Sulaiman Moola – A Message Of Hope For Every Drug Addict

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © A man named Hadith was arrested and killed by a drug addict in a casino. The addict claimed to have killed 80 people and lost their lives, but he refused to admit to the admit. The addict claimed to have forgiven the addict's father and apologized for his actions.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim This is a dedication to anyone and everyone out there who is drug dependent. Many of us will be alarmed by this dedication, and rightfully so because rarely have you heard of a dedication to an addict or a sinner. But today this is a dedication to an addict. And I say to you, my brother or my sister, regardless of the people you've offended, violated, insulted, stolen money from her in some way or the other owing money to if you are genuine and sincere, the doors of Toba are open for you. I share with you a profound Hadith that appears in suckling hain of a man in the previous nations who had the addiction of killing. his addiction was so intense that he

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claimed the lives of 100 people. But one day he got up in the morning and he was restless. And he said, Enough is enough. I need to turn the page and I asked him my brother, and I beg you, my sister, and I implore you, my young men lead that day be today, turn the page and abandon that vise cold turkey. Every time you succumb to the vise, you get temporary relief, but the vise gets a tighter grip around you. He was advised go to this town meet with this man and sit in his company. So he decided to go not going to a drug merchant not going to kill someone not going to a gambling casino but he's going to repent on the way the Angel of Death met him and his soul was removed and

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he passes away and we all know the Hadith Allah forgave him. Now there is an academic question what are the use Gallo and Adobe till 30 and nobody will talk about them when yet

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but this man had violated 100 lives and we know the ruling when you've offended someone Allah will not forgive you to the victim himself does not forgive you for killing for your third hula hoop be dooney a year

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now 100 people are dead he cannot apologize to them they are dead. How is it that Allah forgave him? Half is it Naja Rahim Allah writes in faithful body and Allah my bedroom Dean he writes in room that will be and Allah is our puppy lotto battalion party that tafolla belieber has me when Allah accepted the sincerity of this addict whose addiction was killing, then Allah took it upon himself. Allah took it upon himself to satisfy all his victims, opponents, adversaries and litigants and that's what I say to you, my brother, you repent now, my sister you abandon the wrong and then see how the system of Allah comes in your rescue.

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