are flying wellfield on our Hamner and mobile phones. Now Island ko milker Ferry soda cola who loudly

00:42:49 --> 00:43:11

alone homing computer for Mashallah Allah Subhana Allah keep you guys in the sirata Thank you acids of the Quran beautify our homes with with your voices. And I'll let Allah make your journey successful in this life in the next I mean, just a call on the phone for joining us and we hope that you have an excellent night have a vida ahead of you insha Allah.

00:43:13 --> 00:43:14

So Annika Hello

00:43:18 --> 00:43:22

Dave 111 Now that is a very auto mean

00:43:23 --> 00:43:36

Mashallah, on the students, I'm sure you must have enjoyed that, you know, seeing the I don't know if you can call it fruits of your labor, but just to know that you had some role to play in the lives of unreal as far as learning Islam is concerned

00:43:39 --> 00:43:40

for the

00:43:42 --> 00:43:52

grace of Allah subhanaw taala and we implore last one to Allah to use us as a means. I mean, I always remember I think she Ebrahim

00:43:53 --> 00:44:10

quite often, the falling profits application. Aloma Jana, fit Hi, Lila Hi, masala Cali, Sha, Allah, my geistlich Keizer for goodness and masala curry shot and cause us to be barriers of

00:44:11 --> 00:44:15

evil in other words, if evil were to ever come that we should be

00:44:16 --> 00:44:38

a means of keeping evil at bay. So, one law the province also says, if one person is sort of like rightly guided by you, then is better than he can know. So we pray that Allah subhanaw taala enables us and continues to use us for the service of his book. I mean, I mean even the last 100 odd

00:44:40 --> 00:44:51

jobs I qualified on michael vick, they've so inshallah we are going to have a dissertation from the, from the brothers in studio, what was the Mullah mentioned that there was also the completion of your own.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:57

Or he proceeded No, I know I can I can. I can. Perhaps just one thought that came to mind.

00:44:59 --> 00:45:00

I think we can do

00:45:00 --> 00:45:03

completion of the in terms of

00:45:04 --> 00:45:14

just reciting what we would normally recite in terms of the completion, now, it is considered one of the base of actions when some good thing comes to an end, that immediately you start

00:45:16 --> 00:45:17

the repeat promises Now,

00:45:19 --> 00:45:35

according to some that could be explained by when you complete a good thing, then you immediately start, you know, the next leg or the next, like in our case, the next recitation of the Quran, something which stood out for me in terms of the night of power, it will cover a number of things.

00:45:36 --> 00:45:37

And I would encourage,

00:45:39 --> 00:45:40

you know,

00:45:41 --> 00:46:26

for us to read more about what is contained within this particular night, I was somewhat astounded when I read the first page in terms of introduction to the broader exegesis explanation of Laila to Qatar. So, they also also basically says that one should one should do two things. So the one thing was to in live in the night in terms of prayer, so that as I can understood, because I connected it to the narration of the professor sandwich is one comma later Okada, Eamon watty, seven Wolfie, Aloma, taka domina, the person who enlivens the night of power in terms of prayer, then all of his previous sins are forgiven. So I understood that part of

00:46:28 --> 00:46:51

the passage. And then it went on. So the night of power, you should in live in it by standing. And the next thing what was mentioned was what doesn't Duke and to give a charity. So I thought to myself, okay to give charity, that's an excellent thing. I came from a mosque now Subhan Allah and there was like a really amazing opportunity. The man was,

00:46:53 --> 00:47:33

the man presented us with this opportunity that there's another mosque being set up. This was in this fun pointing area, right? So Mashallah wonderful community. And so the one mosque they building another mosque, right? So the first one is called Massoud RoboHelp. And the other one is called Massoud bahal. Planning like the second one. So you know, it's like, I think run from the same administration and so forth. So they have the land. And they basically have the The walls are put up. But now what happens is they're going to lay the floor in the masjid. So what happened was, they require X amount of money to lay the floor. So everybody innovative and said, let's develop into to

00:47:33 --> 00:48:00

shape the shape that was speaking, I was thinking, I, I, I imagined thinking on his feet. So this is like this makes this very simple and divine to his. What do you think like 500, Dennis Shea, was available for that. And so how long was like instinctively my hand shut up? Oh, I'm thinking one of those sheets. Imagine that, like, underwriter power you spending like 500 grand, in terms of its value, it would be like spending 500 grand,

00:48:02 --> 00:48:32

over 4000 months, you basically get the dude, but when reading the idea of giving charity on the head of power, I was thinking, Okay, where does that come from? Where does it come from now. So the falling source came to mind, Allah knows best. I was thinking of like a parallel case, extraneous case completely, we in the best nights of the year. So then my mind went to the best days of the year, the best days of the other face 10 days of ledger. So the narration is very clear, the evening bias talks about

00:48:34 --> 00:48:59

these, no good actions are done any other time of the year that is more pleasing to Allah than good actions as take place in these first 10 days. So that's the narration. But then what our scholars do is they recommend that look fast. There's no like specific textual evidence that tells you fast, right? But because fasting means that you engage 24, not 24 seven, but for the better part of the days, okay, the entire

00:49:00 --> 00:49:09

video definition now, so then you're going to get, you're going to be rewarded all of the time now. And so, the for our scholars recommender, the

00:49:10 --> 00:49:10


00:49:12 --> 00:49:21

when it comes to the night of power, when in relation to good deeds, the focus is that whatever you do is going to be compounded.

