Be FAIR, Even With Your Enemy

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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Smilla Hu Al hamdu lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah haywire Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine

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my brothers, my sisters, Islam is a religion that teaches to be fair, even with the one you dislike or with your enemy. So if you dislike someone, or if a person is at war with you, you need to ensure that you follow what the Quran says. That your dislike your hate, for example, the war that is going on, for example, should not lead you to be unjust or unfair with that particular person or with those people.

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At times, humankind is such that they forget they need to stand firm for justice for the sake of Allah subhanho wa taala. Allah is going to hold us accountable for our deeds for whatever we say. And at the same time, do not let your emotions overtake you. Do not let your inner feelings overtake you. Learn to be fair and balanced all the time. Yes, if someone is wrong, they are wrong. They are wrong on that particular point, but they might be right on another 234 or five or 20 or more points. So sometimes, we as humankind need a reminder and this is why the Quran has in it. verses that remind us to be just in faith. Allah says in the Quran, while I aged Iman, Shanna and hookah will

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mean Allah

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de Loup de Loup, WA Cora Boonie Darko what Duncan love in Allah have Fabio

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be Manta Malone, don't let your dislike shanann Meaning your hatred or your dislike for a people, lead you to be unjust towards them be just it is nearer to righteousness. Notice Allah does not say it is righteousness because righteousness is so many things put together. Our struggle is to be righteous to develop piety and Taqwa throughout our lives. One of the things is, Be fair be just don't transgress. Allah says dealu who are Accra bully Taqwa be fair and just, it is closer

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to righteousness. What duckula and be conscious of Allah, you are going to go back to Allah you are going to answer Allah in Allah hubbie rune Bhima. Cameroon, Allah knows what you are doing.

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Now, if you look at the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam from the very beginning, he had people who belied him meaning they said what you are saying is not true. That is one thing. Those who disagree respectfully is one thing, at least they are respectful in their disagreement, but then you had others who swore him, they mocked at him and his companions, they became physical, they lied about them. They said everything about the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him in order to distract people from the message of Islam. So they said this man is after money, they said this man is after power and leadership. They said this man is after women, they said this man is after whatever else

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they raised so many points and this is why the leaders of Quraysh went to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they told him, what is it you want, we will give you you know, they say in a corrupt nation, there is a price tag for everything. So they thought that Muhammad peace be upon him would probably agree. You want to be our leader, we make you our leader, you can be the chief here we will you want money, we will make you the wealthiest from amongst us, you want women we will get you married to whom you want, how many you want, how you want whatever.

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He waited for them to finish their statement. Then he said Wallahi if you put the sun in my right hand, meaning you give me everything, and the moon in my left hand, you've given me what ever they can be to give. And you asked me to stop what I'm saying calling towards Allah, I'm not going to stop. So they began to accuse him of being a magician. You know why? When people listen to his message, they started accepting his message, common logic since they turned to Allah. May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us goodness.

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So what happened in that particular case people hated on him. People accused him they said whatever there was to say I believe that all those who are doing the work of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him at some point during their work, they will be accused they will be

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mocked as they will be so many things will be said to them only for Allah to test them. What are you going to do? Are you going to keep going do your work or you're going to give up? Or are you going to turn towards or away from Allah or towards Allah? May Allah Almighty grant all of our steadfastness my brothers, my sister's, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not swear back. Why because it's not just

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to do something wrong. May Allah Almighty grant us ease although the Quran says for money Tada Allah in comfort do Allah He be myth Lima?

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Mata Kula if someone has harmed you, you can harm them back but fear Allah, it is better for you to forego it is lofty. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says I was sent as a mercy. Allah says you owe Muhammad was sent as a mercy to everyone and everything. So do you think the one who was sent as a mercy to everyone and everything is going to retaliate in a way that creates a bigger disaster? What is the aim? The aim is I want to go to Paradise and in the meantime, I want everyone else to also go to paradise. That's the aim. So if someone doesn't like you or says something bad about you, or accuses you or has been at war with you, inside you should want that day come towards

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goodness, that is a true believer inside you should ask Allah Oh Allah, bring them to Islam, bring them to goodness bring them to justice. soften their hearts towards what is right, soften their hearts toward towards what is going to please you that is a dua of a believer, that is a true believer you are cleaning your heart because the aim is for you to go to Jannah through your prayer. If someone else has turned towards Allah do you know you get a full reward for all the good that they will do? That's why if someone entered the fold of Islam, through your effort, you have a reward for every act of worship they will ever do from the beginning to the end, and you will not be

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sinful for the sins they do because you did not teach them that.

