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A man reads a Quran and talks about wanting to improve his relationship with his family members. He tells them to stay in a safe distance and respect their peace. He also talks about wanting to become the greatest struggle and the greatest resolution.

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My brothers, my sisters, this Deen this religion is so beautiful. It teaches us goodness, kindness, compassion, closeness to your maker, a very high level of morality, a beautiful level of character and conduct, how to speak to people how to talk to people, I challenge you

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to improve the way you speak to your family members. I said parents earlier, but I want to tell you, the guys seated in front of me if you're married, how you speak to your wife and the women who might listen to this how you speak to your husband, while Allah He plays a big role in how much of the Mercy of Allah descends upon you?

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Why do you want to sway? Why do you want to raise your voice and show that you're the boss when you're really not the boss? Allah is the boss

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Subhanallah those who work for you or under you? How dare you speak to them in a derogatory way, Allah could have swapped that around a long time back and he might still do it. And then you have others who will do the same to you and you won't even manage. No matter how young you are or how old you are. Speak to people with respect be helpful. Be kind, I'm reading the Quran with the same tongue I'm swearing with how, how can I read the Quran or do the vicar in remembrance of Allah repeat Subhan Allah Al Hamdulillah Stavroula Lila, on one hand, and on the other hand, I'm sweating. What type of worship of Allah is that? I start off my salah by saying Allahu Akbar, Allah is the

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Greatest and here I am thinking I'm the greatest struggle, Allah. Yes.

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Your children, your brothers and sisters and so on. Allah has placed them as your brothers and sisters. I told you the person sitting next to you, why is a creature of Allah? What about your family members?

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Allah made that connection Did you decide Listen, I want this brother this sister you didn't. Allah gave you some of them might be very difficult to get along with. Some of them impossible to get along with. Maintain a distance if need be. But respectful distance you don't need to become ugly about it. You see, sometimes it's very hard to have a relationship with a tough person. Really difficult, toxic, I can't manage. It's just something so so stressful. It's so taxing. Well, there's no harm in keeping a safe distance but a respectful one. Keep your peace.

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This is all Taqwa. It is all the consciousness of Allah developing the correct relationship with Allah