00:49:22 --> 00:49:59

So, enough for us to come from a Western background, you know, we think about like interest, compound interest, and just as a measure in terms of how that grows over time, but that can never come pay to a compound Sadako right, facilitated by the night of our Hello, hello. So, in other words, like an input analyst want to lead really to the compound nature, but not of interest, unless you want it to be malleable if your mind is valid when the law that which you give. And this is quite unique because that which you give in order to increase people's wealth.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

It can mean a number of things.

00:50:03 --> 00:50:19

And normally, this is the explanation that you're going to get, which is a valid explanation. That nominally, there's an increase in your wealth when you take interest, because you're exactly the interest on us more than just the capital amount. But we say that there's no blessing in that.

00:50:21 --> 00:50:58

In terms of interest, there's a further argument to that, in terms of my understanding of the fundamental space, that in real terms, if you really look at it holistically, that these that increase this there's no increase in terms of interest. On a practical economic level, there's no increase. In other words, there's no economic benefit that really in terms of interest in Allah fontanelles with his only disadvantage, but Allah goes beyond that. And then Allah says warm it to means according to read, you know, what your lover would like on the phone, that which you give as a charity, the charity would be the necessity on stacks which you have to dispense of formulae call

00:50:58 --> 00:51:44

mother phone, those are the ones who double and redouble and increase in other words, the compound idea of sadaqa comes not when you taking interest, but when you're giving charity that's a means of compounding your wealth, what what a better time what a bit opportunity for us to, to, to really grab this opportunity not because not because some organization is making a pitch or playing for funds, but for the benefit that it holds for us that compound benefit that asaka holds for us, but particularly when you do it on the night of power and that compound sadaqa you may have given a hand but fallen to judgment when it comes you will be astounded How come this thing got compounded to

00:51:44 --> 00:52:21

such a degree almost wanted a visit interesting thoughts came to mind I'm only speaking I'm just trying to think like what is the he does the sadhaka thing you know stem from because I also had it and I've also encouraged people because it is a good thing to do. And I have my own sort of logical reasoning like you know, Allah if you want everything from Allah give a lot everything that you have everything. But then from a textual perspective, I thought about that the Hadith about cannot also relies less on Android and iOS, or Android, my akuna fear Ramadan in Alka huji Very nice to meet every night in Ramadan. And they used to intensify by that in the last the night. We know that also

00:52:21 --> 00:52:27

from other Heidi. I was just thinking that that's one of the things he intensified in Swan naturally.

00:52:28 --> 00:52:32

So maybe, maybe not absolutely. So hang on, it really

00:52:33 --> 00:52:56

is like direct in terms of purposes. Now. So you know, like, he said, yeah, that you must you must you must intervene the night of power in terms of prayer now your sins will be forgiven. And then also he's action says that he was generous in this particular lostness now another thought comes to mind

00:52:57 --> 00:52:58

because you mentioned that

00:53:00 --> 00:53:08

the thought that came to mind was that you know, if you look at other acts of a bad like one person had it to distribute was like really unique

00:53:09 --> 00:53:18

You know, when a child is born with within an Islamic home so what happens is that the recommended the recommended practice is to give an update

00:53:20 --> 00:53:22

so what happens is why do you give the article

00:53:23 --> 00:53:26

in the first instance we'll look at it because it's sooner.

00:53:27 --> 00:53:56

But if you look at it particularly sooner, what purpose does it serve, that the joy is not only contained to the family, but others she in it through the article and the distribution of the darker panels, in other words, when we look at a binder, it has almost like it has this it has the ritualistic part or in other words the the bad the ritual part in other words a worshipping Allah but in most instances we'll find that it has the social element to it

00:53:58 --> 00:54:41

those those those divided that don't have like a video parent direct social aspect to it allows one to the piece it was something which does have that social impact in others although say Aki Masada that gives sada Salah is like individual act of a bad and it's sort of like difficult to read into solder, you know, other than Allah into that you're a birder. But when is a pure ibaadat Allah piece it up or something which is almost like to a large degree is a bad input, but mostly in terms of its social benefit now, so now when we look at the last thing there is you will mentioned in that Hadith, if we look at it, it's a time for you a bad is going to be compounded. But the purpose also

00:54:41 --> 00:54:59

in terms of his practice reminds you that look just about every aspect of Islam, it has the idea of fulfilling the rights of the Creator and being of service to the creation Subhan Allah so in the last 10 days in the last 10 days, you know, sadaqa is that mode whereby

00:55:00 --> 00:55:17

A lot of you, you're making tea and we're going to make tm here and we're going to make tea and this evening, I just wanted to give us two proposals one was generous. So in other words, he folded a bad pot, and he folded HDMI he bought the social was an M, but the Spirit was huge. I want to you know, like, Allah something able as is that

00:55:19 --> 00:56:03

it's really a golden opportunity. And, you know, even and just to in, to be honest, she also, you know, I think that you know, that slab one, the deed you know, like, we aren't 75 Now, in terms of the debit orders, we have to bring it to 331 to the you know, the audio and Alhamdulillah was I'm always encouraged when I meet with the staff and so forth because you know, Mashallah everybody's doing their level best to you know, to support and and you know, and bring that up also work together with that I tell you that slab 504 ashina massive with a V that's a southern Nigeria without a doubt so you know, you can contact the you know, the my students

