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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the importance of finding happiness in life, rather than just achieving it. It emphasizes the need for a deeper mental state and offers suggestions for how to increase one's happiness. The segment also touches on the negative impact of one's mental state on their health and their potential.
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smell lotion the loss of summer celestial Americans have floated over cattle. This is the other words as he were coming here to another episode of Rocky Ramadan, 2014. Day 15 somehow a lot today, we've reached the half of Ramadan already. So we only have 15 days more, or maybe 14 days more of this blessed month of Ramadan.

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I want to I was thinking today somehow I was thinking looking at people and and you know, today was the final of the World Cups Pamela. And some people were really happy and others are kind of sad. And I'm looking at, you know, really you're happy? You know, what, what's happiness? How do we define happiness?

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Some people, you know, because their team, their favorite team one. So they were really, really happy. And they have nothing to do with that team, basically. I mean, they're not even from that country, but they just happy. And some others were sad because their favorite team did not win. And and Is that really what happiness is all about? You know what, what is? What is happiness? How do we define happiness? People the hammer, they found happiness in different in different things or different ways.

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despite our differences, first of all, despite all our differences, we all agree on one thing, everybody wants to be happy, you want to be happy, I want to be happy.

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We all want to be happy, but how we how can we acquire that that happiness? How do we do we get the happiness of how so?

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One? One

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really sure way of attaining happiness. And this is Subhanallah I've been doing a lot of studies in psychology, you know, reading different books and, and doing also thinking and looking into the relevant things from Islam, you know, from the Hadees and stuff. Something about one way to find happiness is to control your thoughts. something's really this is very deep, very profound control your thoughts and you may say how

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happiness really depend on an inner condition, an inner condition, two people,

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two people may be on the same place, doing the same thing. Both have equal amount of money, yet, one might be miserable.

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And the other is kind of happy. You know, because of different mental attitude. It's all about here. I want today to come out, I want to be happy. I'm

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training my mind before I go out in the morning, you know, go out to work or do my thing. Today, I want to be happy. I want to smile, I want to only see happy smiles. I want to see happy people. So Pamela, when the Prophet says the federal hierarchy, digital hierarchy thing, good, you will find good, that's psychology. That's the mental attitude. So I want to go out today, and I'm only looking for happiness. I'm looking for smiles. So Pamela you training your mind, you know, being optimistic, and somehow that's what you find. And, and And likewise, you know, or otherwise, if you if you don't have a digital file, if you don't think good, you know, also not good? What happened? What happened,

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you know, that got your thinking versus positive thinking? Let me let me take it, you know, you know, like, since we're talking about happiness, not only to like, as I said, it's a medical condition, but also the few things that would help us also acquire, you know, this, this, this happiness, for instance.

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Think and think, fuckin washko Think, think of the blessings that the Las panatela for instance, has blessed you with, which he hasn't blessed others with, you know, look at policy nowadays. Look what's happening now. You know, you're just maybe you broke your dress today. Your kids you know, they're maybe your family. We had a good time you have in your house Mashallah you have a scene, you know, you have a heating system on AC system, right? You had a beautiful You know, Mashallah meal with the family, you sleep and you're safe, you're secure. There are others who don't have that security, the others who don't have that, that feeling of safety, Allah subhanaw taala allotment one

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of these names is a lot mean, the one who provides security, security is a blessing from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. You don't have to sleep like a bunch of kids now in Faustino Syria, you know, sleeping, not can't sleep, they, they, they may be holding their ears like this because of the bombardment and the bombs happening. You know, the lights are out, you know, you saw some kids playing with bullets, you know, some harmala think and think if you want to be happy, think that Allah has blessed you. Yes, Allah has blessed you with so many places that he has not blessed others with. Think that thank him. You know what a shocker to me as he did not come. If you think a lot

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more if you show gratitude, Allah will give you will increase your

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In other words, even though Subhanallah even those who are sick online, I'm telling you something very deep now, mark my words, even those who are sick, it's been found that those who are sick and they think a lot they make him and they show gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala their sickness can decrease the power of it can get cured just by handle unless

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those who are lacking that maybe fighting or having some financial difficulties you have maybe

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maybe their income is not as high stroke of Allah would increase their you know their income or their instructor, as a dental assistant. If you think me I shall give you that Allah subhana wa tada if you want to be happy, think and think of think and think now unless parents have a head posture practice and to convey until another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2014. I say Assalamualaikum all the way to Allah, Allah cat

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