A Mother’s Love – The Mother of Moses

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That's another woman, amazing woman. I was reading these verses today.

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Like I said, it's part of the series that I've thought of this Ramadan,

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which is entitled reconnecting with Revelation

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in Surah, through cosas, where the story is mentioned of the Prophet Moses May peace be upon him in his childhood. Allah Almighty goes into a little bit of detail about the mother of the Prophet Moses.

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And Allah Almighty says she was worried about the child because the Pharaoh was executing and killing the little babies every alternate year. This child was born in the year when they were doing that. And so she needed to hide the child and from who from the Pharaoh. And Allah says, We inspired her

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to do something, so she had the conviction.

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What else? She was patient what else? She made an effort they made the basket. They put the child in, put the child into the river to work canal Allah we lay our trust in Allah.

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Little did they know that the same person whom they were fearing would execute the child was the one who was going to bring up that child.

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The wife didn't bear children according to some narrations. She picked up and said, What a beautiful baby. We need a baby. May Allah grant us ease.

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Hey, claimed the child but that was Allah's plan.

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Allah wanted him to have the best possible upbringing.

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And then Allah had inspired her and she was convinced that Allah will never separate a mother from a child. You know what the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says, he says it clearly. Whoever separates a mother from a child while she is unwilling, Allah will separate that person from his or her loved ones in this world and in the hereafter. There you have it.

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People do it after divorce, people do it after so many things. Allah says you separate we will separate Don't worry, tit for tat and we will come back in a harder harsh away. So watch out, have a big heart let things happen as they were supposed to parents shouldn't be separated from their kids.

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Not unwillingly.

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So Allah says, For Aradhana, who ILA ohm me he Kitakata, Latino, Hawala, Zen, that's a part of the verse. We returned him to his mother, no one could suckle the child and they found someone who was it only one person in the entire place, could suckle the child. And that was the woman. Little did they know that's the mother Subhan Allah. Allah says, We returned him to his mother so that her eyes could be cooled once again, by her own child, and so that she knew

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so that she wouldn't be sad and so that she would

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realize that the Promise of Allah is the truth. That's the second part of the verse. Why Lita Lemma and

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why de la he has called for her to be convinced that you know what the Promise of Allah is the truth I'm telling you today. Allah has made promises they are true. You need patience, you need what I told you.

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We've seen it happening. Be patient.

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Then Allah caps that verse by saying wala Qin ACARA, whom La Jolla la Mon, but unfortunately, many people, many of them don't even know. They don't know. People don't know. They don't realize people don't believe

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may Allah Almighty grant us goodness. So that's very inspiring to see. We went through the challenge. We went through the hardship there was anxiety, there was a lot of stress, I'm sure, but you know what Cushing did, what Cushing did for me was the conviction in Allah and the fact that I believe nothing can happen unless ALLAH has wielded the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him told this young man, the Sahaba of the Allah one of the live nobis he says, You know what?

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He alum Anil Umatilla Witchita Moratalla. Near the rule can be shown in lamea De Luca Illa, Bhima Cata bajo la jolla Lake. You should know and be convinced that if everyone in the nation gets together to harm you, they won't be able to harm you unless Allah has written that against you. They can't do a thing