00:56:05 --> 00:56:19

because what I'm saying is opportunity and then so what what are they we should be indebted to the masses for a fortnight asked about unity and whoever else why because you giving 500 grand in exchange for eternal reward you getting a bargain

00:56:22 --> 00:56:37

in like in genuinely just doing you're like a great favor. So we should from this from this perspective, I think that we should be you know, fighting with one another on the way I was thinking I was coming with on our brothers out and interviews

00:56:39 --> 00:56:41

I must get towards leashes man, you know,

00:56:44 --> 00:56:50

it was almost wanted so blisters was so much we can do we can shoot and also to

00:56:52 --> 00:57:08

attic botnet another one of the brothers mentioned in part of the initial discussion was, you know, sin centering around, you know, the theme of our brothers and sisters in Palestine as well. So, you know, to support a worthy cause as well and contribute to happiness monitor.

00:57:10 --> 00:57:18

And you know, to reach 300 for us should be 314 and we won't go with other rewire which is 2017. We'll keep it random 14.

00:57:20 --> 00:57:23

But our appeal to the committee hamdulillah Oui, oui,

00:57:25 --> 00:57:29

oui, will handle OSHA you know, I don't mind a call

00:57:30 --> 00:58:08

to obey dollars wanted elders witness in terms of what we're saying. hamdulillah we have a good staff. And we are doing our level best to fulfill in a manner which is entrusted to us, not by cc's opennebula sort of good if it's happening, but how do I be part of everything possible to be part of everything, even the advice was told by the person make dua for him, you will Shane the reward. So our request is for inshallah, we are able to, to constantly support them, and also come to visit the matassa come, maybe you have expertise and so forth, come share with us, you know, all of these things within the field, and support us, help us reach that number reached 9 million, 14 billion

00:58:08 --> 00:58:09

does matter.

00:58:10 --> 00:58:24

If the website doesn't work, it doesn't work the to whatever you do, just, you know, because sometimes we clicked on it. Yeah, in fact, just just call us can even just phone us directly, or send us a message and we'll get somebody to to reach out to you and

00:58:25 --> 00:58:51

so you have you have very few opportunities left is at spots gone. I'm unaware of the at sign up now inshallah, what exactly is being is being requested is that individuals make small contribution or sadhaka. Every month, we're talking about a 50 then, you know, there's so many David, what is that that gets pulled off from my account, if a 59 gets pulled off, that's not the one that makes you worry.

00:58:54 --> 00:59:33

That one's fine and you still cannot find you don't even look who that's from, it's like okay, Bismillah you know, but that's what we're suggesting if you if it must be less than that if it if it's going to be more than that, that hamdulillah but we believe we can do this and we can do this with you and your assistance in sha Allah Allah if Allah allows us so do get sign up. There's an equation How does one set up the debit order so again, the website details is on the screen. You could set up the electronic debit odd on the website itself, there will be my contact with you they after Alternatively if you know any of the members who you've seen one of the Mohammed the teachers

00:59:33 --> 00:59:48

of tragedy the oil Academy you know any of these branches of the organization and you can make direct contact with us as well in Charlotte Allah you could send me a message I can get in touch with you in the law. So now I'm that is the

00:59:50 --> 00:59:59

that is the objective in sha Allah Allah we pray that, that Allah opens up your hearts and your minds in your pockets in your bank accounts on this auspicious night and and sees through this

01:00:00 --> 01:00:16

sr, the the key of this amazing organization even like the other Nam, then in return for your contribution, we came up with this by the list. So, using the, I hope I'm going to be able to do this now, using the,

01:00:17 --> 01:00:21

the design of the actual, what would you call it the block on

01:00:22 --> 01:00:23

a block.

01:00:25 --> 01:00:51

block which sounds so funny to me but it is a bit of a monument monument is a monument at the site of By the way, the names of the Shahada have been engraved on this particular monument and our list with the names of our donors have signed up Alhamdulillah the names will be included onto this monument even light Allah and

01:00:54 --> 01:01:20

the students which is why we have Marina Hamza and half Abdullah the students will be reading the items regularly or reading the Quran regularly and the teachers will incorporate making the for all of those names on a regular basis with the light Allah so your name will literally go onto this list and therefore become part of the door is of all of these kids so heinola in this institute, and that's forever

01:01:21 --> 01:01:38

and even if the those Quran should burn or something, you know that that doesn't mean it stops it still continues forever because that was recited and that's the presentation is going to go on from person to person down the chain. in Charlotte I said we'd like to show you this I'll probably be able to open it up for you quickly.

01:01:41 --> 01:02:01

I'd like to show you the list Gary actually had the designer make something Alhamdulillah tumeric quite nice wanna say so myself Jimmy? And we say shukran to assist in IV for maruf for assisting us in that regard. Now I as I'm speaking I'm trying to figure out there we go I think I found it

01:02:03 --> 01:02:04

just this min

01:02:09 --> 01:02:10

No, I did not

01:02:11 --> 01:02:13

okay, I'm gonna find it now inshallah within

01:02:16 --> 01:02:19

this mean I finally do find it. Okay, so this is the list Yeah.

01:02:20 --> 01:02:24

This is the one side I'll show the other side as well.

