Kamal El-Mekki – How To Take Back Your Life

Kamal El-Mekki
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This rope goes up this door, I use your imagination with me, it never ends, it keeps going up this door, all the way down the streets until it gets to the Atlantic Ocean, that keeps going into the ocean. And then it gets off the earth and it goes into space. And if you can follow it, you will never find the end just keep going and going and going, has no end.

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This rope represents

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the European systems a timeline of your existence. Okay? No, no,

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this red part of the rope represents your time on Earth.

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What you do in this short period of time determines the rest of eternity. It just keeps going and going and going. What do you do in this short period of time determines where you go from.

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And what happens is that most people, they focus on the red part.

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And they work their whole life because they want to take a vacation, or they want to retire here. Or they won't have enough money to move to Florida or whatever plan they have here. And they ignore all this rest of all.

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And the one person is the one who invests his time here in the red part, so they can enjoy all the time in the gym.

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And the truth is, this is what your life is about. It's all about time.

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And the minute this is dramatic, but the minute you're born, we start dying. As we're sitting here, we're dying, but slowly.

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a slow death, the minute you're born, you start having a slow death. So it's all about how we use this time.

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So we can go to the good end for all the time.

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And how did you find us? No matter how long you live, one third of your life is spent to see

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11 years this is on average, 11 years of your life are spent at work. And two of those 11 years are in meetings at work. For those who hate meetings. You will spend six months of your life waiting in line at the airport and like to pay for something at the grocery store waiting in line for six months out of the entire life. Five months of your life you will spend complaining about service at a restaurant about whatever it is five months complain you will spend 20 weeks of your life on hold. You call the company or your friend said hold on one second, and you listen to Elevator Music 20 feet straight on hold. You will spend three years inside your car. If you lived in New York for

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you will spend three and a half years estimate eating

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you will spend three years brushing your teeth and sitting on the toilet

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is how your life is possible.

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One study said men spend about 43 minutes a day staring a woman

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that amounts to one year of your life staring up one year.

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One year,

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and for women six months.

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this is how our life is being spent. Do you know how much time we will spend on average are the five daily prayers

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in your whole life, how much you spend in the five daily prayers.

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Estimate one year about one year

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that we're gonna meet

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with three years in the bathroom and when you're

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the only way that I know of to take back your life and if you don't share it with me. The only way to take back your life is with Victor Alonso piloti

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you're on hold for 20 minutes of your life I'm going to I'm going to make a pact with myself every time someone says can you please hold

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the power level

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100 times there will be no one on the Day of Judgment who has done anything better than you except the one who said it more.

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I said I'm an old man came to me. He said my father

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10,000 times every single day

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100 times you know how long it takes to fix a car long times normal speed which is what the speed is supposed to be normal speed. You find some people making the speed now

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So to say it's Apollo 100 times in normal speed, it takes you from two minutes, 15 seconds to two minutes and 30 seconds.

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And if I'm gonna be on hold for 20 minutes, and every time I'm on hold, I'm gonna take some time Hello.

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When it's when it's turned on, when my life is over, I wouldn't have sent me 8,064,000 times.

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The only way to take back your life is

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every time I'm standing in line

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is going to complain a lot. So I shortened my time in my bookshelf, some of the early scholars who are full time conscious, one of the scholars always break his bread before eating it, and the way we break it into small pieces before eating it. And he said, I noticed the difference between just taking big chunks of bread and breaking it up, is making different a lot 40 times how they looked at their time.

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So we spoke about growing up building houses and agenda. Today we're talking about also planting trees. And when you saw them, when he ascended up to the heavens, you met him on Instagram, who was the only prophet who said upgrade or metric is set up to give us a set up. And then he said killed them that the land of a gentleman is very fertile. And to grow trees and engine now you say some kind of law when a law

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in any order.

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And every time you say

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so what are you doing now, you're building homes palaces. And you're also planting trees for these palaces, gardens, gardens, magnificent trees, if

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you want to take back your life,

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every moment will not be wasted if you're in a pickle.

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there's this device that helps in making.

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It's just like the super hot but it's electronic, in conspicuous not to show off and we can put in your pocket, wherever you are,

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you will be surprised that you will be at an event or you can be with brothers having dinner and just inconspicuously in your pocket.

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At the end of the year, you take it out. And you see that you mentioned a lot in 10,000 times 12,000 times 7000 times any car trip, car ride any bus ride, you look at somebody, you got 4000 5000. And you can spend your entire day like this. So we don't want to go on for long. But I bought I bought 100 of those. And that's all it's not enough for everyone in the room. So we're going to do is we're going to pass it in the first second third vote if there's enough that we can go beyond that. And this is also this first and second row priority. And it's going to be one person I apologize. And I also apologize for this gift. The condition is if you don't want to use it. If you're not going to

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use it like click like crazy all day, give it back, give it to someone else. All right. So you have to use it continuously. Right? And if you don't believe you should use it or what have you.

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But that's how we can make our life better.

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And that's what the prophet SAW Selim said, That in

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turn will always remain moist with a reference of a loss of time and if anyone else has any better idea of how to take your life, please see me after the salon. Otherwise, let's keep making different Milan By the way, this is available in New York. I saw it last year $2 50 each one is worth it. The ones are only 40 cents each in Malaysia.

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Okay, all right.

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So with that, Scott here may assist us in constantly making videos. We want to be those people. My grandfather, he said he saw this Pakistan map and in his sleep, he was making a lot of swords.

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in his sleep is making contact all the time.

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And I know that when you hear a story like this, you want to be one of those things true or false.

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And if you mentioned a lot of the craziest thing is that the loss of power in his greatness mentioned you

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were only at

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a loss is witness will mention you one more

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How to take back your life (and how to plant trees in Jannah)

June 8, 2016

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