Struggling with a Pornography Addiction – Try This

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One would be if you generally people would be tempted by this generally not always, during the nighttime hours, right? When they're alone when they're maybe weak, right? And if you look at the profits or sort of nighttime routine, it will shock you. Right? It will shock you. The prophets are solemn. Generally you would not

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would not speak after I shall pray

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pray he wouldn't like engage in conversation after I shepherd. In fact, he will very frequently go to bed right after I shall go to sleep right away, right.

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The wisdom behind that is like he wants that like when you're emotionally and physically tired.

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Just go to sleep and recharge. And he would as a habit, we got 400

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that's an interesting thing that I don't it's not like a

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you know if this is not something that our religion mandates us that we do this? Of course not right. But it's interesting to see him salsa lamb, making this like the rule for himself, that he would like not have conversation outside of you know, like talking to his wife or whatnot, right. But with people outside, he wouldn't indulge them after Asia. He would sit with them before a show he would sit with them after fudger he would sit with them after whatever prayer but after Isha is his own time. And he goes and rests. That's really interesting. Like you will have you set up that that just it's a time of I guess if you want to make an analogy here, maybe after Isha is a time you

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don't watch any TV, you don't watch any entertainment, they just cut it out. So you know, it may be harder for NBA fan and you're watching like the Warriors at like 11pm or something, you're like, I gotta watch steam, right? Maybe hard. But if you were to, you know, do that, that would be super helpful, in my opinion, especially when someone's struggling with this other thing is to look at the process on them. And you look at his the nighttime routine, specifically before you go to sleep as to what he would read from the Quran and the uscar right.

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asgar always have to be read with some sort of understanding if you're just reading them, you know, just just like rote repeat repetition. You get the adjure Mashallah you get the blessing, but that's the letter of the law, the spirits you've missed, right? The spirit of it is actually understanding what that is what you're asking for. Okay? That's when the true blessings come down from Allah, Allah. So understanding what you're reading of the earth car and then reading them, if you look at just history, Muslim fortress of the Muslim, very aptly named, because the US are like our fortress, they are like the protective shield that we have against the onslaught of the devil. You look at

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that there are

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11 doors that are mentioned that the person would read, before he would go to sleep

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11 doors, some of them small like Subhanallah 33 times on hamdulillah 32 times, right, Allahu Akbar 33 or 34 times very simple, right? But others are somewhat sometimes a little long, sometimes very short. But there's 11 of them.

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Then you look at the problem Salam would read to corsi, and he will read the last three surah of the Quran, Paulo had a follow up call or a banana and we reach read each of them three times. In fact, he would blow in his hand. And then he would, you know, rub his hands all over his body, right as a means of actually turning the words that are that we seek protection by into like physically, like protecting yourself. This was something he would do, then he would

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advise that before you go to sleep, you need the last two Ayat of Surah

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Surah Baqarah. Okay, that's about a half a page of the Quran, then he would advise also you read Surah caffi rune that's another surah that you add to that, he would advise also read Surah mulk. That's about two and a half pages, then he would also advise reads a surah such as the surah number 32. Right, that's another three pages. You add all of that that's almost seven pages of the Quran that you're reading 10 pages is half of Jews, by the way. Okay? So that's a significant amount of Quran. If you're reading that much, and you're reading all those 11 two hours, you've spent a good number of minutes really getting ready to go to sleep.

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That chances of now you being tripped up by Siobhan are much lower. Then if you were weak and browsing and scrolling, right, way more vulnerable then then you are now right. So this is a beautiful thing.

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It's right there. You can just google fortress of the Muslim. It's right, there's all for free. Right? And you can read that as well. The last thing I'll say number three, is

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with regards to rewards to our company that we keep, as you mentioned, having friends that are good friends, etc. That's very, very critical.

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If your company if the people you hang out with they, for them pornography is like having a cup of coffee in the morning, okay? You don't want to be hanging out with people like that, that you don't want to do that to your soul. Okay?

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You need to have some relationship with the budget.

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This is critical, right? This is this for both our brothers and sisters sisters. Don't think like it's, like not allowed for you to be in the message. It is just as virtuous for you to be in the medicine as it is. For a man there's a hadith about the women praying at home, have a specific understanding the understanding is that there are situations where a woman is not able to come to the masjid like my wife cannot go for a shot, because she has for, you know, for kids screaming for her at night, asking her to put them to sleep. And if I volunteered, they were like, No, we don't want you. We want mom, right? So

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there are circumstances that make it very difficult for women. So for her to feel like I'm missing out on the edge of the masjid. The problem has a shoulder she will not miss out on the right even when she was praying at home. That's like the context of those Hadith, the Sahaba of the prophets, Allah would prefer generation and the message, they will be there regularly, right? So don't think that is only for men. It applies equally to both, but have that relationship, a simple relationship is going to the mother for Asia. Right? Going to the Muslim formation. If this is your habit, it breaks so many bad habits. It breaks the habit of being just mindlessly entertained at night, you

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break the habit, turn off the TV, get up and go to the masjid.

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And it's refreshing and you meet people and there's blessings going and coming back itself. It's not a protection, a person might do that and then end up watching pornography, right? That's totally possible, right? But you put all these together. You make this a routine. You make your sleeping habit. You like the porcelain, you start to cut out stuff at night when you're vulnerable. Right. Maybe you turn off your phone and put it away. Right now you're talking now you're protected.

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Yeah, and that's a beautiful reminder, right? I mean