01:02:25 --> 01:02:27

Now this is actually the blank side.

01:02:31 --> 01:02:31

We've got

01:02:33 --> 01:03:00

so far man and I said 75 or so names and inshallah we will be reaching that 300 with your assistance. Maybe tonight maybe you've already reached it with your assistance, inshallah to Allah to sign up if you can. And if you can't as well Mohammed beautifully stated, we still appreciate your contribution by way of do I am praying for the endeavor I'm praying for the madrasa and praying for our well being and thankful I heard Quran around the world and

01:03:01 --> 01:03:42

students of Dean scholars have Dean all the efforts of Dean Allah Subhana Allah just bring assistance across the board, we you know, an institute is but the means, the objective is a law in which even name with ease, whichever branded easiest, we go through all of these things, we, we take the means but at the end of the day, the assistance is with Allah and the intentions are supposed to be only for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah. So we if you contribute your goodness and your kindness and your sadhaka The point is not just this organization, the point is, contribute for the sake of Allah. The one thing that the people in Jannah or when to come back for is to give more sadaqa to

01:03:42 --> 01:04:29

say more the good, the one thing that the person will wish Allah Allah sends him back from the hero to the dunya Allah, this person will wish that he can return to give sadaqa so Subhana Allah Allah does not wait for 40 great to sit in. But let us let us take the action now inshallah, this is the beautiful design that the sister at so generously donated, designing time to the organization, which is another way people can give Souther Kamala is to actually give them the time of the service with the intent benefit from that. So that's the the the monument the the names of the martyrs of by there are written on that particular monument. So in honor of this, we have our our names which will

01:04:29 --> 01:04:50

be written on this list as well as the blank one of the year in the copies of the of the students Quran hamdulillah so I think that's pretty awesome. I think that's pretty awesome Alhamdulillah and, inshallah Allah will will commence shortly with the door for that list in sha Allah, Allah Muhammad swirsky to facilitate the recitation

01:04:51 --> 01:04:56

for us as as we discussed Bismillah falletta father Matura

01:05:05 --> 01:05:19

So the plan mana is to be complete the autumn, like the complete the autumn and shallow will start again. And they after. Are you going to read the name Sloman? Yes inshallah Okay, barnacle aqui con shell are excellent political equality with you.

01:05:24 --> 01:05:32

All will be learning Amina shaytani Raji Bismillah your prophet manual Ibrahim

01:05:33 --> 01:05:43

kulu Allah who had a long slumber Samad lamea leader wala mula dominum yaku lung Khufu Ahad

01:05:45 --> 01:05:56

Bismillah, your Brockman your Brahim Yakubu Allahu Ahad Allah wa Samad Lamia, Lido Allah Moo leather mala Mia Kula, Khufu and I had

01:05:57 --> 01:06:09

Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim Khan who Allah who had won in sarmad than merely Dawa mula Dawa. Mia Kula Khufu and I had

01:06:11 --> 01:06:42

in in Allahu Allahu Akbar will be Smith layer your graph manual Brahim cool all the way from middle fall out aiming shall be my hot alko amin Shall we loss it in either welcome amin chagrin of defeating our Okada, amin shabbiha cd either highside la isla in Allah, Allah Gabon Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim

01:06:43 --> 01:06:48

Allah ob robbing Somali King nursey Isla in

01:06:49 --> 01:06:51

me she was was she

01:06:53 --> 01:07:00

was a lady was with Sophia sudo in * Elgin 81 s

01:07:01 --> 01:07:35

la ilaha illa Allah, Allah wa a kebab will be smilla your bra manual Brahim Alhamdulillah hurom mila alameen a rough manual Brahimi Maliki Omen Dean he kinda he kind of Stein he didn't know sit all been mustafi say sirop Allah Nina and him. Laney mulu behind him malo mo

01:07:38 --> 01:07:41

smil lang of rock manual Brahimi Alif

01:07:42 --> 01:07:55

mean that he can kita Bula Murphy wouldn't live clean, a loving you know, you know Nabina Ximena up Muna salata amin Rosa Konya whom

01:07:57 --> 01:08:00

one Lavina you may know nabeshima

01:08:01 --> 01:08:01

la casa

01:08:04 --> 01:08:13

I mean carbolic will come up known hula iica wooden milk robbing him more

01:08:14 --> 01:08:18

eco humulene muffler Hoon what Isla Who? Camila

01:08:19 --> 01:08:19


01:08:21 --> 01:08:32

ILA word rough man would Rahim Allah Allah Isla in who will hire you loca you lead who leucaena to

01:08:34 --> 01:08:42

LA whom FSM Allah Do you want to fill up demon the lady yes for the evening

01:08:43 --> 01:08:46

Yeah, I know mama Marina ad mama

01:08:47 --> 01:08:53

wanna you wanna be shy him mini me? Masha

01:08:54 --> 01:08:57

was your uncle to see us some our demon

01:08:58 --> 01:09:05

whoo Hey Roma. Where are you? Oh hi Roma who Allah Allah EULA alvine

01:09:06 --> 01:09:31

Amana rasuluh Bhima de la la emailed Robbie moon, Kowloon man Abdullah he was eager de moku to be was holy land fabric kobina hiding magufuli all Sami outliner Veronica banner wa la kalamansi

