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The host discusses the spirituality of Islam, including the history and significance of the "other people's lives" concept. They emphasize the importance of practice and understanding the movements of time to avoid dangerous actions. The segment also touches on the use of "has been seen" meaning "has been seen" in the Quran and the importance of being a humble person. They stress the need to avoid giving up and not give up on one's beliefs.

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I would now like to invite one of the most respected scholars of our generation Sheikh Hamza Yusuf.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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spinarak nama Rahim o salat wa salam O Allah, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam to Stephen Cassia what are what are what are for what a novela Ronnie and Alvin hamdulillah

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Han with Allah inshallah bless this gathering and give us the angelic presence in Shaolin keep our hearts united. I shall talk about a few things. The one of them is a about a hadith that is related from Satan Omar.

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And there are many versions of this hadith. This is one particular one but the meaning of this Hadees is articulated in several different ways. The prophets Allah said him said, say you see a TV aphorism and but everyone should eat.

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Lion you Minho? Roger on arafa Dino who were jahad Allah He will be he will be discerning he phonetically subhabrata whosoever.

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What are children arafa Dino law here for SATA v. So the gist of this hadith is that there would be towards the latter time as the difficulties of the end of time begin to manifest. And we're seeing these and so we have to be aware of them because we tend to forget sometimes that one fourth of our religion, according to the hadith of gibreel Addison are the signs of the latter days. This is one fourth because the gibreel and Islam as the prophets Eliza them about

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Eman about Islam Eman and son. And then he asked him about the signs of the latter days. And at the end of the Hadith, he asked Omar attensity Minister al Do you know who the questioner is? And he said a lot a lot of pseudo Anna Milan, his message is no better. And he said in the heart attack on your animal calm Dino calm This is jabril who's come to teach you your religion. And so the Aloma took from that, that there are these four dimensions to Islam. It's a it's an each of these dimensions is is important. And traditionally, the signs of the end of time were part of the religion to understand. Now we're living in a particularly difficult time in many areas of the

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Muslim world. And if people aren't aware of the difficulties and the tribulations that come with being in the world, sometimes this can affect their Eman. So it's very important that we keep in our understanding. We keep this in mind and not forget this. The prophets Allah Islam said that there will be great difficulties. One of the things that he said he he said in the heavy oma oma to me tomorrow Houma. My oma is a oma it's a community that has the mercy of God on it. It's a mahoma and then he said you are either addabbo Javi dunya ha, the difficulties of this oma the chastisement of this oma is in this world

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and fits in well balaiah was a colossal

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social strife, tribulations calamities and earthquakes. I mean, it's very interesting that when you when you hear about earthquakes, generally in the Muslim world, our earthquakes are huge earthquakes and they caught a lot of people die in Muslim earthquake. If you look at like here they have an earthquake and two people die.

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Seriously, we have earthquakes here two people died, you have an earthquake in the Muslim world and you're looking at literally unbelievable numbers sometimes. This there's a divine aspect to this, that these are shuhada Allah is taking them as shuhada because the the the the one who dies having his house fall on him according to the Hadith is Shaheed

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so we have a different worldview. And we have to incorporate this worldview constantly in how we view things that we believe that we live in a benevolent universe. We believe in a right manner, Rahim. All of the Quranic sutras begin with Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. And so we believe that Allah is Rama, and then he sent his prophet as a Rama Rama arasaka illa Rahmatullah anime we sent you as a mercy to all the world we

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believe he was a mercy to the Christians, he was a mercy to the Jews. He was a mercy to the trees and the forests and the animals. There is a story about Aqua Venezia when he arrived later on, and this is that that's in our tradition, it's considered a sound story. In fact, more Alia, actually ascertain the truth of this by gathering several witnesses. It's considered a kadamba motomachi era, it is considered a miracle that's agreed upon, and we tend to forget that we believe in miracles. There's a lot of Muslims now that don't want to believe in miracles. They say yeah, see, the miracle of Islam is the Koran. That's one miracle of Islam. But don't forget, there are many miracles and

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miracles continue on. They continue on a cut on that, with be tended only and kurama. woman from be the forbidden kurama this is what Mr. malacanang says, In the yo ha, that we assert miracles and anyone that rejects them, we reject Him. The miracles of the only are the people that are close to Allah subhana wa, tada, above and Navya they needed a forest to build pay at all on the city of Palawan in the great state of Tunis.

