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The importance of being aware of one's actions and behavior to avoid negative consequences is emphasized, particularly in addressing bills and covering expenses. The speaker also mentions a potential opportunity for bonus payments to earn points and a bonus for earners who earn points. The importance of paying bills and avoiding getting caught up in bills is emphasized, along with protecting oneself from personal items like family members affected by COVID-19. The speaker offers assistance for those with family members affected by the virus and offers help for those who have family members affected by COVID-19.

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I'd like to end with a hadith of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam wherein he makes mention of how if a disbeliever knew the Mercy of Allah subhana, Allah to Allah, and what ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala had, he would never lose hope in paradise.

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And if a believer and he would work towards it and if a believer knew what Allah had prepared in terms of adapt, and in terms of punishment for the COFA he would never feel secure from that particular punishment. And you would work to protect himself from it, that Allah make us from amongst those who work to protect ourselves from Johanna and who work towards achieving Jana and who worked for the pleasure of Allah, people are more or less three categories one, those who are motivated by listening to Paradise and the description of it. So what happens they want to work towards it when you read the salah this is obviously my example that I'm doing when you read Salah

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it is a payment towards what you're building in the area your garden, your Jana

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today we have, you know, this issue of mortgages and I'm sure in this country, a lot of people understand it. And the people who come up with what may or may not be Sharia compliant mortgage and so on. And everyone says yeah, I need to buy the house and when we get the house we're excited Mashallah. And I'm speaking reality. People are excited. They say no and quoted from you know, Amana or takaful or whatever else they have it from? And they say no, I will be paying every week, you know, so it gets automatically deducted. So if my salary for example, is 400 pounds a week 200 pounds go towards My House, and I'm excited and it's going to happen for the next 20 years. Am I

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right? This is what goes on, isn't it? Yes. So for 20 years, I'm gonna pay half of my salary and it's gone towards what the house so if I'm delayed, what happens sometimes you have people want to compound interest is added all the biller haram if it is Sharia compliant, one wonders what exactly they would do. And that is what makes it different. Sharia compliant, non Sharia compliant is this interest default factor? May Allah protect us. So a person is ready to pay every week half of his salary, which means listen to what it means listen carefully. You, you work so hard from one time to another half of that went in order to pay for a house that you are not going to live in for more

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than 20 to 30 years. Do you know that? When you finish paying for your house, and it's really yours, I think you won't really have more than 1020 years to live. I'm sorry to say that, but it's a fact.

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If you're lucky, you may live a little bit longer. We ready to pay half of the effort we have made in this world in terms of work to have a home yet what can I tell you? Allah says it's far easier to pay for your Jana. Just get up for Salah payment number one, get up. payment number two, lower your gaze, automatic bonus payment. Allahu Akbar, Allah.

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If Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed you in a place where they are women walking past, Allah is giving you an opportunity of bonus to earn points. So Allah Have you ever looked at it that way?

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Have you ever played these little computer games? When I was young, we played something called Pac Man. You know that. And after you eat quite a few, there's a bonus that comes up. And you run for that bonus before it goes away. And you make sure you do it in the right way.

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That is Pac Man. You know your your score becomes high, you become a winner. You get excited, nobody's giving you a prize. It was just a waste of time, believe me. That skew tactic kept you a little bit at ease because you had stress from year to date, and you're a Pac Man kept you up. Subhanallah but that bonus is what I'm talking about. So your Salah is a payment your car is a payment your Hajj is a payment towards your paradise those minutes na la Sabina with its conditions, and at the same time, all the other things your protection Subhanallah from certain items is a bonus. Why we say that to fulfill your obligations is a payment to protect yourself from

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prohibitions is a bonus. Have you thought of it?

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Because the protection from prohibition can only happen when that prohibition becomes accessible to you.

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Subhan Allah so when Allah has put us in a country like Britain, we have so many more opportunities of bonuses than someone living in the city of Makkah.

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But they will also have the bonuses of a different nature, perhaps sometimes of a similar age. Because with us to lower your gaze is far more valuable, far more, should I say priceless? Then someone who does not get that opportunity because it's not everyone is covered. So that's a gift of Allah with different nature. You have an extra opportunity of bonus Why throw it away for Pac Man, you could understand how to do it for this. You don't

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Let's see what's more important the paradise a little game that you are going to talk the entire meeting with. I scored nein nein nein nein nein so what Subhanallah it's still have to go back to zero didn't

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My beloved brothers, we had a beautiful few moments that I spent with you really I make dua ask Allah to grant us the paradox. Remember, everything is a payment, you make a payment that sometimes you can pay more. It's like when you have this house, and suddenly, you know, a brother comes to say, Brother, don't worry, I give you a million pounds. Oh, wow. First thing to do, let me pay for my house, this is a bonus. And you can have your house I don't think any brothers would actually give a million we will not be seated here.

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But it's something good. If you have an amount suddenly your business did well and you will sort out your debts very quickly. So that's an opportunity. The same applies with paradise you can have a better place a higher rank and you can continue and this is why the last thing I want to say here, sha Allah Who will be the last thing is the Sahaba of the Allahu Anhu you know we can cry when we read that some of them were told by name that you are from paradise. You are from Paradise, you are from paradise. That's how it happened. You know that

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imagine Allah soon sallallahu alayhi wa sallam comes back from Mirage and he informs beloved ignore Abba head of the Allah one through a different story that your beloved you know what you already there? You know, I heard your footsteps in paradise La

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Ilaha illa Allah, what did they do? Were they excited right? I've got my place everything set from today on relaxing, sleeping. Everything's okay. Because my business class seat is booked. First Class seats. That's what I let no ways they worked even harder. It made them work more. They gave their lives after they were already promised paradise Subhanallah Abu Bakr Siddiq Amara follow COVID Allahu Anhu wala he these were the champions of all imagined they were known as a machine of agenda given good news of paradise. Not one day they snuck in in their salah, they became even more regular Subhan Allah, they were working towards what they knew. These are levels let me work for my level

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May Allah subhanahu wa Jalla grant us the highest levels of paradise