01:09:32 --> 01:09:35

later you can live long enough sun Illa

01:09:37 --> 01:09:57

hammock is about Wiley hammock this habit of banana hidden in Siena partner Ben tamela. Alena is wrong gamma, gamma delta, gamma hemanta wala Levine I mean Kobe Lena

01:09:58 --> 01:09:59


01:10:00 --> 01:10:01

I'm meeting

01:10:02 --> 01:10:05

Katerina Abby. Wow for

01:10:06 --> 01:10:09

Wolfie Lana, warmer Hamner,

01:10:11 --> 01:10:12

Tama Luna

01:10:14 --> 01:10:19

Camila caffee de solder con la la Salim

01:10:21 --> 01:10:23

Masha Allah, Allah Allah Minami

01:10:24 --> 01:10:28

also to say Mashallah myself now because you're so used to you know when somebody but just

01:10:33 --> 01:10:37

because I know whether you know my son didn't get his voice for me

01:10:39 --> 01:10:45

so he's a bit more melodious when i when i by Shannon I have to say myself Mashallah

01:10:46 --> 01:11:00

so I actually do it myself because nobody knows that you know when I'm finished and then after I finish for that one and this one I got some good friend of mine some time back. So they are looking at me like you know, straight faces and like you know

01:11:02 --> 01:11:05

and then I say to them days nixie What do you mean?

01:11:10 --> 01:11:12

I said I didn't even know what to say.

01:11:17 --> 01:11:47

Okay, I put my spectacles on because I need to read a list of names of the screen in sha Allah. But before I do sir I'd like also to state that the process of collecting all of this information is still underway Of course names are coming in all the time. So the list is filling up Alhamdulillah somebody asked how can they do a one off donation and still be included? So my understanding as I discussed this with Mullah Mohammed is that any person who does a one off donation like have the years David owed is basically the sum of elected to do that

01:11:48 --> 01:12:12

they will be included on the on the by the list as well being the like the Allah so you need not worry inshallah to Allah we will we will collate that information so if your name isn't read out now it's either it's either because you just have signed up for your debit order and we don't have that information yet before us or your your your name is currently being processed inshallah Allah so Bismillah

01:12:15 --> 01:12:46

I'm going to do this swiftly and I'm going to do this with the assumption that i'm pronouncing each name correctly so that you don't have to you know, you have to direct ofI and ask like I do say this you know, okay, do I will Did you usually do diligence in Shell please? Because Yeah, tonight I was also listening to a name now and this is one of the greatest ways of like honoring a person and respecting a person is when you call a person by the name and you know what, like, in a beautiful way, right? But you know, I tonight

01:12:47 --> 01:12:47

I heard the name

01:12:48 --> 01:12:49


01:12:51 --> 01:13:00

and I was just interested in terms of the origin of energy isn't Muhammad Abdul something or you know, how does it work?

01:13:01 --> 01:13:04

You know, it's like so handler so again the

01:13:06 --> 01:13:08

eye softly as you possibly can,

01:13:09 --> 01:13:13

but the thing was, as correctly as possible also.

01:13:17 --> 01:13:18

I shall

01:13:19 --> 01:13:21

go Okay, let's do this in shall.

01:13:22 --> 01:13:36

He has he Baker resign jacket? Moosa rundale nerima odd INSA fat faulty mildura man Shakira Hendrix rusty Peters we that is my email re as Davis Abdullah evident with man Johnson.

01:13:39 --> 01:13:42

I think it's funny a leak. I may be mistaken.

01:13:43 --> 01:14:36

musar leak Ibrahim sure a field in Sofia and Akkadian Mohammed Kalia, Akil mascarene Ramiz Hendrix, Fareed Mosley de Sam Patton. maimunah Abrams, nyjah injured Ben Jeju, Mohammed Siddiq Peterson Omar Samuels, Fareed faqih Shafiq Jesse Mohammed was Zohar de Malik Mohammed David's Akil backs Abu Bakr Lila Sammy rockin houda Abrams Shakira Hussain, Nabila Parker neuron Wagner, faculty amantadine Mischka, Sammy imraan henslowe Muhammad Jihad henslowe rayyan Sammy, Sammy, Saleh Sammy Sammy sakeena semi savvy Jordan a second SMEs actually times to the fabby joining nafi Siddiq Mohamed Fahmy, Siddiq, Nadeem

01:14:37 --> 01:15:00

BG Lee or by Julie ismar er Isaac's Abubakar Reshma al Mohammed Sammy was the avec model Dr. aycliffe, Fawlty Marais, greffe Amira, Kenny, Mohammed Rafik Isaacs, Idris stoats sharina sharina, Lucha Dean fabried Hartley cashify. David Siddiq fatica Raven Shea fat cache

01:15:00 --> 01:15:03

Even if accounting services IE sorry fo AB

01:15:04 --> 01:15:05


01:15:07 --> 01:15:17

tau v sorry follow up with Avi Kamiya is my Esau is what is mine Mohammed Salim is my al is why although Shakira is ma L.

01:15:18 --> 01:15:27

As a baby smile and marry smile Akilah birth, Shirakawa and God, Dean Williams Sharmila bowties Waleed Adams,

01:15:29 --> 01:15:36

Amaya Jatin rashanna. Peterson and La eco by serene. I made it my show

01:15:37 --> 01:15:44

how many Neela I'm just like some of the processing some of the processes through the names through me. And I know that's a problem and I

01:15:46 --> 01:15:47

can understand

01:15:48 --> 01:15:50

it now i think you know, Abby, now.

