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Mufti Menk
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was on he was happy as my in my shell metabolic Allah. We just heard a beautiful recitation. And Allah Subhana Allah Allah has indeed favored us to be a part of this beautiful. This beautiful day today. May Allah Almighty accepted from all of us and grant us goodness, and May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless the bride and the groom, the couple that are coming together with the goodness that he mentions, when he says when Latina coluna habarana mean as well, Gina with the Tina kurata union will Jelena deanwood kena EMA where Allah is describing the duality of the true believers in the Most Merciful,

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where he is clearly saying that they are the ones who have made dua for their spouses and their offspring. So that the two things could happen primarily, number one is that they are the coolness of each other's eyes. And number two is that they become leaders of those who are pious, those who are conscious of Allah, which means that they themselves would be learning, practicing conveying to others in a way that they become leaders. So that is, do we ask Allah to make the bride and the groom both, and the families and all of us from among those who are more conscious of their duty unto Allah subhanho wa Taala and make us all leaders of the righteous leaders of the pious, make us

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pious to begin with? I mean, I mean, your blood I mean, I want to commence by thanking the groom and the bride and the families, for having me on this beautiful day, although I'm speaking to you from Africa, very, very far away. But I feel connected and I feel a part of this, most of those. Probably, I know most of you and you will probably know me too. All this connection is feasability law. It is only in the cause of Allah for the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, when we have a couple that come together, generally the prophets Allah Sallam used to advise or seize the opportunity to advise on an occasion where people gathered. So people gathered for example, like

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this Nika and the process Allah would tell them to be conscious of Allah he would read a few verses of the Quran he would address the youth they are Mashallah Shabaab man is Tata. I mean, komaba at affiliate as Overwatch, increasing the encouragement of getting married to say if you're able and capable, don't delay, get married, and at the same time, make it easy for your children to get married. Because that is within the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So, I want to kick off by making

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the issue of taqwa is very important, it is repeated in most of the verses, and especially the verses of Cotabato hijab, which at times is also recited during a Hookah Bar as of nikka when it comes to advising the people and so on, so, you look at taqwa. Yeah, you and Medina. armano. Tequila Oh, you believe develop the taqwa of Allah. taqwa itself is an encyclopedia of meaning. And primarily it's developing the correct relationship with Allah, having enough fear that would keep you away from sin, and having enough hope that would make you you know, turn to him at all times, having enough love of Allah subhanho wa Taala that would make you do the right things obey His

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instruction and command. If we have those qualities when we get married, nothing can go wrong. Nothing can actually go wrong when you have Taqwa. Because taqwa is the cornerstone of everything, and everything good and taqwa is the main ingredient of ultimate success in the dunya as well as in the AF Hara. So remember, our lives should be a journey of development of taqwa. That's the life, my life from the beginning of my understanding age, right to the end, where I die should be the development of taqwa the betterment of it, the consciousness of how much consciousness I have of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is what would bring about goodness and happiness, more so when we are

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coming together in such a sacred union, that the rest of our future is determined upon what happens thereafter. This is why the choice of a spouse is very important in Islam because your future

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depends on the type of choices you make, that Allah has allowed you to make. Obviously, people say, well, it's written by Allah. Remember the writing by Allah subhana wa Taala does not necessarily mean he imposed it on you, but rather, he gave you a leeway and the choice in certain matters. And that's what he's going to ask you about. So Allah is going to ask you and I, how do you use the choices? You had to choose a spouse? Did you choose someone who was respectful on both sides? Are you going to respect them so that your children can learn the respect and learn the duties they have unto Allah? Will you be fulfilling your eba together so that your children, your offspring, the

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families and everyone around you can learn from you and you can become little more Akina a mama? You can become a leader of the righteous, if you are not righteous? How will your children be righteous? If you are not respectful? How will your children be respectful if you don't say the right things with your mouth in terms of baking, or on goodness, teaching goodness and even saying words of love and kindness to those around you? How are people going to learn from you? So it's very important to highlight this matter upon the Nika My dear son, and my beloved daughter. Remember to say, words that are pleasing to Allah, only words that are pleasing to Allah. This is why part of that tempo is

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also Hulu, Colin sadita. Let kulu Colin sadita is part of it up a lot. It's part of the taekwon that's why Allah says yeah, you had Latina Armando, Allah wa kulu. Colin said he has connected the two together. Part of taqwa is Colin sadita. Those who don't have colons, sadita need to develop their taqwa. Those who don't have Taqwa will not be worried about colon sadita. When you have both of them, you you can be Pina de Mama. So it is very important if you don't have a relationship with Allah, how will you utter words that are upright, who know Colin sadita literally means saying that which is straight, so do not say anything besides what is straight, what is good, what is kind what

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is filled with uprightness and justice what is filled with love and you end what is filled with the relationship with Allah in a positive way. That is colon studied. And Allah says, if you do that if you develop these two things, where your taqwa is developed to the degree that your goal studied is in order, Allah says usually come Amala come wherever fella come back home, Allah says, We will make good for you your deeds will purify them because Allah does not accept deeds except those that are pure and good. Allah does not accept the deeds unless they are pure and good. What are the deeds that are pure and good, they are the deeds that are done for the sake of Allah, according to the