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He called out as loud as he could you Hello, hi, I wanna

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charge you in alaba. Minister in a coma, he said, Oh, you animals, we need this forest for our needs here. And we're asking your permission. The people that were in his arm, he said for three days, they saw the animals migrating from that for us.

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People don't believe these things anymore. While I believe them. I have no problem with them at all. Because these people were amazing people and don't think, don't think Christianity spread without miracles, Judaism spread without miracles. All religions in their formative period have a lot of miracle. That's how they get people to follow them.

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And then once it gets established, it's established. But people believe in these things. So the Prophet sallallahu sallam, when he said this, that there would be tribulations. And he mentioned these earthquakes. We have major earthquakes. We have major calamities in Syria right now. You look at what's happening in Syria. And I want to remind the series because every Syrian I meet now, they say to me, why aren't any Why isn't anybody doing anything? This is for Muslims have to do something, then they're 100%. Right. But I want to say to my Syrian brothers and sisters, welcome to a well established club, you have membership in a club that has other members, and they have made

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the same claims and the same observances. You're in the club of the Dar florenz you're in the club of the Palestinians. You're in the club of the Kashmiris. You're in the club of the chase nians you're in the club of the Iraqis. Really, we have tribulations in many of these places, and people have been ignoring these things. This is why we get more and more tribulations because we ignore these existing things and more come we live in a world that Allah Subhana Allah Donna has promised us that unless we are directed towards Allah subhanho wa Taala he will do everything to redirect us. If we're not directed towards Allah subhana wa Adana, he will redirect us towards himself. Because

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this is why we were created. We were not created for 401k plans. You were not created for 56 inch television sets with Netflix, to watch movies until you drop dead. You were not created M series you were not created to play Solitaire on your computer.

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That's not the purpose of all of this technology. You were created to know your Lord, you were created to study you were created to delve deeply into the meaning of your very existence in whatever capacity you have because different peoples have different capacities. So the province of a lot is that I'm told us that there will be tribulations and we should be aware of this. He told us that towards the end of time, you will see the the the people that Allah, Masha

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Wan Yan, he said there will be poor people who were the desert people and they were poor and they were taking care of goats and, and animals and then they'll begin to build huge buildings. These are signs before your very eyes. You were seeing signs of our profits alized and he told us that you will see the buildings of Mecca reach the mountain tops, the buildings of Mecca will reach the mountain tops, and this is happening in our lifetime. When I first went to Mecca, there were no buildings even close to the tops of them.

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Mecca and now it's filled with buildings that are beginning to reach the mountaintop. I was on one of the tallest mountains in Mecca and you can see the clock tower now surpasses the mountains. The profits of the light is that I'm said in in a heartbeat he said either h a mecca Bridget's kovai EMA if you see Mecca if you see its mountains with holes, tears through them, this is what it means. Bridgette Kava eema what waiata Salah banyana Rosa g body ha and you see the buildings reach the Oriental rewired, they will actually surpass the mountain tops. And then he said for a while Natasa to it means that the PSA has cast its shadow. He mamas up says in this, he bought a Corona and the

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new was sad. It means that the the hour is near, it's coming close. But if you took that literally and in Hadeeth tradition, and also the tradition of sort of kurama happycar, that if the Prophet says something, you should always interpret it literally unless there's a reason to go to a metaphorical interpretation. Now we have the clock tower casting a shadow over the Kaaba. So the clock tower, what do they call it in Saudi Arabia, Assad? Assad so you could take it literally the clock has cast a shadow over the Kaaba, literally or metaphorically

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to unshackle. The hour is drawing near. All of our lives are dissipating. There's three sides according to our own ama. When we speak about the end of time, there are three ends of time. The first one is the end of your life. The first one is you've got five minutes left. I just started it's too depressing for people. He's like, man, we don't need to hear this. This is minute. This isn't isn't where the young people we need some hope. Keep the hope alive. I'm going to get to the hopeful part.