01:15:51 --> 01:15:53

Bailey what Abby's name? I think so.

01:15:55 --> 01:15:55


01:15:57 --> 01:16:04

I don't know. No, I can't Okay, I mentioned his name No. So it's fine. Shall I actually mean obvious name twice now these three times now Okay.

01:16:06 --> 01:16:15

Now I mean, I've been Miss now. I've been nice to double F on the on the pledge. agreement is one mentioned. It's been Abby Abby.

01:16:18 --> 01:16:21

I mean, if you're watching this, your own nails How many

01:16:25 --> 01:16:29

of you guys and girls and aunties and uncles and mothers and fathers just

01:16:31 --> 01:16:33

like sifting it? Would you mind that?

01:16:35 --> 01:17:18

along with all your other amazing good deeds? May these be your tickets and footstools up to Jana? We'll get you the inshallah. I mean, it means a handler, nevermind your name in the most half. Right? That's, that's amazing. That's nice. But every house that every student recites in other came through that that was made possible by Allah through these means that the channels through you as a conduit to do I think about it in that way. Every single house Subhan Allah Shall we will proceed with the door for the Hata master Hofer present to commence to start with the door and then we'll take it from the inshallah to Allah. Allah Muhammad, he's the only one that can throw curveballs

01:17:18 --> 01:17:28

because I'm supposed to make the door IRA but now I'm saying publicly that we're going to start with him and then we're going to see in definatly can really say anything so that's how you know I knew

01:17:29 --> 01:17:29


01:17:31 --> 01:17:31


01:17:33 --> 01:17:36

a you makes a beautiful glad that you always look forward to

01:17:37 --> 01:17:38

I shall I shall

01:17:40 --> 01:17:41

is is normally

01:17:43 --> 01:17:44

short showed us the sweet

01:17:48 --> 01:17:49

they've seen a woman and

01:17:51 --> 01:18:00

a low accepting Sharla made come from the from the heart inshallah me and my eldest wanted to accept these two eyes and the promise of a last one today is true.

01:18:02 --> 01:18:49

Aloma in the door, Allah This is the da y de Cali Jabba and it is our party's basically just to submit to you and in the state of abject poverty to appear in front of you and to raise our hands don't return our hands except that you have answered our supplications on this special night and we will have the listenership and listenership and of the oma across are raising their hands up I would like shipped have accepted to us I mean, a lot of the needs are you know the needs the application leads hija to naka de Wanda alamanda hobby allow Neato mini and the needs of those who are listening attending listening, they need some more

01:18:50 --> 01:19:20

multitude of needs Allah every individual need fulfill that need and then proceed Now many of you have the power and you have the ability to fulfill these needs. What else can we turn to in order to fulfill these needs? Manager with me jammin Kayla earache, and I will look there's no refuges, no turning to accept to you. And I will allow our greatest need without a shadow of a doubt is that you take us by our by our hearts and you guide us towards you know our greatest need is that you guide us

01:19:21 --> 01:19:25

on what you have revealed. It is a book of guidance may be a means of guidance for us.

01:19:26 --> 01:19:59

How affiliation just somewhat of affiliation to this book, Our Lord is your book. And you have promised and you have said that the people of the Quran, they are the people of Allah, Allah, we aren't worthy and deserving to be all those people, but you have looked upon us and ostensibly outwardly externally. You have made us part of that elite group, Allah make it that the reality of this is that we become part of that group. Hello, may we be the from the Hulu Hulu, Quran Allah

01:20:00 --> 01:20:19

May we be truly from the people around you don't have any family you are not in need of me you independ the family. What's such and so dear are these group of people who serve your book that you would refer to them in a metaphorical way as being part of your family or lawmakers are part of them, except a

01:20:20 --> 01:20:28

little bit of effort that we are making. This is now going to advance while I didn't really intend it that way, I just wanted to make the dua inshallah we'll say,

01:20:31 --> 01:20:59

Hello, open up bots and kusatsu to becoming relevant. Any changes could happen in the world of brother was asking about Palestine earlier on. One of our great scholars said that change we can have whatever philosophy The world doesn't change based on philosophy. We can have sort of a rationale and an idea the world doesn't change based on the rationale what changes the world is the hot so Matt Lewis wanted to grant us Hots alone a hill cullotta here,

01:21:00 --> 01:21:01

to to to live

01:21:02 --> 01:21:10

without it, in order to hotspot site, through the Quran, me started living proof of that is what your Prophet sallallahu

01:21:11 --> 01:21:54

in the in the in the in the body, they said this is a lump and if that lump is rectified in the entire body will be rectified. Oh Allah, we know that if our hearts are rectified and in all of our states inward and outward will become rectified, will now bring arts to life. Although in this night we you the angels are surrounding us through the blessing of this particular night through the abundant angels and the blessing that they bring. Well the answer prayer supplication Wallah we are night tonight in Ramadan, Attila Ramadan, Allah we are wandering aimlessly around your law and we are seeking guide guidance I'll oversee more closeness to Allah. Allah take as part of forage Allah

01:21:54 --> 01:22:19

take us by our by our lungs, your bodies Allah and draw us closer to you yet Allah, Allah we want nothing from whatever it is that we're doing except to gain closeness and to Allah we only want to be of those who are felicitous in this wall This was in the year after YOLO we do not want to be able to return one job hello we seek successful amin Allah we seek success in this wall. This wasn't a year after me Angela, you have promised that.