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teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. So, if you look at that it's the taqwa that is developed connection with Allah subhanho wa Taala. In accordance with what the professor sanlam taught, and the colons studied and the telkwa together, they will help you that your deeds become acceptable to Allah usually welcome Mr. Lakhan. He will make them acceptable, he will purify them, he will grant you the ability to do good deeds together, to do good deeds as a family to do good deeds as an oma to teach good deeds so that you have a southern Nigeria. People say, Well when I die, you know, what will help me the biggest things that will help you are those deeds you do have which will reward

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continues even after your death. Those are known as other cartoon jharia. One of them is anyone to teach some knowledge, when you disseminate something, whether you taught it by tongue or any other way of teaching, including those who learned from you by example, all of that is sadaqa jariya. It is all part of this beautiful dean of Rasulullah saw Santa so this is why these verses they are important to be spoken about during a nikka Jacquard develop it the issue of your tongue make sure as a couple you only utter respectful words, both families you know, Mashallah Baraka I speak at on a lot of occasions of nikka and I always say, our parents will guide us they will advise us that is

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not revelation from the sky. A lot of the times because of them wanting to see goodness for us. They say things at the end of the day, the decision will be between husband and wife, remembering that the husband is actually the leader of the home. We are Muslims and we do believe that he is the amine of the hope that meaning

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does not actually say that he becomes a tyrant and he starts, you know, unleashing his unreasonable entity, but rather it is leadership in the home because he is responsible for the upkeep for the, for the protection of the home, the security of the home, so many other duties that Allah has given him to looking after the home, whereas the wife is yes, the wife comes in a unique relationship where she definitely falls immediately under the husband in one way, but together in many, many ways in your duty unto Allah, you are absolutely equal, you have to fulfill your duty unto Allah together. In considering one your Aminu, there is the other who is not the image. So you have to

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have one leader, and the other is the deputy or the vice or the one who comes slightly, you know, after that, I mean, that does not drop your level in any way in the eyes of Allah. But someone somewhere somehow has to be, you know, the leader, as Muslims and even those of other Semitic faiths, they consider the husband, the leader of the home, he's the one who consumed who has a lot of responsibility, when we acknowledge that role, and when the husbands fulfill that role. And when we acknowledge that he definitely is that I mean, that is when we will find a lot of goodness that will come in our direction and the directions of our children. Because that is how we will be able

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to improve and teach the next generation about the deen of Allah. And that is how together we will fulfill the plan of Allah. What makes us different we are meaning we are Muslim, and we believe that Allah instruction and guidance is final. We believe that when Allah says something we have no say in that regard. Otherwise, what's the point of calling ourselves meaning? When Allah says, We can only move menial,

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menial minute in either long was a mock me

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to mean being him. It is not befitting it is not for a believing male or female that when Allah and His asuna salatu salam have decided something, have instructed something that they then have a choice in that regard, you're a true believer, you will say that is it something that we have heard we have obeyed because it's coming from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this is how we will progress. Similarly, when it comes to child birth, the mother plays a bigger role. But when it comes to bringing the child up, we both play our roles. You know, the man cannot breastfeed the child. But at the same time, he has to be there in the position of leadership to teach and to show and to be able

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to guide the child as well. So we fulfill our unique roles as muslimeen and Muslim. And we ask Allah to grant us the ability to respect each other. I'm actually wording this in a way that would be helpful to all those who are attending today. Those who may see this later on. May Allah grant us the ability to fulfill each other's roles. I think that a lot of the problems and difficulties that people face, in marriage and in their relationships are connected to Tacoma, and toll as studied, they, they lose their relationship with Allah or they lose consciousness of that relationship with Allah. Therefore, they abuse with their tongues, they either say hurtful words, they utter that

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which is cutting, they talk out of turn, they say something that is hurtful, and so on. All that is negating Colin sadita. And that's why things go wrong. If we fulfill our roles, and we develop our relationship with Allah and we utter that which is upright by the will of Allah, nothing can actually go wrong. And I want to end off by reminding you that the prophet SAW Selim has asked us to protect our tongues and our private parts. You know, the issue of genital fairytales and Paradise is connected to the tongue and the private past. The professor seldom says My yoke man Lima in LA, he was a benefactor of a Mandela who region whoever guarantees me the correct use of what lies between

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the cheeks and what lies between the thighs, I guaran. Damn tee him or her paradise Subhan Allah. So more so in marriage, there should be an element of trust, we should make time for one another. We should learn to help each other because we come from slightly different environments, sometimes unique environments but the connecting factor is that the quad and those teachings of the processor and the way we've been brought

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With our Salah in order with our dress code in order with our respect of the elders in order with our respect of the system of the Islamic Rome in order, everything of that nature then by the will of Allah we would be able to fulfill the correct use of both the tongue and the private parts. And inshallah I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to bring together the groom and the bride in rush Ma Ma what Sakina and Baraka and this is why the sooner do is Baraka Allah Hola, como para que la como Jama in a coma we fail. We ask Allah to bless the two of you, and to bless everything that he is going to give you to bless everything that comes from you, and to bring you together in absolute

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goodness, every form of goodness. And I also want to seize the opportunity to congratulate the families on both sides.

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You know, really it's a beautiful day and I'm glad to be a part of it. Similarly, we make dua

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that Allah alleviate the suffering of those who are struggling and eradicate the virus that is ravaging the globe. And at the same time, may Allah have Rama and mercy upon those who have passed on. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the blessings of this day and all the days to follow me in Europe will Allah mean a colo? colo he had a personal Allah who was a llama robotic Allah and Amina Mohammed

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