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Sooner Hain hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad was an early he was certainly here Jemaine and my back almost Sunday for him Mahalo to Allah if he could have any other Sani Haney fever befuddling, then Anita lumen metalli Mandela yeah hey Bashar for know he says in his book entitled the gardens of the righteous in the chapter the virtue of knowledge, learning and teaching it for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala and be heard at all the Allahu Anhu and then also Allah He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam called Mandai Allah who then Canada Humann LGD myth oh god man Toby I who lay young cusu daddy come in Rudy him che.

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The Abu Huraira narrated that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam said, He who calls others to follow a guidance will have a recompense equal to the recompense of those who follow him without their recompense, being diminished in any respect on that account in this study,

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is recorded by Muslim on the section of knowledge and in his Muslim and a Tirmidhi on the section of knowledge and even manager on the section of the introduction of his son. And

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so here, I what's interesting here is it been magia we don't even match is one of the six books of Hadith.

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He uses this in this introduction of his sunnah.

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And what is an interesting thing, just a small point, when you see that some of the scholars of Hadith, some of them will say Sunon, some of them say Jameer, when they say Sunon, if you ever see Sunon, it is them gathering it is the way that they gathered the Hadith. So when they say Sunon, they're gathering that hadith from the methodology of the fuqaha. So it'll be he travelled too hard on the book of purification, the book of buying and selling the book of this too, because because he is not that way, if not at that method and also Muslim. So as soon as I'd be there, who is the same method as well. So they will use and the using the chapter in the way of the formula. So here when

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he talks about he who calls others to follow a guidance will have a recompense equal to the recompense of those who follow Him. Manda Illa. Who then cannula whom in an edgy mythical god he mythical god, man tibial. So this shows the virtue of teaching people, the ritual teaching people, the religion, the deen, but who are the closest people to the individual that is teaching. So if you're

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a man or a woman, what's the first person that you are probably most likely going to teach?

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Your family, your family. So when you teach them something, and they practice what you taught them, this hadith applies to them.

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So the fact of having children, you see that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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within his creation, so he took the demon Carnac the fact that he is created and manifested that creation, by giving you a child is a huge opportunity for you to go to debt Jenner through that child, because what are you teaching them

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into intentionally and passively, like passively teaching you what I mean by passively teaching them? Like when you're just talking on the phone, or if you're talking to someone else, or if you're just in conversation, and your intention is not to teach them that particular thing, but you're talking about something, and they learn something from what you're saying, and they apply it in that fashion. Right? So one huge opportunities that I tell you know, parents are, like when you're driving home from school with your children, is a huge opportunity to give just one life lesson, or one Hadith or something that they can practice. And when they practice that in sha Allah, they

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receive the reward of practicing it because you call them to it MONDAI Allahu sh singer, the promise of Samson Mandai Allah who then in any form of guidance, and that's why the translation is very, it's good. He says, He who calls others to follow a guidance, then a form of guidance and aspect of morality and aspect of being honorable, right? In Islam, and then you tie that to Islam, and then they but they have that belief.

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So imagine if you teach them a belief, or a moral practice, and they believe that in their hearts, that's huge. So if you teach them salah, for example, which one is I won't say more

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important, but what which one is our priority? To teach them how Allah is the only one that deserves to be worshipped, or to teach them the Arcana of Salah?

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Tauheed the first one because the prayer is a sign and a manifestation of

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the first one. The first pillar is what

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Tawheed the second pillar is what

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is one

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proof from the first one?

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The strongest way to manifest the first one

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is prayer. Right? So when you teach your children how to pray every time they pray, inshallah you receive that reward. Can you imagine? You can't imagine this though point.

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Allah is where is it? He is abundance. He gives an abundance, Allah's man he is merciful from our shortcomings. As fathers, as mothers from we teach our children these beautiful things. So imagine, if you're someone that is a school teacher, imagine if you're someone that is an entrepreneur, and you're teaching your employees or there's someone that becomes a Muslim, right? Imagine if you are someone that is a co worker, and they practice some element of morality, because them being around you. So you know what I started praying because you you know, one of your maybe I become thinking of becoming a muslim, or I started going out with my children, because you mentioned, you know, in

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Islam is very virtuous. And I see how you treat your children. So I started spending time in Sharla. In sha Allah, you get some type of reward and virtue from that beating Allah. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying here, he says,

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you'll get the reward the recompense equal to that recompense of those that follow him. And then again, as we mentioned, another Hadith with charity.