01:22:21 --> 01:22:58

And your prophets also told us that Richard is the one that has the opportunity of the month of Ramadan. And he leaves the month of Ramadan well Jason has never forgiven me to not be that we have amongst those ones. in yellow, we are your slaves off to ollie Allah We are your sinful slaves. Yellow we have come to your door your line returned to you your Allah, Allah we've come with all of our sins, but you have seen and you have addressed this in a very endearing way. kuliah by the loveliness of wall enforcing what you don't want from us is to lose hope in your mercy. So much so that losing hope in the mercy of Allah subhanaw taala is declared as an act of disobedience yellow

01:22:58 --> 01:23:10

we have not lost hope in New York. And we raise our hands to you in we have nothing no good deeds, no sincerity. That's it What is it?

01:23:12 --> 01:23:31

forensic is that your mercy comes down to us in the extinct or we witness to the extent of a weakness Hello. Y'all know you are the winner Have mercy on those who are we tell over the weekends. Y'all know you have met you are the Most Merciful under my second in the fukumura and the indigent ones Yola, we are poor.

01:23:33 --> 01:23:33

really need of you.

01:23:35 --> 01:23:35

Know, look,

01:23:37 --> 01:23:40

come to your message because you want your life to

01:23:41 --> 01:23:43

change without something.

01:23:44 --> 01:23:47

When we go back to our families, you give us the light.

01:23:50 --> 01:23:52

Even though supplication

01:23:53 --> 01:24:03

is not deserving to be placed in front of you Kotel Hello Oprah, this insistence are present in Palestine facing difficulty Ella they met his new

01:24:04 --> 01:24:12

yellow puppy to lay down the lives and their wealth in order to gain the freedom and the freedom

01:24:13 --> 01:24:30

to flee mercy locks off in the hands of those and just occupies y'all and you make us in our life to see this happen you know, like tiptoe do Arriola likes it whatever we have Daniela though it is a deserving of acceptance Allah you accept it from us.

01:24:31 --> 01:24:37

yellow metal sadly some other assign all other modalities. Allah do good work is happening.

01:24:38 --> 01:24:40

The pandemic that we find ourselves in

01:24:41 --> 01:24:59

many people have suffered. Many people have lost their livelihoods. Many people find yourself in certain circumstances your life the condition the condition is new NZ Allah, Allah you guide us. Allah you help Michelle. gala grant as hard said cry to y'all. Allah grant us is that she tears out of your fear in

01:25:00 --> 01:25:16

Have you missing your logic is power hinzu Allah, Allah guide us through yellow, yellow embraces yellow, yellow become the eyes that we see with become the hands that we touch with yellow becomes a fetus we walk with your legs if there's little little little bit of evening for my cell

01:25:17 --> 01:25:19

Hello Allison mahamadou earlier

01:25:21 --> 01:25:22

yellow wave is given

01:25:24 --> 01:25:37

to any cause out cause any other cause of your denial. Yola, you have promised in terms of land circum that if you assist the deen of Allah Swanton living Allah subhanaw taala will help will

01:25:38 --> 01:25:47

mean you have come out teachers they come every day yell, to help your quota to assist with you your love and your promises to that you will help me to help me.

01:25:48 --> 01:26:03

Y'all Help me Help us y'all know UFC to a school and sobre la. In a week way we have endeavored to put ourselves up as the helpers of the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala you exit from us, and you enable us and you guide us. Rama Rama case Anika

01:26:05 --> 01:26:08

Salalah listen to mahamadou it was awesome. So hang on a minute.

01:26:19 --> 01:26:33

So doc along with all the masakazu nabee euro Kareem when I'm going to show you the universe Shirky, do you know 100 in Europe Billa iron me in a law matters O'Connor we couldn't have him in

01:26:35 --> 01:26:36

a long

01:26:38 --> 01:26:38


01:26:42 --> 01:26:50

We couldn't have him in an hour, or we could choose him in New Jersey.

01:26:54 --> 01:26:55

And if he will

01:26:57 --> 01:27:00

he Baraka Bobby toga.

01:27:02 --> 01:27:04

Or bill Jamie Gemma.

01:27:06 --> 01:27:13

hikma babina core here on wabi delhi delhi Lang rubbish then is that

01:27:15 --> 01:27:17

we are wrong Iraq. What

01:27:19 --> 01:27:23

exactly are we seeing this machine is she

01:27:24 --> 01:27:27

Bobby's saw you say the ball when we boarded the

01:27:29 --> 01:27:34

door a borrower will law a law for why we lie in

01:27:36 --> 01:27:53

a unit in a will if Allah ha and will be the ball for a while bill Figueroa will be learning Lamoureux of wobbling Mimi mo where Bobby Nunu roar wobble where we will have a wobbly

01:27:56 --> 01:27:57


01:28:05 --> 01:28:06


01:28:07 --> 01:28:11

along with Ruben renewed he

01:28:13 --> 01:28:16

was a in Aquila busy and Athenian

01:28:18 --> 01:28:19

Jean am Ian then

01:28:22 --> 01:28:23

Gina I mean and

01:28:25 --> 01:28:27

when a Gina I mean and

01:28:30 --> 01:28:32

Phil Jen at me

01:28:33 --> 01:28:35

along my journey

01:28:37 --> 01:28:48

Dunia dounia Cory filippov Very nice. Well, I'll see it all wrong. Awful genetti Rafi all women and nourish it