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Five minutes. Really, really? Six. Thank you. Okay, so

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where was I? You guys interrupted me? The PSA. Hello, I come up What time is it comes out. They say Come sir. What time is it? It's 730 to.

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They used to as Yogi Berra. You know, Yogi Berra is a baseball player. So what time do you mean now? Because you can never ask what time it is, because it's always moving along. Right? So you say What time is it? Well, when you asked it was this time, but now it's, you can't that's the nature of time. You can't You can't grab it.

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There's three sides. The first one is your life, your life will come to an end, we all have terminal lives, they come to an end. The second one is a generation right now we're having a generation disappear. For instance, Holocaust survivors. This is a generation of people that experienced something. They have tattoos on their arms, many of them. And then they're living testimonies to a historical event that happened that most of us weren't alive when it happened. That generation is dying out, they'll be gone in a very short time. So there are no more eyewitnesses to that event. The World War Two generation is dying out. They're gone. Just like now there's no Confederate war

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veterans anymore. There's probably I think, the last World War One veteran died in, in England recently. So a generation will die. And then finally, you have the ultimate and which is when all of this is closed down. But we have a ways to go and I want to emphasize this. And that's why young people don't be bothered. But even if we didn't the prophets alight is that I'm said, if the end of time comes and you find yourself planting a seedling, if you're able to before the actual end comes finished planting. So we never give up because you would rather meet your Lord having planted something and done something positive. That meeting without having done that deed, we're always

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looking towards our Lord. We don't look necessarily at the fruits in this world. Like the the the halifa that Caleb that passed by the old man who was planting zaytuna trees and everybody knows the olive tree takes a long time to mature till you get all of and he said Lima that says it was a tune. That's how kuruman ha, why are you doing this zaytoun you're not going to eat from it. He says that are over a cat enough and kulu they planted those before us and we ate from what they planted. So we must plan for those who come after us. This is a vision of what we're supposed to be doing. Our lives are temporal, but we have to see that we're torchbearers. That was a topic yesterday, of

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passing on the torch, just like you have a

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There's a certain type of marathon race. If you if people who no track, there's a baton and you hand the baton to the next runner, these relay races, right, I ran that in high school. And you have to learn how to get the baton and and take the baton and move and you're the next person because you have energy, that person is worn out. Take it, I can't take any more. So you grab it, you carry it as far as you can you expend all your energy, and then you hand it on to the next group. This is the nature of our lives on Earth. We're carrying the baton for a short time, but we have to think about handing it to the next group of people. And we have all these young people and I like him I met him

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said something beautiful one day in Toronto, it had an effect on me. He said to the young people, if anybody tells you you're the future, say no. I'm the president. I'm the president. You have things to do right now. You have things to do right now. And you should do them to the best of your ability. But I want you to be aware of all of these tribulations and all of these calamities that are happening. Don't worry. We have to struggle to make it better to do whatever we can in our power. But don't worry, an RP botulinum toxin. The End affair is for the people of taqwa Allah subhana wa tada says what ethical Violetta mean I am Quran. Don't get constricted about their plots.