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Without the recompense being diminished in any respect to that account, Leigh Young will sue Valley come in Judy hem che and so the fact that you are receiving an award from you calling that person to that good and you receive the same amount of reward, it doesn't diminish from their reward at all. Why why is that important to mention

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and it goes back to a general rule that is very important that we talked about and so that because then the hadith of sadaqa talks about the same thing you know, when you

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minox outside the courtroom demanded charity doesn't decrease and you know, when you get from that it doesn't decrease from your reward. So what is why is this important to the process? I was mentioning this

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person then they are teaching more and more.

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They have the greed of teaching more and also they have the desire to teach more. Okay, yes, it definitely. So it's an it's a form of encouragement, but something a little deeper than that.

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Fear of what?

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And that fear is founded what what caused that fear? Because you're thinking in what terms?

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Dunya versa?

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Because that deals with what that is what

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nondecreasing from our, from our side.

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It's what

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It makes sense if I did, but what it will be it will take away from that person's

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Islam. That is why this si says much deeper than that. It deals with a principle of our faith. We do not rely on logic.

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We use logic we don't deny logic. Of course not. Logic is a means that allow us what God has given us to make sense of things, but our relationship with Allah is not based on logic.

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It is not if that was the case. Why does Why does Allah subhanaw taala process and speak about Jenna fie him Allah you know, right. Well, Oberon semiotic is what No, I have seen no ear has heard.

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Just bear with me. This isn't okay, there's some

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100 Amish women with Rotary German

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brothers are laughing smiling. Why is my mother her anus is much all the female companions in general.

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You know, the process I'm talking about her name will be the most beautiful sight for the man for the for the husband of his wife and Jenna

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is when this burning this is Hadith where he lives at the bottom of our justice above and sees her bone marrow and that's the most beautiful thing they ever saw. Bone marrow

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can we fathom that? No. Right? The angels are the angels here.

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Brothers run out brothers are the angels here.

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Now that is in the messages.

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Right? Right. And the angels always with us, right?

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Is there a logical explanation behind all of that?

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When the apostle Selim is explaining the angels, and that their wings, the wingspan of the angel into Jabril, all of these things are something that we cannot totally comprehend. But it is the edge of it's upon us to believe that now, and the reason that there is illogical something that I would say illogical sin that our logic cannot, or logic is not an instrument for us to accept it. That's the whole purpose of being a Muslim, submitting and surrender to the will of Allah because there will be things you don't understand. But trusting in Allah's knowledge, and what he says, is a test for our iman. So the Promise of Allah Selim is saying that you will receive the same reward as the

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person that does that act of guidance. It's not going to decrease from their reward at all. Because Allah is worse, it was worse, he is abundant, he gives an abundance to if we rely on mathematics, it's not going to work. The loss of time without it, it is much greater than that. That is an important important rule for us to understand in regards to Allah subhanaw taala because when we think even about charity on fundraisers, you know, we do fundraisers?

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Right? I remember this one sheiks he said, If this is from your surplus money, don't give him your surplus money.

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Right? When you give Yes, in your bank account it maybe you took 500 out there's zero brother cave, I see zero. What are you going to tell him there's zero I'm broke.

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Right? But it's important for us to know in our hearts that the reward is going to be manifests we don't know how and the reliance on the reward is very, very, very important for the men and the Muslim but at the same time, the Muslim uses logic if he has five kids and there's zero and he walks home he answers the door. Say hamdulillah

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so yes, where's dinner? You're paying? You're gonna pay the rent? No, no, I gave my rent to Allah subhanho wa Taala no need to join at this time. You know, fulfilling the logic of providing for your family is also that which is recommended mashallah, this is the second time that we kind of look this time he knows to cover his head this time, right? So when he crawled over there, it was bedtime

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radical love

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he's doing a double Allahu Akbar how

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vertical Alphacam hamdulillah check. So is there a I don't need to change the subject. But I just saw there's a ceasefire so in for Sudan now

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in some places.

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Sudan in the civil war in Sudan. So it is it is a seven day ceasefire to my knowledge

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shall in the last month Allah protect our Muslim brothers and sisters in in in Syria and in Turkey and in Palestine in Uighur Muslims and in Rohingya, and also in Sudan with the shadow Alima Halima Byculla. Come to me