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So this is the effort. When Allah Almighty bless the prophet Muhammad peace be upon him with prophethood Allah taught him so many things Allah says they will be people who will say a lot. They will have so much to say. Why Allah does my own Amina the Dina Otto Nikita Bamiyan, gobbly goo Wamena levena Shaku

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Allah says you will hear a lot of her of harmful things. In fact, they will try to harm you and you will hear a lot from who from the People of the Book people of other faiths, other religions, perhaps the Mushrikeen and others for anyone, you will hear a lot of hurtful things that they will say not just about Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam but about you and I about Islam and about Allah. Allah says we're in touch Biru Taku if you bear Sabra, if you are patient and you have taqwa, the consciousness of Allah, that is the best of affairs, the best thing you could do, why? Because they will realize at some point that what we have done is wrong, even if it is not today, if it is

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after five years or 10 years, or on their deathbed, but they will somehow realize that what we did was wrong. Even if it is on the Day of Judgment, they will realize what we did was wrong.

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So be fair, be balanced. Be just, I'm not saying if someone has come to war with you, put your hands down and tell them beat me up. No, if someone wants to beat you up, you have every right to defend yourself and beat them back. Every right SubhanAllah. But we are talking generally you hear people say things, you hear people uttering things. Be just even with your enemies. You dislike someone it doesn't mean you need to lay a false accusation against them know that now is your sin. They committed their sin, now you're doing your sin. But if it is true, no problem. SubhanAllah. Or, if you would like to seek justice, no problem. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness, my brothers, my

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sisters, take a look at the number of people who they were at the beginning of Islam, meaning when the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, called the people of Quraysh. Towards the deen, a handful. The rest of them what were they doing? Most of them were laughing. They said he's a madman. They said he's this they were accusing like I said, Do you know what? Because of the consistency of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and his love for everyone and his care that the deen reaches or the religion reaches everyone and his beautiful character and conduct one by one they started coming one by one they started coming so much so that even those who hated him the most they came towards

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The Dean of Allah, those who insulted him in our terminology, who would say the blasphemous what happened to them? They turned to Allah. Who do you think Abu Sufian was? Who do you think Holly didn't really didn't move here was Who do you think Omar bin al Khattab was about the Allahu Anhu today, it is an insult to say their names without saying may Allah be pleased with them. But where were they, they engaged in that which was more blasphemous than you and I may have seen because they were in the presence of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam let alone someone being absent and saying something negative about Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam Yes, it hurts us. It pains us. But the

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aim is I'm going to work with this person, I'm going to engage them, pray for them so that tomorrow they will become a lover of the messengers of Allah, Allah Salam, and it has happened recently and before. So the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam for example, you know how to deal with either the Allahu Anhu he killed with the Sahaba let alone bless him, he mentored them, he they went to war with the Prophet peace be upon him but the justice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when this man came across the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam used to ask his brother about him, Where is Khalid in sha Allah, He will come Allah will bring him Subhan Allah in Makkah earlier the Prophet

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Muhammad peace be upon him says, Allah who is an Islam or be a hurdler Amara in Oh Allah give strength to Islam by the Accepting of Islam of one of these two strong people who are they the worst enemies of Islam, Abuja hull Abuja has one of the worst enemies if not the worst. And the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him making a DUA to say Oh Allah, bring him to Islam. Subhanallah look at the Justice Leia jurymen, Commissioner Ernakulum in Allah, Allah Tadeu Yes, the verse was revealed later, but the lesson that we draw amazing in the life of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, there is a lot of goodness when you are fair, even with your enemies.

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Imagine at a time of war, and here you are being very humane about things. Islam is the only faith the world can tell you what it wants. But Islam has already proven it in its history. May Allah Almighty strengthen us that it has been as humane as it could get the others pay lip service to it, but on the ground, they do whatever destruction they want. Still on the drawing board, they say we are this and we are very advanced and we are humane and so on. Go and see the humanity on the ground. Where does it go? Later on? They find out how much of disaster trauma whatever else there was, how much of crimes were committed on that ground. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness. So my

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brothers, my sisters, when you hear things and you develop a dislike against someone, don't let that dislike get to a level where you are unjust and unfair. Do you know

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we are taught that when someone comes to you with something and he is your enemy, for example, the person being spoken about is your enemy. You still need to offer that person, the right of saying their side of the story always. So for example, it's wrong for me to pass judgment against someone when I haven't heard what they have to say that is injustice. Whether that person is your enemy or your friend, you will hear a lot. Today we are living in an age of social media. It has given a platform to anyone and everyone. Many people have accounts that are anonymous because they want to create mischief. And you know what good people fall in the trap because there is no one to remind

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them. Firstly, Allah says mean Hosni Islam will murder ITAR Kumala. And he a sign of the goodness of your faith and the strength of your Eman and Islam is you leave that which doesn't concern you. Does it concern you know, forget about it. But we love it. We love the gossip, it becomes juicy and juicy as though you can taste it in your mouth. Subhanallah

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Subhanallah juicy, you flick and you flick and you continue flicking until you see something then you forward it to your friends and you have a good laugh, not realizing what is in it. If there is something unjust, you become one of those who are going to be answerable to Allah for what you did. So remember, in this age of social media, a lot of people have a lot to say about everybody else.