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Don't get constricted about all of the things that they're doing against you. And then he says if you have Taqwa and if your patient, Allah is with you, if you don't have tequila and you don't have patience, then he leaves you to yourself. So we need to practice piety we need to practice patience. Allah subhana wa tada gave you a complete min Hajj in the Quran. In non Muslim ina when Muslim adds one more minute Nina when mommy net well on Aegina well carnita wasabi Akina wasabi. Wasabi Rena wasabi do what has your no one has yet when Mutasa de Pina when matassa Deckard was saw Amina was saw Emacs when Javi Vina furuya Houma Javi, that

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what that Kadena lojack has he had on was accurate.

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alima Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Those who are people in a state of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala Muslim moon, they're in a state of submission to Allah subhanho wa Taala. But then he says they're also in a state of tous de they're more meaning it's more than just the outward forms of submission. There's an inward a self assess, there's an inward ascent to that submission, that they believe in Allah subhana wa tada because you can be a Muslim and be a munaf. But the movement No, this is deeper. And then the people of Gounod's some of them of us Iran, they say at Medallia, we move out of it. Let the people that continue to be in a state of thought, with Allah subhana wa

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Tada. They're continuous in their state. Well, como de la Pani to stand before God in a state of obedience. This is how we want to meet our Lord in a state of obedience. And then he says the people have sent truthfulness.

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Yeah, even to the nominal a topo. Lava Kunal Masada can be with truthful people. We're a nation of Sith, Allah subhana wa tada tells us to be Shahada kuno Amina, Shahada, and in a one hour Allah fujichrome our worry they wanna carabin Allah says, be people who established justice. And then he says, be witnesses for the sake of your Lord for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Even if it means witnessing against yourself when you do wrong things, have the courage, have the honesty and have the fortitude to say that this is wrong. What I did was wrong. What we did was wrong. What these Muslim did was wrong. We have to have the ability to be truthful, even witnesses against ourselves,

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our parents, our own relatives. This is Islam. It's a high thing it's calling you to rise above your knifes rise above your egos rise above your Caprice rise above these things really elevate yourself tanto acido, Mahara marabu Kimani, Allah says to add, oh, which means come but it also means elevate yourselves. It's from Lou. Come elevate yourself and listen to what your Lord has prohibited you to do. Because these things will elevate you. If you avoid them. You will be elevated in the world. You will be elevated Allah will raise you up, he will raise you up as a community but you have to be virtuous people you have to be people of virtue. And then he says the people of suffer wasabi Dino

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wasabi rod. We have to be people of patience. There to fight

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Fundamental types of patience, you have to have several out of five was several Anand maaseiah patience in doing what is right and then patience in avoiding what is wrong, because your knifes will be tempted, your lower self will be tempted. So you have to avoid those. And then Allah subhana wa Donna says that there are people who should, this is a very important attribute who should is to either it is humility, we have to be a humble people. We have to be humble before a lot. Now I want to focus on this for one second. For more than a second. I know I'm almost out of time, but I want to focus on this.

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We must stop all of this arrogance and sectarianism amongst some of the community members that we have, who only have one way of doing things. One way there's only one way my way or the highway, and that's it my way or the highway. No, we have a religion that is deeply nuanced. It has a broad also, there are multiple interpretations for many of the rulings of Islam. And be aware of arrogating to yourself, the role that Allah subhanho wa Taala has given to his self alone, Allah knows his religion. Most of the issues he had out of our great scholars were done by signing their photos with while Allahu

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Allahu wa rasuluh. Allah knows best. In other words, this is the best I can do but Allah knows best. We have we have to stop all of this madness where somebody says yeah, how long? You can't that's how long is that much money? Is it agreed upon? Do you have you studied these books? Have you studied that also? Because there are some things that are gonna say there's a difference of opinion. Some of the owner might differ on certain things and you will have this you will have opinions of onomah that said in the halala you know, why nrcha Rama the union ouabain Omar Omar Ramos Debbie had les animaux NACA zero mentalness. that the halaal is clear, the haraam is clear. And between them are