01:28:50 --> 01:29:01

along muster hyla you know, in all the long master Hydra in Malawi Allah

01:30:01 --> 01:30:04

Boom Karima now the move to HIPAA law for sock for

01:30:05 --> 01:30:11

a law Houma inaka cariou now the move to HIPAA law for thought for

01:30:12 --> 01:30:19

a long neck often carry monaldi move to HIPAA law as one

01:30:20 --> 01:30:26

minister dinner if it meant long Mr. Dinner if it read it even

01:30:28 --> 01:30:33

Mr. Dinner if it may add a long dinner where had he been?

01:30:35 --> 01:30:40

less bad than the money Allah, Dino Surat are instantly

01:30:43 --> 01:30:46

in an abbey in our city and I wish

01:30:47 --> 01:30:54

it was a person a lot sad now and I be you know, a Mona Mohan

01:30:55 --> 01:30:57

Suba Johanna Pina are below

01:30:59 --> 01:31:00

your seafood.

01:31:03 --> 01:31:04

Al Hamdulillah European

01:31:06 --> 01:31:23

couple allow me now I'm in Kenya Karim Subhana Allah, Allah accept all of our dyes and our humble appeal to myself first and foremost, and everyone listening as well. That the night is the long inshallah it's hotter maligned fudger

01:31:25 --> 01:31:29

let us use every opportunity that we can to do as much good as we can.

01:31:30 --> 01:32:04

And think of ways of doing good, you know, you need to raise your wrist a little bit. But don't, don't let these moments pass you by. For those who will have been placed on the list already, and those who are going to place their own names on the list. I think this was the way we came up with it too. So, you know, like so. It was weird. It was just, it just came out of nowhere. We had no plans nothing. But I think there's a lot of Baraka in this decision, because we tried to mimic something that was so analog. It was

01:32:05 --> 01:32:17

you know, there was a harbor who made mistakes later on in the lives of the butter, and the prophets, Osram gave them like special concessions and we can't go through the old story but he would say that you know what, he was a buddy.

01:32:19 --> 01:33:00

The buddy Ria Allah Allah told him towards you and others who already forgiven you because you weren't bothered. Because it was such an initiative. It was like the first it was the stepping stone for many things to come. And I believe that a fledgling organization such as ours, we we can see in front of our eyes, the value of of the kids and the syllabus and the teachers and the amount of effort that goes into it. I think, by being part of such an endeavor, it too will insha Allah bring about many rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala beyond our imaginations so to get onto that in sha Allah And may Allah Subhana Allah reward you all and for the for the others whose names were not

01:33:00 --> 01:33:07

mentioned Don't Don't worry inshallah It is not that we don't have your name as we said it's being processed from all the different people who collected names

01:33:09 --> 01:33:44

when that will be taken care of inshallah to Allah and this will go on so your names will be in the copy of the masala half of the students and regularly though I will be made with those names we've been I thought we say just follow her on to get in contact with Monica Mohammed the team at nail and even through the website myself as well you can contact me directly we would love to see that by the time Ramadan departs we have our 300 plus inshallah and we know that that that it can work now you may have done this already you may have signed up already do you think you know 15 and you can manage you can still manage maybe attend an NHL everyone can actually managed to do something. And

01:33:44 --> 01:34:18

in this way, if you have that attitude, we will reach out the engine and if you thinking you know what, I am already on this list than that list, no problem, invite family and friends invite others towards the goodness inshallah and you will also get a VAT reward. Because Mandela Allah Hayden fella whom he flew, actually, for me, he the one who indicates somebody else towards a good deed, and that person does the good deed and you're sitting in you don't do the good deed, but you get the same reward as the person who did the good deed because you invited them to handle so just a couple months later and again, this was a pleasure being with with everyone in the studio and online this

01:34:18 --> 01:34:37

evening our students as well. But we've got a lot of things to do this evening all of us we have a lot of work to do. You know the prophets smbh de doofy Ramadan mala ah the Hito fevery of Hill Asheville, our mean harmala H 32 feet high Rasulullah saw some wood wood wood work so hard in Ramadan, like he would work in no other time of the year.

01:34:38 --> 01:34:52

And then in the last three nights of Ramadan, he would work harder than in any any other time in Ramadan. Subhan Allah and as we know that when you say with night as a high, high likelihood of being led to COVID it's one of five possible nights Alhamdulillah

01:34:54 --> 01:34:57

and many were of the opinion that it is the 27th Night In fact,

01:34:58 --> 01:34:59

a lot of my inner cast

01:35:00 --> 01:35:05

123451 Allah you are the partner you love to pod in. So please pardon

01:35:06 --> 01:35:15

me, again from ourselves here in the studio. But you know how much is Aquafina and Virginia psychological sound when it got

01:35:17 --> 01:35:25

hafeez Abdullah is echolocating for gracing our studios with your presence and other signs that are Bless you. And then of course, Alana Hamza foods.

01:35:27 --> 01:35:32

Baraka said I want to go global to cater to all of you though so I'm only gonna play the Allah hava ghetto

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