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So much, whether it's politicians, whether it's religious personnel, whether it's a businessman, whether it's just an ordinary person walking on the street, they have a lot to say they will label they will say they will argue they will accuse but they are not leading their own lives in their own life. Something else is happening altogether. But they are worried about everyone else's life. It's a sign of shaytan and thereafter, the minute they see something, they immediately begin to believe it without giving the person a chance. Sometimes they don't even know that person. They have no idea who they are. But immediately they are quick to say that yes this person is this this person is that

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Look at this and look at that. Do you know what here is the verse of the Quran telling you, even if it was your enemy number one, don't be unjust part of injustice is to believe a tale, one sided. May Allah Almighty grant us steadfastness. And today we have so many crises that we are facing across the globe, my brothers, my sisters, there is no solution except for us to become steadfast ourselves, to learn to care for one another. Every life has its value Muslim or non Muslim. Every life has its value for small matters, people are beginning to harm each other, to kill each other to cause problems and it starts off with a small spark you swore someone they saw you back, then they

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saw your mother, you saw the whole family, then they saw your tribe and used to threaten them, then they threaten you and then one person has to just fulfill the threat or a threat got to a third party who loves you so much they took it in their hands to do it for you. Subhanallah what happened? This is the end of the world man Subhan Allah where are we?

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May Allah Almighty grant us all steadfastness we are living in trying times. Tough times. Everyone takes things to heart takes things personally. No, don't worry, you will be attacked. If you haven't welcome it's coming Subhanallah you will be said wrong things about no if it hasn't come, it's coming. That's why Allah has spoken about it. If there was not going to be this problem in the Ummah, you would not find these verses in the Quran, but they are there because Allah wants to prepare you and I to say you know what, relax, you need to worry about yourself. You need to be concerned about those around you and those who are dependent on you. And you need to fulfill the

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rights of all those that you have to fulfill the rights of but remember, if someone else you have no control over has started saying or doing Do you know what? Protect yourself defend yourself? Yes. But don't take it too seriously. Life is too short before you know it. We're going back to Allah. How many people have passed on? People spoke about them.

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They are gone already. And where are they with Allah. It's too late to say I'm sorry. It's too late to apologize. My brothers my sisters, we ask Allah Almighty to grant us steadfastness and goodness, we can change the world by changing ourselves. I know it sounds like mantra, but it's not. It's a verse of the Quran. In Allah Allah Yogi aroma, Beratung min Hatha Yoga yield or maybe fusi him. Allah says Allah will not change a nation until each one changes himself or herself. So there you go. I need to talk to everyone about change, starting with myself.

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And that change should be positive learn to help learn to reach out to others learn to empower, learn to say a good word, learn to make people's day my brother mashallah you looking good? hamdulillah and the brothers start smiling. What did you do? You made his day? And that's all they'll go back at least with some sort of a smile. Imagine you're being bashed morning to evening and in the middle, you come for salata Juma and someone says salam aleikum. So good to see you my brother Alhamdulillah I'm so happy to see you today. Just that much. You go home and you think that my day was a mess but one brother made me smile Subhanallah what is that? The Brotherhood of Islam.

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greet people what is Juma all about? It means gathering. Why do you have to gather to get to know one another to know the difficulties the problems the issues? I must help you you must help me and so on today. Why are we failing? It's the other way around. I see you I start taking too much money.

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And I see someone you don't know it's a borrowed vehicle it's this your brother you want to live no one else is allowed to live. See someone said look at the way he's walking. He's arrogant, describing why what negative thoughts are they? You see someone what is he doing in the masjid? Did he lose his path here? That's the type of statements people are to sometimes in their minds, brother purify your mind and your heart. Look at others be happy, be happy they are here. My brother, whoever you are, we love you. You are here in the house of Allah. That's what it is. You are more than welcome. And here we will not do me and throw you out. We will welcome you and help you in

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whatever issues you may have. May Allah grant us the ability to do that. That is Islam. That's why we have Juma and Jamar Majan. If you come for Salah to Gemma every day, and one day you happen not to be there. People will start asking this the brother what happened in for you? Are you okay? Is everything okay? Until you might have to turn off your phone because of irritation. It's a good irritation isn't it? I rather people call him Are you okay? You want me to do anything? It's everything fine. That is the deen of Allah. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him has said and I end on this note. He says believers are like one body if if an organ from the entire body is in

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pain, the whole body suffers insomnia and is in pain.

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Today when an organism pain you know what we do? Chop it off, out. That's it may Allah Almighty grant us is May Allah forgive us really. This is a reminder to myself into yourselves. And I really ask Allah Almighty to bless every one of us in our own unique ways. Whatever we may be going through everyone, people are struggling across the globe.

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Different parts of the globe May Allah help each one of us and grant us ease Akula ko Leha SallAllahu wasallam albaraka ala Nabina Muhammad