Ramadan 2022 Reflections – Day 25

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah

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sallAllahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam just leaving cathedral cathedra from Abba, my brothers and sisters,

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we are

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on the 25th of Ramadan al Karim,

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which means we have maybe five days more maybe six days more.

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So let us take stock of how we have done so far.

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Go to the goals that you set for yourself

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and check your current status against those goals. You are intended to read so much of Quran How much did you actually read?

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You had intended to give so much of charity, how much did you actually give?

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You are intended to change your ways, ways of behavior. We are intended to clean our mouths and clean our hearts. So did we forgive those people who we believe transgressed against us?

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Did we seek forgiveness from those we transgressed against? Or are we still carrying graduates in our hearts?

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What about our sources of earning and our sources of spending?

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What have we done about that? Have you changed them? Have we brought ourselves on to the Sinatra was to him? Are we earning halal or are we eating halal, where changes may require us to do after other have we made the sincere intention and have we made is the far to Allah subhanaw taala.

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Let us check all of this

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and see how we are doing because we still have five days maybe six days of this beautiful month left. And Allah subhanaw taala puts Baraka in the time and I love her hotel has given us special

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rewards and he has created for us special conditions to facilitate being good. So, let us ask ourselves if we are taking advantage of all that.

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And if we have not taken advantage of it to the extent we should have then let us make amends.

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Let us do put in some overtime

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and do this more.

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As I keep reminding myself and I keep reminding you

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wonder whether we'll be our last Ramadan

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for some people

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this is the last all of them. Except they don't know that just like those who were with us last of them but passed away did not know that last time other was going to be their lust

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in the same way for those who are destined to die after another they do not know that this is their last since we have no way of knowing when we will die Let us treat this Ramadan as if this is our last if Allah gives us more and may Allah grant you more in good health in in good ima with good Eman and with the time to may take maximum advantage of that inshallah.

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But if that doesn't happen, and if this is our last let us not die with regrets. Let's not die with regrets and say oh I wish I had known I would have done this I would have done that No, do it don't

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do it right now.

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If Allah gives you opportunity to war,

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but this one do it right now.

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I remind myself when you none of us knows what is ahead.

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But we know that what we will find with Allah subhanaw taala

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in a beautiful condition

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is that which we send ahead of us

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that which we send ahead of us

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this will be preserved with Allah and this will be given to us when we meet a lot smarter.

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Let us keep that in mind

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and invest in the investment which has the highest ROI, the highest return on investment and that is the investment with Allah subhanaw taala deliver.

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I demand myself and you to take full advantage of this inshallah I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless you and to reward you. Not in keeping with how much you do. But in keeping with his generosity and magnificence and grace.

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Was Allah Allah Allah will Karim Allah Allah USA.

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It's been better how to go tomorrow I mean it was on a Monday