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gray areas. Many people don't know them only their own Ummah, our expertise in these and we're talking about the giants are not people who have studied and done their Nizami course, or done their graduate from four years at a Islamic University. No. Some of the teachers I studied with studied for 30 years at the hands of their teachers 30 years and they have lifelong learners, Sheldon Levin beja, one of the greatest living scholars today. He studied until he was he studied from the time he was about four years old until the time he was 21. Every day, five to six days a week, 1015 hours a day pure study with his father and the other teachers. He memorized 10 carats of Quran he memorized

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all of the domain of the pre Islamic Arab, he learned the all of these texts in Arabic grammar, and in learned via the NRR another 1000 lines after the Elvia he studied the cavea he studied the law doesn't have to memorize the whole measure of the method of the mathematic while law when you see him with his piety and the way he addresses these issues. Hello, Adam. I've heard him many times they are lanos best, this is the best I can do. And I've asked him about a hadith he said it's not in the six collections. This is a level and then we have people saying who is yet Abdullah bin beja. Who is he? Who are these these dwarfs? Really who would no offense to physical dwarves. I'm talking

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about intellectual dwarves physical dwarves that's not a problem. You know, that's the way Allah created them but an intellectual dwarf you created yourself. Allah gave you the ability to expand your mind if your mind has not expanded, you are to blame but knowledge comes with patience comes with learning they're pushing me off quick so I'm gonna be getting out of here. But really, Allah subhana wa tada says in what in a heavy way in the heavy metal como una de la Haider. Hon conferred upon Tata Tata Amara whom beno whom surah Hullo has been the melody.

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Allah says your oma is one oma and I am your Lord. So be have Taqwa of me have Taqwa of me. And then he says, but despite that, they divided they split the and follow different books. They split know our book is the book of Allah and the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, but it is in accordance with valid understandings, not always in agreement, but in agreement that each one is valid and this is the beauty of our religion. It's the power of our religion. So my advice to myself and all of you we have to be humble towards this faith. May Allah bless all of you, take you back to your homes, safe and sound. May Allah forgive me for anything

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I might have said, I want to add also, just in.

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In conclusion,

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I think the the the MSA is one of the most important organizations because we have many young people in college who come. And this is a this is the lifeboat. Because college today in the United States of America is like going to Sodom and Gomorrah, in many places. It's like going to Sodom and Gomorrah. You have. You have co Ed dorms now, you have coed bathrooms in some of the college campuses now for pure equality, usually, because now there's a whole argument they want to have argument to let women go topless, because this is not right. The men can walk around topless, and a lot of them are so obese now that they have very large breasts. So why should the women not be able

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to go out? These are arguments that they're making? Why should they go around? Not topless. Pretty soon we're gonna have people walking around in G strings. We had naked men in Berkeley, walking around naked bear naked birthday suit on and he walked around the city naked until finally somebody worked out an ordinance that there's actually a health issue for him sitting down in public places. And they got him forced him to wear some kind of loincloth.

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Tarzan in Berkeley, this is the this is the great American civilization man a long way from Victoria. Queen Victoria, member of Victorian England, Charles Dickens.

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Really Jane Austen.

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What would they think they pull out their hair pass out on the street have a heart attack? I'm serious if they walked down in Georgetown today or down here in Washington, DC and saw people first of all, I mean, people have tattoos, you know, of like, they have tattoos of demons on their shoulders. I mean, I was behind somebody who had a tattoo of a 1966 Mustang on their back like I was, you know, and worked out it was a 66 Mustang because the license plate said 1966

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on their back. No, this is tragic for people. This is tragic that this has happened to our society, our civilization. I really, and we're getting Muslims putting on tattoos. We've got young Muslims now putting on tattoos true. We have now these in the Arab world, there are entertainers that are signed to wear tattoos. Listen, we have tattoos in Islam. All right, seriously, but they're temporary is called henna. If you want to put a tattoo on just put a temporary one on there. If you're 17 or 18 years old, I want to tattoo just put a temporary one on there. It'll wear off by the time your intellect comes back to you. All right.